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Return to the Rising Sun

The sun isn't the only thing rising in Japan
This was my second trip to Japan. The first time I was overwhelmed, but this time I was better prepared. I knew better what to expect and what I wanted to do. On my first trip I was put off by the forwardness of the prostitutes, which was hard for me to resist. I have always had an Asian fetish but I was afraid I would get arrested and wind up in some bizarre Asian jail. None of my research preparing for the trip had included Japanese hooker culture, or the intricacies of prostitution law in the Land of the Rising Sun.

On my second trip, I knew that I could not and would not resist, but my experience was still beyond anything I expected. I had told my wife about my first trip. Walking around the hotel complex and Tokyo where the women were lined up by certain entrances and on certain promenades and how aggressively they came on to you. I had never experienced that in the U.S. My wife laughed and said “Just don’t bring anything back with you.” I was sure she was kidding, but it was all the justification I would need.

When I arrived the second time, I knew how hard the jet lag would hit me and figured I would party out that first night. I went in search of hotel sky bars, top-flight bars at the top levels of the best hotels. If you’ve ever seen Lost in Translation, you will know what I mean. It was also a chance to scout the best locations for the hottest Japanese talent. I was thousands of miles from home and I had as far as I was concerned a free pass to tap tight Asian pussy, but I wanted to make it worthwhile. I made mental note of the women at each location so that when I was ready, I could find a suitable date.

After returning to my hotel, I stopped at the vending machine to get a few beers to help me unwind and consider my options. I figured I had one shot at this and I wanted to make sure it was a good one.

One other thing I had not done on my first trip was experience a real Japanese bath. I just ran out of time with everything else. I wasn’t going to let that happen this time. When I woke up, to begin my first real day in Japan, I determined to enjoy a traditional Japanse sento bath. The hotel had a sento bath on my floor and my host had said he had booked me in this hotel because they had the best sento in Japan. So my first stop is this trip of no regrets was to visit the sento.

When I arrived at the sento, the changing room was non-descript. But its simplicity was its beauty. I stored my clothes in a small locker and found a small towel to cover myself. I am not large by western standards, six feet all and 170 lbs, but I found the towel somewhat lacking in coverage. The sento is to be enjoyed naked and the baths are segregated, so I didn’t see this as a big problem.

When I entered the sento proper I could see why my host had recommended it. The room was filled with a number of large baths, screened by plants and seating areas, with curtained alcoves strategically placed around the edges. At first glance, you might think they were toiles, but the Japanese never put a toilet next to a bath, they had to be either showers, or even quiet areas where a businessman could take a call. I didn’t quite know but I didn’t think it mattered.

What struck me most about the sento was not the baths or the appointments, but the assistants. I had thought the sento were generally gender segregated and I would have thought I walked into the wrong one, except that I noticed a fair number of men in the baths, each attended by one or more young women. My towel was less adequate than before.

An attendant wearing a simple geisha style robe noticed my confusion and came to assist me, speaking English with the demure, femme Japanese accent. The towel seemed to get smaller.

“You are confused, but I will help you,” she said, dropping her robe and reaching for my towel, “I am Hiroko, I will put your towel here for you when you finish.”

I flushed red as my cock sprung out when she took the towel and it bobbed up and down for what seemed like forever. I knew she had to notice but her polite smile eased my awkwardness a little. My relief was temporary of course, because of the failed suppression of giggles from the dozen or so attendants who had watched our exchange.

“We do not see so many Western men here,” Hiroko said, “so they are pleased to see that you do not disappoint.” This time her smile was not so polite and her eyes lingered greedily on my rapidly engorging endowment. “They want to see how high your sun can rise.”

I finally recovered enough to respond, “I am happy to oblige and will work my hardest not to disappoint them, or you, Hiroko.”

Hiroko then took me to a side alcove where I saw showers, but also what could have been a small bed or large couch. There she showered me to make sure I was clean before my bath. She explained the customs to me as she worked. Her hands were delicate yet firm and I thought she lingered over my chest with an almost imperceptible flick of her fingernail on my nipple. I might have passed it off to my imagination except I could hear her sighs, see the quiver in her lip and feel the quickening of her pulse.

She did more than linger on my cock. She kneeled in front of me as she rinsed my cock and balls thoroughly. She took soap and lathered generously, kneading my balls in her had and then wrapping both hands around the shaft.

She looked up at me with those large almond eyes while she stroked and lathered my shaft. When her eyes met mine I thought I might explode and my cock engorged with a pulse, which brought her greedy eyes and attention quickly back to the work at hand.

“I have only seen a cock like this in pictures, I can’t contain it even with both hands.” Hiroko breathed in amazement.

“I’ve never thought of myself as large,” I said, “not small but not large.”

“Oh, are you modest too? I may need to get help with this,” and she grinned up at me with both hands on my swollen member.

She left me then and went over to a gaggle of giggling girls. After what seemed like an eternity she came back with another girl, a little older, but with smooth olive skin that seemed to shine with sensuality.

“Her name is Rayko, she does not speak English, but she is…..more experienced. She will help me with you and see how to fit you.”

“That is more than fine with me, the more the merrier.” I could barely contain my enthusiasm. Not only did I have a chance at a hot Asian chick, I had a chance to notch that elusive ménage-a-trois.

Rayko then dropped her robe and I was presented with two of the finest, tightest Asian asses I could imagine. They positioned on either side of me, pressing their ass cheeks together so that my cock rode between them. It was a snug fit with my pulsing pillar between them and their firm, tight muscles providing the most erotic massage. I thought it was great and then they linked their arms together and started to rock up and down in unison, stroking me with dual derrieres.

I could see the entire bath has watching. I couldn’t hold out any more. The eroticism of the whole experience, the two women, the audience, it was too much. Besides, I was here for my pleasure, not theirs. But just before I released, Rayko said something that of course I couldn’t understand, I think it was “Yamete!”

Before I knew it the girls had released their vice of asses and after the heat of their friction, I sucked in my breath from the shock. “Matsu,” Rayko said and grabbed me with an iron grip and gave me a devilish smile.

My cock grew harder and more swollen, but I could tell I wasn’t going to cum yet. Rayko’s eyes studied my shaft and my cock with an appraising look and she said something more to Hiroko. “She said you are 18 centimeters or more, not her biggest I am so sorry to say but more than I have ever had.”

“It is not all size,” I said, “it is important to know how to use it and your friend Rayko knows how to get the most out of what she’s got. She took me back from the brink of explosion.”

“She is a good teacher,” Hiroko said before Rayko shifted my cock and gently pushed Hiroko’s mouth onto it. Rayko muttered encouraging words I couldn’t understand as Hiroko worked my cock in her mouth. When she didn’t seem to get the lesson, Rayko would lift her off and show her. Rayko’s experience was admirable, but I have to say that the tentative, almost shy suckling of Hiroko was even more erotic.

While Hiroko was taking an instructive break I interrupted her concentration, “I hope the teacher plans this lesson for at least two parts. All of this effort shouldn’t end with one bang."

 Hiroko spoke quickly to Rayko. They both smiled and then rained down on my body a tsunami of pleasure. Lips, tongues, teeth and fingers flowed around my cock, my balls and my nipples. They shared my cock between them, alternating long deep sucks with luscious licks and sensuous strokes. Finally, Rayko gave my cock over fully to Hiroko’s mouth and she quickly straddled my face.

She forced her dripping pussy on my mouth and I eagerly began to lick and taste her fruits. She seemed to be able to control her clit, flicking against my tongue to increase her pleasure while she rocked her hips to my rhythm. She pinched and teased my nipples while she rode my oral pleasure for all it was worth. The taste and sensation of her took my mind off my own tormented temptation but soon I couldn’t stop the erupting volcano.

Hiroko worked her tongue in tight circles. It felt like she was able to wrap her tongue around my shaft, but whatever she did, she worked the pressures on my shaft and head to great effect. When I did explode it seemed to consume my entire body. A roar erupted from my lips just as I erupted in my loins. I shot long loads of hot cum and Hiroko and Rayko both backed up to watch the fireworks, then greedily set about cleaning me up with their tongues.

“When you are rested, we will bathe and then the second part of my lesson will begin,” Hiroko murmured softly as I drifted into a coma of absolute satisfaction.

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