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Long Distance Reach

When time and space cease to exist...
Your enigmatic charms come to me in some vaporous illusion,
That cause me to cry out for your company and caress. 
I have found myself awoken on more than one occasion by my own moans, 
Tossing and turning in some transcendental dreamscape dance.

Your ethereal essence, transmitted images and dreamed words are 
Fixed upon my memory's eye like some intuitive genetic instinct. 
How is it that such seductive descriptions and images have this power over me, 
My Knightdreams, my daydream escapes?

What is it about your ambient charisma that captures my imagination so? 
Dionysus himself must have induced some spell over me, 
Infused my Eros with an injection of his making,
Some potent Pandora elixir perhaps!

For without doubt the desires and yearnings that haunt my tortured mind 
Become legend, as dreams go, Morpheous born and Eos stolen, come the dawn. 
For I am Adonis, in my visional dreams,
And you the fairest of maidens, Venus!

Erotic rhythms pulse through my veins, amped up by lustful reverie, 
As I lose myself in respiteful retrospect of past worlds and images 
Flowing so lucid and languidly through my mind, like honeyed porridge 
Feeding my hungering needs. A portal threshold...

Invites your postscript additions to the mental library I keep of your treasured transcripts. 
Step through my awaiting open gate where my nectar elixirs awaits thee...
To pollinate your fertile imagination and advance this budding collection
Of fervent intercourse, this flowing and abundant cornucopia...

Of convivial partisanship, these ever flowing transcripts 
That bridge two hearts, 
As co-revelers in a slow dance, with occasioned leisones 
Steeped in a dimension of our own making.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © My poetry/prose/lyrics are all copyright protected. Some of my work is in print in the Library of Congress in "Up and Coming New Authors/Writers" type of editions, which also can be found on the open market. Any printed material here is for the sole purpose of Lush, and is not to be copied without express permission of author.
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