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Ang gets a lesson in what she really wants

Ang left work, completely pissed off, her boss, Sarah, having been a bitch all day long, giving her one shit job after another.   She thought she had been hired to take care of the monkey exhibit at the local zoo but so far all she had done was clean up elephant shit and work in the kitchen cutting up raw meat for the tiger exhibit.   Her boss really had it out for her she decided.   She seemed nice enough at first, showing her around the zoo and telling her what her duties would be eventually.   She knew that she would probably have to pitch in doing things for the other exhibits but in the week she had been there she had not even seen a monkey, never mind worked with them.   She decided that when she went to work the next day she would have a talk with her boss and let her know that while she was glad to help out with anything that needed to be done, she was very eager to get down to the job she was hired to do.   With that in mind, she felt much better about the whole situation and was very excited the next morning to get back to work.


The next morning she got to work bright and early, ready to have a heart to heart with Sarah and le her know that she was more than willing to help out but that she wanted so much to get to work with the monkeys as she had been hired to do.   First thing Sarah called her over and told her that the stalls in the elephant exhibit had to be raked out.   She held her tongue and said “sure I can do that but we need to talk after”.   Sarah assured her that they would have a talk when she was done.


When Ang finished she went straight to Sarah’s office, finding her at her desk crying.  
“What’s wrong Sarah”, Ang asked.   “Oh never mind”, Sarah said.   “There’s nothing you can do about it anyway”.   “Well maybe I can do something.   You don’t know until you ask”, Ang said.   “Well, I’m having this party here at the zoo tonight”, Sarah said.   “It’s for all the biggest contributors to the zoo and it’s something we do every year.   It brings in a lot of money for the zoo and it’s probably what keeps the zoo going.   But I just had a phone call saying that the caterer and half of the staff have the flu and they won’t be able to cater the event.   I don’t know what I’m going to do.”   “Well”, said Ang, “I happen to be an excellent cook and I have a few friends who are chefs and I know they would be more than willing to make some money.   What do you need and how much does it pay?”  


After they worked out the details Sarah was so happy she impulsively hugged Ang and thanked her for being such a lifesaver.   As soon as her arms went around Ang’s body she felt an immediate jolt of electricity that went straight down to her pussy.   She was shocked and didn’t know if Ang felt it too.   She thought she may have hugged a little longer than necessary but then again, Ang didn’t pull away.   She slowly let go and looked at Ang and she thought maybe she felt it too.   “Ummm….well…thanks” she said, and Ang looked at her, and still with bodies touching, said “I love this job and I’ll do anything to keep it.”     “Well,” said Sarah, “if you do what you’re supposed to do everything should work out fine”.   They stood there still, bodies touching, not moving, the tension so thick you could cut it with a knife.   Finally, Sarah leaned in and gently touched her lips to Ang’s.   She had no idea what would happen.   She had never kissed a girl before and didn’t even know why she was doing it now.   Ang responded by kissing her back, their lips moving softly and slowly over each other’s.   Sarah’s arms automatically went around Ang’s waist and began to caress her back and her arms, moving up to cup her face in her hands.   She slowly introduced her tongue into Ang’s mouth, all the while thinking, “What am I doing?”   Ang’s tongue reciprocated and their kiss became deeper and deeper, inducing moans from each of them that jolted them out of their respective reveries and back into the moment.   “Oh”, said Ang, “I don’t know why I…….”   “It’s okay” said Sarah, “I’m not sure either why that happened.   I’m not a lesbian.”   “I’m not either” said Ang.   “I’ve never even thought about being with another woman.”   “Neither have I”, said Sarah.   “Let’s just chalk it up to nerves”, she said with a not so convincing laugh.   “Okay, then I’ll see you here tonight with my friends and hopefully we pull this off without a hitch” said Ang.   “Let’s hope”, said Sarah.


Later that day, just as dusk was falling, Sarah looked around at the area she had set up for the event and she could not have been happier.   Ang and her friends had gone above and beyond what she had expected at such short notice.   She didn’t think the original caterers she had hired for the job could have put out such an excellent spread.   There was something for everyone, vegetarian and carnivore alike.   And without being asked, they had decorated the area, everything tasteful yet relevant to the plight of the zoo and its need for funding.  


Sarah found Ang in the middle of things with an apron on, her hair tied back and her face with a sheen of sweat.   “Thank you so much for such a fabulous night”, she said.   Ang looked at her and said, “You know, this is the first time since I started working for the zoo that I actually felt like I was doing something FOR the zoo.”     “What do you mean” said Sarah.   “Well”, said Ang, “I was hired to take care of the monkeys but I haven’t even seen the yet”.   “I’m so sorry” said Sarah.   “We need help everywhere so whenever a new person starts we obviously have them start at the bottom, with the jobs nobody else wants.”    “That doesn’t mean anything, really.   You’ve been great.   I’ve felt bad making you do half the things I’ve asked you to but we really need the help.”   “It’s fine really,” said Ang.   “I knew it would be hard work and I knew it wouldn’t all be pleasant.   I did think it would be all monkeys, however”, she laughed.   Sarah looked at her and said, “I can promise you that from now on you will be completely on monkey duty.   But I can’t help thinking about our kiss earlier.”   “I can’t either”, said Ang.   “But what should we do?”   “Well,” said Sarah, “I think maybe we should try it again, just to make sure it wasn’t just a one time thing.”   “Okay”, said Ang.   They moved closer and closer, their lips almost touching, when someone burst in yelling about not enough champagne at the giraffe exhibit.   “Later”, said Sarah.  


After the event wrapped up successfully Ang was getting ready to go when Sarah walked up and asked how she was getting home.   Ang had planned on taking a cab since she lived very close.   Sarah said, “Well I live pretty close too.   Would you like to come back to my place for a drink and you can take a cab from there?”   Ang hesitated.   She had never been attracted to a woman before and although she had nothing against it, she just never saw herself being with a woman.   She was curious, however, so she told Sarah she would love to have a drink with her.


They arrived at Sarah’s house and Sarah told Ang to make herself comfortable on the couch while she got the drinks.   Ang had already had a few drinks at the event and was feeling a little loose but she figured one more couldn’t hurt.   Sarah came out with the drinks and sat down on the sofa very close.   They toasted to a successful night and each took a drink.   Sarah then looked at her and Ang felt an attraction so strong she almost caught her breath.   Sarah took the drink from Ang’s hand and put it on the table.   Then she leaned in, as if to kiss her, but she didn’t.   “God”, Ang thought, “ does she want me to kiss her?”   “I want to but I don’t know if I can.”   She didn’t have long to think because Sarah’s lips descended onto hers and their lips locked in a soft but demanding kiss that made Ang forget that she never thought about kissing another woman.   Sarah’s tongue snaked its way into Ang’s mouth and her tongue couldn’t help but join in the sensual dance.   Her mouth was so soft and so warm and her tongue was delicious.   Just when she thought it couldn’t get any better, Sarah’s hand moved from her face to her shoulder and down her arm.   Then before she could think, Sarah’s hand was on her waist and moving up towards her breast.   Her hand cupped Ang’s breast, her thumb rubbing circles around her ever hardening nipple.   “Is this okay?” Sarah said softly.   “Oh yes,” said Ang.   Sarah took off her top and she was naked underneath.   She moved her hands down to Ang’s waist and slowly brought her shirt up and over her head.   The only thing between them now was Ang’s bra.   She unhooked it and pulled it off and finally they were skin to skin.   Sarah brought her mouth down and closed it over Ang’s nipple.   Ang caught her breath.   She never thought anything could feel that good.   Sarah moved up and they kissed again, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouth.  


Ang wanted so bad to taste Sarah’s nipples so she kissed her way down Sarah’s neck and chest until finally her mouth found its sweet destination.   She licked Sarah’s nipple lightly and then closed her mouth over it and sucked it.   It was like nothing she had ever imagined.   She never thought she could be attracted to a woman yet here she was enjoying sucking a woman’s breast.   And not only that, she wanted to do more.   As if Sarah had read her mind, all of a sudden she felt Sarah’s hands make their way down her back and cup her butt.   All of a sudden, she gave it a little slap.   “Oh my god,” Ang said, “I love to be spanked.”   “I hoped that you did,” said Sarah.     Sarah leaned in and kissed Ang again, a long, deep tongue kiss that left nothing to the imagination.   Her hands were busy as well, taking off Ang’s skirt and then her panties.   Her mouth moved to Ang’s breasts licking and sucking and pinching, her mouth moving ever lower.   She kissed and licked her way down Ang’s belly until she came to the hair line.   She then started flicking her tongue gently down, moving to the side and licking her inner thighs, never quite putting her tongue where Ang wanted it most.   Ang groaned, “please”, and Sarah said, “please what?”   “Please lick my pussy,” said Ang.   “Well since you asked so nicely,
  said Sarah.    Ang was lying there, open and wanting, and Sarah obliged.   She used her fingers to open up Ang’s pussy and expose her clit and she flicked at it with her tongue.   She ran her tongue up and down Ang’s pussy, pushing it inside when her tongue met the hole.   She licked Ang’s clit harder and harder, clamped her lips down and sucked her clit, her tongue still working it, until Ang’s legs began to quiver.     She knew Ang was about to come so she worked a finger inside her, moving it in and out.   She was so wet.   She added another finger and then another.   Now she had three fingers inside Ang and she was working them hard, in and out, while her tongue and her mouth worked magic on Ang’s clit.    Ang began to buck underneath her and she worked her mouth and her fingers harder and harder until Ang began to scream, “Oh god, oh my fucking god, I’m coming.”   Sarah kept up the pace with her mouth and her fingers while Ang fucked her face and her hand.   Ang came so hard that Sarah’s face and her hand were soaked with Ang’s juices.   Sarah looked at Ang and they began to kiss passionately again.   “I never knew,” said Ang.   “Neither did I,” said Sarah.   “I want to make you feel this way too,” said Ang.   “Oh please,” said Sarah.   Ang kissed Sarah deeply, their tongues sliding around and in and out of each others mouths.   Ang worked her way down, kissing Sarah’s neck and chest, finally locking on her nipple.   It was so hard and so sweet.   She moved over to Sarah’s other breast and licked and flicked the nipple until it was hard as a rock.   She closed her mouth over it and sucked until she heard Sarah moan.   She then moved lower, licking Sarah’s belly, lower and lower, Sarah breathing heavier and heavier.   She put a hand on each of Sarah’s thighs and spread her legs apart.   She lightly flicked Sarah’s clit with her tongue. Sarah moaned with pleasure so Ang licked harder and then began to suck Sarah’s clit.   She opened up Sarah’s pussy with her fingers and ran her tongue up and down inside her wet open lips.   She slowly slid a finger inside and worked it in and out.   Sarah began to moan loudly so Ang added another finger and then another.   “Can I lick your ass?” Ang said.   “Oh please” said Sarah.   Ang slid her tongue from Sarah’s pussy down to her sweet asshole and worked it with her tongue.   She got it nice and wet and then ventured a finger inside.   It slid in easily.   “Can I fuck your ass?, she asked.   “Yes”, said Ang.   “Oh yes please”, said Sarah.   Ang took the only thing that was handy which was a crystal replica of a gorilla’s penis and she licked it and sucked it til it was hot and wet.   She then plunged it into Sarah’s ass and Sarah moaned with pleasure.   She plunged it in and out, all the while sucking and licking Sarah’s clit and fucking her pussy with her tongue.   Sarah’s body started to quiver and she started to moan louder and louder.   Ang plunged her tongue deep in Sarah’s pussy and she came in a flood all over Ang’s face.    Ang lapped it up, all the while fucking Sarah’s ass with the crystal replica.     


As they lay in each others arms, heaving with exhaustion and pleasure, they kissed and tasted each other on their tongues.   “So,” said Ang, “do you think maybe I can work with the gorillas tomorrow?”

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