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My co-worker

   I couldn’t get the thought of her out of my head. So was so beautiful to me. She had long black hair. I wondered what it would feel like running my fingers through it. Sara also had the darkest blue eyes I had ever seen. If I looked in them too long I felt I would lose myself.

   Her body was just perfect. I am about 5’7 and she was just an inch or two taller than me. She had long legs that always seem to have a tan. Her breasts were about the same size as mine as far as I could tell. A generous d cup.

   Friday’s were dress down days and we could wear jeans. She had the tightest fitting jeans I had ever seen. Her hips curved oh so nicely. And she had the nicest ass I had ever seen as well. It wasn’t too big or too small it was just right. Whenever she walked away I couldn’t help but watch. She looked good coming or going.

   Sometimes when we worked close together I could feel her tits brush against my arm or back. There were days when I would lose all train of thought when she did that. All I could think of at those moments were how soft yet firm they felt. I wanted to turn and gently grab them in my hands and caress them over and over until I could feel her nipples harden in my hands.

   Whenever Sara wore button downed shirts she looked like at any moment the buttons were going to burst open. I prayed for that to happen whenever she wore them.

   I didn’t think she had any idea I was attracted to her. I hide it as well as I could. I knew she liked men. And I had never mentioned that I liked women as well as men to her.

   One night all of us get together for a night out. When Sara shows up in a low cut dress my mouth all but drops open when I see her. The dress has a deep v-neck and is black and white. It fits her amazingly. Her breasts look like the are going to fall out any minute. I cant take my eyes off of her.

   “ I couldn’t wear a bra with this, does it look ok?” she asks me.

   I pick my jaw up off the ground and reply

   “ Yeah it looks more than ok, you look stunning.”

   “ thank you, you don’t look so bad yourself.” she replies.

   “ Oh I don’t compare to you tonight Sara.” I all but sigh to her.

   It took everything I had not stare at her chest that evening. I couldn’t help but look when I thought she wouldn’t notice. The way her dress fit her also drove me to distraction. It curved around her body beautifully. When I got home that night I laid in bed and masturbated more than once thinking of her.

   After that night we started spending more time together. At every chance I would ask her to have lunch with me. Sara being an avid shopper. I would think of random things I needed just so we could go shopping together.

   As the days went by I started to think she might be attracted to me as well. It seemed she was always in my area standing very close to me. She would often stand so close that her breasts would push up against me and instead of moving away she would linger near me, brushing her breasts back and forth on my arm or my back.

   We often picked on each other like grade schools kids did when they liked each other. Sometimes she would stick her tongue out at me.

   “ Stop teasing me.” would always be my response.

   She would just smile and do it again. And all I could think is how much I wanted to grab her and find out what her tongue would taste like in my mouth. How her tongue would feel on my nipples and on my clit. To taste her pussy.

   One night Sara, a few other co-workers, and I go out for dinner and we ended up drinking quite a bit. We decide to head back to her house to hang out and drink so more. Everyone is laughing and having a good time but it soon get late and everyone leaves. Sara asks me to stay and help her clean up.

   We finish the clean up quickly, there really wasn’t that much to do. Now it is just her and I alone in her house. We are sitting on the couch laughing and talking. I am just drunk enough that I decide now is as good as time as any to let her know how I feel. So I lean towards her and lightly kiss her on the lips and pull away.

   “ I’m sorry I just couldn’t help myself.” I tell her.

   “Don’t apologize, I have wanted you to do that for so long.” she responds.

   Then she grabs the back on my head and pulls me towards her and we kiss. Finally I have her tongue in my mouth and mine in hers. She tastes wonderful. The kiss is soft and passionate.

   My hands wonder down towards her chest and I feel her tits with my hands for the first time and the feeling is wonderful. They feel so good in my hands. When her hands find my breasts I moan into her mouth. I start undoing her buttons on her shirt I want to feel her skin in my hands. As she lifts my shirt over my head. We both lean back to take our bras off. And just look at one another for a moment. Both breathing hard.

   ‘’ I want you so bad, you don’t know how long I have dreamed of doing this.” I tell her.

   I push her down on the couch and start kissing her neck and caressing her tits with my hands. Her hands are so soft on my tits. She rubs my nipples back and forth as I work my way down towards her nipples with my mouth. I kiss all around her nipples then taking each one in my mouth I suck on them hard and long as I hear her moan above me.

   She pulls my head up towards her and we start kissing again. Her hand move down towards my stomach and then between my legs. Sara rubs on my pussy through my pants. My hands run down her body towards her pussy as well and I unzip her jeans and stick my hand inside her pants and rub my fingers on her pussy lips. Even through her panties I can feel her wetness.

   “ mmmm, that feels good.” she moans.

   She then pulls my shorts and panties down and I feel her fingers enter my very wet pussy. I yank her panties to the side so I can put my fingers inside her as well.

   We quickly find a rhythm with our hands. We are pushing our fingers in and out of each others very wet pussies and with our thumbs we are circling each other clits. Our hips are thrusting against each other.

   The feel of her fingers inside me is driving me wild. I know within moments I am going to cum.

   “ oh yes, oh god, I am going to cum.” I cry out.

   “ I’m cumming, ah,ah, oh yes.” she cries out as both our orgasms hit at the same time. I collapse on top of her and just listen to our heavy breathing for a few moments.

   Before long we start kissing again, I don’t think either one of us was satisfied quite yet. Her lips were so soft against mine I felt like I could just kiss her forever.

   My hands start caressing her tits as my mouth slowly works it way down. As I am squeezing her breast I flick each nipple with my tongue and then take each in turn in my mouth and suck on them as hard as I can. I hear her cry out above me.

   “ oh yes that feels goods.”

   I kneel down between her legs. My face is in the prefect position to lick her pussy. My hands start stoking her thighs and then the outside of her pussy lips. I kiss behind her knee and leaving a trail of kisses as I ever so slowly work my way to her wet pussy. I lick the skin between her thigh and her pussy. I can smell her pussy Oh it smells delicious. I cant wait to taste her.

   She spreads her legs as wide as she can for me, I lick her from ass to clit in on long motion. I spread her lips with my hand as I slip my tongue inside her burying it as deep as I can in her. The taste of her is better than I ever imagined. With my finger I start rubbing her hard clit. She arches her hips towards my face when I pull away from her.

   “ Oh god, please don’t stop it feels so good.” she pleads with me.

   I take me fingers and push them in her wet pussy and start slowly fucking her with my hand. My tongue begins sucking and stroking her clit. I take my other hand and start rubbing my clit as well with my thumb as I slip my fingers in my pussy . Her body starts to quiver and I know she will cum soon. I feel my own orgasm building in my as well.

   “ oh yes, oh god, don’t stop, I am going to cum.’ she cries out.

   In seconds I feel her body convulse with her orgasm. Her juices fill my mouth and cover my face as my orgasm radiates through my body as well. I lay there with my head resting on her thigh and think of how much fun it shall be at work teasing each other now.

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