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A little true story.

As my lips envelop that smooth, soft knob my tongue seeks out the little slit.
I tease that hole plunging in and out with my tongue tip just like I’m fucking it.

Then around the rim my tongue does run as I begin to lick.
His cock is growing bigger by the minute, it is as hard as a brick.

I grasp that rod as hard as steel and begin a firm slow stroke.
Sucking cock always makes me so horny my pussy begins to soak.

He reaches around and plays with my lips and that just eggs me on.
To please him in every way that I know, over his pretty cock I will fawn.

Stroking the shaft and rubbing his balls I suck that mushroom shaped head.
I’ve got him completely under my spell sprawled out across my big bed.

Then without notice I swallow it all, deep throat my nose in his nuts.
He lets out a moan yes that’s what I like a deep one right from his gut.

I pick up the pace and start stroking again, run my tongue down the back of his rod.
When I reach his balls I suck them into my mouth and he responds “Oh my god.”

I love those round orbs all nice and shaved they are simply delicious.
But my kinky side rises when I touch them and I become a little bit vicious.

After a good sucking I release his nuts only to give them a spank.
Slapping his balls he begins to moan while his shaft I continue to yank.

Guiding it straight towards my lips again that pretty head I totally devour.
I completely get off on controlling his body, it gives me a high all that power.

He is moaning now and trashing about when I feel his whole body quake.
So I swallow his cock all the way down my throat, sucking hard he starts to shake.

Grabbing the bottom of his ball sack I pull it and give it a twist.
Sliding his cock in and out of my throat there isn’t an inch I have missed.

Moaning and groaning I look up at him and then simply just stop.
“What do you want now my sexy man?” I think it’s something I’ve got.

Mmmm I want some pussy so lay one your side so I can take you from behind.
My nasty little slut give me that hot cunt, now you know that you are all mine.

I slip a vibrator between my lips and say want a vibrating pussy honey?
Hell yes babe give it to me now in that position, that’s the money.

With my knees pulled up and my ass stuck, out I give him such a nice view.
He slides his hard cock into my dripping wet pussy the thing he loves to pursue.

Pounding away in my tight twat it’s clamping down on his hard dick.
A furious pace, skin slapping together, I’m reaping the benefits from that lick.

Thrusting his hips forward he buries that hard shaft into me balls deep.
I rock my hips grinding back into his cock with my orgasm beginning to leap.

The walls of my love tunnel are milking his cock he just can’t stay still.
Thrusting again at a frantic rate slamming me with all of his will.

Buried again balls deep in my pussy his body begins to quiver.
My sweet lips of both types have done the trick they always deliver.

As his cock spasms and begins to shoot I grind back into him once again.
Flexing my walls milking him dry I know what to do and just when.

“Cum on me slut” he snarls as he shoots making me do as he wants.
An automatic reflex my pussy clamps down as his hard cock it taunts.

Filling me up with all his hot spunk we cum together on fire.
This was so yummy I think I’ll write about it, it did certainly inspire.

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