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Never Forget

Never Forget

Everyone looks back today,
Remembering such great loss,
Knowing how much is owed by so many,
To so very, very few.

But I find myself thinking,
Not of what I owe to many,
Just of what I owe to one,
What I owe to you.

You saved me before I knew it,
Before you went to war,
You saved me from a hard life,
Saved me from being poor.

I look back as an old woman,
To that distant love affair,
We were proposed to be married,
And were so on the outburst of war.

We consummated our marriage,
A few short hours after our vows,
And then you volunteered yourself,
To protect the country you love.

You left me a little later,
You went out to war,
Your training had been short,
But of the importance you were sure.

You were gone a long time,
Fearing a Dear John,
Through this I was grasping,
Tight to my wedding ring.

A few months had passed by,
And a bump was slowly forming,
A letter sent to you,
Your reaction was astounding.

"My love, I am so happy,
To hear of our impending child,
I cannot wait to meet them,
And hold them in my arm."

Each and every night I worried,
I feared the utmost worst,
The pain I was expecting,
How much was your life worth?

The child was born to me,
And soon you returned home,
You saw your son and said to me,
His eyes looked just like mine.

When you went back out there,
To protect your new-born son,
Your bravery and gallantry,
You saved much more than one.

The one you didn't save though,
The one you didn't save,
Has left me torn and broken,
And kneeling at your grave.

Your medals were sent to me,
Your son didn't even cry,
Even the young boy,
Sensed the silence in the air.

I remember your gentle touch,
Your whispers in my ear,
Your kisses on my neck,
And your voice lives in my head.

I tremble as I remember,
You swept me off my feet,
I knew there would be no one,
To sit there in your seat.

I didn't mourn forever,
I just simply didn't want,
Another man to have me,
When with only you was I complete.

The air is torn now as I stand here,
Outside the Minster in the cold air,
The sky is blue and clear now,
As it was when I lost you.

The guns that start the silence,
Your son stands by my side,
Upon his chest he wears,
Your medals with great pride.

He only met you briefly,
But he honours and treasures,
His life was brought by you,
His hero and his pride.

He found himself wishing,
You could have seen his bride,
But knows you are watching,
And being his guiding light.

Your image never left me,
The scent that your body bore,
Still lingers unforgotten,
Every day I miss you more.

Lest we forget the fallen,
We forget our heritage,
But your leaving brought our future,
I will Never Forget.
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