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Wildgirl Comes To College

Wiildgirl explores her two sexy roommates
I became a sex addict in college. By that I mean a total fuck-crazed, gotta-have-it with someone every day. This wasn’t hard, since I was (and still am) 5’9”, only 135 lbs, yet nicely filling a 36C.

I learned about sex in high school. Alas, a big family, small house and controlling parents limited my love life. I did learn that cocks were fun, but girls were better lovers. I fell hard for Betty senior year, but she dumped me for this total nerd just before graduation. That summer I went a little wild, which turned out to be a great warm-up for freshman year.

Freshman student housing was tight, so the school put us into apartment buildings right next to campus. My roommates were Sophia, a busty latina, and Masuko, a petite Japanese-Anglo mix with cute little perky boobs. It turned out they were both bi as well, but preferred boys for romance. First night I came out of the shower nude and lounged around in just panties, letting them oogle me to their heart’s content. By the end of the first week, Sophia was doing the same. Her DD’s swayed and bounced like twin invitations to sex. For some weird reason Masuko was shy about her small titties, so ran around in a long T-shirt and no panties! I loved the little peeks at her rich, black bush.

There were only two bedrooms, but none of us wanted to be alone, so we set up a single and a bunk bed in the bigger bedroom while debating what to do with the smaller one. Saturday morning I woke up first, pushed down the sheet, got out my laptop, and began reading hot porn stories with a hand in my panties, brazen as brass.

A half hour later I looked up to see both Sophia and Masuko peeking over their covers, mouths open as they watched my hand slurping around inside my panties. I grinned at them, put the laptop aside, and leaned back, to tweak one of my nipples with the other hand. Having an audience turned me on more. Besides, between my porn-soaked brain and my dripping pussy, all I could think about was sex.

“Hey, don’t be shy,” I said. “I’d love to taste each of you.” My hand kept pleasuring my pussy, turning me into supercharged bundle of tingling excitement.

A smile spread over Sophia’s face. She climbed out of her bottom bunk and walked over to me. I reached out and slowly pulled down her white panties.

“Sit on my face, please!” I urged. She grinned, kneeled to either side of my head, and lowered a neatly trimmed pussy onto my eager mouth. My tongue reached out as she slid up and down. One second I was sucking her clit, the next I was eagerly exploring her pussy. Soon she found just the right spot, grinding her clit on my nose while mashing her juicy opening against my mouth for maximum tongue. Her smell and taste sent me over the edge into slow orgasms that built and built as I drowned in delicious pussy. Then she was coming and I literally was drowning. She shivered and leaned back, pussy still spasming and dripping onto my chest. I gasped for air while grinning from ear to ear.

Across from us, Masuko was sitting on edge of her upper bunk, mouth open and watching. Shyly she moved her hand away from her pussy, revealing glisten red lips.

“Can I taste you too, Masuko?” I asked.

She just nodded and hopped down. Sophia backed down my chest, sitting on my hips as Masuko climbed onto my face. In seconds a new, eager pussy was lowered on my mouth. Then I felt hands on my panties, pulling them down and off. Masuko was facing me, so it had to be Sophia. As I dug deep into Masuko’s depths as warm hands spread my legs. Then a tongue was teasing my clit and sucking the juices leaking from my cunt. Masuko ground herself onto my mouth and tongue more urgently as Sophie began nibbling on my clit. That did it. Hips jerking and tongue lashing, I was nothing but an orgasming sex machine. All my lips were satisfied. It didn’t stop until Masuko came, a jiggling and jerking mass of emptying pussy juice all over my mouth.

She leaned back so I could breathe. I felt Sophie crawl up my stomach. Her happy face, slimed with my juices, peeking over Masuko’s thigh.

“We’re going to have soooo much fun together,” Sophie announced. We all giggled and staggered off to shower together, arm in arm.

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