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To be loved the way I love you - my first submission to Lush
Some days I wonder what it would be like.

To feel mutual love, the way I feel for you.

To have you want to love me and pleasure me, the way I pleasure you.

To show me, through your touch, what I mean to you.

To have hands travel through my hair, over my chest. To teasingly circle lower and lower, with the lightest of touch, causing the tiny hairs on my skin to stand on end... and waves of anticipation to wash over my body.

To have you make me gasp and arch, as I wish your hands to more pleasurable places.

To feel you teasingly pass over my thighs and lightly descend down to my feet.

To then feel deep pressure as you take my foot in your hands and use your thumbs and knuckles to massage my tired, aching feet from a long hard day.

To feel you begin to work back up in broad deep strokes through my calves.

To tickle the back of my knee.

To feel you plant kisses on the tops of my feet.

To lightly lick then suck my toes as your hands stroke my thighs.

To feel you kiss and lick up my calves, as you stare at me with a beautifully wicked smile on your face.

To know that you gather pleasure from the giving, as much as I from the receiving.

To feel you move closer and closer, your hot breath stirring my loins.

To feel you close in on my pleasure areas, as your hands stroke and grab my ass. To feel the heat and fire of your breath as I feel you so close to giving me the pleasure I so desperately seek.

To feel you finally take a lick, a light kiss or a brush across my privates, that both satisfies my anticipation and enflames my burning passion.

Now I want you, I need everything about you. To feel your lips on me. Your hands roam over me. Your body pressed against me. Your willingness to please me.

You smile, staring into my eyes They twinkle with innocence and passionate fire as the moment I have been waiting for has arrived. There is no more foreplay. You then descend with carnal force.

I am at your mercy, lost in waves of pleasure, as you give to me what I have been wanting.

I writher and grunt and moan as you expertly manipulate my pleasure to higher and higher levels.

Every time I feel close, you switch it up, prolonging my pleasure.

My mind races with endorphins and I relinquish control over my own actions.

I arch,

I tense,

I relax

then writhe.

I am no longer in control.

You have all the power and you love the feeling. You love that the effect you have on me, how I am helpless to your most erotic onslaught.

The time is so close, I can't hold back now.

It rises upon me like a giant wave and it won't recede.

You sense this and pick up the pace, rushing towards the sweet climax of our most carnal of encounters.

The moment arrives with such force, that I arch off the ground, my head cocked back, holding my entire weight on it and the balls of my feet. I try to push my entire body into you.

Eyes clamped shut, mouth wide open.

Time slows to a stand still.

You fall back and watch with a grin as I hold this position for a long time, gasping... as waves upon waves wash over me.

I slowly crumple to the ground. a smile plastered to my face. I am content, warm, and feel loved, as you climb up beside me and hold me close. Together we drift off to sleep...

Will it ever be mutual?

Will you ever love me the way I love you?

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