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How we want a BBC!

We finally fill our desires
My wife and I had been married about 5 years when I finally confessed my craving for sucking cock. We were on a long drive and we always talked about sex and fantasies or would visit the sex shops we passed as we traveled. She was taken back at first but wanted to hear about my fantasies.

It started like most, in my teens and hanging with a close male family member. One thing lead to another and as horny teens go, we started with touching each others cocks and moved to sucking each other until we would jack off each other. From there it went to another male family member and the same would take place. We would suck each other and jack off each other to completion. Never tasting another man's cum, left me craving.

So, we had just happened to have left a sex shop with a big double headed dildo, we started driving again. When I expressed my thoughts of cocks and wanting one for myself. Immediately concerned I was gay she had a million questions. I explained that I was Bi not gay. She had no real knowledge that there was a difference and struggled to understand. We drove and talked for a few more hours until we were home. Then it happened, we had amazing sex and shared our new toy. She told me that having the double header really turned her on. She secretly wanted to have a cock of her own. She wanted stroke it and rub it and be able to play with it like it was her own. This was my in, the seed had been planted and knew I just had to wait for it to grow.

A few weeks later we were partying and had too much to drink. When we got home she ripped my clothes off before we made it to the bedroom. She wanted to play and play naughty. She left me hard sitting on the couch and disappeared to the bathroom. She seemed to be gone for 20 mins so I went to find out what had happened to her. Wow, what I found was awesome.... there she was naked on the bed with one end buried in her wet pussy and the other in her hand stroking it like it was her own cock. I walked to the edge of the bed and watched her pleasure herself. She asked if I liked what I saw and if I wanted to play with her? Yes I did, I climbed on the bed and kissed her. Reaching for her cock while she sucked on my tongue. I left her lips and licked my way to her pussy. Flicking her clit with my tongue as she worked her cock like a pro. She moaned as she started to reach orgasm, her hips bucking wildly and her hand abusing her cock. She thrust her hips and shoved her cock in my mouth as she started to orgasm. I was in heaven, I had her cock in my mouth and she was begging me to suck it. Suck it I did, until her orgasm subdued. She was so hot and wet, she said that was an awesome orgasm and could not believe she enjoyed watching me suck cock.

So, for months I would wait for her to bring up another cock. We had to take another trip, so on the drive we started to talk about sex again. I let her talk and she started to tell me some fantasies and then she went quite. I just let her go and waited for it, I knew she wanted to say something but wouldn't. Then she did, she has always imagined being with a black guy. I was instantly hard thinking about a massive Black Cock with my wife's pale hand wrapped around it. She hesitantly asked what I was thinking. I told her I thought it was hot, that I had fantasies about black cock and have had fantasies about us being with men together and enjoying a cock together. Her breathing started increase and she started to caress her tit through her shirt. She reached over and rubbed my cock through my pants. Again, we ended up at our destination and had the best sex of our lives. My plan was slowly working and new I could wait for the end prize.

If you like this so far let me know and I will continue

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