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The Babysitter

The Babysitter

A girl discovers lesbian love with her former baby sitter

The market place was bathed in sunshine as Claire trundled her suitcase behind her. She pushed the heavy glass door to the Starbucks, and surveyed the choice of drinks behind the counter. Claire had just completed her first semester and was looking forward to meeting up with some of her friends and making the most of the summer.



As she was ordering her coffee, she received a call from her Mum, who she thought, had just returned home from a holiday in Cyprus with her Dad.


“Hi Mum.”


“Darling, where are you?”


“In Starbucks. I’ll be there in a bit. Is everything okay?”


“That’s the thing. We’re not there.”




“The airline staff are all on a 24 hour strike and with the backlog, we won’t be home till Sunday night.”


“Oh no! Where you going to stay?”


“We’re all right, darling, but what about you?”


“Oh, I’ll sort something out. Someone’ll be home.”


“OK, but let me know. Honestly, you and keys. You need to hang ‘em round your neck.”


“I know. What am I like?! Sorry, Mum, I’ve got to go, I’m paying for a coffee.”


“All right, I’ll let you go, but let me know you’re sorted.”


“I will, bye Mum and say hello to Dad.”


“Yes, bye!”


Claire took her coffee to a table by the window. She had looked forward to seeing her folks and now she was lumbered with having to find a friend to stay with. She looked through the contacts on her phone when there was a tap on her arm.




Claire turned round quickly to see an attractive young woman with long, dark hair greeting her. The woman’s face was etched with anticipation.


For a second or two Claire was at a loss and then the penny dropped.


“Oh my God! Tanya!”


Claire jumped up and gave the woman a huge hug.


“I can’t believe it, I thought you’d moved abroad,” said Claire, holding Tanya’s hand affectionately.


“I did. But now I’m back. You must be… nineteen now?”


“I’m still eighteen. I’m like the baby of my circle.”


“Awww. I’ve got my drink over there.”


“I’ll join you,” said Claire, excitedly.


“No, you’ve got your luggage, I’ll come over to you.”


Claire had completely forgotten about her task of finding somewhere to stay for two nights and just wanted to catch up with her old friend. She had been just nine when she last saw Tanya and then Tanya’s father had landed a job overseas. Claire had changed quite a bit in the intervening years, but something in her mannerisms, must have left a mark on Tanya’s subconscious.


“I’m just trying to work out how long it’s been,” said Claire.


“Well, I’m twenty five now, so it must be nine years!”


“Nine years! Wow!”


“I know. How’s Patricia and Dan?”


“Oh they’re fine. They’ve just finished… oh shit!”


“Ha ha what?”


“Their flight got cancelled. They’re in Cyprus. I’ve got to find somewhere to stay.”


“Oh poor you!”


“I know, I could have managed for a couple of days and everything, but I lost my key!”


“You can stay with me!”




“Yes, I’m only just the other side of Westfield Park.”


“Well if it’s okay, it would be great!”


“Consider it sorted, Claire Bear.”


“Ha ha ha, not heard that for years!”


“Nine years, in fact!”


“Ha yeah!”


Suddenly, Claire’s day had been transformed from a minor crisis into a mini holiday and she felt relaxed and amazingly happy to have been reacquainted with Tanya after all those years. It was odd, seeing her as a woman. Her last memory was going to the cinema with Tanya and Tanya’s Mum. That felt like a life time ago. It was like it was Tanya, but not Tanya.


“You’ve changed loads,” said Claire.


“In a good way, I hope!”


“Of course in a good way. Have I changed?”


“Well yes. I mean you look older, but you’re the same old Claire. I was like ninety nine percent sure it was you, but those hazel eyes were the give away.”


“Awww thanks. I can’t believe I’ve met up with you after all this time!”


“I know, it’s fate, it must be. Whatever, I’m glad. I’ve got a million and one things to ask you!” exclaimed Tanya.


“Me too. I was always asking the questions when I was younger.”


“You were a chatterbox, you mean!”


“I know. They were fun times!”


The world came and went, as Tanya and Claire exchanged reminiscences. Tanya occupied such a fond place in Claire’s memory. Someone whom she looked up to. She was the cooler, older girl who always had time for Claire and her childish observations and rubbish jokes.


“Eh, do you remember that gale?” asked Tanya, recalling a particularly eventful time from their past.


“Oh yeah! I was terrified. Like the house was going to blow down or something.”


“I know. My room was on the top floor then. It was a bit scary when I got home.”


“I think I cried,” admitted Claire.


“I think you did. I was a bit scared too, but I was meant to be the grown up.”


“Ha ha, yeah I guess. And that time you made the toaster blow up!”


“Well who has toast at bed time. I forgot!”


“It was funny!”


“You say that now, but I didn’t think your Mum and Dad would let me look after you again!”


“Ah no, you were the best. They knew that. It was never the same when you went.”


“Awww Claire.”


“They never found anyone to replace you, really. I went to my Nan’s and stuff but they just didn’t go out, mainly.”


Tanya looked pleased and beamed with pride, but laid it on, which made Claire giggle.


For the first time, Claire allowed herself to take stock of Tanya, who was in a denim skirt and black pantyhose. Her top was a white cotton vest and she had quite ample, shapely boobs. Claire was herself not overly developed in that department but was satisfied with her B cup, as they were nice and up-tilted.


Tanya’s brown eyes and sense of humour were the most resounding features in Claire’s memory. Her brown hair though, looked a lot longer than she remembered.


“Are you working?” asked Claire.


“Yes, I’m based at the university. I’m the head librarian.”


“Ah that’s good. I’m reading English.”


“Yes, you were always good at English, Claire.”


“I was okay.”


“Anyway, if you’re good, we can go to mine. I made some pasta last night. There’s tons left.” Tanya stood up, slipping her arm through the handle of her handbag.


“Yeah, that sounds amazing,” agreed Claire.


The two friends headed out into the warm afternoon sun and crossed the town square, to where Tanya had parked. On the way to Tanya’s place, Claire’s mind was a jumble of thoughts and memories. On those evenings when Claire’s parents were out on the town or whatever, she and Tanya had formed an important bond. Their memories were inconsequential, in the scheme of things, but to Claire, those two years, when she was eight and nine, were an important period in her childhood. It was like having a big sister once or twice a month. The age gap meant that in reality, they had little in common at the time, but to Claire, Tanya was precious.


Nine years later, the age difference had been swallowed up by Claire’s adulthood and time had equalized them to a degree. Life experience aside, they were now two young women and their conversation was not limited to Claire’s narrow view of the world. Tanya’s relative maturity and her faux teenage wisdom had been left behind and was now part of their history.


Tanya pulled up at her house and parked on the small tarmac drive way, which was bordered on one side by wall flowers and the odd, stray dandelion. There was a postage stamp lawn between the drive and the house.


“How long have you lived here?” asked Claire.


“About six or seven months.”


Both girls lifted her suitcase over the doorstep with a heave.


“What you got in here? The kitchen sink.”


“Just my stuff and there's one or two books.”


“You’ve brought your studies on holiday?”


“I just enjoy it. I read a lot.”


Tanya raised an eyebrow.


“I’ll show you around. The spare room is a bit of a tip, but it’s decorated. My Mum sleeps in there when she’s over.”


“Okay, I’m sure it’s fine. It’s really kind of you to put me up, Tanya.”


“That’s all right, it’s my pleasure.”


Tanya had her first good look at Claire, who was in her baggy grey T shirt and black leggings, which were on the see-through side, meaning her white panties were showing through. To compensate for what she lacked in buxomness, Claire made up for in other ways and Tanya silently admired her pert, round butt.


Claire followed Tanya up the stairs, when it was her turn to look at the older girl’s legs and bum.


“Bathroom and shower in there and that’s your room.”


Claire peered into the bathroom cursorily and then went into the spare room.


“Oh this is okay!”


“It’s a bit of a dump,” admitted Tanya.


“No, it’s fine. It’s bigger than my room at uni.”


“Well, that’s not saying much!”


“Ha ha yes. I’ll undo my case and just bring up my stuff as I need it, if that’s all right.”


“Yeah, whatever. I’ll let you unwind. You must be done in, after your journey.”


“Actually, I might have a snooze. It’s lovely in here.” Claire sat on the bed and bounced up and down.


“You do that. Just yell if you need anything.”


“Thanks, I will.”


Claire drew the curtains, to bring a cooling, sleepy atmosphere to the room and soon nodded off. It was one of those long, refreshing naps, which recharge the batteries.


She opened her eyes and hour or so later to find that Tanya and laid a few of her things on the linen chest, along with fresh towels. Claire was full of appreciation for the hospitality and thoughtfulness of her friend as she picked up a fluffy pink towel and rubbed it against her face. She was comforted by the sweet, posy-like softener and walked through to the bathroom for a shower. She undressed and fiddled with the hose and temperature controls but was unable to get the water to change from a weak, tepid dribble.


“Oh… ummm. TANYA!”


A few seconds later Tanya came trotting up the stairs, and Claire picked up her towel and half-heartedly wrapped it around her body. 


“Is it the water? I should have said. You have to adjust them both together like this.”


As Tanya adjusted the wheel and lever, the water came at full force, shooting hot water at Claire who squealed and stumbled, just supporting herself on the sink. At the same time, her abrupt movement caused her towel to fall away. As Tanya secured the shower head, she looked at Claire and gazed over her perfect young body. Her breasts were small but impossibly pert with succulent areolae. Her slim waist and toned tummy, led Tanya’s eyes to Claire’s neatly trimmed pubes and her protruding inner lips. It only lasted a matter of seconds, but Tanya smiled nervously and Claire looked away, embarrassed and gathering up her towel.


“Anyway, it’s all sorted now. Just twist that.”


“OK, thank you, Tanya.”


Tanya looked round as she closed the door and got a glimpse of Claire’s unblemished, peachy ass, as the younger girl stepped into the shower.


Claire was soon enjoying her soapy shower and rinsed the lather away, now used to the fiddly shower and had got the force just right force. She aimed the water at her girlie bits and began to enjoy herself, when her thoughts returned to Tanya. She stopped and wondered what she was doing, masturbating with Tanya in her mind. Tanya must have seen plenty of girls naked, like she had herself. At the uni and at the gym it was normal, so why did she sense that Tanya had ‘noticed’ her? Claire had no particular hang-ups over nudity, but it had felt odd suddenly baring herself unexpectedly to Tanya. A combination of respect and diffidence meant that she had guarded against parading around the bathroom in the nude when Tanya had appeared, even though she knew she had nothing to hide, really


The heat of the day had waned and the sun played hide and seek with the fluffy white clouds, which hung in the western horizon when Claire joined Tanya in her kitchen. Claire had put on a crimson top and light blue jeggings, her hair damp and tousled this way and that. Tanya was blitzing some fruit in a blender and was dropping pieces of banana down the tube when Claire appeared.


“I was just making a smoothie, would you like some?”


“A smoothie would be amazing, thanks. Tanya?”




“Ummm… nothing, it’s okay. I forgot.”


Tanya gave a little laugh, but had an idea that Claire had something on her mind.


“Were the smellies to your satisfaction?" Asked Tanya.


“Oh yes, perfect, ta.”


“Good. There you go, one raspberry, blueberry and banana smoothie.”


“Ooh amazing, thanks.”


The two girls stood face to face in the kitchen, straws in mouth, enjoying the cool, refreshing mixture. Claire found herself studying her friend, whose ample breasts created shapely mounds under her white vest. She wondered what Tanya’s breasts were like. They were so much bigger than her own and imagined herself touching them through Tanya’s top, just to satisfy her curiosity.


“Hmmm… the blueberries come through, don’t you think?" observed Tanya. But Claire’s mind was elsewhere.






“The blueberries!”


“What about them!”


“Are you okay?”


“Yes. No. Tanya, can I ask you a question?”


“Yeah, sure.”


“I don’t know if I should be asking you this, Tanya but, if you think about another girl, you know in that way, does that make you a lesbian?”


Tanya turned, in case she showed a reaction and busied herself, pretending to fiddle with the blender. She hadn’t expected this and she needed a second or two to gather her thoughts.


“Does thinking about girls, make you a lesbian?” Tanya reiterated. Well, it might do, but not definitely. It all depends.”




“Everyone has thoughts like that from time to time, it’s being bi-curious, probably.”


“Yes. It’s not that I hate guys or anything. I just… I don’t know, I feel happy with girls and sometimes I think… about things.”


In some ways, Tanya was honoured that Claire should choose her to open up to about such things. It was like she was being called upon once again to be the authoritative older girl. It was a role not easily shaken off. Nine years ago, Tanya knew everything, even if she had sometimes made it up. But as it happened, this was a subject upon which she could speak with some authority. Tanya’s own sexuality was not something she was ashamed of, but she was suddenly very conscious of it. A preference for girls was something she had been aware of for years. After a couple of brief relationships with guys, she had met a similarly inclined woman at a party and found the sex more fulfilling than she could have imagined. Talking to Claire about sexual matters was a bit tricky, but they were both grown up now, and it wouldn’t be right to fob her off.


“It’s normal to be curious,” she said. “I take it that you never acted upon your feelings?”


“No, never. The thing is, I only dated this one guy. His name was Stuart, when I was seventeen. He was okay, but when he kissed me, I didn’t enjoy it and he wanted to do stuff, but I wasn’t ready.”


Tanya listened, intently.


“But then there was a party, at uni. It was a fresher’s thing, and these two girls were kissing and I thought it was really hot!” Claire giggled nervously.


“But you didn’t get to kiss a girl?”


“Another girl? No. But I… I don’t know. Anyway, sorry for asking…”


“It’s okay, Claire.”


Tanya reached out and stroked Claire’s arm, reassuringly. Claire was worried that she had created a scene, making herself look silly. Sensing this, Tanya hugged her young friend, warmly. As they un-hugged Tanya looked at Claire. Her eyes were glassy and full of emotion. For a second they stood so close that Tanya could feel Claire’s breathing. It was one of those times when words were redundant as the girls were lost in their thoughts, embracing the silence. Claire reached out and touched Tanya’s hand. Slowly and tentatively they edged closer together, until their lips were almost touching. Then they kissed.


Claire held Tanya’s hand more tightly and pulled her closer with the other and responded, instinctively pressing her tongue into Tanya’s mouth.


Tanya was the first to break the clinch.




“What happened there?” said Claire.


“I’m sorry, Claire.”


“Are you? You’re sorry you kissed me?”


“No. I don’t mean that. ”


“Can we do it again?”


“Claire, I...”


“I keep thinking about your boobs.”


“Eh?” said Tanya, completely thrown off course.


The words had left Claire’s lips before she had chance to engage her brain, but it was too late to take them back.


“Ever since we met, I noticed your boobs and I never wanted to touch another girl’s boobs so much. But then I thought it’s you, and how can I even think that with Tanya. I mean it’s just wrong and now I’m just mixed up!”


“Claire, slow down, it’s all right.”


“I’m sorry. I’m being stupid.”


“No you’re not. Let’s go in there and sort this out.”


Claire smiled sweetly and they both went into Tanya’s living room. Tanya sat down with one leg bent under the other. Claire plonked herself next to Tanya and sat a little stiffly. Tanya spoke soothingly and brushed Claire’s hair with the back of her hand.


“Relax, Claire. Let’s just rewind a little and tell me what’s on your mind.”


“I don’t know. It’s hard to know where to start.”




“I have these fantasies. When I was in the shower…”


“We all fantasise in the shower, darling.”


“…I thought about you. I started to think about what it would be like if… you had been there. But that’s wrong, isn’t it?”


“Wrong? No, it’s not wrong, Claire.”




“I understand, darling.”


“You do?”


“Yes. The thing is, I have those feelings.”


“I thought you were into guys!”


“Not really. They’re all right, but I prefer girls.”


“Oh. I didn’t realise. Have you slept with a girl?”


“Of course I have. I’ve not had any long relationships or anything, I like my independence.”


“How many girls have you been with?”


“A few. four in total.”


“Wow! That’s amazing!”


“It is, actually.”


Claire looked away because she could feel her face blushing slightly.


“So now you know,” said Tanya, nudging Claire with her elbow.


Claire’s face a multitude of emotions and Tanya could tell she was looking for the right thing to say.


“Is it better now that’s off your chest,” said Tanya. Tanya placed her hand on top of Claire’s, and then she brushed the hair away from her young friend’s face.


“Come on missy,” what’s up?


“I just wished things were different!” said Claire.


“What do you mean? What things?” Tanya stroked Claire’s arm as she spoke.


“You and me.”


“Oh I see! But that was then and this is now,” said Tanya with feeling.


Claire nodded slowly, as she comprehend the point. Tanya smiled and gently stroked Claire’s arm, sending a rash of goose bumps along her skin. She traced her fingers gradually upwards until she reached her shoulder and revolved her hand making circles on Claire’s top, just below her neck.


“That’s nice,” said Claire, with a shudder.”


“How do you feel, now?” asked Tanya.


“I feel relaxed and happy and you know, nice.”


“You don’t mind me touching you?”


Claire blinked and shook her head.


“I like it. It’s soothing.”


Tanya allowed her hand to wander slowly over Claire’s top, following the ridge of her clavicle and then making a move due south. Tanya looked into Claire’s eyes as her hand brushed her breast. Claire hadn’t put on a bra after her shower and let out a soft gasp as Tanya gently caressed her boobs through her thin top. Her nipples were becoming erect and she gazed back into Tanya’s eyes, conveying her pleasure at the same time.


“This isn’t how Stuart touched you, is it?”


“No… no, he just groped me. This is different.”


“Would you like to touch me?”


“Yes! Your boobs are so lovely.”


“I think it would be a lot better if we weren’t wearing these,” said Tanya, grabbing the hem of her top.


Claire’s eyes were trained on Tanya, as the older girl pulled her vest over her head. Tanya had a fulsome bust and ample cleavage. She took Claire’s hand, and guided it to her breasts and stroked Claire’s fingers between the soft crevice of her tits. Claire licked her lips as the soft flesh surrounded her fingers. She loved the lacy texture of Tanya’s bra and the contrast with her breasts. Claire continued to stroke the soft mounds of cleavage as Tanya reached behind her back and un-clipped the brassiere. Her boobs bounced into view. She had firm, erect nipples that were shaped like a baby’s teat.


“Aaah they’re so beautiful!”


“Thank you, Claire.”


Claire weighed Tanya’s boobs in her hands before kneading her fingers into the flesh. They quivered between her hands, as the younger girl squished them together.


“Let’s get your top off, so I can see those lovely boobs again,” said Tanya.


Claire started at the word ‘again’ realising that this wasn’t like the impromptu flash of earlier, but a purposeful, sexual display of her breasts. After stripping off her top, Tanya cupped Claire’s breasts one at a time, squeezing the flesh, so that her nipples ‘oozed’ between her fingers like two big juicy cherries. Claire closed her eyes and breathed deeply as her body tingled with pleasure.


“You have lovely tits, Claire.” Tanya sighed, fondling her young friend’s breasts, lovingly.


“They’re small.”


“They’re not that small, darling." 


Tanya sat up and pressed herself against Claire, so that their breasts rubbed together. Then she squeezed them together and teased her nipples against Claire’s, drawing a murmur of delight from her young friend. Being now so close, the playful sexiness of their boob play intensified as Tanya looked into Claire’s eyes, running her fingers through her long, brown hair. The decision to kiss was instinctive and mutual. But this time it was deeper and more passionate. Tanya’s hands slid down as they kissed, until they came to rest on Claire’s bottom. Her tongue was searching Claire’s mouth, licking the inside of her lips – biting and nibbling as Claire probed Tanya’s mouth with her own tongue.


The unusual feelings that Claire had begun to experience were now settling into a wonderful, constant hum of pleasure. The more she kissed Tanya and the more Tanya touched her, the better it became. They remained, kneeling on the sofa, Claire contented to do whatever the older girl wished, submitting to her touches and her and kisses. Tanya’s lips began a journey down Claire’s body, in tiny steps, each one ending with a kiss. From her shoulder she moved down her side, occasionally pausing to lick her taut, smooth stomach.


Tanya’s lips were like butterflies, dancing across Claire’s skin. Inch by inch, Tanya used all her experience to pleasure and tease the young girl. Claire had a flutter in her stomach when eventually, Tanya closed her lips around Claire’s juicy nipples. Claire sighed deeply and emitted a long mew of pleasure as she discovered the sensitivity and ecstasy of having another girl sucking her breasts. Her left hand strayed between her legs, where the gusset had become warm and sticky with her juices.


Tanya pushed Claire back into the sofa and sat astride her waist, pushing her boobs into Claire’s face. Claire’s tongue rolled along the silky flesh underneath Tanya’s nipples. Tanya swayed from side to side, brushing her nipples across Claire’s lips, playfully, urging her to suck them. Claire suckled on Tanya’s boobs alternately, filling her mouth with tit as she fondled the other.


After a pleasurable session on the sofa, Tanya stood up and held out a hand.


“Let’s go upstairs, Claire and get really cosy.”


Claire stood up, taking Tanya’s hand and the older girl led the way to the main bedroom. Tanya unzipped her skirt as they kissed in the doorway. She ran her hands over Claire’s leggings, feeling her pert behind – digging her fingers into her bum. As Tanya’s skirt slipped to the floor, Claire reciprocated, sliding her hands over the smooth pantyhose, which clad her friend’s legs and bum.


Tanya guided Claire to the bed and helped her off with her skin tight jeggings. As they were peeled of, Tanya had a perfect view of Claire’s pussy. It was deliciously pink and juicy. Tanya knelt on the bed and parted Claire’s legs, stroking the inside of her thighs at the same time.


“Such a pretty pussy.”


“Do you think so,” said Claire.


“Hmmm… I do!”


Tanya took the elasticated top of her pantyhose and rolled them down. Her pussy was neatly shaved into a narrow landing strip of dark pubic hair. Her crack was neat and richly pink. Claire gazed at Tanya’s body as the older girl made a V with her fingers, framing her own pussy, squeezing the labia together, teasingly. Claire touched herself at the same time, her fingers sliding between her moist slit, upwards towards her sensitive little clitoris. Tanya shuffled closer to her friend and then lay beside her. They kissed again and as they did so, Tanya’s left hand strayed down Claire’s body, her fingers tip-toeing along her stomach and down to her treasure trove. Her hand met Claire’s and at first she followed her friend’s movements but then gradually her fingers went further until Claire withdrew and Tanya’s fingers entered her sweet pussy.


Tanya worked her fingers round and round, stroking and massaging simultaneously. Claire’s pussy was wet and glistening, as Tanya parted the lips with her fingers. Dragging her fingers up Claire’s pubic mound, she lifted the hood revealing Claire’s sexy little love button. Tanya slithered down the bed, trailing her hands along Claire’s body, until she lay flat on her belly between the young girl’s legs.


Claire shivered, whining through her fingers as her pussy was being nuzzled by Tanya. Tanya’s tongue was lapping the full length of Claire’s pussy, parting her sweet petals, delving into the sweetness and giving Claire the complete treatment. Tanya’s thumb vibrated against Claire’s clitty as she licked, pleasuring Claire in every way and drawing long, urgent moans from the young girl. The older girl used all her experience to satisfy Claire’s desires – to open her eyes to the wonders of lesbian love.


She sped up the stimulation of Claire’s clit, stroking and slapping her as she licked and stroked her friend’s pussy with her tongue. Claire was gasping and moaning, her body trembling as Tanya continued in the same rhythm. Claire gripped the headboard behind the bed. Tanya was giving her sensations that she never knew were possible. Her young pussy was so wet, the juices beginning to flow towards her anus as Tanya took her to and beyond the throes of her teen orgasm. Claire came with her cries of pleasure uncontrollable- her whole body shaking feverishly where she lay.




Tanya lay next to Claire and they kissed tenderly, their hands clasped together.


“Was that good, Claire?”


“It was beautiful and incredible.”


“It was my pleasure, honey. You can return the favour, later if you like. But only if you wish.”


"No, I want to. “Tanya?”


“Yes, darling?”


“Thank you for being you.”


“Awww Claire, you’re such a sweetie.”


Tanya cuddled her friend, getting as close as possible.


“Do you want to go for a walk later?” suggested Tanya.


“Hmmm… when we’ve laid here for a bit.”


“OK, just as you like.”




Claire said her farewells on the Sunday, holding back the tears, as Tanya dropped her outside her Mum’s house.


“We can keep in touch?!”


“You bet we can!” said Tanya.


“I don’t want to lose you now I’ve found you again!” Claire smiled broadly, wiping away a tear.


“We’ll always be friends, Claire, you and me. But be happy and go get that pussy at uni!”


“Ha ha I will!”


“Be sure to let me know all the details though!”


Claire chuckled.


“Yeah, I will - promise.”


“Okay, enjoy your holiday, darling.”


“Thank you.”


Claire got out of the car and waved, as her friend drove off. Then she walked up the neat, rose-bordered driveway, trundling her suitcase behind her and knocked on the door.



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