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He Was My Dream

He Was My Dream

My dream realized, or so it seemed;
The plans we made and how we schemed.

A forbidden desire we actually saw through;
Now when I’m lonely to the core, I always crave you.

Your forceful touch, your boyish charm;
You set me on fire, a three alarm.

I searched for years then you fell into my lap;
I get flushed when I think of how, my pussy you attacked.

We want all the same things, we are so hot for each other;
You were much more than a fuck toy, you are my kinky lover.

My baby, my stud muffin, the one that I want and need;
He doesn’t understand why I want him, but I think it’s plain to see.

It is something called chemistry, an attraction that can’t be denied;
He doesn’t belong to me, I can’t keep him, no matter how I try.

He will be a fantasy, a memory, until our lips touch again;
Maybe we got so tight because, we started out as friends.

Knew each other for a few years before ever crossing that line;
Though we always tip toed on the edge, yet we stayed benign.

Then with a turn of fate you fell into my lap;
You were like a delicious present, I just had to unwrap.

I timed it right so we wouldn’t get into trouble;
Oh the tingling of my thighs, from your sexy goatee’s stubble.

Looking at your adorable face when you are fucking me so hot;
It makes me crazy to give your sexy ass, everything you’ve always sought.

Will you ever make me crazy for you like that again?
I have no idea at all, I guess this could be the end.

Exploring you all over from outside and within;
You make me feel so right, in my own skin.

Like the things that I want aren’t perverted and wrong;
And if you ever could, you’d stay with me all night long.

The only man that has ever made me feel so small;
I can’t believe never again, will I get to suck his sweet balls.

Or feel one of his bear hugs that take my breath away;
How I’d give anything, to feel his body pressed against mine today.

I have that familiar feeling deep inside my gut;
I have not seen the last of you, my hot, beefy slut.

My delicious, horny stud muffin who loves my long legs;
Who dreamed of being trussed in my corset, as his ass I pegged.

Will he still have those dreams? Maybe once in a while;
I don’t think he will ever be able, to forget my unique style.

Dressed in a purple chemise so sexy and so tight;
To resist him it will take me, all of my might.

Will he remember me in my strap on and the lust in my eyes?
Right before I took his ass, and how I love his thick thighs.

How I did things to him that had never been done by another;
Sucked his cock while pulling his balls; with my pussy his face I’d smoother.

I just want to fuck him and I know he wants me too;
Baby my heart and my body, they are aching for you.

I’m just a big softy where he is concerned;
No matter how he will hurt me, I will never learn.

A sweet torture awaits me, time to pay the cost;
For a man much more than a dream, that I eventually lost.

Maybe I never really had him just a bit of his lust;
Not talking to him every day, not sure how I’ll adjust.

I should be happy for the little time that we had;
He was an unexpected discovery, I am so glad I had.

Now he will only live in my longing dreams at night;
The memory of my stud muffin, who made me feel so right.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © It is forbidden to reproduce any of this material without express permission from Bunny12 the slut who wrote all this crap!

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