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Pink Lips

And so began a relationship that can only be described as one full of lust, love and experimentation
Having done my bit for ‘Queen & Country’ and along with failing health and a wrecked marriage; I decided to invest my gratuity in a small newsagents and general store.  Looking through Daltons Weekly, I found the ideal place; close to a university and ‘slap-bang’ in the middle of ‘Bed-sit’ accommodation for the students.  At first I was amazed as to how low the asking price was for this must surely have been a gold mine for any owner but after visiting the place I understood why, for this owner just hadn’t kept up with the times.  Yes it was your typical newsagents cum general store but one you would have seen in the 60’s, not the late 80’s.

Ok it cost me a few extra grand to modernise the place with a few freezer and chillier cabinets for students these days only want stuff to make a quick and ready meal; I also stocked up on the usual academic stuff ie; notebooks, pencils, disks and the rest of the paraphernalia that goes with modern academic life.  The only thing I didn’t stock was booze, for in no way could I compete against the Student Bar or any of the local off-licenses.

It took my about 6 months to build up the business, but come the next academic year we were swinging, swinging to such an extent that I had to take on extra staff.  Now as you know students are always short of money so in essence I already had the resources all I need to do was to put the word about that I was looking for staff.  Within a couple of hours I had a couple of students wanting to help out.  One of these was Caitlin who I had secretly lusted over for a long, long time.  Caitlin was a glossy Afro-Caribbean who had this tantalising habit of walking about the store in the skimpiest of tops and a perpetual finger in her mouth.  Aged 19, she was studying both English and Philosophy, was extremely polite with a very sexy nature; her petite 5'2" frame held a nice bust and a beautifully shaped arse.  The other thing that amazed me was her confidence for nothing seemed to bother her.

Now as a newsagent the hours are very long and it was well into the morning when Caitlin finally turned up.  During a hastily grabbed lunch we began chatting about this and then suddenly from nowhere she asked if I was married, when I replied, “No, divorced,” she smiled, uttered “Oh!" then started rattling on about sex and how she preferred older guys to boys of her own age, "More experienced," I think was the term she used.

All afternoon Caitlin kept constantly rubbing up against me, if it wasn’t her arse rubbing against my crutch as she walked past it was the delicate touch of her fingers; soon I was horny as hell but being a lot older, I’m 46 by the way it felt all wrong.  Now the store is open from 7am to 9pm so I told Caitlin she could come and go as she pleases.  It must have been about 6:30 that evening when Caitlin placed a hand on my arse, gave me a very sly kiss on the cheek then uttered, “I’ll see you in the morning.”

With sticky pants and a raging hard-on I watched as she made her way out of the shop then just as I was about to turn away she blew me a kiss before disappearing; with my mind in turmoil and in dire need of a wank I worked on.  With little trade that night I closed up early, grabbed a magazine from the top shelf then made my way upstairs.  I must have been closed for about 10 minutes and on the point of seeking my long deserved relief when the phone rang, it was Caitlin, at first she was very incoherent then in a sudden outburst uttered, "I need you so bad."

At first I tried to play the event down using expressions such as, “What’s a young girl want with an old man like me,” and all the other crap about “Being old enough to be her father etc;” but it was no use for she kept rambling on about destiny.  Soon there was a knock on the shop door, with the phone still held against my ear I made my way downstairs; without focusing I immediately knew it would be her and as soon as I had the door open she pounced on me; with Caitlin clinging to me I quickly locked up then made my way back upstairs.  How I never tripped over during her onslaught of kisses I’ll never know for the stairs were both steep and narrow.

I felt almost afraid to cradle her in my hands for she seemed so small and delicate.  Gently I reached for the hem of her top then lifted it from her.  I took a moment to gaze upon her as she stood there, the light pinkie-brown of her hands contrasting against her dark-chocolate body.  She had a small bar-bell piercing the hood just above her cute little "innie" navel and the most gorgeous pert breasts I’ve ever seen.  They were small, beautiful and pointy, her areola were about 2 inches in diameter, almost black with pencil erasers for nipples.

Looking at her face, I loved her dark eyebrows with lashes that seemed to frame her luminous brown eyes.  With both hands I reached out, gently grasped her head then ran my fingers over her cheek bone before running down over the soft skin of her face before finally cupping her chin.  Next I focused on her lips, their dark curving edges now parting under the gentle stroking of my thumbs to reveal a hint of pink as she slowly flicked out her tongue.  Next I kissed her forehead then worked my way down her body spending even more time kissing and sucking at her nipples.  As yet no words had been spoken between us, the only indications of our lust towards each other was in the depth of our breathing and my unsteadiness of hand.

Stood like a statue in front of me, I started to remove her jeans which once lowered revealed a very sexy red thong, slowly and in a very seductive way I removed her trainers and jeans then picked her up then following another bout of kissing sat her on the bed.  Stood before I began to removed my shirt, it was here that Caitlin first notice my scar, a scar caused by an Argentine bullet as it grazed my body, Caitlin pulled me closer then gently traced its outline before kissing my memento of turbulent times long past; slowly she began releasing my trousers then in one swooped she pulled both these and my pants down.  Next she did her best to wrap her tiny hand about my cock, which in response gave a jerk upwards before moving it up and down, she also noticed that my uncut cock both dribbled and glistened with pre-cum, looking up she smiled then uttered "I’m going to enjoy this;" now I’m not huge, just under 8 inches with a reasonable girth.

Caitlin licked its tip then sucked and wanked me for what felt like ages.  As she fellated me she gave out a series of “Mmmmm’s,” it felt so good, soon I started to gently fuck her mouth, in reply she started to squeeze my balls and sucked harder until I came and boy did I come.  Cum exploded out of me in thick, ropey spurts one after another.  With blown cheeks and a wee bit of snorting Caitlin, bless her soul, managed to contain and swallow it all then once I had finished she licked me clean, looked up then smiled at me.

“Mmmm, that was lovely,” she mumbled as I knelt down, kissed her on the lips then began kissing all over her body; once my hands were about her arse I pulled her forward then removed her thong which by the way was sopping wet.

Looking down I quickly focused on her shaven pussy and those other lips, you know, the ones that are kept well hidden from public sight; in Caitlin’s case those dark chocolate coloured curving edges revealed a hint of pink as she slowly opened to me.  Knelt before her with my arms resting on her thighs I wondered if she would taste any different, I pulled her closer until her arse rested on the very edge of the bed then having spread her thighs to allow me better access I poked my tongue into her honey-box.  Yes it was definitely sweeter than my ex-wife’s and any other I had tasted.

As Caitlin’s hands stroked my hair, I speared my tongue into her again and again, prising her lips apart then drew it slowly up her slit until it found her clit; positioning this little nub of pleasure between my lips, I sucked it in then began flicking it with my tongue.

"Oh god yes…that's it suck it, oh god yes…yes," screamed Caitlin as her body began to shake in pleasure.

Suddenly her hands were pulling me away so I released my hold on her clit then moved my head away to look again at her pussy; now her engorged dark outer lips had revealed her pink inner lips which glistened in the mixture of my saliva and her secretions. Soon both the room and my nose was filled with the scent of her arousal, I breathed in deeply then slipped between her legs. Caitlin’s stomach contracted as I nuzzled into her lips, letting her wetness coat me.  Again came the cry of:-

"Oh god yes…that's it…suck it, oh god yes…yes," as Caitlin’s hands moved more urgently through my hair, so I returned my mouth to her clit, again drawing the tiny nub in.  Caitlin began to wriggle her hips, leaning her head back and moving her pussy forward, pushing herself against me.  I moved a hand up to her opening and slipped first one, then two more fingers inside her, moving them back and forth in unison with her movement.

I licked and sucked at her clit then pushed my tongue as far into her pussy as I could, she was very wet and enjoying it.  Suddenly Caitlin stood up, forced me to the floor then quickly turned around, straddled my face then started to fellate me, I was soon licking her pussy then in an act of devilment slowly began rubbing her pussy juice around her anus which seemed to by pulsing like crazy; as I slowly licked between her two orifices I began to finger her anus, Caitlin gave a guttural cry then backed onto my mouth and fingers, it wasn't long before she was fucking my face.

Suddenly she moaned, clenched her hands around my cock then squeezed.  I felt her convulse against my fingers, squeezing them in her wet, warm tunnels again and again.  I began to pull my fingers out of her when she groaned, "I want you inside me...  NOW!"

Wasting no time we both got up, kissed then I started to fuck her from behind, soon I was fingering her arse as she groaned and whimpered under the pounding I was giving her.

"OH GOD YES! Stuff another into my ass! Fuck, I love it!" screamed Caitlin.

In our rush to seek satisfaction and completely by accident my cock slipped out of her pussy and bumped up against the star of her pulsating anus.

“Yes,” uttered Caitlin backing onto my cock.

“Are you sure?” I enquired

“Just shut up and fuck me."

Slowly using her wet pussy and a bit of spit for lubricant I worked my cock pass her anal sphincter. Caitlin at first tightened around my shaft.

“Fuck,” she uttered as she turned to look at me then with a devilish grin relaxed, now with no restrictions I watched as my shaft slowly buried itself into her hot arse, Caitlin shuffled about a bit then raised her arse slightly, “Harder - fuck my arse harder,” she demanded.  Now came the amazing bit for as I pulled back a roll of pink skin would appear then become lost as I pushed back.  For encouragement I ran my fingers up and down her spine from neck to arse before reaching round to cup her breasts and those hard.  With her nipples trapped between the fingers of my caressing hands I began to build up speed, before long Caitlin met then matched my rhythm as she pushed back and moaned whilst fingering her clit.

"I'm Cumming", she cried "I want you to cum inside me, hurry."

I didn't need to be told twice. I could feel myself getting close so I gripped her hips; it took only a few more strokes until I felt the pressure build to the point of eruption. My cock began to pulsate as I shot load after load into her.

"Oh God - I can feel your cock spasm as it shoots into me." Caitlin screamed as her rectum pulsed around my cock, milking me of all my sperm.  She tossed her head back and forth so violently that I started to get scared. She gave me one more powerful squeeze, held it for half a minute, then with her arse pulsing and her whole body trembling collapsed onto the floor; resting beside her I began to idly stroke her thigh for Caitlin had assumed a foetal position and become very quiet.

"You’re bastard… a dirty fucking bastard but that was great - really great," she muttered , placing her small trembling hand atop of mine as my fingers continued to trace patterns across her thigh.

"Yeah…it was great for me," I whispered, which was no lie, for it had been many a month since my cock had been serviced and even longer since someone had offered me their arse.

Caitlin glanced up at the clock then uttered, "What time do you expect the papers?"

“About half four - why?”

“Good, that gives us a few more hours,” she replied, turning slowly towards me before kissing me on the chest.  As she kissed one nipple her hand began to toy and pinch the other.

Now at my age having a hot chick is one thing but in order to keep going I needed sustenance.  “Hungry,” I whispered, not really wanting to break the intimacy but nature was calling, for I desperately needed a pee for one and a trip to the bathroom would not have gone amiss.


“Good,” I replied standing up and making my way to the bathroom.  “Go into the kitchen and look around whilst I clean up.”

“If you’re taking a shower can I join you?”

“No, you little minx, I’m not taking a shower and even if I were, I wouldn’t have the energy.”

“OK…We’ll save that one for later,” Caitlin retorted but by then I was behind closed doors hastily relieving myself.

After about 5 minutes I exited the bathroom to the sweet smell of eggs and bacon, to a hungry man this is ambrosia especially when backed up with the sweet smell of freshly brewed coffee and that was what greeted me as I entered the kitchen.

“I didn’t expect you to cook for me,” I mumbled as my arms slowly encompass her petite body.

Slowly she turned, stood on tip-toe then with her arms wrapped around my neck then gave me one of the most erotic kisses ever.  It felt as if our tongues were trying to knot themselves together and with each probe of her tongue I could feel new life slowly returning to my cock, soon it was rampant; placing my hands under the cheeks of her arse I slowly lifted her then entered her.

“Mmmm…but what about the food,” mumbled Caitlin as she wrapped her legs about my waist.

“I’ve got an idea, but you’re need to hang on tight;“ with that I released my hold then with Caitlin clinging on like a baby I plated up the food then carried both her and the plate over to the table.  Here I pulled out a chair and promptly sat down with her astride me.

“Fuck…You’re a clever bastard but how are we going to eat?”

“I feed you a bit then you feed me, what you do in between is up to you.”

“Your cock is twitching again.”

“Then perhaps it needs some attention,” I whispered having first cut off a piece of bacon ready to offer to her.  Taking the hint Caitlin began to slowly rise and fall on my thighs; as for me I speared the yoke of an egg with a finger, dragged it through some bacon fat then coated a nipple before beginning to suckle.

“Oh god no,” uttered Caitlin as my lips and tongue teased and suckled at the coated nipple.

With both her hands now resting on my shoulders I gently slipped a hand between us then began to slowly circle her clit.  Almost immediately I began to feel a gentle rhythmic contraction of her pelvic muscles, her pussy was now more or less dripping with her juices and with my three-pronged attack ie; a finger slowly stroking as close as possible to her g-spot, my thumb rubbing circles around her clit and the incessant licking at her nipples Caitlin couldn't help herself, she ground her hips down on me, pushing her clit harder against me, jerking, rubbing, groaning, desperate for a release.  It went on for what seemed like an eternity, it was as if we were riding a never ending rollercoaster.  Under the harsh light of the kitchen I could see small beads of perspiration well up on her body then slowly trickle down her skin adding a new depth to her shiny chocolate skin.

Following a series of squeals and minor orgasms, she leant forward, placed her head into the crook of my neck and began giving me a ‘hicky’; as for me I placed my hands under her arse, her gasps and whimpers turning me on even further making me thrust my hips up as she pushed down, driving my penis deeper and deeper into her.

I could feel myself peaking and so could she for my cock had become exceptionally rigid and every movement over its sensitive area caused it to jerk and throb; our hips moved faster and faster, totally out of control, slamming harder and harder into each other, I could feel pussy juices running down my cock, onto my balls then becoming lost in the fabric of the chair, the look of lust on her face just stimulated me further, turning me on and driving me further in to her.  With lust now our main driving force, on odd moments Caitlin would cry out as I banged against her cervix.

When we did cum although not exactly together, it was like nothing on earth, she screamed like a tormented animal, threw herself backwards then jerked herself off against my cock buried deep within her.  I felt a torrent of cum flood into her, splashing and slurping, every muscle in my body contracting at once, every nerve ending burning, every desire fulfilled; our bodies jerked and shook as deep throaty moans filled the room.

As her orgasm subsided she leant forward and kissed me deeply, her tongue seeming to have expanded, almost reaching my tonsils.  She didn't have the energy to open her eyes so I pulled her close then laid her head on my shoulder.

"Thank you", she said.  "I didn't want this to end," muttered Caitlin as my cock, still deep inside her began to whither and wilt.

"Well… I have room to spare and would love your company."

"You’d better get some rest then; for you’ve got a lot of fucking to do."

"You're insatiable!"

"I don't know about that.  I just feel as if I have a lot to learn."

And so began a relationship that can only be described as one full of lust, love and experimentation.
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