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Settle For Nothing, Part 2

Contributing Authors: Dirty_D 
Written with the naughtiest nurse, Dianna Breeze.

“No!” Jasmine thrashed, trying to disentangle her arms from her own tank top as Randy sat back up. Her lover shoved beside her, grabbed the wheel, and slammed on the brake just as Jasmine wrenched a hand free to smack against the dash so she wouldn’t fall again.

Randy palmed the shifter and maneuvered it back in place. She stared at the steering wheel, her face frozen. Unblinking.

It was as if they’d ripped a thin cellophane that encased their world, letting the outside in. The air was saturated with the humidity of their breaths, the expression on her lover’s face torn.

She regrets it. The thought ripped through Jasmine. Toes curling, she closed her legs and pulled them to her. She leaned down to grab her shorts and yanked them up her legs.

“What are you doing?”

The brunette’s question pulled at every string she had left in her body, seeming so genuine she could hardly hold herself together.

“It’s the fuckin’ desert. We need water.”

Her hand had just clasped the handle of the door when Randy’s fingers slid over the inside of her thigh, paralyzing her. The seconds ticked by, the neons of the gas station making her gentle caress on her leg glow. Jasmine finally looked up.

“Wait for me.” Randy’s voice was so quiet, she barely heard her.

Each movement of her lips seemed like slow motion. There was something unraveling in her tone, more intense than the voice of the soft angel she’d seen bucking under her tongue minutes earlier.

The untouchable girl from the bar was someone else to her. Jasmine felt the certainty steel itself deep inside her as if it fed her bones.

Jasmine could only nod in response. None of what she’d normally say or do could be done now. She was helpless, unguarded. Lost in the sweet expression of the girl in front of her. The woman who knew more about the world than she probably ever had, ever could. Knew more about life. Love.


Her gaze dropped to Randy’s long fingers over the wheel. “Leave me.”

The words came out mumbled and weak, nothing like the way she meant them to. No one should ever look at her like that. She wasn’t worth it, and they all found out sooner or later. Maybe she could save the other girl some time.

“No.” The word was sharp as her finger prodded the bottom of her chin, forcing Jasmine to meet her gaze. “And you’ll look me in the eyes if you ever say some shit like that to me again.”

She couldn’t help but smile, pleasure blooming in her heart. Cementing inside her, this moment, this girl. She’d forget none of it.

Randy brushed a trickle of her juice from her jaw. “We have money. Let’s see what they have. We’ll need supplies.”

Twenty minutes later, they were back on the road. Bags of beer, cheap clothes, and food were wedged next to a small tower of folded up blankets and a half a bottle of tequila in the extended cab.

Winding her blonde hair into a ponytail, Jasmine snuck a glance at her lover. At the choppy dark hair framing her delicate features. The length of her long, smooth legs and the shadow that teased between them. There was something wild about her, but in a more calculated way than she was herself. As if she’d been broken and had put herself back together, but every piece was jagged.

Randy didn’t belong to any social norms. And she didn’t need to.

Society . The outside world. Everyone who’d ever tried to put her in a cage.

Jasmine sucked in a rickety breath. The cab suddenly seemed small somehow, like it shrank to the two of them and trapped them inside. Breaking her gaze, she bit her lip and looked out the dirty window. One more thing keeping her in.

Normal. Be cool. Her fingers clenched, her curling toes knotting in the narrow chucks.

It felt like her lungs were caving in. A wheeze escaped with another inhale.

“You okay?” the brunette asked.

Fuck! She slammed a shaking finger down on the side of the door to roll down her window, then reached across Randy’s splayed legs and hit the button on her side too.

Wind pooled into the cab, whipping the brunette’s hair as she grabbed Jasmine’s hand. “Hey. Answer me.”

“I just...” With the dirtied windows disappeared and the dry air splashing over her bare arms and legs, she felt free again. She turned her face to the open window and let the breeze brush against her before she pulled back. The night chill was replaced by heat rushing to her face as she realized how crazy she must’ve seemed. “I wanted to see it out here. I ain’t left bumfuck Egypt often.”

Randy glanced back and forth from the abandoned road in front of them to Jasmine’s face, before settling back to the road. Tugging her hand, she wrapped Jasmine’s fingers around the cold surface of the stick shift, then closed a warm palm over hers.

The truck hesitated. The clutch clicked and Randy moved their hands to the side and forward like joystick. The engine got louder, the wind in the cab harsher, and a calm settled over Jasmine.

She was in control. Or, at least, she played a part.

The other girl said nothing, but slipped her fingers in the crevices between Jasmine’s. As if to soothe her.

A lump welled in her throat. Her nostrils flared and she swallowed, looked out the open window. Miles of desert greeted her, dotted with short weeds and stacked rock. Mountains in the distance. A midnight sky with a canopy of white stars sunken into its abyss. The moon burned brightest of all, the comforting eye of something that had always remained; it prevailed even in the daytime, ignoring what was expected of it.

Like her.

Her fingers drifted to the open window, reaching toward the lashing wind. Wanting to bathe in it. To take Randy with her and live in the freedom of the night. To show her who she was, and hope the other girl still gave a fuck when the sun blinded them.

For miles, they travelled in silence. Lulled into quiet by the dry air of the lonely road and the calm of the night. Connected by the warmth of their joined hands, the hum of the engine.

Jasmine didn’t know how many minutes or hours had passed before her toes started to curl again. One by one, each part of her body tensed. She needed to get the fuck out of the truck.

Stop, she told herself. Nobody wants a fucking psycho. Re-fucking-lax. 

She glanced up at Randy. The other girl’s face was paler than earlier, her eyes tighter at the edges. Like she was regretting something. Or someone.

Her chest felt like it iced over. Pressure built behind her eyes. Free hand balling into a fist, Jasmine opened her mouth to ask the one question she wasn’t sure she wanted an answer to.

“What’s wrong?”


Randy shifted in the seat, arching her back and rolling her shoulders with a sigh. She felt the rumble lower in her empty belly. The pixie girl’s wide green eyes fixated on her, concern painted across her face in strokes that puckered her candy floss lips and rattled in her voice.

Leaning to the window, Randy let the current blast her face. “Nothing. Just hungry. Maybe a little tired.”

“When was the last time you slept? Yesterday? It was after Lake Charles. Must have been right after you crossed into Texas. Beaumont, was it? And the last thing you ate was that cheeseburger from Wendy’s. When was that? When you stopped at the Hess station. Yeah, that was yesterday too. If you don’t stop this truck soon you’re a goner.”

“We have food.” Jasmine twisted to get the bags in the back, but Randy didn’t let go, holding her hand hostage on the gear shift.

“I’m not eating and driving.”


“Because you need to nap. Because you're no good to anyone if you are falling asleep at the wheel.”

“It’s just not something I do. We’ll stop at the next rest area.”

Jasmine flexed her fingers against the thick leather knob under Randy’s touch, stress showing in the muscles raised across her shoulders again. “You might be used to driving, but not here. There ain’t rest stops in the middle of the desert.”

Randy hunched forward over the wheel, stretching her back then leaning toward the open and window rolling her neck. Her exhaustion was catching up quickly.

The truck’s brights were a joke, splashing a dim amber hue less than fifteen yards ahead. By the light of the full moon, she could make out a mountain in the near distance, and nothing but yawning desolation and open highway.

“Turn off when you see the road,” Jasmine said.

“Road? What road. Now she’s seeing things. Don’t trust her. Just keep driving. We will find a rest area.”

“There aren’t any roads out here.”

“It’s an oh-shit-road. For emergency semi-truck stops. It stops beside the mountain. We can eat there.”

Randy peered into the night, trying to decipher the steel grey moonkissed rocks from the deep purple desert. The pavement kept going. She couldn’t see any change.

“There! Right there. Turn, turn!” Jasmine burst out.

The painted line didn’t break. If she hadn’t been looking for it, Randy would’ve missed the dirt road slanting off to the right. Their hands were a flurry of cranks as the truck slowed down and pitched to the right. The body rocked through the turn, its big wheels whining in protest. Rocks pinged against the sides of the truck, a fan of dirt spreading behind them in the side mirror.

The truck bumped along the little off road until the paved highway disappeared on the other side of the giant rock. Randy pushed in the clutch and rocked the shifter loose, killing the engine but let the big truck coast until with one last shove and a creak, it came to rest.

“This okay?” Jasmine asked, her fingers fidgeting under Randy's.

“Uh huh. Like you’ll never get caught here. Bet the police keep a close eye on this little make out spot. What does Blondie there know about keeping her nose out of trouble anyway?”

Randy pressed the heels of her hands into her eyes, and drew them slowly down her face as she leaned forward and looked out at the view. The orange moon hung low on the horizon, casting its light across the dark landscape, garishly throwing the contours of the rocks into sharp relief. Twisting the knob on the turn signal, she cut the lights, descending them into darkness.

The vastness of this country was different. No houses, no lights marred the landscape. Nothing but the warm, slim fingers beneath her own. She leaned her head back against the headrest and closed her eyes, letting the emptiness roll through her.

“This okay?” Jasmine repeated.

“Yeah. Sure.”


Something was wrong.

Is she really just hungry, or is it something else?

Jasmine pulled her hand away and kissed away the brunette’s weak smile.

Hungry. That’s all.

It was everything she could do to pull away from the draw of her sinful mouth to kick open the door. Her shoes crunched on the loose gravel as she yanked the lever and pushed the seat forward. Bypassing the food, she grabbed the nest of blankets beside the bags, even as the other girl remained seated.

The light of the cab flicked on, illuminating the cargo and showering muted light from the windows. Jasmine tossed the heap in the back of the truck, then unlatched and lowered the tailgate. Slapping her palms down, she shoved her body into the bed. She reached for the thickest blanket, spread it over the ridged bed floor before grabbing the next, and created a thick bedding over the inside until the ridges weren’t as prominent.

She leapt from the tailgate, skittering little rocks with her landing and grinned, happy to be off the road to stretch her muscles.

A rustle on the other side of the truck caught her attention.

Randy. Stepping out of the truck, laden with gas station shopping bags. Moonlight combed through her short hair.

“I was getting to those.” Jasmine rushed forward, sweeping the bags from her hands. She froze when she caught her eye. The world was silent around them as she faltered. Cleared her throat with a soft exhale. “Just let me do this for you.”

The tone of her voice seemed like it belonged to someone else. Breathy. Unsure. The handles of the bags sawed into the curl of her fingers as she watched the other girl’s expression change.

Randy’s eyebrows relaxed, lips turned up. “Okay.”

Jasmine felt her own smile break across her face again, the air cooling her gums. She look a step back in a sort of bow before making her way to the back of the truck.

She tossed the bags into the far corner of the bed and crawled to unload them. Ripping open the packet of napkins, she unfolded two and put them side by side. Jasmine reached into the bag again, pulled out the two little sandwich containers, and tore back their seals. She extracted them and placed them at the corners of the napkins.

Mashing her lips together, she leaned back and flexed her fingers over the sandwiches as she scoured the make-shift picnic. It wasn’t perfect. The only other things they had were snacks and drinks. She couldn’t make it any nicer.

I’m a fuck up.

Jasmine rested her hands on her thighs. She swallowed hard and looked up at the moon, then the expanse of desert around them. There was nothing out here. Rock. Dirt. Everything here was dying or dead, and beautiful in its mortality.

Except the two of them.

Static eased into the air, followed by a familiar guitar riff and the crash of rock music. The female voice, a cross between singing and yelling, made her smile again.

She crawled to the side of the bed and peeked over the edge.

Randy pushed the driver’s side door, letting it shutter shut. The rock music carried through the open windows. “I like this song.”

Oh God, I love this girl. Jasmine shook her head at her. Grinning wider, she pulled the elastic from her ponytail and shook her hair onto her shoulders. Waited for Randy to join her.

The other girl remained still.

Jasmine pulled herself to the side of the pick up and jumped off, touching the dirt in front of her when she landed. She rose and turned to her lover. Her everything. “Hey, you okay? Randy? Miranda?”

The brunette crossed her arms over her chest, hands balling into fists.

She doesn’t like “Miranda.” Sweat slicked her palms. Is the truck picnic too much? What else did I miss? I got nothing else to offer her. No money. Nothing but me . Is that enough? For anyone?

But the latter questions were bullshit. Randy wasn’t just anyone. That wasn’t it.

Does she just need balance?

“Baby?” Extending her hand, she walked forward.

Randy looked down, following the line of her proffered extremity to scan her head to toe. She raised her arm. Her fingers danced through Jasmine’s before clenching and tugging her toward her.

Jasmine’s feet seemed to move on their own, stepping close to the brunette. When their hands released, she slid them around the other girl’s waistline to rest on the flare of her hips. Her chin tucked into the soft fabric on Randy’s shoulder.

“It’s perfect.”

The whisper blew heat against Jasmine’s ear and neck, sending shivers of pleasure down her spine. She could breathe only shallow breaths as the hard tips of her nipples brushed her lover’s. Randy held her flush to her body before releasing her, fingers twirling the ends of her blonde hair.

It was everything Jasmine could do to keep breathing. “Are you hungry?”

“Yes.” A small sound hit the air, a quiet growl.

Randy’s stomach.

Jasmine pulled back, then trailed a hand down the other girl’s arm to twine her fingers in hers. Turning, she led her to the tailgate and jumped up, then pivoted to help Randy. The brunette heaved herself over the side, ignoring her outstretched hands.

Giggling, Jasmine scooted over to her little set up. Lifting a water bottle from the bag, she unscrewed the cap and handed it to her.

Randy accepted it and mussed her short hair, staring at her. “Why are you doing this?”

“Doing what?” She froze under the scrutiny of those beautiful eyes.

What did I do wrong?

“This.” Her hand waved at the picnic set up in the bed of the truck. “Treating me like this... like you...”

“Like I what?”

Randy’s gaze fell back on her face. Her expression softened. She extended her arm, making Jasmine flinch just before her fingers trailed over the side of her face. Tracing the curves of her cheekbones, the brunette’s thumb followed the line of her jaw to Jasmine’s lips. Then dropped away.

“Like you know me.”

The words were like a punch to her chest. Staring into her eyes, the other girl’s features burned into her memories. The intimate mood of the truck swarmed her mind, and carried over to this moment.

“Don’t I?”


“You don’t know me at all. You wouldn’t like me if you did.”

Randy gazed at the multitude of pindrops of light in the night sky. There were so many of them, and they pressed in close. She reached a hand out and pinched her fingers together, capturing the light of one within their tips. Whispered a wish, then squeezed the fingers together, extinguishing the light between them.

“I’ve done some shit I’m not proud of.”

She looked over at Jasmine, at her fragile beauty, looking like someone was squeezing her candle, like she could be snuffed out. All she wanted was to wrap her into her arms, to hold and steady her. But she couldn’t; she wasn’t someone who should be thinking those things anymore. All she did was use people.

Just like me. ” Her mother’s cackle rattled through her her.

Randy shook her head clear of the voice. She wasn’t her mother. She wouldn’t be her mother; she had gotten rid of her a long ways away. In New York. Before she had caught the bus south, before the truck driver.

You’re going to use her, you know .”

Her fingers bit into the rails of the truck bed, leaving impressions in the soft pads, as her teeth sank into her bottom lip. What did Mama ever know about her anyway? If she’d known, they would have never gotten to that breaking point. Standing there in the kitchen, staring at each other over the rent due ticket on the chipped veneer, Randy with her teeth clenched and jaw tight, and her mother glaring back, just as angry and just as determined.

Jazz’s eyes were following her as she scooted away to sit on the edge of the truck. Within their depths she could read the need, the desire, and a hint of hurt swirling in blue streaks.

Randy looked back out at the vast darkness to avoid the disappointment she knew she would have to bring to her pixie. She couldn’t stand to see the shining eagerness that made her want to pull her close and hold her change to dismay, betrayal, and disappointment.

The deli sandwich was soft when Jasmine pressed it against her hand, concern pinching her mouth in little lines. Randy lifted her arm and took a bite, chewing in time with the small movements of the truck while Jasmine picked up their litter and straightened the napkins.

Lost in thought, she tried to find the easiest way to let her pixie down. If she had to hurt her, she didn't want to make it a mortal wound.

“There has been shit I’m not proud of.” Her chest heaved as she repeated herself. “There was a truck driver in North Carolina. He picked me up, gave me a ride.”

The thought of the redneck panting on her neck, dirty nails touching her skin, made her shoulders tense with a shudder that extended down to her toes. Bile rose up at the memories. Despite the sweet ketchup on her gas station ham and cheese, she could still taste his mint skoal and bitter beer.

That’s what you are going to tell her, huh? That’s your big story?

“Thought he was just giving me a ride for a blow job. I sucked him off there in the parking lot of a truck stop. Knelt down on his dirty floor and sucked until he came in my mouth. Then I hopped in the jump seat as the truck pulled out and headed south.” She looked out at the witnessing stars, lost to memory.

Her boots had clicked on the pavement as she had crossed the parking lot in Rock Hill behind the driver. Their progress across the parking lot had been excruciating in front of the row of trucks, windows peering down at her. Randy had kept her gaze on the black orthopedic shoes in front of her, avoiding their stare. Her hair brushed against her cheek, hanging heavy as a curtain.

“You knew it was going to come to this. You should have just done it in the first place. Then the cops wouldn’t be looking for you. You could still be home.” Mother, always lecturing, never silent even now as just a residual in her head.

“Shut up!” Randy had screamed back in her head as the trucker climbed into the cab of a dusty Freightliner, leaving her to wait on the cracked pavement until he reached across to open the passenger’s door for her. The upholstery was stained over saggy cushions.

“Well? Do you have the guts to follow through with it?” As always, that voice had spurred her to do things she might later regret. Randy’d grabbed the handle and hauled herself up into the cab of the truck, lips pursed in determination.

The driver had been scribbling in a log book open on the steering wheel. His fingers, short and fat, gripped a well chewed Bic, nails dirty as the steering wheel. “ At least his jeans are clean,” she remembered thinking while she had picked at the ragged edge of her thumbnail.

“Why don’t you tell her about me? What about Ronnie? How you got him to help you? How you just left him then to take the fall?” Her mother’s voice broke into her reverie. Randy could tell she’d been quiet too long by the restless movements Jasmine made. The girl fidgeted: straightening already straight napkins, adjusting then adjusting again the blanket spread under her.

Looking back over at Jasmine from the silent vista, she continued, “Every time he stopped I would blow him, and when he left the truck I would stash anything I thought I could use in the pack. He wanted to fuck me. I talked about it, made him hot for it, but I made sure that he always was spent before he could.”

Randy remembered squatting down, being careful to not touch the dirty floor, running her fingers up through thick bristly hair on the legs of her first john. She stretched the weak elastic at his waistband and pulled the jockey briefs down past a soft cock buried in a thatch of gray, to bind his ankles in tired cotton. Her fingers lifted the fat stub up to her reluctant lips. Closing her eyes, dabbing lightly at the head, barely touching it with a tongue tip, her nose twisted up in a grimace. The fresh taste of clean skin caused her to open them wide in surprise. The thick, coarse hairs at the root tickled her nose as she had nursed. His skin moved with her tongue as she rubbed along him, working with pursed lips.

His feet had been spread in front of her, stretching the fabric of the briefs. Heavy balls dangled by her chin, jiggling as she rocked her head. The trucker grunted and grabbed her hair as it hung down her back in long tumbled waves. He pulled her head back and forth roughly along his lengthening shaft, hips thrusting towards her. The thick cock had plundered her mouth, pressing hard on the back of her throat and making her gag as she had wrenched backward.

Randy looked down at the limp bread in her hand, nauseated by the remembrances.

“How about the way you piled the laundry by the wall, how you soaked them and the shelves with the kerosene you sent Ronnie for?”

“He took me to Miami, and we were heading back north when I ditched him in Jacksonville. I should have done it sooner, but I wanted to make sure I had all his cash. I just walked into the truck stop and out the front.” Randy raised her head and looked over at the girl seated with intent green eyes.

There had been numerous cubbies and pockets to investigate in the truck. Some revealed little but change, dirt, and other worthless junk. But hidden in the backs of others, she had found enough cash to bring her to Texas. Grubby bills stashed in corners, clipped stacks of crisp new bills that stuck together, they all made their way into Randy’s pocket eventually.

“I even took his laundry quarters.”

“What you took from us was more than laundry quarters. Why don’t you tell her?”

She remembered the way her fingers had left red imprints in the skin of his thighs as she’d clutched tight for balance. He hadn’t thought about her needs, nor was even remotely interested in what she wanted, just taking for himself.

“That’s right honey. And he’s going to keep taking until you insist that he give. You’d better own your own needs. If you wait for someone to care, you’re going to be waiting a long time.” That voice had been right, yet again.

It was after that in the restroom, as she cleaned the sticky come from her face and hair while he filled truck’s tanks, that she had hacked her long hair off, watching the hanks drop into the trash as she used a cheap pair of scissors from the store lobby. It wasn’t really stealing, she reasoned as she intended to leave them, more… borrowing.

“Good.” Breaking into her thoughts, Jasmine took a bite of her sandwich and swallowed. “Fuck him.”

Randy stared at her own sandwich. “Right. That’s what I thought. Just another guy. They aren’t all bad. But they’re all the same; everyone is all the same. They all just want something.”

She heard the blonde take a sip of her bottled water, the swish as she put it back down.

“Everyone but you.” Randy raised her head and looked at her. “Why you? Out of everyone I could meet. Why now?”


Food was the last thing on Jasmine’s mind, but she knew it was the first on Randy’s. “Eat. Then talk. We’ll figure it out.”

Randy nodded. Took another bite. After a moment, she walked to the tailgate, sandwich and drink in hand, and jumped off. The truck moved with her, bouncing and squeaking in the desert night.

Grinding her molars together, Jasmine looked up at the clear sky. She put her body on lockdown, ticking off the moments of Randy’s soft chewing. The swish of water, the plunk of the bottle on the side of the truck bed.

Until everything was silent.

“Sorry.” The brunette’s voice was apologetic. “I’m not... I’m sorry.”

There was so much Jasmine could tell the girl. So much she never wanted to tell anyone. She understood Randy’s treatment of the trucker. And others, if that was what had happened. Hell, fuck it. You did what you could to survive.

Jasmine did too.

She put her water down, freeing her hands. Looked to the profile of the other girl’s head as she leaned against the side of the truck.

God, she was beautiful. Bizarre, but beautiful. With her tanned skin, her softly sloping features, and her choppy hair, the girl was a vision in moonlight. Randy had been kissed by every angel that meant anything, and brought to her by some twisted divinity.

Crawling toward the side to sit down next to her, Jasmine had no idea what kind of reception she’d get. It was the first time since she’d been committed that she’d felt so out of control; everything she was or could be rested with this stranger. But she had to say something.

“They all think I’m crazy.” She ran her palm over the side of the cold pickup, refusing to look at her beloved’s face. “I’ve had a few problems. But I’m nothing like what they think I am.”

Her peripheral vision registered the other girl turning her head, saying nothing as she watched her.

“I mean, I ain’t no killer.” Jasmine shook her head. “But nobody wants to talk to you after you been in the nut house. ‘Cept those fuckers that don’t want nothing but for you to make them come.”

Randy was still, stiller than she could remember anyone being.

Jasmine swallowed, staring at the ridged line of blankets at her feet. “I’ve made mistakes. But that doesn’t mean I’m no one.”

All the memories of everyone she’d ever been with penetrated her mind. Some of them stuck out. Al, the mohawked punk rocker. Eric, the reluctant Christian. Desiree, her first girl. And Jay, her father’s friend and owner of the bar she’d worked at. The guy who’d fucked another girl while they were still technically together. In front of her.

Like she meant nothing.

The truck bounced under her and she looked up as Randy swung her body over the side.

“You aren’t ‘no one.’” The other girl eased over to her, taking her hand and pulling it into her lap. “You’ve got to know that by now.”

It felt as though an ax lodged through her throat, through her chest. She could barely breathe, could do nothing but stare at the other girl. When she met her eyes, her gaze traveled down the curve of the other girl’s neck to her breasts.

“I do. Especially with you.” The admission sent goosebumps over her arms.

Randy’s intent features softened. Extending her arm, her fingers drifted over Jasmine’s cheek again, roaming forward until they found her lips. After hesitating there, they pushed in her mouth.

Jasmine cupped the two fingers with her tongue and closed her lips around Randy’s knuckles. Sucking gently, she felt the blood engorge her pussy lips and the trickle of wetness beginning deep inside of her. She watched the brunette’s gaze travel from her mouth to the rest of her body, and tried to anticipate the next move.

She circled her hand around the other girl’s thin wrist and pulled. Randy’s fingers skated down her tongue, backing out of her mouth until her lips pursed at the tip of those fingers and let go. “What are you thinking?”

Randy took a breath, her shoulders hitching with the inhale. Didn’t pull away. Didn’t break eye contact.

She wants me . The certainty flowed through Jasmine’s veins, sparked a smile over her face.

The vulnerability she’d felt a moment ago transformed. It had infected the other girl, her eyes round and open, her actions stunted.

Jasmine raised up on her knees. Freeing Randy’s wrist, she let her hand drift over the other girl’s button-down shirt before clenching it in her fists. She tugged up. Her lover rose, gasping and extending her arms as Jasmine pulled the loose top from her body.

She flung the shirt in the corner of the truck bed and reached forward, tracing the soft curves of her silhouette, transfixed by the beauty of the girl in front of her. Jasmine traced a finger down the welcoming cleavage, bumping over the little bow in the center of her black bra, and trailed down the line of her abs to the button of her skirt.

“You’re mine.” The words were out of her mouth before she could stop them as she unbuttoned the harsh fabric and lowered the zipper. “Tonight. Tomorrow. Forever.”

Flattening her hands against Randy’s smooth skin, she ran them around her ribcage to the bra hook at the back and unsnapped it. Those buxom tits quivered as the cups unleashed them. Staring at her chest, Jasmine slid the bra down her arms and let it drop to the side.

“God,” she whispered, taking the full, warm tits in her hands. “So fucking beautiful.”

Leaning down, she lay her head between the most perfect breasts she’d ever seen, squeezing the soft flesh and pushing them toward her to pillow her face. The girl moaned, fingers twining through her hair, and Jasmine turned her head to one side. She opened her mouth and licked over the swell of her breast, her lower lip dragging behind until meeting a peaked nipple.

She flicked her tongue back and forth, hardening it further and making Randy gasp before her lips closed around it. Sucking, licking, she squeezed her warm, heavy tits until Randy began to writhe. Then pulled away with a smack.

Jasmine looked into the brunette’s eyes. Stars surrounded her flushed face, twinkling from the dark sky over her rounded shoulders.

Glancing to the corner of the truck, she spotted an extra blanket she’d thrown there as she’d set up. She lunged for it, clutched it to her chest as she turned back to her.


She smiled. “I’m not done yet. Lay back.”

Randy sank down, her legs tucked underneath her as she looked at Jasmine.

Tossing the folded blanket behind the other girl, Jasmine put her hands on her shoulders, her eyes in line with hers. She eased her back, then tugged at her legs. Randy obliged, propping herself up by her elbows as she extricated her long legs and stretched them to either side of the blonde girl.

“Beautiful.” Jasmine ran her hand up the brunette’s smooth calves and thighs, then hooked her fingers over the waistband of her skirt. “Now lift.”

“Bossy.” A tentative smile was on Randy’s face as she pushed her hips in the air.

The skirt came off easily, as if it had been hardly hanging on Randy’s trim body. The panties slipped off, catching in the crux of her thighs before giving away with a gentle tug. Jasmine pulled both garments down the other girl’s toned legs, snatching them off as they dangled at her ankles, and looked over Randy’s body.

Now nude, the brunette tried to sit back up.

“No,” Jasmine said.

She froze.

Folding the skirt and panties into a perfect square, her rested on her lover. The plump little labia, parted with the tease of her thin pussy lips. Highlighted by the glint of moonlight reflecting her wetness.

“God fucking damn,” she whispered as she stared between her legs. “Put your head on that blanket behind you and scoot backward.”

Randy did as she asked, the quilt underneath both of them tugging at Jasmine’s knees with the movement. The other girl stopped just before her head hit the open tailgate. Never took her eyes off Jasmine.

“Farther,” Jasmine whispered.

She craned her head up at the expanse of desert around the mountain, and the stretch of night above them. Then turned to look at the bed of the truck before narrowing her eyes at Jasmine.

“Do you want me to hang my head off the truck?”

Jasmine crawled closer, slipping the folded skirt under her knees as she settled between her legs. “If you want to. But I at least want you on the tailgate.”


Her dark, peaked nipples caught her eye. She licked her lips and forced herself to meet the brunette’s gaze. “I’m going to lick and fuck every inch of your pussy, and when you can’t focus on me anymore, I want you to feel like you’re on the edge of the world. That’s where I’m going to bring you. Now. Scoot. Up.”

Wide eyed, Randy lifted her body, putting her weight on the blanket under her head, and slid back onto the tailgate. She stopped just as her head lined up with the edge.

“Your move, Jazz,” she said in a breathy tone.

Jasmine stretched across her body, trailing her fingertips over those breasts, flicking over her hard nipples and down her taut stomach to her hips. Curling one hand under Randy’s leg, she brought her free hand over the center of her abdomen and drew it south, building the pressure of her middle finger. She moved over the other girl’s mound, the landing strip of soft pubic hair, and penetrated the entrance of her slit.

Moaning, Randy lifted her hips, rising to meet the pressure, but Jasmine rose with her, preventing her from seeking her own orgasm.


The whimper made her smile. It fed the feeling of power inside her, the want to consume the girl. To be the catalyst that brought her to new dimensions. Slowly, sensually. So that she didn't forget who got her there.

Tracing over her hood and ignoring her clit, Jasmine slipped down her slit and ran her finger around the rim of her soaked pussy. She pulled away as Randy pushed back at her.


“You don’t control me,” Jasmine whispered. “I’m yours because I want to be. Not because I’ll do everything you want me to.”

“I know.”

Her finger stopped at the edge of her pussy, the heat unbearable. She felt too separated from Randy, too far away. Too clothed.

Shaking her head, she drew back. She ripped her top off, shook it from the tangle of her hair, and threw it to the side of the truck. She unzipped her shorts and pushed them down, exposing her naked pussy, before kicking them to rest next to her top.


Stripping off her chucks, she tossed them in the corner too, then dropped to her knees.

Breathe. Take it easy , she told herself. Put it into words and tell her.

“I am with you.” The words didn’t cut it, and she struggled to find the right ones as her fingers trailed the lines of Randy’s body. “Every fucking step of the way, I’ll match you. I will never leave you vulnerable. Unless I am too.”

The other girl’s lips trembled with a hitching breath, but she said nothing.

Jasmine traced up her inner thighs, rimmed her lubricated pussy once more, and dipped her finger inside. She held down Randy’s jumping hips with her free hand as she crooked her finger inside her. The soft walls inside her sucked her touch, licked her skin.

Her own cunt spasmed, the temperature rising in the vertex of her legs as cream trickled through her lips and onto her inner thighs.

Randy’s breath hitched again, mixed with a moan. Bringing her hands to her chest, the girl squeezed her ample breasts. Fondled them, tweaking her nipples as her hips rocked in Jasmine’s grasp.

Tongue rolling over her lips, Jasmine watched the brunette’s hungry pussy tremble around her finger. “Fuck, baby...”

The smell of pussy engulfed her senses as she leaned forward. Seizing Randy’s legs, her wet finger slipping over her skin, she extended her tongue. Tasted the cream of her core and dragged her lick up, parting the trembling cunt flesh until she felt the protruding button of her clit beg for her touch.

“Oh, God!” Randy squealed.

Jasmine sucked on her clit, kneading it with her tongue until the other girl’s legs twitched in her grasp. Letting go of one, she circled under her leg, joined two fingers together, and penetrated her steaming pussy again.

Randy moaned, her free foot slapping against the bottom of the bed. Grasping onto the side of the truck with one hand, the other smacked the tailgate underneath her.

Jasmine pistoned her fingers into her pussy, receiving a delectable sound of wet slapping as her knuckles rapped against her. Her own nipples tightened, everything inside her turned on and fighting to take Randy to places she’d never been before. She flicked her tongue faster.

The brunette’s moans increased, the high pitches rolling across the desert. Her hips bucked, arms thrashing and clinging to whatever they could find as she kicked backward, moving closer to the edge of the truck.

Inching after her, Jasmine immersed herself in bringing her to orgasm. Slicks of pussy juice dotted her chin with every drive of her fingers inside her.

“Fuck, fuck! Oh...” The screams got louder, higher as Randy’s head dipped off the tailgate. Her legs tightened around Jasmine, her vaginal walls gripped her fingers, and a wet stream exploded from her twat.

Jasmine tore her fingers from her cunt and gripped her hips to keep her from getting any further away. She broke for a gasp of air then pressed her face against Randy’s pussy and plunged her tongue inside her.

Those hips rose once again as Jasmine tongue fucked her spasming, soaking twat.

“Jasmine,” Randy said weakly between gasps. “Jasmine, stop. I can’t.. can’t take it anymore.”

Her pussy pulsed once more, and she pulled out of her. Her cunt juice protested, clinging to her lips and chin as she pulled away, only to break and crash against her face.

She looked up to see the sweat glistened skin of the girl she would never forget. The peaked nipples heaving as the girl tried to catch her breath.

Jasmine moved up her body, focusing on her breasts. Taking them in her hands, she rubbed her wet chin over a nipple, then licked the cream off, suckling her gently before doing the same to its twin.

Randy moaned. Her arms flailed, her stomach tightened. Then she relaxed, her fingers threading through Jasmine’s long hair. “Help me up.”

Giggling, Jasmine straddled her hips, her own moist cunt pressing against the other girl’s sweat soaked stomach. “Lift up your head and I’ll pull you back, okay?”


Jasmine worked her way between her legs again, leaving a trail of her own juice as she moved. Raising up, she gripped the other girl’s hips. “Now.”

Randy’s face appeared over the edge of the truck and Jasmine lifted and pulled her narrow hips until her snatch met her stomach again. She watched the girl’s chest rise and fall, the peace that had taken over her body.

I gave that to her.

The knowledge made her smile. Crawling over her legs, she lay down next to her, snuggled under her arm and rested her head on the pillow of her breast. Randy’s heart thumped next to her ear, an affirmation of life and everything sweet it could bring.

It made her feel peaceful too. For as long as it would last.

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