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A Bedtime Story for you

My first story of any kind. I picture stories easily, so I'm hoping it'll work in reverse..
I read a LOT of romance and erotica, but I have never written any stories. This is my first attempt. When I read I can visualize everything in such detail it's like watching a movie. So I tried to do that in reverse here. I hope it all worked out and you enjoy it. I'm publishing it at an ungodly hour of the morning before I get the chance to loose my nerve. So here it is.

I will tell you a bed time story to read later, since you seem to have nodded off. You must be on your laptop. In your big bed with your petite little body lying next to it. As it beeps with my words, it’s not loud enough to wake you tonight. You must be very tired.

If I where there I would climb into your bed. No need to undress you or remove the covers, because you sleep without either. I’m in nothing but my soft little lavender dress that is all I am wearing tonight. I could run my hands, ever so softly over your body. Noting the spots that make you squirm, lingering on them so I don't forget where they are and then on all my favorite places.

There is something I love about the outer side of breasts. Where they curve slightly, outward under the arms. I’m touching that outer curve, that soft swell. I run my fingertips along that curve, over and over. I’m slowly working my way around your breast. Running my fingers around the outer circle of your breasts. I slowly make my way inward towards your nipples. My nails and finger tips making tiny circles along the larger ones my hand is moving in. Until I finally reach your nipple. Where I run the tip of my finger around the outer edge of the areola. I watch the peaks get even firmer.

I have to put my mouth to them! I hold myself back, just brushing my lips back and forth around the hard peaks paying attention to both of them. Slow strokes of my finger tips on one, my mouth on the other. Then I switch sides making them so tight they should ache. I let the tip of my tongue barely brush the taunt peak of your nipple. My warm breath heating it, until finally I lick and circle it with the ball on my tongue. Then I’m sucking it into my mouth savoring the feeling of rolling it on my tongue. I let the suction go to lave and run the ball around it again, breathing my warm breath on it. As I move my head to switch to the other nipple, I let my fingers take over for my mouth. I repeat the licking, sucking and rolling for the other side. I slowly move my mouth away, so that both hands are on them rubbing them against my palms.

I move along your center where your breasts meet, nuzzling, slowly working my way down rubbing my cheeks, my nose and my lips all over your abs. Stopping only to lick circles around your belly button, where I start kissing my way downward along the dent where you hip ends and your abs start. I find those sensitive places, the ones that make you squirm, suck on them nibbling them until my chin runs over your pubis.

I can smell you, your scent so strong there, just the scent of you making me shudder. I bite my lip hard to keep from devouring you too quickly. I don't want to wake you, you are still resting half asleep but aware of me. I don't want to startle you, but the scent of you it is driving me mad. I am still trying to get control of my breathing. My warm breath moving over you clit. I slowly, reverently brush my lower lip over you from the bottom of your damp slit all the way to the top. I can taste you on my lip now. I take deep slow breaths as I suck you off of my lip. The taste of you lingering in my mouth.

I run the tip of my tongue from the peak of your protruding hood to the top of your slit. Slowly sucking it into my mouth. I’m rubbing the tip of my tongue over it as my suction pulls it. Pulsing it into my mouth. Then I’m licking you with my wide tongue, letting the ball on my tongue bump over your clit with every lick. I’m tasting you, eating you. Filling my mouth with your taste letting my tongue move deeper with every lick stopping to suck your clit each time my mouth reaches it.

I hold you open now with my thumbs, so I can move my tongue deeper. I’m still going slowly fighting off the urges to nibble and bite. I’m pushing my tongue far into you now making circles with the tip and the ball inside of you. I flick my tongue up and down all the way to your clit. Where I suck it into my mouth, still flicking with the tip of my tongue over and over. Until you clit pulses in my mouth and your pussy clenches tight, contracting for me. I continue licking and sucking until you are clean. I crawl up your body wrap my arms around you and pull you on top of me resting your head on the pillows of my breasts. I’m stroking your soft red hair as the little ticks and twitches fade and you are asleep again. Good Night xoxoxo

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