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Roommates With Benefits: Snowed In

A blizzard comes through, along with pleasure and a secret.
Since our first rendezvous eight months ago, Jayson and I have grown a lot closer. We found every opportunity to sneak in quickies and a few slices of afternoon delights. My career has begun to really take off at the magazine I work at. I scored a few high-profile interviews and was even featured as a cover girl, netting me a ticket into the world of being a minor celebrity in the Greater Chicago area and a book deal. Jayson’s business has grown to include a clientele of local artists and small businesses. He’s asked me to come on board as a temporary public relations executive and I write press releases for him and received a lot of exposure throughout the metropolitan area.

One Saturday in January, Jayson had the bright idea of doing some work at his house to get away from me for a few days.

“Why is that?” I asked him over a cup of green tea.

“I’m on a deadline and I need to really concentrate on this latest project,” he explained. “Plus, I’d be tempted to put off work and get inside your panties. You have a book you’re working on. Come on up next weekend after work; we can have all the time to spend together. After that, we’re apart until both of our projects are done.”

“Alright. I’ll come up next Friday after I get off of work.”

The Friday I arrived at the ranch house was the beginning of February. I packed a bag with clothes and checked the weather before I left for work. The weatherman thinks a snowstorm is to come late tonight, along with plunging temperatures. Scoffing at the oh-so-clueless weatherman’s prediction, I turned off the television and unplugged everything, threw the bag in the backseat of my silver Volkswagen Jetta and headed out to work. Later on, it’s off to suburbia to spend the weekend with Jayson.

I was on the road by three in the afternoon. The editor decided to let us writers/photographers go early because of the impending storm. I guess this shit is real, I thought to myself. Maybe that’ll teach me to take what the weatherman says into consideration, even if he/she is wrong eighty-five percent of the time. Driving along the highway, I was glad to have most of my book written already. I make it to the exit for Jayson’s house within thirty minutes instead of the usual hour with traffic. Lake Shore Drive was closed off and I took an alternate road that got me on the highway a lot faster. I glanced at my phone in the passenger seat and noticed that someone sent me a text. Pulling over on the shoulder, I read the text.

Jayson: Sharon, I stocked up on groceries and your favorite bottle of vodka and six-pack of Red Bulls are waiting for you.

Smiling, I replied back.

Sharon : Thanks. I brought the entertainment in case we get snowed in.

Jayson: What did you bring?

Sharon : Beads, handcuffs, toys, lube and a lighter for the candles. There’s enough porn between the two of us to open our own store.

Jayson: LOL. I’ll see you when you get here.

Sharon : OK.

Hitting send on my smart phone, I drove off and headed toward the two-story ranch house Jayson owns. Sitting on about three acres of land, the home was set back about twenty yards from the road and surrounded by two oak trees and an evergreen whose lower branches are doing a poor job of concealing the front door. The driveway led to the detached garage, and I was able to park my matchbox car next to Jayson’s behemoth of a truck. I go inside the house with my bag and other things from work and see my roommate on the couch, watching the weather report on television. Smiling to myself, I take my belongings into the guest room and took a nap.

I woke up twenty minutes later to the howling winds and the branches of one of the oak trees knocking against the window. Looking outside, I see Jayson in a big parka clearing the driveway with the snow blower. I open up my overnight bag and pull out a brand-new pink bra-and-panty set, red terrycloth robe, and the “entertainment”. I make my way into the kitchen and make some hot chocolate for Jayson, adding marshmallows to the drink. I set the mug of hot chocolate on the counter and I went to take a shower, while he battled the cold wind and snow.

After my shower, I went into the master suite and found Jayson in his bed, reading a Stephen King novel. His brown hair stood on end, as though he just got through having sex with some brunette, blonde, or redhead he met at a bar-sometimes all three at one time. Smiling, I took off my robe and climbed in bed with him.

Jayson took one look at me and whistled. “Are you trying to seduce me?” he asked.

“I wouldn’t be your roommate if I wasn’t trying to seduce you,” I responded in a half-joking, half-serious manner.

“Girl, you can give an old man a heart attack in that outfit.”

Smiling in a flirtatious manner, I climb in next to him. “Did you get the hot chocolate I left for you on the counter?”

“Yes ma’am, I did.”

“Want the real thing to play with?” I asked, inhaling his musky scent and instantly drenching my panties.

Smiling that Cheshire cat smile, Jayson touches the crotch of my panties. Feeling the outline of the outer lips, he says to me, “Well, Ebony Girl, as much as I want to play with you right now, I can’t. I want to get some rest, in case more snow comes in.”

I started to pout and protest; instead I put on my big girl panties. “Sure. I have to upload some documents onto my computer anyway. Good night.”

Leaving Jayson’s room rejected, I went back into the guest room and lay on the bed. The only thing I can think of is the first time we hooked up. I was planning on melting the snow from in here so we wouldn’t get stuck. Oh, well. I’ll let Jay get his rest, and I’ll watch some porn and masturbate to a hot scene.

I woke up the next morning feeling hot and bothered. Opening the curtains, I saw the amount of snow that’s on the ground, and Jayson digging out our cars and using the snow blower. Digging through my overnight bag, I found my favorite vibrating dildo I affectionately named Buster. It’s a life-like toy that’s molded from a popular male porn star’s actual uncircumcised penis, just the way I like it. I imagined the dildo as a replica of Jayson’s manhood. Kissing the head of the eight-and-a-half inch toy, I began to rub myself through my already-soaked panties. I took another peek out the window, and Jayson was still out there moving the snow away.

Peeling off my panties and laying spread eagle on the bed, I placed the dildo at my opening and rubbed myself against the rigid toy. My mind flooded back to the time when Jayson and I watched each other masturbate before we did the deed. In my mind, I see him wearing a grin on his face as I stuck my fingers up so far into my wet snatch and fucked myself until I came hard. The more I thought about that moment, the harder I plunged the dildo in me. I started moaning Jayson’s name out loud, losing myself in the fantasy. Turning the knob to the highest level, I shoved the toy inside me and I felt the first wave of an orgasm come over me. I kept the toy on the highest level as I moved the object in and out of me to the point where I shudder as I feel more waves wash over me. Grabbing on to the headboard, I plunge the toy inside of me and come hard, body shaking and satisfied.

“Having fun without me?” Jayson asked, standing in the door.

I jump a mile when I heard his voice. Flustered and embarrassed, I spit out, “Yes.”

Jayson climbs in the bed with me, and sees the toy stuffed in me. Pulling it out of me, he sees the glistening toy dripping with my juices and licks my liquid essence off of it and puts it aside. Spying my overnight bag, he finds the handcuffs and silk ties. Looking at me with an evil grin, he says, “I know you had a plan last night. Judging from the pink outfit you wore, you were up to no good as usual. Last night, I came by your door to punish you for interrupting me and heard you masturbating and saying my name over and over again. Ebony Girl, you got me so hard, I had to take care of myself. Twenty minutes ago, I heard you moaning and saying my name when I came up to change out of my sweaty clothing. I stood here watching you pleasure yourself as I jerked myself. The sheen on your body just made me hotter and I’ve yet to come inside of that tight pussy of yours.”

Straddling my body, he ties my hands to the brass headboard with the silk scarves. He unhooks my bra, peeling it off as though it weighs as much as a feather. Licking his lips, he feasts on my left breast while massaging the right breast. He switched breasts, and stayed in the position for a while. After feasting on my right breast, he kissed his way down the torso, played with my pierced belly-button before making his way toward my junction. Jayson kissed my bald mound, and moved lower and nipped my inner thighs.

Grabbing the vibrator, he turns it onto the highest level and places the tip at the side of my inner thigh. He runs it between my legs, totally ignoring my hot opening. Jayson then holds up my legs and dry humps my ass fast. I was already squirming with anticipation of the hard pounding he’s going to give me. Forcing my legs down, he climbs on top of me and tells me in a raspy voice to open my mouth. In doing so, he turns off the vibrator, shoves it in my mouth and fucks me hard, with me choking half of the time.

Jayson pulls back and unzips his jeans, revealing his beautiful eight-inch tool. He traces out a path on my body, starting at the center of my heat and going to the valley in between my breasts. He plays there for a while turning my already melting honey pot into a flowing river of juices, and then he lays a trail of hot skin-tingling kisses from my breasts down painstakingly over my quivering tummy to my bald mound.

Jayson’s pent up hunger for my hot chocolate treat can no longer be delayed, as he spreads my legs wider apart and warms my heated sex up with the urgency in his hot breath.

“Aghhh…. Jayson please eat me…” I gasp and shiver as I feel the tip of his tongue touch my slick swollen lips, and then began to lick my slit up and down in slow deliberate strokes. It was obvious that he was in no hurry as he feasted on me.

Clenching my voluptuous ass, I open up my soaking wet cunt to him and then began to hump his face as he sucked my kitty. Giving no quarter, Jayson licked my engorged clitoris, and then sucked on it. Waves after waves of pleasure washed over me as he sucks my clit into his mouth and furiously flicks his tongue over it.

“Ohhh… yes Jayson… eat it all up… make me cum.. Mmmmm,” I moan breathlessly as my toes curl and my body shudders.

Picking his moment perfectly, he slips a finger into my hole and strokes my pussy even as he continues to suck on my clit. As the room starts to spin out of focus, I shut my eyes tightly and shake my head from side. The bed drops out from under my back just as powerful shudder take me over. His big fingers stroking my g-spot sent me into an orgasmic tailspin that left me shuddering and cumming all over his finger.

As my tremors receded, Jayson pulled his finger from my flooded pussy. He traced his nectar coated finger around my lips and then stuck his finger in my mouth. I sucked my own taste off of his finger and then he pulled his finger from my mouth. Lowering his face he kisses and then licks my juice coated lips before kissing me tenderly and sharing the delicious taste of my cum juices with me.

Done taking care of my immediate need, Jayson was ready to attend to his own desire. Sweeping his hand over my flooded sex, he rubs my wetness over his fully erect white meat pole and then gently guides it inside of me.

I shiver as I feel his thick head spread my labia open and then when he thrust sharply sending his length right deep inside of me, I moan out loud and wrap my legs around his waist.

He pulls back and then thrusts right back inside as he continued to fuck my needy cunt at an increasing pace. He moaned softly as he pleasures me with his long deep strokes, which I help along with my legs wrapped tightly around his waist.

“Oh fuck Ebony girl, you’re always such a delight to screw… Mmmm.” Jayson moans as he pounds my sex, enjoying the squeezing of my walls around his girth.

Trying to keep up with his energy, I match his every thrust until the room is pervaded with the sounds and smell of our hot and sweaty sex.

I could tell Jayson was getting so close to cumming, as he got more vocal and screwed my pussy faster and harder. Usually he would go for broke straight away, but this time he played it differently. He pulls back a notch and then takes his body a little lower; I was still wondering what the hell he was up to when I began to feel the head of his penis rub me at a different angle inside.

My core was heating up fast and that heat was spreading right through my body as he delivered his long deep strokes that send his thick head rubbing over my g-spot. My pussy was quivering and clenching about his shaft and shivers incrementally rocked my body.

“Oh yes baby… give it to me like that… oh yess Jayson… Mmm… faster…” I moaned as he humped his manhood faster and more desperately.

My body tense up and my hips lock as my back arches… my breathing stops literally as I dig m nails into the bare flesh of his buttocks, as I scream:

“Oh fuck baby I’m cumming…”

I lose control of the world around me as I surrender to the tidal wave of orgasm that was crashing over me.

“Damn! Ebony girrrrrrrrrrrrlllll I’m cummmming, Ughhhhhhhh,” Jayson growls, lodging his cock deep inside my quaking cunt, and shooting his load of hot cum.

After our marathon session, we lay in bed, passing a joint between the both of us. Jayson turns to me and says, “If this isn’t heaven, I don’t know what is.”

“Neither do I, babe,” I reply, taking a drag and blowing the smoke in his face.

“Ebony Girl, out of all of the roommates I’ve had, you’re the best.”

“Oh yeah?”

“You have the best tasting pussy, you really know how to squeeze my jism out of me, and you have a killer body.”

“You keep me wet and you’ve ripped every pair of panties off of me every time we get together.”

“You love it, Share Bear.”

Kissing him and releasing his hold on my breast, I go to the bathroom to take care of business before something explodes. Coming out of the bathroom, the phone rings. Assuming Jayson didn’t pick it up, I answer.

“Hello?” I ask into the receiver.

“Hi,” a lady with a New England accent answered. “Is Jayson there?”

“Yes he is. May I ask whose calling?”

“Sure, my name is Justine, his estranged wife.”

Did she really have to stress the word wife to me? I thought to myself. Walking back into my room, I handed Jayson the phone, letting him know it’s his wife. He left the room to talk to the uppity bitch. My mind began to race. Why are they not together? Has he been cheating on her with me this whole time? How come he didn’t tell me about her?

I put all paranoid thoughts I had aside and went into his room, where he was already snoring. Dropping his clothes on the floor, I went back into the guest room, packed my bag, and wrote a note to him, vowing to keep my distance from him for the time being.

The next morning, I left for my condo.

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