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Sex In The Woods

As we walk down the pine scented path through the woods I glance over at you. You seem a little pale and nervous, a slight smile plays on your lips. "You don't have to be nervous," I tell you smiling. "Here we are!" I say as we arrive in a small clearing with a gazebo standing in the middle. The gazebo is draped in gauzy airy curtains that when closed give the occupants complete and total privacy. There are huge jewel toned pillows tossed all over the floor, and comfy looking mattresses arranged in a careless manner.

I look at you again, your hair obscuring your face. You look so sweet and sexy I could just take you right now...but we decide to eat first instead. Almost as if by magic the branches part on the other side of the clearing and a small woman steps out with a platter of fresh fruit, cheese, and crackers. She sets them on a low table, bows her head and turns to leave silently. I lead you into the gazebo and settle across the table from you. We eat the delicious food for a while talking about usual, everyday things. As we giggle and talk I start finding it even harder to keep my hands to myself. Slowly you start to inch your way over to me until you are almost sitting in my lap.

I pick up a strawberry and gently tap your lips with it, teasing you. You giggle and follow the treat with your mouth as I taunt you. I put the berry in between my lips and invite you with my eyes to take a bite. As our lips touch ever so slightly I feel sparks and begin to tingle all over. I pull away a little and look into your eyes as I chew my piece of the berry. You take my hand and pull me closer to you, I lean in and kiss you gently. I trace your lips with my tongue and gently start to coax them apart. My hands slide around your back as our tongues touch and start flickering against each other. I can feel the feverish heat that is coming through your thin shirt and realize that you're not wearing any bra. I pull away and pull your shirt over your head, gasping as it reveals your perfect breasts. Your nipples are beautifully pink and inviting and I just can't help myself. I reach out and cup your left breast and bend my head to lick and tease your already hardening nipple. I take your right breast in my other hand and start to move in slow circles, gently massaging as I do so. I feel your hands fumbling with my shirt and I move so that you have better access. The gasp that escapes you as my shirt comes away from my body and shows my body to you makes me smile. I let my eyes close in anticipation and am soon rewarded when I feel your warm mouth close over my nipple. Smiling I tangle my hands in your hair and relax as you nibble my sensitive breast. I can’t believe I am lucky enough to be able to have you here in my arms. A small whimper escapes my mouth as you detach from my breast and start kissing down my belly. I feel the world begin to tilt as you kiss further and further down my stomach. "You are the first..." I whisper, gasping for breath. "I thought..." you trail off as you lay your head on my gently rounded belly and look up at me. "Well, I have had others, but I was always the giver...never the receiver," I sigh trying in vain to get the world to stop spinning around me. "We'll just have to rectify that, " you say looking at me devilishly from under lowered eyelids, as you begin kissing your way to my little piece of paradise. Flames of hot desire course through my body as you start to kiss the deep cleft. You part the lips and duck your tongue in, slowly at first then faster and faster. "OHHHHH LORD..." I breathe as you find the pulsing center of my heat. Your tongue flickers over it as you nibble it gently. The world goes white and fuzzy as I start to loose myself in the feeling. "I didn't know it could be this good," I moan as you slowly slide your first three fingers on your right hand into my dripping wet hole, continuing to hold my labia open with your left. As you lavish attention on my clit your fingers move rhythmically in and out of me. Such ecstasy I have never known before. My moans are getting louder and louder as you move faster and faster. I feel myself getting closer and closer, "You want me to cum?" I gasp. Your head nods and I start to let myself go. I tangle my fingers in your long hair and feel the silkiness under my hands. "Oh my god here it comes!!!" I yell out, your only response is to go faster. Suddenly a bright white light explodes in front of my eyes. I feel myself spinning out of control, and I just let go and float.

After a moment I come back to the earth and see your pretty face pillowed on my belly again, looking at me expectantly, "Was that good?" You ask as a smile plays on your face already knowing the answer. I smile at you "Your turn..." I say as I flip you onto your back and begin assaulting your lips with my own. I pull away to divest you of the rest of your clothes and come back to nibble on your sweet nipples. "More, more, MORE!" you moan as I make my way down your downy stomach to the light patch of hair covering the most delicious place on your body. I dive in and take your clit into my mouth. I suck and nibble enjoying the little sounds that you make and the sweet little whimpers that escape you. The taste of you is driving me wild. All I want is to make you feel as good as you made me feel. I flick my tongue in and out a few times. I smile at you as I sit up and lean over to grab the velvet bag that I had hidden there. I watch your eyes light up as I pull out a strap-on harness and a bright purple dildo. I buckle it on and grab the dildo and fit it into the harness. “Do you want it?” I ask as I lean forward and start to slide it inside you. You nod and start to whisper my name as I start to move in and out of your wonderful center. I watch your face as you climb your peak. Your moans fill my head and drive me wild. I can feel your body start to rock as you get to your climax. “I want to cum for you baby, are you ready for me?” you whisper in my ear. “Take it baby, take what you need.” Your moans get louder and louder and then suddenly you are there. I watch your face as you cum hard around my strap on.

I slide out and lay myself next to you. I slide the harness off and lay it aside as I cuddle up to you and take you in my arms. I sit up slightly and rearrange the pillows on the mattress that we are laying on and grab the blanket I had been saving for a while. I bury my nose in your hair and cuddle closer to you as I drift off into the land of nicely sated sleep.

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