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Just An Ordinary Night

Just one long sex scene.

She pulls into her driveway having worked all day she is happy to be home. She gets out of her car and stretches as a big smile covers her face. She is glad it is Friday and the start of the weekend. With the smile on her face, she heads to the door opening it. She finds her slave on her knees, hands behind her head. Her slave quickly drops to all fours and crawls to her Mistress kissing her feet.

“Good girl.” She says lightly ruffling the hair of her slave.

The slave beams at the praise, happy that she has pleased her Mistress. She knows the smallest thing can set her Mistress off and she doesn’t want to be the cause of her Mistress’ displeasure. Her backside still is slightly sore from the last time she faced her Mistress’ wrath.

The slave watches as her Mistress walks into the kitchen hoping she will be pleased. The slave has spent hours making sure everything was just the way she knew she wanted. She has cooked the fried rice and chicken she knows her Mistress likes. The slave has set the table with her Mistress’ favorite dishes and favorite flowers are on the table as well.

“Slave!” Mistress yells.

Oh no the slave’s mind screams at the tone her Mistress has used. The slave crawls as fast as she can into the kitchen wondering nervously what has displeased her Mistress so.

“Yes Mistress.”

Mistress grabs her slave by the hair pulling her up and pointing at the table says,

“What is this slut?”

“Master…I set the tabl….” her words cut off as she is slapped and pushed back on her knees.

“Why is there two plate settings slave? Did you think you were to eat at the table with me? Did you? You know slaves eat on the floor.”

“Mistress I….didn’t think…Mistress I am sorry.” the slave responds a slight quiver in her voice.

“Yes you will be sorry slut.”

The Mistress pushes the extra dishes aside and says,

“Bend over the table slut now.”

Her slave quickly rises bending over whispering,

“I am sorry I am sorry Mistress.”

Her Mistress grabs her hair and slams her head down on the table yelling,

“Silence whore!”

The slave hears her Mistress walk out of the room. She doesn’t dare move knowing her Mistress will return shortly with something to punish her with most likely the belt. She shivers at the thought knowing when her Mistress is done sitting down will be hard for her. She hears her Mistress’ footsteps enter the kitchen and looking over she sees the black belt her Mistress loves to punish her with along with her Mistress’ bag full of toys.

Not saying a word to her slave she stands behind her and begins her punishment. The belt swings and hits her slave squarely on the ass and her slave jumps but quickly recovers and holds still.

“Thank you Mistress.” Is all her slave utters along with a slight moan after each blow.

Tears are starting to form in the slave’s eyes when the spanking stops.

“Spread your legs slut.”

“Mistress…please.” She begs knowing what is coming.


“Please…Mistress… I will remember…slaves eat on the floor…please,” she begs the tears falling from her eyes now.

Mistress swings the belt across her ass harder than ever again and again and then stops and say,

“Now spread your legs and don’t make me repeat myself again.”

The slave spreads her legs as the tears fall from her face and she whimpers fearing what comes next but wanting to please her Mistress she obeys.

“Wider whore.”

The slave quickly does as she is told and waits for the coming punishment. Her legs spread wide her pussy exposed and wet. Face pressed down on the table arms wide just like her mistress likes her to take her punishment.

The belt smacks her wet pussy lips making her cry out and jump. She wants to close her legs but she knows better than to do that, the punishment would be much worse as she well knows. She whimpers and waits for the next blow. Again and again the belt smacks her pussy.

The Mistress knows she is reaching her slave’s limit as she watches her start to squirm and her cries growing louder and louder. Her voice quivering with every thank you she utters. Not only can see hear the wetness growing with each smack on her slave’s pussy she can smell her slave’s excitement never mind her own excitement. Watching her slave submit to her always excites her.

When the slave feels her Mistress hand rubbing her ass she cant help but arch up to her soft touch. And when she feels her hand cup her pussy she moans aloud and grinds against her hand.

“My slave is all wet and wanting now isn’t she.”

“Yes Mistress I need you so badly.”

“ I know you do slut.” she replies letting her fingers slide easily into her slave’s pussy.

She starts working her fingers in and out slowly. Listening to her slave moan and grind against her hand. Her fingers continue to work bring her slave to the edge of orgasm and then she stops.

“On your knees slut.”

Quickly the slave drops to her knees and waits for her Mistress’ next command. She can smell her Mistress excitement and licks her lips in anticipation of being allowed to taste her.

“Open your mouth.”

She opens her mouth and her Mistress shoves her fingers in her mouth.

“Suck them clean slut.”

She sucks them greedily as her Mistress works them in and out of her mouth.

“You dirty little slut you like tasting yourself don’t you?”

The slave moans her response as she continues to lick and suck her Mistress fingers trying to get all of her juices off her fingers . After a moment or two her Mistress asks,

“You want to taste me don’t you slut.”

“Yes Mistress.” The slave replies and leans forward.

Smack she feels her mistress slap her across the face.

“Did I tell you to move whore?”

“No Mistress… I’m sorry Mistress please forgive me,” she pleads, bending down to kiss her Mistress’ feet yet again.

“Now show me what a slut you are. Beg to taste me.”

The slave kisses her Mistress’ feet over and over again as she begs,

“Please let me taste you…please….please.”

After a few moments the slave hears,

“Very well whore you can taste me.”

The slave cant help but smile as she quickly leans up and licks her Mistress’ lips tasting the wetness there. Her tongue diving in tasting more and more. She feels her Mistress’ hand on the back of her head as her Mistress starts to grind her pussy on her face. She licks harder and faster her tongue diving in deeper. She can feel her Mistress’ hand tighten in her hair as she grinds harder against her face.

“Yes that’s it you little slut…lick me.” The Mistress moans.

The Mistress grinds her pussy harder into her slut’s face moaning loudly as she cums. Her slave lapping her cum up. She rubs her pussy against her slave’s face coating her face with her juices before pulling away. She leans down and kisses her slave then tells her,

“Good girl.”

The slave beams at the praise as always happy to have pleased her Mistress.

Her Mistress steps away and opens her bag taking out a few items. Out of the corner of her eye the slave can see the clamps as well as the collar. She shivers slightly excited at what is to come.

“Come here,” her Mistress commands.

Eagerly she crawls over to her Mistress. Staying on all fours awaiting the next command.

“Kneel up slut.”

She quickly does as she is told. Putting her hands behind her head. She sees the slight approving smile of her Mistress as she put the collar around her neck. When she sees her Mistress pick up the clamps her already hard nipples tighten a little more.

Her Mistress leans down and suckles one nipple making it even harder before applying the clamp. The slave cant stop the sharp intake of breathe that follows at the piercing pain she feels when the clamp shuts down on her nipple. Her Mistress does the same to her right nipple sucking and biting at it before applying the next clamp. Then sits down at the table.

“Fix my plate slave.”

The slave crawls to the stove and then stands knowing this is the only time she is allowed to when she has no choice. She fixes the plate and then heads back to her mistress kneeling down head lowered as she hands her the plate.

Her Mistress begins to eat as she kneels down beside her on all fours. Every now and them her Mistress drops a piece of food on the floor and she quickly picks it up with her teeth and eats whatever her Mistress drops. Some nights her Mistress allows her to eat out of her hand but tonight is not one of them.

When the Mistress is finished eating she grabs her bag and heads out of the kitchen. Her slave knows she is to clean up now.

“Hurry.” Is all she tells the slave as she leaves.

Mistress walks into the bedroom to change and put her strap-on on. She has recently bought a new dildo she wants to try out on her slave. It is larger than the other dildos she has as she is eager to fuck her slave with it.

She puts on her leather corset and then her strap on. And last but not least she puts her as she calls them hooker heels on. The laces go up her around her ankle a bit and she loves the looks of them. What she loves even more is the image of her slave licking the 3 inch heels. She looks in the mirror her hand running through her long dark hair and smiles pleased with her appearance.

The slave has just finished cleaning up the kitchen when she hears her Mistress walking back. She can tell by the sound her Mistress is wearing the shoes she loves. She quickly drops to her knees head down as her Mistress walks into the kitchen.

She hears her Mistress walking closer towards her and then she can see her feet in the black shoes that she loves so, she smiles slightly at the sight looking up slowly her smile wavers when she sees the size of the dildo she knows she is going to be fucked with at some point tonight and yet at the same time she is excited at the thought. She so wants her Mistress to fuck her she hardly cares.
She watches as her Mistress starts to stroke her cock. Her hand moving up and down the shaft.

“Do you want to suck this slut?”

“Yes Mistress please.”

“Tell me what you want whore.”

“I want to suck your cock Mistress… please let me.” She begs her pussy getting wet at the thought.

“Suck me slave,” her mistress commands.

Eagerly the slave leans forward and starts to lick and suck the cock. Looking up see can see how much her Mistress enjoys watching her suck on her cock and it spurs the slave on. Before long she feels her Mistress’ hand on the back of her head as she thrusts the cock in deeper and deeper.

“Suck it you dirty little slut.”

The slave takes more and more of the cock in her mouth as she starts to gag she feels the cock ease out of her mouth some before thrusting deep into her throat again and again. She can hear her Mistress moan a little as she sucks and sucks. Then the cock is slowly sliding out of her mouth and she hears her Mistress’ voice,

“Bend over the table.”

The slave quickly does as she is told wanting that big cock inside her, wanting to please her Mistress. She spreads her legs in anticipation. She can feel her Mistress behind her rubbing her ass. She moans at the touch.

Her Mistress smiles when her slaves moans from the simple touch of her hand on her ass. She stands behind her slave and presses the cock between her slaves legs. Rubbing the cock against her wet pussy lips. She bends over her slave and asks,

“You want me to fuck you don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress… please… please fuck me.” Her slave begs her as she lifts her hips slightly begging for the cock.

The Mistress guides the cock into her wet slave’s pussy slowly. Going in deeper and deeper. She can hear her slave moan as the cock goes in all the way.

“Is that what you want you little whore?” she ask as she starts thrusting the cock in and out of the slave’s pussy.

“Is it whore?”

“Yes… yes…yes,” the slave moans as she is lost in the steady in and out thrusting her mistress is giving her bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

Her Mistress’ hands grabs her hips and starts thrusting in faster and harder.

“Cum for me you little whore,” she commands.

When the slave hears her mistress command her to cum her moans increase in volume and she gives herself over the orgasm that has been building and screams out her pleasure. She hears her Mistress say,

“That’s it you dirty little whore. Cum for me.”

She can hear her Mistress moaning and her thrusting becoming faster and knows her Mistress is close to her orgasm as.

“Fuck me harder… harder Mistress… make me yours.” She tells her.

Within moments she hears her Mistress cry out with her orgasm as well. After a moment she fills the cock slide out of her pussy and her Mistress say,

“Take it off.”

The slave takes the strap on off and licks at her mistress’ pussy tasting the delicious cum she licks and licks trying to get every drop. Her Mistress grabs her hand and says,

“Come on baby lets go to bed.”

The two crawl into bed together both so happy that they have found the perfect partner cuddle into each others arms and soon fall asleep.

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