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I want you for Christmas CH2

Chapter 2

Kelly awoke first thing in the morning shivering like always. Her parents apartment did not have a good heating system forcing her to have to dress warm even when in the house at night. That did not help her mood from the snowball attack the day before. She was just starting to feel a little sorry for the way she reacted but she was too cold to really give a damn at that moment in time. When she rolled out of her bed she took her heavy blanket with her. She grabbed some heavy clothing and made her way into the little bathroom where It was always warm before she dropped her blanket.

“I hate this fucking place.” she grumbled as she started getting dressed.

It took her a full hour to dress and get herself ready for another day of job hunting. Her parents were nowhere to be seen as usual when she walked into the kitchen. She packed a large thermos of coffee in her back pack before she put on her snow boots and headed out into the bitter cold. She walked along the same path she was on the day before and kept her eye out for anymore snowball snipers but they were nowhere to be seen. She scurried through the park to the main street in town heading for the mall where she was going to hit up every store she could that was looking for help.

She ignored the greetings from people that were walking along the street just wanting to get into the warmth of the mall as soon as she could. A light snowfall was beginning adding even more fuel to her displeasure. She started grumbling to herself as she pulled her heavy jacket closer around her body.

Lilly awoke not long after the sun came up and the first feeling that hit her besides the horrible need to go to the bathroom was that she was horny. After a quick trot into the bathroom to rid herself of her previous nights drink she stepped into her room and reached for a small bag that was in her closet. She closed the closet door and for some reason she looked at her self in the mirror that covered the door.

She winced a little when she saw the small bruise that was on her cheek. She did not know that the girl had hit her as hard as she did. She was starting to feel sorry for her self when the desire to get herself off came back and she turned away from the mirror tossing the bag onto her bed before walking to her dresser. In the bottom of the dresser was a small collection of adult videos all of which were of girls on girls.

She could feel herself getting wetter as she walked over to the DVD player that was in the corner of her room and put in her newest movie and turned the TV on. She bounced onto the bed and rolled onto her back and watched the TV as the opening credits came on. As she watched the short clips of the scenes that were in the move she started rummaging through the bag deciding on what toy she was going to use.

None of the toys were jumping out at her begging to be used so she decided to go with the way she would do it before she could buy toys. As the first scene started Lilly slightly spread her legs and started running her fingers up and down her thighs only occasionally brushing up against her pussy lips. Her eyes were glued to the TV as two dark haired girls were kissing and slowly removing each others clothing. She watched as the girl with the longer dark hair sat down on a couch and laid back spreading her legs. The girls pussy was completely clean shaven just like hers and Lilly felt herself get even wetter than she was.

As soon as the short haired girl kneeled down in front of the other girl her tongue was on her pussy. It was at the same time that Lilly’s fingers found their way permanently to her pussy. She began running two fingers in tiny circles around her clit making it grow in both size and sensitivity. Soon she could not even touch her clit without arching her back and moaning. Once her clit was too sensitive to touch Lilly dipped two of her fingers into her pussy and vigorously started working on her G-Spot.

She had her legs spread as wide as they would go giving herself plenty of room to finger fuck her self with one hand as she rubbed her breasts with the other. She could feel her Orgasm fast approaching and slowed down her fingers in her pussy. She wanted to cum really bad but she wanted to fully satisfy herself. She kept working on her G-Spot slowly as her other hand went down to her clit.

She worked both hands slowly gently building her orgasm up. She looked back at the TV just in time to see the long haired girl gush cum from her pussy and that was the final stroke for her. Her legs clamped shut around both of her hands as her head and eyes rolled back. All the air in her lungs caught in her through and no sounds came out. Her Orgasm lasted for only ten seconds or so but as it began to subside her body started to buck and shudder as if she was having a seizure.

Finally she simply collapsed on her bed and pulled her hands away from her pussy. Her eyes wanted to close but she knew that she could not go back to sleep because she still had some Christmas shopping to do at the mall and she needed to get it done. After a few minutes of rest she got up and headed for the shower to wash off the light layer of sweat that was on her body before getting dressed for the mall.

Kelly walked along what she though was a sidewalk but it could have been part of the road for all she knew. With all the snow on the ground it was hard to tell. She was starting to grumble to her self about how much she hated her life when a snowball plopped to the ground several feet in front of her.

“You know, there was no reason for you to hit me yesterday.” Lilly said leaning against the stairs of her apartment complex.

Kelly stopped in her tracks and turned to look at her. Lilly was dressed in a white winter coat with light blue trimmings and matching pants. The day before Kelly had been to angry to notice her looks and she started feeling even worse about slapping her. Lilly had her blond hair hanging loosely around her cute little face. She had a smile across her lips and the biggest twinkle in her eyes. Not to mention a small bruise on her left cheek where Kelly had slapped her.

“I always accept apologies if they are sincere.”

“I don’t even know you.” Kelly mumbled.

“Does that mean you are not sorry for making me bleed all over my brand new mittens?”

“Yes I am sorry about that. But listen I am freezing my ass off and am not going to stand here in the fucking snow and talk.”

“Would you like to come inside?”

Kelly shook her head and started walking towards the mall again but was stopped by Lilly asking her to wait. She turned around just in time to watch Lilly jump off the 4 steps and land in the snow and slip. Kelly heard the crunch of snow and watched Lilly slide down the sidewalk and smack into a parked car. She was just about to ask her if she was ok when Lilly started laughing and jumped back to her feet. There was snow in her hair and all over her jacket but she did not seem to mind at all. She was still giggling as she walked up to Kelly and told her that she would walk with her so they could talk and Kelly would not have to freeze. Kelly wanted to refuse but somehow knew that Lilly would never listen.

“I guess I should know you name if you are gonna be walking with me.” She said with a sigh.

“Lilly Mary Saint.” Lilly said holding out an ungloved hand.


Lilly shook her hand before they started walking. In her normal fashion Lilly bounced down the street saying hello and Marry Christmas to everyone she passed. Even though she was still miserable Kelly could not help but be somewhat cheerful with how Lilly was acting. The mall was less than a mile away from Lilly’s house but the walk through the snow slowed them down a little. Kelly was starting to slip into her moody girl routine from the cold when they finally reached to mall. They were assaulted by a rush of warm air as soon as hey walked through the doors.

“There that’s better now isn’t it?” Lilly asked unzipping her jacket and shrugging it off.

Kelly could not help but look Lilly up and down. She had on a light sweater that was the same color as her jacket and pants but from the look of it she had gotten a sweater that was much smaller than she should have. The sweater did not cover her stomach which showed off her toned belly. The sweater also hugged her breasts really tight making it hard for Kelly to guess the size. She turned her head when Lilly looked at her but knew she had been caught looking.

Lilly hung her jacket up on a peg by the door and offered to help Kelly with hers but Kelly did not want to take it off. She did not trust people enough to leave her best jacket hanging by the doors of a mall. Kelly walked through the mall for a few minutes with Lilly listening to her talk about the mall and the people that she knew before she saw a help wanted sign in the window of a small shop.

“Hey Lilly I need to go in this shop fill out an application I really need a job that’s the only reason I am in the mall.”

“Oh ok no problem.” Lilly said giving her a large smile. “I will be around.”

Kelly watched her bounce off into the mall before shaking her head and walking into the store to do what she had come there to do.

For over an hour Lilly bounced though the mall running in to a few friends and doing some shopping for decorations as well as gifts. After a small lunch break she started looking for Kelly wondering if she was still in the mall. It did not take her very long to find her sitting in a chair with the owner of one of the small shops that sold hand made items.

Kelly’s back was to her giving her great view of her ass even though it was covered in the thick fabric of her pants. She bit her bottom lip before walking up behind her and waved at the owner of the shop.

“Oh hello Lilly.” The woman said smiling at her.

“Hi hi Mrs, Greenslaw.” Lilly said bounding up to the women.

Kelly listened to the women chatting about different things for several minutes before Lilly squatted down beside her.

“Hey Kelly I’m gonna go get some hot coco would you like some?”

“Umm no thanks I’m fine.”

“I did not know you know each other.” Mrs. Greenslaw said looking between the girls.

Lilly just giggled before standing back up and walking out of the shop. Kelly watched her go keeping her eyes glued to her ass as she walked away. When she turned back to Mrs. Greenslaw she was looking at her with her eye brows raised. Kelly felt like she had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar for the second time that day. She gave a shy smile but it faded when she saw the serious look on Mrs. Greenslaw’s face.

“Listen Kelly, you seem like a nice girl but I don’t think you have the pep that I am

looking for in this shop.” She said.

“Strike 34.” Kelly thought.

“Now don’t you go giving up. All I said was not for my shop. I have a sister who needs a few people in her coffee shop. Head down there and I will call ahead and get you an interview.”

“Oh thank you.”

Kelly smiled and left the little shop. She could see Lilly walking away and hollered after her as she trotted to catch up. She had to yell to her three times before Lilly heard her and stopped. Kelly explained what she was told and that seemed to light a spark in Lilly’s eyes. And her trademark smile snapped back across her lips.

“That’s great news Kelly. You will love that coffee shop but it can get a bit crazy.”

Kelly shrugged not really caring. She just wanted to make the money she needed to get back to California. They made their way to the coffee shop where Lilly ordered her coco and sipped at it as Kelly had her interview. It was a bit of a shock when the woman did not ask her many questions. She simply wanted to know if she could trust her. When Kelly said yes she was hired on the spot. When she shook the woman’s hand she heard Lilly cheering which made her laugh a little.

“Sooooo are you happy now that you got a job?” Lilly asked as she zipped up her jacked preparing to leave the mall.

“It’s a relief.”

Lilly smiled again as they stepped out of the Mall. Kelly gasped sharply as cold air and snow blasted into them. Lilly cringed when she heard some of the choice words Kelly uttered as they started to walk wondering how a woman as hot as Kelly could have such a filthy mouth. Try as she might Lilly could not keep her mind from slipping into the gutter and wondered what else was filthy about Kelly. The thought made her giggle and blush slightly when she saw Kelly look at her with a raised eye brow.

“Are you ok Lilly?” She asked when Lilly had stopped giggling.

Lilly nodded her head and looked at her with a slight smile. She kicked at the snow as they walked in silence all the way to Lilly’s little apartment. Lilly jumped up each of the steps and turned to lean on the door frame looking at Kelly.

“Would you like to come in? Maybe?” she asked.

“I can’t. I need to get home and take a hot bath to thaw out.”


Lilly looked down at the snow covered stairs and shuffled it around with her foot thinking of something to say. Wanting Kelly to stay but not knowing what to do she just smiled and waved good buy and walked into her little apartment. The smell of sugar cookies still filled her living room and an idea hit her. She grabbed the best plate she had in her kitchen and slid the cookies onto it before wrapping it up in Christmas plastic wrap and running out the door.

“Kelly!” She yelled as she ran after her.

She had to yell after her several times before Kelly stopped and turned around with a confused look on her face. Lilly was starting to slow down to a jog when she stumbled over a bank of snow. The plate slid out of her hand as she smacked into the ground and slid over the snow to where Kelly was standing bumping into her foot. The air was forced out of Lilly’s lungs causing her to roll up in a little ball on the ground.

Kelly stepped over the plate and kneeled next to Lilly asking if she was ok. After taking several shallow and painful breaths she pointed to the cookies that were now behind Kelly.

“I brought you some cookies.” She gasped.

Kelly nodded and helped Lilly get to her feet and steadied her by putting an arm around her waste. Lilly blushed as she wrapped her arms around Kelly as if she needed support but she knew that she just wanted to know how Kelly would feel in her arms. They walked over to the plate and picked them up. They turned towards Lilly’s complex and shuffled their way to her apartment door.

Lilly’s breath had returned long before they had gotten to her door but she hammed it up the best she could to milk the time she had this close to Kelly. There was something about this girl that intrigued her. She pushed her door open and a blast of warm air hit them making Kelly smile. She was so used to her mom and dads place that she expected Lilly’s place to be cold.

Lilly slipped out of Kelly’s arms and shuffled to the couch and flopped down holding her stomach which still kind of hurt. She watched as Kelly unzipped her jacket and slid it off her shoulders reviling the tight red sweater she had on underneath. The air left Lilly’s lungs again as she took in every curve of Kelly’s body.

“Are you ok?” Kelly asked again walking across the room and sitting on the couch next to Lilly.

“Yes, I am just a klutz sometimes.”

Kelly laughed and reached for the plate of cookies and rolled back the plastic wrap. She handed one to Lilly and ate one herself. After a few minutes Lilly stood up and walked into her kitchen and started making some coco adding more than her normal amount of alcohol. Once it was done she walked back into the living room and sat down handing Kelly one of the mugs.

“I added a little extra flavor to this.” She said.

“Thanks. Can I ask you a question?”


“Do you live her alone?”

Lilly nodded her head as she shoved a cookie into her mouth. Kelly asked her if she had a boyfriend who would come around and keep her company. Lilly just giggled and shook her head no.

“Are you a lesbian or something.” Kelly joked.


Kelly turned to look at her wondering if she was joking but Lilly’s face betrayed nothing. When Lilly asked her if it bothered her that she was gay Kelly laughed saying that she has never been with a man in her life, only girls. Lilly did a little happy dance inside and a bright smile snapped to her face. When Lilly reached for another cookie she got off the couch like she was really needing to reach and when she sat down she was even closer to Kelly. Her heart was thumping in her ears as she wondered if Kelly was interested in her.

Kelly finished her coco before standing up and wrapping what was left of the cookies and telling Lilly she needed to go. She was still needing a hot bath but also being that close to Lilly was starting to make her feel a little funny in the head. Lilly followed her to the door and helped her with her jacket before handing her the plate of cookies. They stood in the doorway for over a minute trying to think of something to say but both failing to do so.

Kelly just decided to fuck it and leaned in and kissed Lilly softly on the lips just for a second before turning and walking away. Lilly stood in the doorway with a stunned smile on her face for several minutes before stepping back and letting the door close. As soon as it was latched she started jumping up and down like a cheerleader and throwing her hands in the air. She bounced around her apartment cleaning what needed to be cleaned before her legs just about gave out. Once she was done she grabbed her purse and left the apartment heading back to the mall with a new person on her Christmas shopping list.

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