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Stuck On You

Stuck On You

"Whaddyamean stuck?"

Aghast, I strained my neck and peered down between my spread legs, where my girlfriend currently had her face buried in my wet and needy snatch. I'd been pretty close to cumming when my pre-orgasmic blissful build-up was rudely interrupted by her panicked mumbles about getting stuck.

For a second, various improbable medical nightmares ran through my head as I wondered if my vagina had gone all Venus Flytrap on her tongue. It was only when she tried to lift her head and I felt the tugging on my fairly new clit piercing that I realised what had happened. My clit piercing. Her tongue piercing.

Oh fuck.

Yes, we'd been drunk. It was one of those decisions which makes perfect sense after a gin or five and unfortunately we knew people who could make our drunken promises reality before we sobered up. I didn't even have my ears pierced for chrissake. What in hell's teeth made me agree to getting a needle stuck through my most tender, and honestly one of my fondest, areas was quite beyond sober me.

Anyway, there we were - five drunken gals gathered round at my friend, Erin's, one Friday night playing Cards Against Humanity. We’d just finished the game and were drinking, talking shit and having a giggle when Sophia, my girlfriend, announced she wanted a tattoo of me on her butt. This was met with howls of laughter and some derision. Okay, that was mostly from me, but come on, who wants to look at their own face while rimming your girlfriend?

“C'mon, Elle,” she slurred, her big brown eyes filling with fake (probably gin) tears. “Do you not love me?”

God, she had kissable pouty lips. Nevertheless, I rolled my eyes. Drunk and rational did not apply to Sophia.

“Baby, you know I do, but when Jennifer Lawrence has her inevitable non-straight meltdown you know I need to ditch you, right? What other girl is going to go to town on that ass if my face is plastered all over it?”

“Bitch.” She narrowed her eyes at me. “Okay if I can't get you on my butt, then can we get matching tattoos, please? They can be little ones. Just wee teensy ones no one will ever see.”

I grinned. “Well then what's the point? If it's not going to be seen if should at least have a function.”

Ah, those fateful words. How Sophia had the brainpower in her state to trick me I'll never know, but in a moment of drunken mastery she took my gin fuelled logic and used it against me.

“Well then, if it has to be small and unseen, but have a function, then why don't we get piercings. Just little ones... in special places.”

I opened my mouth to try and formulate an argument but it was too late. By this time, the little vixen had crawled onto my lap. Straddling me, she slipped her hand up my top to play with my nipple.

“You could get one here,” she whispered erotically in my ear, pinching it. “Or here...” Her hand slid down my tummy and sneaked inside my panties, fingers brushing teasingly over my clit. “We could get them for each other for Christmas. It's only a few weeks away. Please, Elle, please please please please please?”

Her fingers scraped harder against my clit and my rational brain fled. The conniving little minx had me right where she wanted me and when I breathlessly muttered okay, in a lustful drunken haze, she slid her hand out, licked her fingers and bounced off me triumphantly.

“Erin, she said yes! Go get the needle.”

Did I mention Erin was a tattoo and piercing specialist? With a home 'office'? Fuck!

One shower and a few shots of straight gin later, I was lying on Erin's couch with only a blanket to cover my modesty. To be honest, I didn't really care. I used to date Erin, casually, so we knew each others' bodies well enough, and she was still one of my closest friends. Despite the excitement of my bits getting pierced, Sam and Michelle had passed out in a drunken stupor on the other couch, so it was just the three of us.

I'm not sure if it was the alcohol or the anaesthesia, but I swear I didn't feel a thing until I woke the next day at home to slightly tender womanly parts. She'd gone for a little ring instead of the usual barbell and I rushed into the bathroom to try and get a better view in the big mirror. I had one leg up on the bath, sticking my pelvis out every which way when Sophia stumbled in, her brown eyes bleary and her hair sticking up hilariously.

“How'th it theem thith morning?”

I stared. How the fuck had I only just remembered she'd had her tongue pierced right after Erin was done with me? When I actually fell about laughing at her ridiculous attempts at talking she flounced out in a huff.

“Hey, Sophia,” I called after her, hands holding my aching sides. “Say 'sausages'.”

Thankfully, Sophia's tongue and my clit returned to normal after a couple of weeks. We’d resisted most sexual stuff in that time, just in case anything happened, so we had a big night planned for Christmas Eve.

I love Christmas. I'm talking full on starry-eyed wonder here. The tree, decorations, festive recipes, cards, presents. And the lights. The endless fairy lights. I couldn’t help myself. They were so happy and colourful.

Neither of us was working on Christmas Eve so we had a pretty lazy day, listening to Christmas tunes and making gingerbread cookies to take to my parent's house the following day, whilst teasing each other at every available opportunity. It was a game we liked to play sometimes. Set a time for action to start so that we were both majorly worked up by the time the clock struck sexy time.

Sophia had told me she had 'made plans' so when the clock struck 8pm and I was prematurely on top of her on the couch, sucking on a hard nipple and attempting to undo her jeans, she wriggled out from underneath me and got off the couch a little breathlessly.

“Bad Elle. Gimme five minutes and then come upstairs,” she grinned as she backed towards the door, blowing me a kiss.

I flopped back on the couch, scowling in frustration. What on earth did the little minx have in store?

The bedroom door was closed when I got upstairs, so I knocked. Sophia had a flair for drama, so if she wasn't ready, I'd be in trouble.

“Two seconds.”

She finally opened the door. Naked. Well, mostly naked. She'd decorated herself like a Christmas tree.

“Oh my god!” I grinned in delight as I walked round her. She had tied tinsel to herself, wrapped some fairy lights round her waist and had baubles dangling from her ears.

“Ta-dah'” she sang, grinning at me like a loon. “I know you love Christmas, so thought you might want to unwrap me, but first...”

She held out some more tinsel and baubles.

“Clothes off.”

In seconds I was naked, with tinsel in places I never thought tinsel would go. Sophia pushed me gently back onto the bed and clambered on top of me, sitting on my waist. She was so beautiful, all petite with those dark eyes, twinkling in the fairy light.

“I'm gonna give you a present to remember," she whispered, tying my wrists to the headboard with tinsel. I shivered. We’d experimented with a lot of stuff and she knew that tying me up added an extra thrill for me.

She moved so she was between my legs and lifted my ankles to her shoulders. I laughed as she hung baubles from my toes, but I was getting a little distracted by her sitting between my spread thighs. She saw me wriggling and grinned.

“You're getting wet aren't you? You know I'm about to kiss my way up your legs and dive into that tasty pussy of yours.”

I wriggled more. That girl could eat pussy like she was starved and to be fair, we’d just had a couple of lean weeks in that department. I groaned as, true to her word, she kissed her way up my thighs, but prolonged my torment by bypassing my pussy and softly kissing my tummy, then my breasts. She tugged on my nipples with her teeth, then sucked them deep into her mouth, so I could feel her piercing pressing against them as she rolled her tongue over them.

“Fuck,” I gasped out, hands clenching. “It’s been too long, baby. I almost feel I could cum from that alone.”

“Oh no you don't, I've got plans for you to cum all over my face.”

With that, she released my breast and trailed kisses down my tummy to my smooth mound.

“Mmm,” she purred, as she settled into the task at hand. “Hello, my pretty kitty, where have you been. And what do we have here?”

I'd been grinning at her insistence of talking to my pussy, but that changed to a gasp when she tugged on my piercing.

“Oh, you like that, don't you? You're so wet. I like when you're this wet. More for me to savour.”

Her tongue snaked its way into my tight hole and I groaned loudly. I could feel her piercing and felt like the naughty princess from the fucking pea story. How could such a little thing make such a difference? It was exquisite, her soft tongue and the hard piercing lapping at my neglected pussy. When she trailed her tongue up and licked around my clit, I lost all coherent thought. I was about to cum big time. She was playing with my piercing, flicking it with her tongue and I could feel the orgasm building. I started moaning aloud and was just at the edge of reason when I realised she was mumbling something.

“Whaddyamean stuck?”

Aghast, I strained my neck and peered down between my spread legs. It was only when I felt the tugging on my clit I realised she'd gotten the ball of her tongue piercing lodged through the ring of my clit hoop.


Desperately, I tried freeing my wrists, but turns out tinsel only breaks when you don't want it to. She was still wiggling about between my legs, trying to detach herself from my snatch. I'll admit I got a little hysterical before I managed to calm down. Visions of hospitalisation with everyone watching as we were rushed to the emergency room, laughing and taking videos on their phones was enough of an incentive to force me to calm down and think straight.

“Right, Sophia baby, you got it in there, you have to be able to get it out! Try wiggling your tongue about from side to side, gently and see if that works.”

I'll admit my advice sounded great, but obviously I'd forgotten how close to orgasm I'd been. When she started wiggling again it came back with a vengeance.

“Oh god.”

I tried, I honestly did, but I couldn't hold it back. She was working her tongue from side to side in such a determined way that I had no chance.

“Shit, Sophia, I'm sorry, I'm cumming!”

My voice tried off into a wail as her tongue and the insistent tugging on my clit sent me into spasms of ecstasy. It was a big one too and as much as I tried to keep still, I couldn't.

Thankfully though, my orgasm had done what her patient wiggling hadn't and jerked the two of us free from each other. She sat up, wet-faced, wild eyed and panting almost as much as me as I recovered from my pretty mind-blowing orgasm.

“Next year,” she declared resolutely as she reached to unscrew her barbell, “we’re getting each other tattoos.”

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