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Lost In Wanting You

It was all a dream, or so it seems,
How could any of it have been real?;
All I know is the way, every day,
That you make me feel.

No direction, my perception,
Is flawed when it comes to you;
All I see, is how you please,
And all the things that I want to do.

Nowhere to go, how can I show,
That I truly want you so bad;
Right or wrong, for so long,
You have just been driving me mad.

I can’t find you, what should I do,
There is nothing left for me now;
Wander through, looking for truth,
Making me always on the prowl.

Lost in you, yes it is true,
Somehow I cannot find my way out;
Dreams of past, that might not last,
Dries me up just like a drought.

A moment in time, when you were mine,
Teases my mind every day;
I always knew, that it was you,
Everyone else can just stay out of my way.

Because this dream, as unlikely as it seems,
Will not waiver or go away;
All I can do, about my feelings for you,
Is try to keep them at bay.

What I need, it precedes,
All the wishes that live in my heart;
Like a drug, it is your love,
That holds me together and tears me apart.

You should go, this I know,
It is best for all concerned;
Still I try, not to lie,
And remember everything I have learned.

That this lust, I cannot trust,
It is blind and can be so damaging;
It eats away, at me each day,
I really don’t know how I am managing.

We were so dangerous, though you I trust,
And you know I always will;
I made my bed, in my own head,
Now I must swallow that jagged pill.

A spark of hope, I could still gloat,
About how perfect you really are;
Only for me, some day you will be,
So lost in wanting me too from afar.

Till that day comes, you know I will be the one,
Who will always wait for you;
Lost in wanting you, it is my truth,
You are my desire that will always be true.

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