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Shopping Trip Part IV

Not sure how long now I’ve been pinned against this fuckin’ wall but if I could yell I would have since I want to get dressed and get the hell out of this room. Oh great, I hear the store announcement saying that its closing in fifteen minutes and please exit as soon as possible. Well, this can’t be good. All I could do was make mmmpphh sounds and tap my knuckles against the dressing room wall. Finally, I hear someone enter the dressing area. The door opens to the room I’m sitting in and its an attractive woman about my age but she’s a bit thinner than me with long, wavy, auburn hair and green eyes with a nametag pinned on her blouse that says Kate. I’m so thrilled I will be untied and set free YAY! The look she gives me though makes me feel like I’m on complete display like a tasty pastry in the glass case at a bakery. I kinda squirm on the bench I am sitting on because something seems off and not quite right in this deal.

She approached me and without hesitation removed my thong panty gag out of my mouth. “Thank you” I said almost breathlessly with a noticeable sigh of tremendous relief, and she gave me a once over as I was sitting naked and still attached to the hook. “No, thank you, or maybe I should thank that man for the extra fifty he gave me to keep watch and make sure no one else entered the dressing room other than you for his playtime romp. Although, keeping you in here till the store closed was strictly my idea.” she responded with a seductive and scheming tone to her voice.

Uh oh. My brow furrowed and my mind was thinking that since I wasn’t free from my restraint there wasn’t much I could do about this situation, other than scream bloody murder and see if someone will rush in to help. Before I could even do that, she bent down and planted her soft lips right on mine and teased my lower lip with her tongue enticing me to open and let her explore more deeply. I was never into girl action, except maybe anything related to Megan Fox would be my only exception and rule to that idea. In general though I could appreciate a woman’s hot body or look but not feel any sexual urge or desire to fuck her cunt or lick her pussy.

She pushed her tongue inside my partially open mouth and slowly brushed her tongue over mine encouraging me to kiss her back. Tentatively, I flicked my tongue over hers to test the waters and she picked up on that nuance and increased her tempo and rhythm. Lust swelled in my body since I was left wanting and craving a sexual release. Our tongues twirled and met with heat and passion. My nipples perked and she pinched them as she plundered my mouth.

She stood upright and unbuttoned her blouse, unhooked her bra, and slid her skirt and panties off. I drank in her nude body with her rounder curves and smooth and silky flesh. Her breasts were smaller than mine but full and firm like perfect melons. She too was shaved and her cunt was wet and ready. She straddled me and pressed her body to mine, our breasts crushing into each other, and she grabbed my hair with her left hand pushing my head back to the wall holding it there. Tilting my head to the side, she looked into my eyes and her mouth came crashing down on mine almost in a bruising fashion. Our fires ignited and we kissed with hunger, discovering every crevice and tasting our excitement.

Her right hand was squeezing my left breast and pulling on my nipple, giving me jolts of pain. I broke contact with her and blew my breath in her ear, kissed her neck, and slowly licked my way down her carotid artery, giving her shivers. Her hands entwined mine and she used that as leverage to pull herself up slightly to give a better angle for me to suck on her tight nipples and lave her perky tits. Her breasts were now pushed into my face and I bit her erect points. She hissed, but I could tell she was hot and horny for more. I nibbled and sucked on each one and she let out small moans and then gasped when I rolled her dark pink crests between my lips and bit down hard with my front teeth. Her luscious breasts were now splotched purple against her creamy complexion as I marked and continually lashed them with my teeth and tongue. Easing her way back down to eye-level still straddling me; she thrust her tongue in my waiting mouth. Kissing her fired my desires to feel more; do more. Sensing this, she pulled away from my lips slowly and as she retracted, bit my lower lip with her teeth and tugged at it leaving it slightly puffy and swollen. She placed small butterfly kisses on my neck and got off my lap and kneeled in front of me on her knees. I licked my lips as she got off my lap and spread my legs far apart. She grabbed my distended nipples and twisted them in-between her thumb and fore-finger. I winced but my cunt reacted differently as my continuous flow of pussy juices wouldn’t stop seeping. She leaned in with her tits dangling down brushing against my inner thighs; so supple and sexy she looked when sweeping her tongue across my hard and pebbled points. Her hair was falling slightly in her face and I wanted so badly to run my fingers through her tresses.

It felt so fuckin’ good to have her sucking, licking and biting my breasts and stiff nipples. My chest was heaving as my breath was rapid. Thoughts of her touching my cunt to give me a mind-blowing orgasm crammed my mind and left no room for anything else. My pussy walls kept contracting with every hot lick and stab of her tongue. As she was tending to my breasts with her attentive mouth, her hand roamed downward and covered my cunt. She strummed her fingers over the top of my pussy and without much delay; her middle fingers separated my pussy lips. She slowly coated her fingers in my musky nectar and spread it in a slow circular pattern over my sweet spot. I moaned at her invasion as her fingers pushed into my wet hole and my inner walls gripped them, holding them prisoner. Plunging her slick fingers in and out of my steamy hole made me buck my hips forward into her hand so she could pump deep in my well. She trailed her moist tongue down my abdomen, past my navel and stopped right at my cunt lips.

I was dying to have her to slide her tongue inside and ravage my cunt. Suddenly she withdrew her fingers and put them to her succulent lips spreading my buttery liquid on them. While looking at me, she opened her mouth and sucked on her fingers, tasting my juices. Straightening-up while still on her knees, she rubbed her fingers against my lips, wanting me to open and share in the taste. My lips parted and I welcomed her slippery fingers in my mouth, licking and cleaning my honey off them. We kissed once more and she then wrapped her arms behind me and grabbed my ass to wrench my hips forward and lift them off the bench. My ass cheeks were cupped in her hands with my legs spread open; she looked up at me; gave me a witchy smile, dipped her head down, and glided her pink tongue into my secret folds.

My body jerked with each swipe of her tongue as she slid it along the inside of my slit and tenderly massaged my clit and cunt. She swept her tongue up and down the length of my starving pussy with soft caresses and tiny licks. Slurping sounds were emanating from her as she was swallowing my endless river of cunt fluids. Pressing down and enclosing my hot and inflamed pleasure button in her mouth she continued her quick strokes with her tongue which made me revel in unadulterated sexual bliss. Her flattened tongue was licking and making increasingly faster circular motions and I closed my eyes and slammed my head back, resting it against the dressing room walls. My hands were balled in tight fists and my wrists were working the belt as my legs began to quiver with the first inkling of my building climax. I was tingling and my entire body was burning. When she thrust her tongue in my fiery, sopping fuckhole I was swept away in blazing rapture, completely lost in paradise. The spasms of an off-the-chart orgasm were beginning to take possession of my body. I was moaning loudly and quaking in her hands when she lifted my hips up as far as she could and buried her face all the way into my soaked cunt. My legs closed in on her head, holding it there like a vise, as she arrowed her tongue in and out of my small channel and then retreated, only to dive in again and again, penetrating as deep as she could. She was eating me out like a hometown buffet and I was writhing and so so close to fucking cumming hard.

Backing off just a bit, she knew one more lap of her sweet tongue and I would have an exploding climax. Sure enough, she clamped down on my red, throbbing clit and I screamed as the rolling and thunderous swells of my orgasm smashed into me. I shuddered and trembled in her arms as my ass clenched up and my body tensed. Silky liquid gushed and streamed from my convulsing cunt.

Her mouth was still locked on my clit as she was drinking down all my sticky juices when the dressing room door flew open and now we were caught in the act by a security guard.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here.” He stated in a mildly mocking manner with the undertone of animal lust in his voice, as he took in the sight before him.

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