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I Lose Myself In His Pools Of Blue

Dedicated to PrisonerofLoveandWar
I hope ya'll like this because I wrote this 6 yrs ago for PrisonerofLoveandWar to let him know that I loved him. It had taken us both 4 yrs to tell each other how we felt. So the way it is written is from my point of view before we ever made love. Oh word of warning there are some German words in here so I put a translation at the bottom. Enjoy! 

Baby, I love you more now than I did 6 yrs ago. It grows deeper all the time----Love, Zika

I looked into his eyes and lost myself within those pools of blue
Realizing he was dripping wet in just a towel
I blush and turn to leave the room.
Just as I am turning his hands lightly grip my shoulder,
Shocked I looked up into his eyes and I see desire.
I lose myself in his eyes
A flash of something hits us
And we stare at each other for a few moments
He lifts me by my plump waist and we kiss for the first time
It is as if fireworks have exploded,
Flying stars collide in the merging of our souls

We cling to each other
As if to anchor ourselves through storms of passion overcoming us
Before I know what he is about
He pulls me closer pressing me to him

I run my fingers through his soft dirty blond hair
He moans in what seems like agony
Holding me against his hot hardened cock
I cry out wanting more than just an orgasm with my clothing on

Our tongues are mating in a way our bodies imitate
Our bodies unconsciously want to come together as we have wished for so badly
Yet our conscious minds are enhancing the pleasure we so desperately want,
Making it impossible to think.

*Sheisse, Verdammen Es, Fraulein, he exclaims quietly
I give him my sweet mischievous smile
He chuckles before pressing my back against the wall
I gasp at the intense yet intimately delightful pressure.
I feel myself tighten even more.

I smile with pleasure as I reach between us
He takes a hold of my wrist,
Shaking his head as if to say not yet
I shiver in anticipation as he slides hands up the outside of my soft, plump white thighs,
Just underneath my skirt

I place both my hands upon his shoulders to stay up
As he pushes my skirt up to my waist
His eyes widen at the realization that I have no panties on
I now look into his eyes so he may see the pleasure upon my face and in my own blue eyes.

Wave upon wave of pleasure washes over me,
I cry out and gasp as if in agony,
He presses his thumb against my clit,
My eyes begin to roll back within my head as the pleasure feels as if it will overcome me

True to my word, my mind goes blank at the intensity of it
My eyes grow heavy
I force them open so that he may have the pleasure of seeing mine
He kisses me to ensure I do not get too loud

As if frustrated by my clothing,
He pulls my shirt over my head quickly,
He almost rips my bra just to get at my large milky white breasts.
I try to push my skirt off.

He chuckles, holding me to him with one arm.
With the other he yanks my skirt completely off;
So quickly his towel falls off.
His cock springs forward as if to say here I am.

I again try to reach for his cock
But yet again he stops me.
I attempt to pout, to which he responds by kissing me upon my rosy, swollen red lips.

I feel him press the head of his cock against my pussy,
I grip his bare shoulders as if to brace myself for his large cock.
He enters me ever so slowly.

He keeps this slow rhythmic pace,
I whimper for I want him to go faster.
He gives me his mischievous smile
Yet he keeps the ever so slow pace.

I think to myself, two can play at that, Baby.
I grin at him as I lean toward him to kiss him
Yet I do not touch my lips to his
Nay, I tease him with the tip of my tongue by outlining his lips.

I then move down his cheek to his neck
Alternating from kissing to using my tongue
I move down further to his shoulder

Keeping the same rhythm of using my tongue and lips
Finally when I get to his shoulder I gently nip before licking the spot
He growls as he grips my hips and finally fucks me harder and faster
Finally! Oh Yes! I murmur
I gasp and lay my head back against the wall as I start to cum

Time seemed to slow as he fucks me hard and fast, fast and hard
Between grunts and moans he is either curses me in a mix of German and English
or he tells me how awesome my pussy feels
to how he badly wants to cum in me

I lose count how many times I cum as I look into his pools of blue
I just know I can't control the volume of my moans
Finally he pulls me hard against him and pushes me against the wall
With the way his breath catches and the way he is moaning I can tell he hasn't just cum,
I have given him an orgasm

He presses his face into the curve of my neck
I hold his shoulders and head as we both try to catch our breath
Even while I try to catch my breath I tell him I love you, Baby, I have for so very long
I feel his smile against my neck

After a few exhausting moments he looks up into my dark blue eyes
I look into his eyes and lose myself withing those beautiful pools of blue
**Ich Liebe Dich auch, meine Liebe, since I met you, he murmurs

I reach and touch his cheek with the back of my small soft fingers
He flashes his mischievous smile as I feel him harden within me
I return in kind
We kiss again........................

*Shit, Damn it, Miss/Woman
**I love you too, my love

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