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Her Neighbor's Games Ch. 3

Lisa's teasing continues, and Helen falls even harder for her sweet, manipulative neighbor
“Are you horny?”

Helen’s eyes went wide in embarrassment, and even though her insides vibrated with need while the words resonated in her mind, she shook her head.

“Don’t lie to me!” Lisa snapped, hard lines forming around her eyes.

The look once again stirred up that strange, weightless feeling in Helen’s stomach. Something pushed at her breasts, and looking down she saw the balls of the young woman’s feet now resting just below her stiff nipples. She shuddered. The toes flexed, softly squeezing her nipples, and she let out a shuddering breath she hadn’t realized that she’d been holding.

“Are you horny?” Again, the same question.

And something inside her gave way, crumbled under the onslaught of feelings. “Oh god, yes, yes!” She almost shouted it, breathless, lustful tremors running all over her skin.

“Good.” Lisa pulled her feet away, which left an emptiness at the spot they had so naughtily occupied. This time, she set them down between her neighbor’s legs, her big toes on top of each other, and Helen realized, just inches from her yearning, throbbing pussy, and she stared at them.

Lisa seemed to have read her mind. “Do you want them to touch you?” Her voice, barely above a whisper, inquired. “I know you want to inch forward, want to push your hot, wet, old pussy against my toes. You want to rub your slutty old cunt against my pretty toes, drench them in your goo, make yourself come.”

Her voice was hypnotic. The crudeness of her words belied the sweet, innocent smile.

And she was right, Helen couldn’t stop herself. Slowly, she began to slide her bum forward on the chair, closer and closer to the inviting pink appendages. Until one of the feet extended and held her back, resting against her stomach. She whimpered.

“I’ll allow you to rub your dirty pussy against my toes,” Lisa said softly, “but before I do that for you, you have to do something for me.” She stared intensely into the older woman’s eyes and licked her lips, almost giggling as she noticed the small tremors rippling across Helen’s neck and shoulders. “Lose your tank-top for me.”

Helen was like in a trance. Her pussy was sending waves of want through her body, and the teasing had gone on for over half an hour now. Trembling fingers gripped the hem of the top and swiftly pulled it over her head. She threw it to the side and put her hands back on the armrests, and just sat there, her chest heaving, exposed, and felt Lisa’s looks like tiny, delicious needle pricks all over her breasts.

“Nice girl.” Lisa whispered. “You may.”

And Helen didn’t hesitate. She slid forward, until her pussy pressed hard, almost painfully, against the tips of Lisa’s toes through the fabric of her pants. With the desperation of a drowning woman she ground her pussy against the toes, and it felt wonderful, exhilarating, every touch and scrape kindling the burning lust inside her even more. “Oh god,” she whispered, “what are you doing to me?”

A sharp pain in her nipples made her gasp. Lisa had captured them between her thumbs and index fingers, and was squeezing and twisting and pulling them. A deep, lust-filled groan escaped her throat, and she humped the toes even harder. She could feel the fire in her loins concentrating into a tight ball, building up to a wonderful, mind-shattering climax, and her movements became frantic. Suddenly, the toes and fingers pulled away, leaving her dry-humping the air and gasping for breath.

She whimpered again, but Lisa only giggled in response. “Not yet, you horny woman.”

“Please,” she begged, “please.”

But the young woman only smirked and shook her head. “You can cum later, but only if you’re a good girl.”

Stop it! Helen cried out to herself. What was she doing, letting that young woman, barely out of school, tell her when to come. And then reality crashed down around her, she became aware of her dirty antics, how she must look, her chest bare, humping the girl’s toes like a bitch in heat. And yet - those fingers that had teased her nipples had felt incredible. It was the first time someone had done that to her, the determined, controlled stimulation so much better than the uncoordinated, hormone-driven pawing she had received from her boyfriends. Her pussy clenched again, crying out for release.

“Do you want to cum, Helen?”

She could only nod, frantically.

“Let’s play a game,” Lisa suggested, “you do a few things for me today, and I’ll make you cum tomorrow. How does that sound?”

Helen groaned. “Please...”

A foot moved, a big toe trailed down her stomach and over her pussy, pressing the now drenched fabric of her panties against her slit and making her gasp.

“The rules of the game are quite easy. Don’t cum until its dark. By then, you’ll fetch the big cucumber and do with it what you did yesterday. You did buy the cucumber, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” Helen croaked, swept away by the sheer brazenness of Lisa’s request, “yes I did.”

“Good,” the girl nodded with a smile and hopped off the table and crouched next to her.

Soft fingertips began to stroke up and down Helen’s arm, and she closed her eyes and took deep breaths, listening to Lisa through a fog of sexual tension.

“To make it more interesting for you, I’ll invite my best friend, Jen, for a sleepover. She can’t wait to see you.”

Helen’s head shot up, and her breath hitched. “No,” she protested, “you can’t!” But the instant she had said that, fingers were pinching her left nipple hard, and she yelped. It hurt, really hurt, and - and it sent fresh shivers through her pussy.

A chuckling Lisa let go of her nipple and resumed stroking her arm. “Don’t try to resist it. You’ll cum even harder, knowing that two pairs of eyes will be watching you.”

Somehow, Helen knew that she was right.

Then her young neighbor pulled a cell phone from her pocket, flipped it open, pressed a few buttons and put it to her ear. After a few moments, she began to talk excitedly, and Helen could only listen to the giggle-filled conversation with growing mortification.

“Hi Jen... Yes, me too... No, not that... Listen, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to stay here overnight... Oh, I have a treat for you, I told you about my neighbor... Yes, around forty, big boobs, that’s the one... Want to spy on her while she gets herself off?... Yes, yes, I am hundred percent sure... She’s quite the slut when she diddles herself... No, I’ve seen her do it already... Why? Because I told her to!... Mhmmm, that’s a brilliant idea... Why don’t you tell her yourself?... No, she’s right next to me... Ok, you tell her!”

And suddenly, Lisa was sitting on Helen’s lap, their faces cheek to cheek, the phone between their ears, and Helen could smell the faint aroma of flowery perfume. Her heart beat almost painfully, and a finger poking her chest brought her back into the here and now.

“Say something.” Lisa mouthed.

“Hello?” She asked tentatively.

“Hi Helen,” a young woman’s excited voice bubbled from the speaker, “I can’t believe you’re really doing that! I can’t wait to watch you! Will you do me a favor?”

Helen wanted to run and hide. But, like hypnotized, she mimicked Lisa’s insistent nod and hoarsely replied: “yes... yes, of course.”

“Cool,” the voice exclaimed, “do you have a pink lipstick?”

Helen was a bit bewildered by the question. She had expected something - something more kinky, after all she wicked things Lisa had already done to her. Putting on pink lipstick was hardly a big thing compared to what she had - albeit silently - agreed to. She nodded, and only some more prodding from Lisa made her aware that Jen could not see her through the phone.

“Yes,” she hastily confirmed, “yes I do.”

“Good, then I want you to write our names on your tummy with that lipstick, in big letters, before you start. Will you do that for me?”

Helen hesitated, but not for long, another painful pinch on her nipple made her quickly stammer: “Yes, yes, I’ll do it.”

“Tell me that you do it for me, Helen.”

The older woman’s blush went even darker as the request became even more personal. “I’ll - I’ll do it for you, Jen.” There, she had said it, and her pussy seemed to revel in the embarrassment, pulsing happily. She thought she could hear a low moan from the phone.

“Such a good girl, see you later!”

A moment later Lisa had left her lap and was once more talking to Jen. “Yes, I wouldn’t have believed it myself... Don’t forget your binoculars... Eight, that’s ok?... Brilliant... No, but I already have a few ideas, we can do some brainstorming later... You think so?... Ok... Until eight, honey... See you!”

The phone was snapped shut again, and Lisa pulled another chair over and sat down, in a ninety degree angle to Helen. She started to talk about this and that, about their gardens, the work to get the house inhabitable again, anything and everything, as if the scene earlier hadn’t happened. At first, Lisa had to coax each answer from her older neighbor, who was all too aware of the strange situation with her breasts still bare, but after some time, Helen managed to relax, and they spent the next few hours talking animatedly. They each sipped a cup of coffee, and Helen even learned a bit about Lisa herself.

She girl was from a wealthy family, a single child, but, as she’d put it, ‘her parents were that only in name’, so she had spent most of her life alternating between being pampered and ignored. She had dreamed of becoming a model, or an artist, but had to learn the hard way that she had neither the body measures nor the skill to reach those goals. At her nineteenth birthday, her parents told her they would move to South Africa, partly for business reasons, and partly because the air there was supposed to be soothing to her mother’s asthma. She had been expelled from school a number of times, she admitted freely, for ‘lewd conduct’ with teachers, but she played down those occurrences as rather harmless in nature.

Nevertheless, her parents had seen the futility of sending her to another school and bought the old Miller house, set up a huge trust funds for her, big enough that she didn’t need to work, and left her to her own devices. Now she was here, as she herself put it, “a spoiled princess looking for interesting ways to pass her time.”

“Do you have hobbies?” Helen inquired, having become quite comfortable and relaxed over the talk.

Lisa shrugged, a little evasive. “Just one, but it makes time fly.”

Feeling bold, she prodded the young woman again. “And that is?”

The young neighbor tilted her head and grinned impishly. “Playing games.” She whispered.

Helen felt the soft skin of a bare, youthful foot slowly stroking up and down her leg. She sighed softly. It was hard not to lose herself in the sensation. “What kind of games?”

The answer started with a giggle. “Dirty games.” The other foot joined the first one, and Helen’s leg was caressed from two sides. “Games with older women.” A toenail scratched down Helen’s calf, and she gasped and shuddered. “Sexual games.” One foot had trailed further upwards and was now softly circling the older woman’s groin. “Will you play with me?” Soft fingers had captured Helen’s hand, pulled it towards Lisa, and nails were now lightly fluttering up and down her arm. “Of course you will.”

“The rules?” Helen, in a short moment of clarity, managed to ask.

“Simple,” Lisa answered, her heel pressing rhythmically on her pussy, “I give you a task. You do it. If not, you pay a forfeit.”

“Nothing else? And what - what tasks, nghh,” the heel pressed down hard, and she wanted to grab that pretty foot and rub her pussy against it, “what forfeits?”

“Let me see,” Lisa tilted her head back and thought hard, biting her lower lip, the image one of absolute cuteness, “I might tell you to let Jen stick her fingers in your pussy.” Helen gasped. “If you don’t do it, I’ll let her spank you.” Another gasp, both ideas so outrageously exciting. “And,” and now toes were once more rubbing and stabbing Helen’s pussy, “I’ll be taking pictures.”

“Pictures?” A toe nail trailed right over Helen’s clit, and she whimpered.

“Just for me. And you and Jen too, of course. Don’t fear, I won’t share them with anyone else. Unless you ask me to, that is.” Again, that impish grin flittered over Lisa’s sweet lips. “I wonder how long it would take until you beg me to share them with the world.”

Helen’s heartbeat filled her ears, a deep drum beating fast and erratically, and her voice was little more than a strangled whisper. “But if - if I want to stop?”

“No problem,” Lisa dismissed her worry, “you just say stop, you pay the forfeit, I give you back the pictures and we stop.” Suddenly, after a quick glance at her watch, she jumped up. “Sorry, I have to run, but I’ll see you later.” She bent down and - making Helen’s heart stop for a moment - lightly brushed her soft lips over Helen’s. “And keep the top off... for me...” she whispered, then turned around quickly skipped back to her own house.

Helen’s fingers went to her lips, in a futile gesture to hold onto the feeling of soft butterfly wings.
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