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Wildgirl Comes To College – Part 2

Kira and Sophie exhibit themselves around campus, then investigate the slut sorority.
After that first oral orgy, all three of us became much friendlier. We’d tease each other in sexy ways, like drifting a finger over a shoulder, striking sexy poses for each other, or sitting around naked with hard nipples and red, glistening pussies. It was a constant tease, a kind of test to see who would break down first. Usually we just all broke down together and watched each other masturbate.

We turned the spare bedroom into our “orgy pit.” One giant king-sized bed on the floor, lots of pillows, soft lighting, gauzy curtains. The original reason was that Masuko’s boyfriend was coming to visit, and she wanted a place to “entertain” him. We all dressed a bit for him – tiny tight short-shorts and T-shirts. When he showed up, Sophie and I went to the lbirary for the afternoon, so the two lovebirds could have some “quality time” together.

At the library I enjoyed the long looks I got from most of the boys, and some of the girls. I wasn’t wearing a bra under my tight T-shirt, giving me plenty of jiggle. You could see the little bumps of my nipples trying to push through the fabric. My blue shorts were very tight,with a nice cameltoe in front. I knew the fabric was smooth across my entire ass because I wasn’t wearing panties underneath! Sophie, a couple spots over, had a similar outfit, but in yellow shorts to compliment her olive skin.

I concentrated mostly on studying because I knew that if thinking of anything else would start my pussy leaking, creating a super-obvious wet spot at my crotch. Trying to restrain my excitement was a tease in itself. I wasn’t sure I was succeeding.

Then I felt Sophie’s hands on my shoulders and her stomach gently pressing into my back.

“Let’s go have some fun,” she whispered into my ear. I looked up at her and grinned. Her nipples were clearly showing through her T-shirt too. I squirmed in my chair and her hands slipped down, grazing over my breasts. I shivered.

“I warn you,” I whispered back, “I’m an exhibitionist. This could get wild.”

Sophie giggled and rubbed her hips against me. “You and me both, babe.”

Minutes later we had climbed the final flight of steps to the top floor of the library. It was floor for oddball oversize categories that nobody ever looked for. There were these wonderful arched windows that overlooked half the campus.

Sophie faced her delicious ass to one of the windows, pulled down her short-shorts, bent over, and mooned the campus with her juicy pussy. Not to be outdone, I pulled mine totally down and tossed them aside before turning around and mooning the campus beside her.

“Oh! I can top that!” Sophie whispered, and pulled off her shorts and T-shirt. Then she turned around and spread her arms wide, as if to embrace the entire school with her buxom naked body.

“No you can’t!” I replied, promptly pulling off my top as well. Then, facing the campus beside her, legs spread just as wide, I began running my index finger up and down my pussy lips. In seconds Sophie was doing the same. We were both masturbating naked in front of windows that looked out over the whole campus.

I pulled her wet hand away from her pussy and began sucking on it, while feeding her my own wet fingers. I love the taste of a woman’s excitement. Finally Sophie giggled and pulled away.

“OK, girl, let’s be REALLY wicked.” Sophie had a wild glint in her eye.

Lightly playing with my wet pussy again, I grinned. “I love wicked.”

“OK, let’s get our clothes on again, for starters.”

Wondering what she had in mind, I reluctantly climbed back into my shorts and shirt. Sophie smiled when she finished getting into hers, then went around behind me and hiked the T-shirt up under my breats, tieing it in back so it stayed up, like a sports bra.

“Now, do the same for me,” she instructed. I did and she looked like a total slut. Her T-shirt was cupping her breasts, emphasizing how her hard nipples pushed through the fabric. She had a vast expanse of bare midrift down to those too-tight shorts. I pulled them up a little so her pussy was nicely craddled by the fabric. Then I rolled her waistband under, making them ever skimpier. I finished by sliding my fingers up and down her pussy until Sophie was moaning and her shorts were nice and wet. She got her revenge by pushing me against the stacks and doing the same to my shorts. Soon squishing sounds came from my crotch. I was so close to coming I was ready to do anything.

“Now, walk with me.” She took my hand and led me downstairs through the library. I felt every bounce of my boobs the T-shirt fabric rubbing against my iron-hard nipples. Meanwhile the slinky wet nylon caressed my oozing pussy with each sway of my hips. I knew people could set the wet spots in our crotches as we walked out the side door. Girls giggled and guys whistled, but Sophie proudly led me on into the broad daylight of the campus afternoon.

She led my across a side lawn and glanced around. Lots of people in the distance, but nobody close. She pushed me against the wall of a building, kissed me and started rubbing my pussy through my shorts. It was squishy again in seconds. Somehow I got my hand onto her pussy. Feeling the wetness of her nylon front was intoxicating.

“You got two choices for the way home girl,” Sophie whispered into my ear. “Down fraternity row or down sorority row.”

I quivered with the thought and gasped “Sorority...”

Sophie removed her hand just before I ascended to orgasm. My pussy was leaking hard and my whole body quivering. She just stood there, grinning. “Kira, girl, your face is soooo red.” I could only whimper in reply, I was so needy and high from being sexed up in public.

Just you took my hand and walked me away. A minute later we were walking hand in hand down the sidewalk of sorority row, pussies wet and oozing. There were plenty of sniffs, upturned noses, and catty remarks. With each one I could feel Sophie’s hand grip mine harder. My near-orgasm got wetter and closer every time someone called us trashy sluts or dirty lezzies.

Then on the porch of the last house on the street, a pair of girls on the front porch whistled and cheered instead. “Right on, girls!” they cried out to us. Sophie waved to them and so did I. Then motioned us to come up, and Sophie led me right up to the front steps.

“Oh god, you two are so hot! Is that really pussy juice on your shorts?” A tiny little blonde asked in cut-offs and tank top.

I giggled, ran a finger down the front of Sophie’s shorts, and tasted it. “Yep, pure girl!” I proudly announced to them. When Sophie did the same to me, I gasped with excitement. I almost came on the spot.

“I can NOT believe you just did that!” squealed the other, a black-haired chinese girl in a short sundress.

We introduced ourselves and they invited us inside. The chinese girl’s sundress was more than short... it rode half way up her ass as she walked through the doorway into the living room.

“Assume the position over the couch, Zyi” the tiny blonde told her. The Chinese girl leaned completely over the back of the couch until her hair was cascading over the cushions. Then she spread her legs. The sundress rode up to her waist, exposing a completely naked ass and glistening pussy.

Suzanne idly stroked the exposed ass and pussy with her fingertips. Sophie and I were spellbound.

“Zyi is a pledge here at Lamba Lamba Rho.” Suzanne said. “She’s proving herself to the sisterhood. Would you like a lick?”

I just nodded, spellbound by the delicate rump and wet pussy offered up before my eyes. Slowly I knelt down and put one hand on each cheek, spreading her wider and lifting her up a tiny bit more, just the right position for a long, slow, soft lick over her wet folds. I heard her breath catch and her ass tighten under my hands. I licked again, slower, exploring every inch, reaching deep inside her to scoop out the delicious juices. My own pussy was singing a song of excitement and desire. Zyi’s ass began to hump up and down and her cries got louder.

Then I felt hands lifting me up and away from her. Sophie wrapped her arms around me, one hand stroking my pussy while the other teased my nipple. She whispered in my ear, “Just watch her.”

Zyi’s ass was squirming and humping up wildly. She was inches from orgasm, whimpering and moaning in desperate need.

“We keep our pledges like that all weekend. That is, when they’re not being fucked silly.” Suzanne giggled and clutched her own breasts, clearly enjoying it all. “We’re the slut sorority. Pledges have to prove it constantly.”

Suzanne gave Zyi’s ass a playful slap. “You can get up now, but take off that dress so it doesn’t get wet!”

Zyi obediently stood back up on none-to-steady legs and pulled the dress over her head. Her breasts were tiny little things with big, hard nipples. She was completely shaved at the crotch.

“She’ll suck you both or orgasm if you want,” Suzanne offered.

Sophie giggled and shook her head. “I like going around with Kira like this – constantly leaking and about to come – it’s so much more fun.”

Suzanne laughed. “I’ll have to remember that. Shorts that tight and wet looks great.”

“Oh, it is,” I laughed, rubbing my crotch a few times and licking my hand. “I’m so hot and wet, I could explode!”

“Speaking of exploding, it’s time we made you do it, Zyi.” Suzanne said. “Please show our guests which fucking spot you like best.”

The girl nodded, a flush deepening on her already red face. She took us up two flights of stairs into a large attic. In one corner a black girl was tied to a bed, naked, face-up and blindfolded. Some kind of mechanical dildo was between her legs, moving in and out slowly. Another girl in just panties was teasing her clit and dribbling some kind of liquid on the dildo.

“She’s on her second hour now,” the pantied girl announced. She lightly tweaked the exposed clit and the black girl’s sweat-covered body writhed and squirmed on the bed.

“Still has some life in her, I see,” Suzanne laughed. “This is Sophie and Kira. We saw them walking down the street as you see them now, wet spots and all.” The pantied girl oogled us, licked her lips, and smiled.

Suzanne turned to the naked Zyi once more. “Show our guests your toy, Zyi.”

The black girl groaned. “Zyi, darling, is that you?”

Suzanne laughed. “Yes, she’s naked and watching your fucking now, Yolinda.”

“Oh Zyi, Zyi.... please put your pussy on my face... oh... oh....” The black girl drifted off into a mini-orgasm, drooling a bit, as the merciless machine continued to fuck her slow and deep.

Zyi shivered and turned away, leading us to a Sybian. This was equipped with straps around the base and a pair of large, thick dildos coming up from the center.

“Would you like to ride this again, Zyi” Suzanne asked.

Zyi shuddered, but her dripping pussy betrayed her. She nodded.

“Very well, you have 30 seconds to assume the riding position.”

Zyi shivered and grabbed at a tube of lube, bent over a little, and squirted it liberally up into her ass. Then she swung a leg over the machine and lined up one dildo at her pussy,the other at her ass. Quickly she worked her hips downward, guiding both shafts into her body. She gasped and groaned, eased up a bit, then desperately worked herself further down until she was spread entirely onto the machine, clit tight against the front nubs, hips and ass spread across the saddle.

Suzanne stepped up and strapped her arms together behind her back, then buckled her legs to the side of the machine. Zyi was already panting and squirming in anticipation.

“Now,” Suzanne explained, “when I turn it on, I have three knobs. One controls the vibrations against her pussy, one the thrusting up and down in her pussy, and one doing the same in her ass.

“Zyi’s record time so far is 17 minutes on the Sybian. That was last Wednesday night. But we were mean and had it going full speed for the last five.

Suzanne showed us the control box and moved the first knob. A buzzing started and Zyi gasped. Although her clit was pressed against the front nub, we could see her smooth-shaved skin around it rippling against the vibrator.

“Now for the her other end.” Suzanne moved the third knob and Zyi started straining against the leg bounds, ass quivering. Her hip muscles bunched as she tried to rise up as the rear shaft fully invaded her ass. When her hips relaxed the shaft must have been withdrawing. With each invasion her attempt to escape drove her clit harder against the vibe. Soon she was in a rhythm, forward and back, gasping and moaning.

Suzanne grinned. “Now her pussy” She timed the activation of the middle control so that Zyi’s cunt was invaded just as the ass shaft retreated. Every time her ass and clit relaxed, her pussy was firmly impaled by the other rod. In seconds there were squishing sounds coming from Zyi’s crotch and little squeals from her lips. She was coming.

Suzanne grinned and tweaked one of Zyi’s hard nipples. “We’ll leave her here, orgasming, for a while. She’s coming so fast, I don’t see how she’ll manage beat her record.” Zyi’s eye’s were tight shut, but her face was scarlet. She had just revealed a very kinky desire to strangers, who had watched her become a naked girl lost to constant orgasms.

Suzanne led us out of the attic. I saw a variety of other devices, objects and plenty of bucking straps. I couldn’t help myself and said, “Being pledge looks like a lot of fun.”

“You’re so right. Most member re-pledge every year for a week. Some do it more often. “ Suzanne laughed. “But being a sister is nice too – great parties, and any sister or pledge is always ready to help fulfill whatever needs you might have!

“We do insist on bisexuality. You have to like sex with men as well as women. Guys love our parties because anyone and everyone is available. Wouldn’t be much fun if we were had to say, ‘sorry, she’s lez’ about the hottest women all the time.”

“God, it’s very tempting,” Sophie commented, “but what if you already have a boyfriend?” and then looked at me and added, “or girlfriend?”

“We separate sex from love. You can love just one person, but you can enjoy sex with lots of people,” Suzaane said firmly. “So any boyfriend or girlfriend of a Lamba-Lamba must be open-minded. If you’re going with the jealous type, this isn’t the place for you.”

We all laughed.

“Could you do us one last favor before you go?” Suzanne asked.

“Oh, what?” Sophie and I said together, eagerly.

“We have two new pledges who need training in eating pussy. Could you give them a little direction?”

Naturally we agreed. Suzanne led us into a room and had us sit side by side on a couch. Then she called in the two girls. They were mousey shy things wearing nothing but black lace bras and panties. In seconds Suzanne had them between our legs, pulling off our tight, wet shorts. Sophie and I immediately took over, holding their heads in just the right position for pleasure.

“Lick a little slower...”

“Now suck gently on my clit...”

“Lick up one side and down the other...”

“Use your fingers to spread me wide and lick as deep as you can...”

“Add some fingers inside me, now move your tongue onto my clit, gently...”

In minutes we were grinding their faces into our gyrating hips. In another few minutes we were both coming in long, loud orgasms. We held their faces there, warm lips on our pulsing sexes, to catch the our juices dribbling out.

Then we had them pull on our short-shorts and lick us through the nylon, just to keep us wet and warm. Suzanne patted both girls on the head, admiring their cum-covered faces. She thanked us for our help. We said our goodbyes and walked home enjoying the feel of wet, slippery fabric against our still throbbing pussies.

Then Sophie asked, “I wonder... is Zyi still tied to that machine?”

I grinned and shuddered, imagining what she might be feeling. “I want a ride on that.”

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