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Pink Lips…cont’d

Of the many things Caitlin enjoyed one came from ‘tossing me off’, well, you couldn’t really call it that, I think playing with me would be a better description, it was the foreskin, for she liked nothing better than washing it then getting me all oiled up before stretching this bit of flesh first one way then the other, rolling then stretching - rolling then stretching and there was nothing I loved more than for her to talk dirty or suckle a nipple while she manipulated me.  One day I asked her what her fantasies were: much to my surprise Cat revealed that she would love to show me off to her friends, for once she had told them as to how big I was, they just would not believe her; especially when it came to anal sex.

Some weeks later Caitlin was in a particular horny mood one afternoon and I wasn’t far behind her, so taking a chance I phoned another student who I used in cases of emergency to see if she could prove cover for a couple of hours, sure enough Emma was free and only too happy to come in.  With Emma looking after the store, Caitlin and I made our way upstairs and to cut a long story short I was lying naked on the lounge floor whilst Caitlin, who was also naked, knelt alongside me with her hands wrapped around my cock.  Suddenly there was a knock at the door then before either of us could do or say anything the door burst open and in rushed Emma.

“OH FUCK!” uttered Emma who then froze with her eyes glued to my waist, after a few seconds she muttered "Sorry" then started to go back downstairs; "No it’s ok, come in," replied Caitlin; Emma, now highly embarrassed and blushing like fuck walked slowly into the room.

“Now do you believe me?” said Caitlin; Emma’s reply was a simple nod of her head as she stood there staring, in the meantime Caitlin had moved her hands back onto my cock and resumed ‘tossing’ me off.  I for one couldn’t believe it.  Here I was bullock-naked being jerked off whilst one of Cat’s fellow students stood gawking at me only a couple of feet away.

After what seemed ages Caitlin looked up at Emma then asked if she wanted a go.  "I'm not sure, won’t it be a bit weird, with you watching on?" uttered Emma, Caitlin just smiled then said "No, I want to watch as someone else tosses him off."  Emma stepped closer, knelt down then very cautiously took hold of my cock, an instinctive jerk caused her hand to quickly withdraw then not to be beaten Emma tried again, this time she took a firmer grip before starting to move her hand up and down.  It was painfully slow at first then got faster and faster until she was giving me a proper hand-job and by the look on her face was really enjoying herself.  I looked over at Caitlin who had the biggest grin on her face and was loving every minute of it.  I must admit I didn’t last long for I was ready to come before Emma had walked in but now I couldn’t stop myself as thick streams of cum shot out, coating Emma’s hand and a few other things along the way.

With a very slight lick of her lips Emma smiled then uttered "I think I’d better be going;" Caitlin offered her a tissue then guided her into the bathroom.  In their absence I quickly cleaned myself up the best I could then got dressed, after about 5 minutes they reappeared shaking their heads and giggling like fuck.

“Emma wants to know if she can come again.  She still doesn’t believe I can take all of you.”

“Sure, but if she thinks she’ll be sitting on the sidelines just watching she’ll be in for a big shock.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“Well if you two can’t figure it out I’m not doing to tell you.”  With this Caitlin and Emma looked at each other then after what seemed ages the penny finally dropped; Caitlin gasped, looked at me then asked if they could be left alone of a while.

“Yeah, if we’re naked, she’s naked,” came my reply as I made my way downstairs and into the shop.

Now Emma was one of your typically middle-class students, she was chubby but with all the curves in the right places, as for her other features; she had mousey brown hair, hazel-brown eyes and a nice smile.  She also had what looked to be a great pair of tits, for I noticed the unmistakable hint of nipples poking into her top as she knelt down beside me and ‘jacked’ me off.

After a short while I heard both the girls making their way downstairs and into the shop.  “Bye,” said Emma smiling broadly as she waved back at me whilst leaving the shop.


“Well – what!”

“You know?”

“She’s going to think about it, really think about it – Now where were we,” uttered Caitlin as she shrugged the bathrobe from her shoulders.  Like a man possessed I quickly closed up the shop then literally dragged her into the bedroom where I could not get my clothes off fast enough.

Cat pulled back her knees opening her thighs but once I saw those long pink inner lips pushing through her dark chocolate pussy that was it, I just knew she had to have it, no foreplay no nothing.  She bellowed as I plunged my cock into her wet hole then I thrust myself in and out of her furiously.

"Yes – yes, fuck me you bastard; fuck me with your big cock…FUCKING JESUS, go steady…you’re ripping me apart!!”

With each stoke I started to feel guilty but I didn’t stop, I continued to fuck her.  With Cat’s breathing really fast, she closed her eyes and started moaning; she was so wet I soon lost all sense of friction so I slid my hands under her arse and began to plunge deeper.  On the downward stroke my cock banged against her cervix which acted as a trigger for Caitlin hooked her legs behind my back then gradually increased her movements getting faster and faster, her hips hitting mine as my bollocks bashed painfully against her arse, she began swearing and cursing; the usual stuff about me being a bastard and screwing up her pretty face as she neared her orgasm.


I could feel her cunt muscles squeezing my cock; moments later she tensed up then wailed "I'm cummmmmmmiiiiinnnnngggg.  Yes! Yes! Yes!! I'm cummmmminnng, Oh, Oh, Oh God!" As her body shook with what seem to be a stream of intense orgasms.  With her cunt pulsating like mad I continued to fuck her until I came then ignoring her shouts, blasphemes and attempts to push me aside I continued fucking her until it became too painful to continue; it was only then that I stopped, withdrew then collapsed on top of her before kissing her over and over again.

“I’m sorry my darling, I don’t know what came over me, please forgive me but I needed you so much that I ached,” I uttered in a repenting way.

“You ached – YOU FUCKING ACHED…what you did was nothing short of rape,” shouted Caitlin hitching up a leg then shoving me to one side before standing and reaching for a dressing gown.

“Honey I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

"FORGIVE? - Forgive you? How could you? How could you say that after treating like a whore, for that’s all I was to you?"

“Yes - I’m sorry my darling, I don’t know what came over me.”

“Oh stop saying that, what’s been done, been done but don’t you ever treat me like that again.”

“No…I’m sorry darling, perhaps it was just the thought of you and Emma.”

"YES… EMMA WITH HER BIG TITS…Yes…I noticed you staring at them as she jerked you off; yes, perhaps it was Emma who you were fucking."

"Yes…she has a great set of tits and I know you’ve wondered about making it out with another woman."

"You're right.  I have.  Ever since you told me about the things you and your ex-wife got up too.  Weren’t you the slightest bit jealous when your wife introduced a second woman into your marriage?"

“No not really, in many ways she wanted the company and I wasn’t there to provide it.  Once I knew about it, it was too late and in reality I didn’t really care, war does funny things to you and for about a year it felt as if I was in a wilderness.”

With that Caitlin looked into my eyes, moved towards the bed, hooked her arms around my neck and kissed me: thin pink lips against full brown lips; two pink tongues carefully meeting then tasting each other.  Slowly I felt her anger ebb away.


Caitlin nodded.  “But don’t you ever treat me like that again;” so I kissed her again, this time more eagerly.  As her grip around my neck tightened, my hand lightly touched her pussy; she bit my earlobe then uttered, “No you bastard, I’m too sore,” I held my breath and didn’t dare to do anything other than let my hands rest on the small of her back.

Exhausted and tired Caitlin edged her way onto the bed then stretched out.  Here I began to idly stroke her thighs and stomach.

"No," she said, placing a small hand atop of mine.  “Let’s just rest.”

And that was it, for the next I knew was the alarm clock ringing, signalling the start of a new day.

Two weeks had passed since our meeting with Emma then completely out of the blue Caitlin asked if I would disappear one evening for she and Emma had things to discus and put bluntly she didn’t want me around.  Intrigued I wanted to ask why then thought the better of it.

What follows is Caitlin’s version of events.

For some reason whilst Emma masturbated Bill I had found myself extremely jealous, ok I was my own doing for I had asked her if she had wanted to, but as time went on I became extremely horny; its hard to describe but at first I thought I was going to piss myself then my pussy lips became engorged and as for my tits, I thought these were going to explode as I watched Emma’s hand move rapidly up and down.  Thinking nothing of it I ripped open my jeans then with Emma looking on began to frig myself; OK, Bill and I have a full sex life but when Emma’s eyes greeted mine with a smile and a quick lick of her lips I began to wonder.

OK the closest I had ever come to having a same sex relationship was at secondary school with Barbara, my best friend, for she and I practiced our kissing and necking on each other but that was as far as it went, for we were both boy mad and I had never thought about it again; that is until now.

I began to wonder how  the night would go for I looking forward to seeing Emma especially since Bill would be away and Emma had hinted that ‘she was up for it’ what ever that meant.

Quickly I took a shower then after a bit of powder and perfume here and there got dressed, nothing too special just some clothes that could be easily slipped off should it come to that.

I know I should have had something substantial for supper but my stomach couldn't face it, too many knots and butterflies so I settled for a ‘Mars’ bar and a mug of coffee.

I was just checking that everything was ok when the door bell beckoned.  With the candles already lit I made my way downstairs then towards the shop front.  As security I pushed aside the blind to check it was Emma then with a quick release of the locks I greeted my visitor in typical girly style.

Emma looked so sexy in her jeans and halter neck top and as for her perfume wow! Once upstairs and in the kitchen I made my way to the fridge, pulled out a bottle of white then began filling two glasses.

"Cheers," she toasted as she drew the glass to her lips.

I smiled and took a sip.

"Mmmmmmmm! This is delicious," declared Emma.

"It's nothing, just a chardonnay from down the road; shall we opt for comfort and move to the lounge?"

”Mmmmm, nice and cosy,” giggled Emma as she made her way towards the sofa.

“Yes, I’ve tried to make it as relaxing as possible, for I don’t know about you but I’m as nervous as hell.”

“You’re nervous; my legs are already shaking for this is my first time too,” mumbled Emma as she placed her glass onto the coffee table.

I sat beside her then lent back, she was leaning so close to me I could feel the warmth of her body through the sleeve of my top.  I breathed in her scent.  The musky smell of her perfume filled my senses and the lack of food was already making me a little giddy as for Emma she continued to babble on about nothing.  Talk about nerves.

"Do you watch porn?" I asked in a slurring manner

"Can’t say I have," replied Emma nervously

"Haven't you?' I paused then said softly, "Would you like to?"

"I’ll watch anything if it makes this easier," she replied.  Quite honestly I was that horny, I could have fucked the wine bottle.

"Let's see what I can find, Bill’s got some somewhere; it’s mostly boy on girl stuff but I think there’s a couple of girl on girl discs too which might help."

I scurried into our bedroom and was back after a few moments.  Soon we were soon watching a very sexy redhead sucking a shaved cock whilst she rubbed her pretty pussy.  I drifted off thinking about Bill and I; this caused my juices to really flow and in no time the sweet scent of feminine arousal began to fill the air.  I became aware that Emma was writhing slightly next to me on the settee as she watched the horny scene.

"What do you think?" asked Emma watching me to see how I reacted.

"She's a lucky girl!" I replied, "Having such a lovely cock to suck."

At that moment the guy dropped on his knees and began licking the girl.  She was almost hairless, just a little heart showed on her pubis then we saw, in glorious close up, how his tongue worked on her, licking her up and down before concentrating on her clit.  He pulled away for a moment to reveal how wet she was and how swollen her labia was.  Then he tongued and licked her again; surely Emma must have noticed my aroma by now as my juices flowed freely.

I looked at Emma, who seemed unable to keep still.  "It's no good," she cried out, as she ripped open her jeans, tugged her little thong aside, and began to pleasure herself.  I couldn't hold back either.

“Fuck this,” I uttered as I completely removed my jeans and panties then openly frigged myself - if Emma was enjoying herself then I wasn't going to restrain myself.

"You brazen hussy," uttered Emma who at the same moment placed her hand on my thigh and I was in no mood to resist.  Oh! How I had longed for this moment as her hand strayed up to my sopping pussy then began to finger and explore my most intimate of places.  God how I loved it!  Now the ice was broken I pushed myself onto her hand then began to trace my hand up her thighs  Feeling no resistance I fingered my way passed her jeans and thong then began to finger her pussy.  God! She’s even wetter than me and fully shaven too.

On the screen the guy was thrusting deep into the pretty redhead, then he pulled out for a moment and there was a lingering shot of her cunt dripping with juice and we also saw his hard, gleaming cock.  Drips of love juice actually fell from her! Then he thrust into her again, fucked her hard and pulled out, she opened her mouth and he shot at least six powerful squirts of cum straight at her.  She licked it sexily from around her mouth then opened her lips to show the hot spunk in her mouth.  She smiled at the guy then gave him a final luscious suck! I don't think she was putting on an act and had no doubt she had really enjoyed herself!

"That was good," I panted, "really good."

"You didn't mind me touching you?"

"No...No, I half expected it," I replied in a dreamlike state.

The porn was still running and had moved on to another scene.

"This scene's lovely, it’s so moving," I whispered to Emma.

Two girls in skimpy bras and tiny g-strings were laughing and giggling as they made their way along a sun-soaked beach then out of public view they kissed.  Hand and fingers began to wander and soon the bras and g-stings were tossed aside.  Both were perfectly free of any pubic hair, it looked so sexy and so inviting.  Emma and I were soon rubbing each other again and then as one girl fingered the other Emma slid one, then two fingers into me.  'Ahhhhhhh!' I moaned for the sensations were heavenly as more pent up sexual frustration was released.

One of the sexy girls began to lick the other; lingeringly her tongue, pleasuring her friend as we watch everything in larger than life detail.  It looked gorgeous and I wanted to join in for there was a very sexy and pretty girl right beside me.  Slowly I slid to my knees, turned then gently pushed my head between her legs.

"Just a mo," panted Emma as she pulled off her jeans then slipped off her thong before sliding forward on the sofa with her legs invitingly apart.  I dived in; pulled her pussy lips apart and for the first time delicately used my tongue on another girl.  Oh, the juice! I can see why men crave about it.  She was sopping! It was so sexy I just devoured her and gained a great deal of pleasure as well.  I licked and nibbled her clit before gently sliding my fingers in to her cunt.  Emma moaned and groaned in appreciation.  I pulled back for a moment to draw breath.

"Don't stop," she moaned, "please don't stop!" Immediately I began to lick and finger her again until suddenly she writhed excitedly then orgasmed, even more juices seeping from her as she did so.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" she gasped, that was wonderful.  "Now I must do the same for you."

I quickly stripped off my top then stretched out on the carpet.  Emma not wishing to lose out quickly stripped off knelt beside me then began to gently kiss and caress my whole body.  Delicately she licked and kissed my erect nipples then worked her way down me.  I opened my legs and she softly kissed my thighs and then licked closer and closer to my sopping slit.  I arched myself closer and she began the most intimate and delicate licking I have ever enjoyed.  No man had ever licked me like this.  Emma was simply sublime! She used her tongue to tease and stimulate me and I enjoyed pushing my dripping cunt hard on to her as she used her tongue on me.  Then she pushed her tongue right into me so that she was tongue fucking me.  I could not control myself any longer and happily gave way to a powerful orgasm that left me quivering in delight.

Emma had stopped pleasuring me; instead she was staring at me with a cheeky smile on her face.

"That was absolutely wonderful," I cried as I reached for her and embraced her; her ample breasts pushing into mine, mine into hers as we gently kissed.

"It was lovely for me too, so different” she replied.

We both giggled, and then she ever so gently kissed my lips like they were delicate porcelain.  I tentatively kissed her back and found the experience really good.  The tip of her tongue softly touched my lips, tasting them as it traced the outline of them.  I groaned with a building desire then opened my eyes.  Emma's eyes were looking straight into mine.

She smiled with her eyes and stopped kissing me...long enough to ask.  " Cat, are you okay,? We can stop if you would like."

But I didn't like.  I was so aroused I didn't want to ever stop.  I pulled her mouth back to mine, entwining my fingers through her hair.  Our tongues met touching, tasting, twisting around each others.  One of her hands had found my left breast and was gently caressing it, teasing the nipple softly with a fingertip.

"I love your cute breasts," she mumbled into my mouth as we kissed.

I certainly loved what she was doing to them.  Suddenly she stopped everything and pulled back from me.  I let out a load moan.

"Cat, we have to slow down.  Take it slowly."

A sad look swept across my face and she took my hands in hers and smiled.

"I'm not saying we have to stop.  What I am saying is we need to slow down and do this right.  Now, take a sip of your drink and then take a minute to really think if this is what we want."

She passed me my glass, and I obediently took a sip.  Our eyes met across the rim of the glass, and I knew what I was feeling was a lot more than lust.  I put my glass back on the table and stood.  Taking her hand in mine, I silently led her to the bedroom.  Reaching the side of the bed, I turned into her arms.

"Oh, Cat; I have wanted you from the moment I set eyes on you.  It was like someone had hit me with a sledge hammer; it was so strong and sudden."

As she talked my eyes were riveted to her beautiful breasts.  Much larger than mine, hers were atleast a D cup and hung like melons.  Her nipples were a chocolate brown not a dusky pink as you would expect but chocolate brown with large areolas.  My hands reached for them, here I gently tweaked at each nipple before attempting to take a whole breast in my hands.  They felt so soft.

"I love your breasts, Cat.  Just the sight of them makes me want to suckle at them." Emma mumbled between licking and sucking at my nipples.  Her tongue was driving me wild with lust.  My fingers entwined in her hair at the back of her head, pulling her mouth on to my boobs.  She licked and sucked at each in turn, till they were hard as steel and poking out a good half inch.

After some time, Emma gently pushed me back onto the bed, and then returned to my breasts before slowly moving lower with her mouth.  Kissing her way down my stomach, she knelt at the side of the bed.  Parting my legs which were dangling over the side of the bed, the sexy young woman kissed and caressed my thighs.  Meanwhile her tender fingers had parted my outer lips and found my little nub which was now being teased by a finger tip.

Under such a gentle touch my hands were soon bunching the sheets at my side as my climax built.  Just when I thought I could stand no more of her ministrations, I felt the tip of her tongue glide across my clit.  My body arched with the contact.  I could feel my orgasm nearing its peak.  Her tongue delved into my depths when my body erupted in an earth shattering climax the like of which I have never felt before.  My breath caught in my throat and my heart beat so fast I thought it would burst.

Emma lapped and licked my juices as my body continued to shake.  Finally my pulse slowed and my body started to return to normal.  I opened my eyes to see Emma smiling down at me.  Her lips still glossy from my eruption.  I held out my hands to her as she glided into my embrace.  I took her face in my hands and licked my cum from her lips before kissing her first softly then deeply

"That was....  my God Em…that was mind blowing."

She looked lovingly at me and said, "I'm so glad, I really wanted our first time to be special.  But we aren't finished yet."

"Definitely not," I replied.  "It's my turn.  Lay back and let me see if I can do as well."

Kneeling beside Emma I kissed her gently, barely touching her lips with mine.  The effect was thrilling and Emma's body tingled all over.  With the same light touch, I kissed her face, cheeks, closed eyes and then her soft lips again.  I tilted her head back and kissed her throat the same way.  Emma made herself lay still as goose bumps rose all over her skin.

My fingertips lightly traced the curve of her shoulder, and then gently brushed the length of her arm.  Then, with just a whisper of a touch, I drew my hand back up the inside of her arm.  Emma shook with a tingling spasm.  My fingertips followed the outline of her body down her side then glancing across her ample breast and hardening nipple.  It rose even more as an intense shock of pleasure shot through her.

I couldn't wait any longer and bent to take her firm nipple into my mouth.  Emma pressed up as I suckled on her tip.  I felt a warm wetness between my thighs as she squirmed beneath my touch.  Breathing deeply, I smelt the musky scent of her skin and felt a quickening in my crotch as I sensed her readiness, her eagerness.

My hand reached to caress her thigh and her legs opened to me.  My hand encountered her moistness, then her small hard clit.  I heard breath explode from her in gasps as I rubbed and fondled this sensitive pearl.  Reaching lower, I entered her vagina with two fingers and explored her depths and textures.  Emma arched her back and moaned.

Letting go of her nipple, I found her mouth, kissing her firmly, I loved the slow sensuous touch of our tongues as they danced together.  Moving my tongue down her throat to the valley between her breasts, with both hands, I cupped the roundness of them as I moved my tongue lower.  Emma was massaging my shoulders and arms and moaning softly as waves coursed through her body.

I worked my way down with my tongue and mouth, running my tongue around her navel then onto the top of her slit and then her hard little pearl.  Emma arched her back and cried out as I reached it.  I licked and sucked at it with my tongue as my hands continued fondling her breasts and nipples.  My tongue then delved into her depths.  She tasted so sweet, like an earth tasting honey chicken.  My tongue lapped greedily at her moistness.

This was more than Emma could take, and she called my name as she abandoned herself to the sheer pleasure of her orgasm.  Her juices smothered my face, and I licked, sucked, and swallowed her nectar as her body shook with her climax.

Finally her body stopped trembling and I looked up at her smiling.  She reached down to me to pull me up into her arms.

"I can't believe this is our first time together.  You certainly made me cum like you had been doing this all your life," Emma said to me.

I blushed a little and replied, "It wasn't hard.  You have such a beautiful body.  I know what I like and hoped that you liked the same things."

We snuggled into each others arms, kissed each other gently then unknowingly fell into a sleep.

It was on that evening I had my first girl - girl sex.  It was delightful.  I also discovered that although I am not lesbian I could enjoy sex with the right girl and find it extremely satisfying.  Emma is no lesbian either.  She demonstrated that clearly the very next morning.

Bill now returns to complete the story

It was early Saturday night when I had been given my marching orders, so I slipped off down to the pub for a pint and a chat, being a Saturday most of the chat was about football and the such.  For grub I sampled their Steak & Ale pie, it was ok then as closing time approached I headed back home.  Opening the front door, I was first greeted with the smell of extinguished candles then the gentle purr of the chiller cabinets; creeping upstairs I first entered the lounge, there still on the coffee table were two empty wine bottles and what was left of my best 7 star brandy.  'Oh well’ I thought then I heard some snoring coming from the bedroom, gently I opened the door, there under the light of the roadside lamp eking through the curtains lay Cat & Emma curled up in each others arms.  Closing the door gently I went into the kitchen, put on the kettle and made myself a cup of tea.  After what seemed ages I resigned myself to the thought of spending a night on the sofa-bed and the fact that tomorrow was Sunday.

It must have been in the early hours of the morning when I felt Cat sneak alongside me.  Slowly I mounted her with my cock slipping easily into her wet and willing cunt then began a slow and steady fucking motion.  I was really enjoying myself as I played with her almost childlike body.  Touching her breasts, pulling on her nipples with my fingers, smelling her and generally hearing her moans and sighs for the pair of us were wrapped together,  Cat had her legs wrapped around my waist and pointed up into the air behind me.  She was enjoying herself too.  Touching me and digging her nails and biting her teeth into my shoulders, arms and chest as I kept on riding her cunt, reaming into her, filling her right up to the hilt and then pulling back out of her sex.  I kept on going at her for a long while.  I did not want this to be a 'quickie'.  I wanted to take my time with Cat and make her feel the full length of my cock pumping her sexy cunt.  I kept teasing her, twisting my hips and pressing on her clit.  Cat was moaning and sighing with each full deep thrust of my hips and cock up her cunt.

“Come on Bill! Fuck me...Fuck me right now!...I want it! I need it!”  She continued to whisper into my ear as I thrust into her.  She dug her nails into my back and arse as she urged me to make her cum.  Fuck me! Fuck ME! FUCK ME!' She was now shouting out loud as she reached her orgasm.  I kept on steadily and rhythmically shagging her right there on the sofa in the living room: I was loving it!

She was hanging onto me with her legs waving about and her nails digging into me back and her mouth and teeth biting into my shoulder she muffled her orgasmic screams but she had to catch her breath and so she let loose of me for a moment and let out a loud piercing scream.  “AAHH! YES!” She screamed out aloud.  I was smiling even though I was being scratched and bitten by my wanton wildcat partner.

I let her rest for a bit then let her go.  Cat then pushed me back over and as I was lying flat on my back she straddled over me and then lowered herself down onto my cock.

“Right you bastard, it’s my turn to ride you.”

I just lay back and enjoyed the view as Cat played with her body as she rode my cock for her own sexual pleasure.  Cat took her time, rising and falling on my stiff cock as she let it slide up inside her cunt.  She was well on her way to having a second orgasm and she was wet with sex juice dripping out of her cunt and down my cock.

“I'll ride you now; I’ll shag you until you cum.  Shall I do that? Shall I fucking shag your cock with my cunt?” uttered Cat.  Just then as Cat was about to utter some more dirty sex talk to me the living room door opened and in walked a naked Emma.  She had heard us having sex and she had came to see what we were doing.

I turned to look at her. She was even more beautiful than I imagined without her clothes. I looked at her breasts with their chocolate brown nipples sticking out of their areolas. She was about a 36D. They accentuated her figure perfectly. I looked further down and saw her fully shaved pussy.

With Cat pinning me to the sofa I could do nothing.  Cat was almost on the point of having another orgasm and was in no mood to stop, so we just kept on going while Emma watched over us while we fucked.  I was looking straight between Emma's open legs and could see that she was turned on, her pussy lips were flared and I could see the pink folds of her cunt and clit sticking out.  Never had anyone been ready for sex.

Bored with watching Emma slowly worked herself onto the bed then positioned herself over my head before lowering herself straight down onto my face and I buried my face, mouth and tongue right onto her cunt and started to eat her sex out while Cat was still riding my cock with her cunt.  I was so intent on having my face between Emma's legs and licking her cunt and clit that I just let Cat use me as a fucking post.

Trapped between Emma’s thighs I only heard snippets of their conversations but I did hear the moment Emma ask Cat if she could give my cock a go.

“Yeah sure.”

The next thing I knew was Cat was getting off my cock and Emma was climbing over my body and lowering her slick wet cunt onto my cock.

"OHHHHH! Fuck" Emma gasped as my cock made its slightly painful entrance.  “How the hell do you manage,” said Emma as she slowly eased herself down.

Once comfortable she leaned towards me reached around the back of my head and embraced me in a long, passionate kiss. I parted my lips slightly and felt her tongue probing. She definitely knew how to kiss for the more she probed the harder my cock become.

"Wow it moved," exclaimed Emma.

As I resumed the kiss my right hand reached under her and started gently rubbing her pussy lips. I broke the kiss and started kissing my way to her neck, and around to nibble on her ear. She started breathing rapidly as I continued working on her pussy. A low, guttural moan escaped her lips.

Emma threw her head back and let out another long moan. I kissed my way down to her breasts and started licking and kissing around her nipple.

"Oh god yes," she exclaimed.

I flicked my tongue over her nipple several times to get it really hard then began a gentle sucking. In the meantime, I had inserted a finger into her pussy while my thumb continued playing with her clit.

Emma started bucking her hips and her breathing became rapid and shallow. I knew her moment was building; I by now was as randy as hell and just wanted to shag her.  Emma was on top of me but I rolled her over onto her back and then took control of her and just banged at her with my cock.

“Easy you bastard, remember its my first time; how Cat can take you up her arse I don’t know,” panted Emma.

"Oh, my god, oh, my god, don't stop. P-p-please don't stop."

I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could for I just wanted to shag the living daylights out of her right there and then.  Emma’s body began to shake like an earthquake. She was screaming almost at the top of her lungs as she flailed on the bed.

"Oh, please! Please," she moaned as I moved in and out of her. Every time I pulled back, her pussy seemed to grab my shaft to hang onto it. When I pushed back in, it was like I was pushing into a velvet glove. Her juices were really flowing and I could tell she was on the verge of an orgasm.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, me, please." I was hammering her home and then all of a sudden, the dam burst. "I'm c-c-c-cumming!" was all I heard her scream as her orgasm washed completely over her. I couldn't hold back any longer. I felt my seed boiling inside of me then now up my shaft. Shot after shot of hot cum filled her womb. I was groaning like a mad man. I thrust into her one last time as I emptied my seed into her.

We stayed intermingled like that for what seemed like an eternity.  Finally, the tides washed over her and she started settling down. She was still gasping but was catching her breath.

"That was fantastic. I can't believe how good that felt. I had no idea.  Fuck Cat, I can understand why you want him."

Finally, my cock softened enough to slip out of her.  Handing Emma a tissue I eased my way off the bed and made my way towards the bathroom.  When I came back Cat & Emma were sat together on the bed where to my amazement Cat suggested that we should all go back to the bedroom and take things from there.
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