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Maid in Heat

New maid goes above and beyond for her boss

Hello all, I hope you all liked my first admission and I hope you all like this one. Enjoy. :)

Being a famous wide receiver for the local football team gave Jackson Dumont everything that a athlete wanted. Money, cars, jewlery, women, you name it. It did not help that he was a advertiser's dream with his model looks which gave him every endorsement deal known to man. Plus coming off of a champoinship year in which he had a career year in catches, yards and touchdowns plus the MVP award he had it all. But Beneath it all, Jackson was a man who was yearning for someone to share it with. Yeah he had his share of pussy he would fuck from time to time but he knew they only fucked him because he was a athlete who was loaded with millions.

The annual all-star game had ended and Jackson was looking forward to an off season of relaxation. His living room was the size of of four apartments and he was lounging around looking at the paper reading. What a lot of the fans and media did not know about him was that he was a lonely man but he had gotten used to it. He had come across an ad in the paper about a woman looking to be a housekeeper. Jackson thought that this would be good to have someone around to keep the place clean while he was gone during the season. And he could use the company other than sutty ass groupies coming for a hand out.

He called the phone number and left a message with the voice mail. A couple days later, he had gotten the call.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Yes, may I speak with Jackson Dumont please?" the voice said.

"This is Jackson Dumont." he replied.

"Yes sir, my name is Madge and I am with the company that put out the ad in the paper. And we have someone in mind that can fit the bill for your request." she told him.

"Good, when can I meet the new housekeeper?" he had asked.

"You can come by today if you have time." Madge told him.

"I will be there at 5 pm after practice." he replied to her.

"Good sir, see you then." says Madge.

"Alright, bye." Jackson said and then hung up to go to practice.

Practice was a grueling bore. Coach ran them in full pads reminding them they can't sit on their asses and b.s., they had a title to defend and all that jazz.  Jackson showered and headed for the car to go to the agency.

He arrived at the agency at 5 pm. He walked in and an older white lady greeeted him.

"Hello, you must be Jackson. I am Madge." she says shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you, Jackson Dumont." he said back.

There were a lot of women there whispering and taking pictures with their cell phones when they saw the famous athlete walk in. Madge handed him a binder with photos and resumes for each housekeeper. Jackson looked through them and he noticed one that had caught his eye.  The resume and icture belonged to a woman named Catalina. Catalina was half-mexican, half-australian. She had come to the city for school and she was looking for work to help her pay for school. She was studying to become a lawyer. She was 5'8", 125 lbs with a beautiful set of 38D breasts and a beautiful plump firm ass to boot. Jackson wanted her to be his housekeeper.

"I choose her." he said.

"Ah, yes Catalina. She just came to us and she will be thrilled." Madge said.

"Here is the breakdown. She will have room and board provided with a salary of 2000.00 per month. She is responsible for the cooking and cleaning of the house. the rest of the details will be provided when she arrrives. This is her 1st months pay. She starts tomorrow." Jackson said.

"I will make sure that she gets it. And I see you have our finders fee as well." Madge said back.

"Yes ma'am right here." Jackson handed her two $100 bills.

"What time do you need her to arrive sir?" Madge asked.

"7 am sharp." he replied.

"Well do." Madge said back. They shook hands and he headed home to relax, change and chill.

The morning arrived and Jackson received a ring of the door bell. He answered and it was the new housekeeper, Catalina. She arrived in a white sun dress with matching heels. Her beauty did the dress no justice. Jackson widened his eyes to focus on her and he was in awe.

"Hello, I am Catalina. From the agency." she said.

"Yes, hello. I am Jackson." he said with a smile....and a hard cock too.

"Let me give you a tour of the house." he said.

I would like that very much." she said with a sexy smile. There was instant attraction between them but it had to be professional.

Jackson gave her the tour of the home. From the kitchen to the pool area. She was estatic to get this job, the pay would help her pay for school and bills.

"This is your room, you can unpack later. I have to go to practice today. I will be back at 6:30." he said.

"Alright sir, I will have dinner prepared." she replied.

"Cool, make yourself at home." he replied and he was off to practice.

Catalina laid on her new bed which was very spacious and comfy. Much better than the one she had with her previous employer. she had laid back and rested her feet on the bed thinking about her new boss. She was attracted to him and she wanted him inside her badly. She took her hand and moved her panties to the side and played with her nicely trimmed pussy. She rubber her clit to a powerful orgasm and laid there thinking about his cock going in and out of her. She licked her fingers clean from the cum she had created.

Jackson arrived home and dinner was prepared as he walked in. Catalina made a wonderful meal for him and he was loving every bite of it. He wondered if she could fuck as good as she could cook.

"Mmmmmm, I ain't had food this good since my mom's came up during my rookie year. Thanks Cat.: he told her.

"You are welcome. Here is some wine to wash it down." she replied.

"Cool. Let's go talk by the pool. Get yourself a glass" he said to her.

I will." she said. She cleaned up the kitchen and headed poolside.

they talked for hours on end about their lives and dreams. Jackson felt so comfortable around her that he was at ease that he made the right choice. After a few glasses they were buzzed.

"Damn, I gotta get some sleep. Gotta do some charity work tomorrow." he told her.

"I am glad that you enjoyed dinner." she said to him.

It was great. Good night Cat." he said and went off to bed and she finished thalast of her wine and went to her new room.

The next two weeks went by with her maintaining the house and he keeping up with his off season regiment. Cat had walked by his room one day and she caught a glimpse of him standing in his room naked. She saw his cock fully erect. She thought that it was at least 9 1/2 inches long and 2 inches wide. She was drooling at the sight of it and she wanted it right then and there. She moved her hand down her maid's outfit and lifted the skirt to play with her clit which was throbbing. She rubbed it slow so that she could enjoy the orgasm. After her orgasm, she snuck downstairs to her room and cleaned herself off. Jackson got dressed and left as he had a team function.

Later that night, Cat's room was open and Jackson had walked in noticing that the TV was on so he went to check on her. He peeked inside and noticed that she was bent over with a dildo insode of her she was moving in and out of her wet cunt. Jackson enjoyed the show she had put on. He carefully took off his clothes and went inside quietly. He noticed that her eyes were shut as she was making herself cum. She had pulled the dildo out and began to suck on it as if it were Jackson's hard cock. He looked at her waiting pussy and snuck up behind her. The head of his cock was inches away from her entrance and he thought either shove it in fast or slide it in slow. She was breathing hard and he waited for her to catch her breath and then he slid his cock into her tight wet cunt.

"Ahhhhhhh..........ooohhhhhhh........" She looked back and noticed that it was Jackson fucking her slow from behind. And that was her favorite position to get fucked in.

"You've been wanting my cock have you." he asked.

"Oh yes, I wanted it when I first saw you. Please fuck me, fuck me now I need it bad!!" she said as she loved the way his cock filled her up.

He started slow because he liked the way her wet cunt felt. Then his thrusts became faster by the second.

"Uhhhh, uhhh, uhhh, ohhh yeah papi. Fuck me with that big cock....oooohhhh" she was loving every second of his cock being deep inside of her cunt. She could not get enough of it.

During his fast thrusts, he went back until the head of his cock was in sight and thrusted it hard back into her.

"Ohhhhhh fuuucccckkkkk!!!!!" Her body had a convulsion and she just dropped on the bed. Her cum was dripping down her thighs as this was the best sex she was ever having. She had never cummed this much and she did not think that it was humanly possible.

"Ahhhh, shit your pussy is tight as hell." he said to her.

"Tight for you baby." She told him.

He leaned her over onto her side and fucked her from the side so he can play with her clit with his hand. Besides being one of the best receivers in the league, he was very skilled at using his hands and she loved the way he worked them. He went in and out of her slow as he rubber the smooth patch of pubic hair on her cunt. She was in a sexual bliss and she did not want it to stop.

He then got on top of her holding her legs wide to fuck her. Jackson pounded her pussy into complete submission and she felt like she was a member of the mile high club, only difference she was not flying on a plane. That is how good he was to her. She was in love with this man...and his cock.

"OH MY GOD!!! I need your cum in my mouth baby. Feed me your cum!!!!!!" She begged.

"Ah, I'm gonna cum!!!" he said loudly.

He pulled out of her and she opened her mouth to take every drop of cum from his cock. She had taken it all and swallowed every drop of it in satisfaction. She then sucked him off some more and then they fell into a deep sleep. They were meant for one another and they both knew it.

From that moment on they knew that it would be different between them. After the regular season, Catalina became Mrs. Jackson Dumont during their playoff bye week and she was given a dream wedding. The two still fuck like horny teenagers and she even accompanied him to home games. The team won their second straight championship and Jackson was once again MVP with a 12 catch, 185 yard and 3 touchdowns. She met her husband on the field and gave him a long kiss to celebrate and to show her love and gratitude.  Catalina started off as the maid but in the end she had gotten the ultimate prize.


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