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whatever Lola wants...

Lola's friend was performing at the bar we went to that night, she was a beautiful Brazilian girl, tall but extremely voluptuous, with wide hips, bouncy ass and large breasts just jiggling about in front of her as she turned upside down on the pole. Her many moves included a slow sensuous climb up the pole then turning upside down and spreading her legs apart in to a perfect split.

Lola looked extremely attractive that night, her dark eye make up made her eyes look deep and sensual, her lips were blood red and shiny, her out fit tiny. I must say I was impressed when she walked up to me outside the bar. She looked confident less of the slightly dazed look and more sure of herself.

Her friend introduced herself as Dita, I felt an instant attraction. Lola and Dita danced on the dance floor, first in front of each other then back to back, dirty dancing, I went over and joined them, the music was slow and they danced a sensously dirty latin ramba, Lola stood firm while Dita danced around her she lifted her right leg split to the right and then rested it on Lola's shoulder, wow impressive. I just danced a slow salsa around them and then Lola held my hand and dragged me in for a threesome. I enjoyed myself learning new steps and dancing as dirty as I  can, liberated and feeling extremely horny, I headed outside to call my date from the night before, maybe he maybe up for a booty call?

The night was pleasantly cool, and the breeze was just right, it fluttered around my legs and lifted my frilly short skirt, and caressed my bare pussy. felt good, I stood there for a moment in the bar's beer garden, no one was a round, I didn't care if anyone noticed my bare ass as the breeze continued to blow. I felt a warm body behind me and I moved forward and turned around, it was Lola, good old Lola, still watching me! She looked so sexy with her hair down, I went up to her and brushed her hair from her forehead...

Lola held my hand and kissed it tenderly, she lead me to sit on one of the garden tables, I smelt the raw earth around us and was excited and curious as to Lola's new found confidence. Lola kissed me tenderly and I kissed back, she brushed my hair back and slid her hand underneath my top and massaged my breasts, they grew firm and my nipples pointy, she said ' can I taste you? I have wanted to from the first moment I met you' I breathed out a ..'yes.'' ....she slipped my top off over my head and lifted my skirt around my hips, she told me to lie back and poured the rest of her southern comfort on my pussy and slurped it off me, her tongue licking every inch of my pussy and her hands lifting my thighs up and spreading my legs apart. The feeling was surreal, I was in painful agony of needing to be fucked and was incredibly horny, she licked and sucked my clit and thrust her extremely long tongue into my pussy...I smelt Dita's perfume as she walked up and sat next to me and I sat up with a jerk, feeling unsure and slightly embarrassed, Lola looked up and smiled at Dita, Lola stood up and kissed Dita full on the mouth, I almost fainted with the excitement I felt, Lola was kissing Dita with my juices still on her lips...!!

Lola, gently moved Dita Close to my side and fingered her while I watched, Lola started to finger me and kissed us both one at a time, as Lola's head disappeared between Dita's legs I dared to kiss Dita's neck and massaged her amazing breasts now larger firmer and pointier, I imagined that we were being watched, three women just not a care in the world and giving each other sexual pleasure..the thought made me want to come made me want to be fucked really hard with a large dick..

Dita reached for her bag and took out a large dildo, it was long and had a real feel to it, it was attached to a belt and Dita put it on, she poured some whiskey on the dildo and turned me around, I stood up and stuck my ass out and spread my legs, just not really sure what was going to happen next, Lola sat in front of me and I felt the large dildo thrust in my pussy, I gasped out loud and Lola held my head and guided it down to her pussy, I licked it vigorously, I have never eaten pussy before, it felt fleshy with many layers and tasted like sex, musky, I moaned and sucked Lola more forcefully as Dita fucked me hard with the dildo, I felt Lola quiver and knew she was about to come, I felt her juices squirt around my face, moaning, we came together and I stopped Dita while I lay on top of Lola...

We lay Dita on the table and I kissed her neck and massaged her breasts while Lola licked her pussy, I sucked her breasts and flicked her nipples with my tongue as she moaned quietly but violently, I watched Lola finger Dita while sucking her clit, Dita's voluptuous body was so deliciously feminine, we both took turns tasting, biting and licking every part of her while Dita moaned and whimpered and came in Lola's mouth and all over her face...

We all lay on the cool grass, half naked, listening to the slow jazz drifting in from the bar..I said 'Lola, this is the best bar I have been to!'' Lola laughed she said 'c'est bon!' and caressed my breasts some more ..we all looked up as we heard some foot steps nearby..

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