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Lonely for what almost was;
It feels like I am missing love.

More likely it is lust that I am now missing;
His beard covered in my juices, his lips I was kissing.

Replaying in my mind what I did to him;
His body is exposed to my every whim.

His mind is subjected to my seduction;
Any defenses he has are meant with destruction.

I sow the seeds and my message is clear;
He knows in my heart that I want him near.

Even when he says he doesn’t want it anymore;
I know the truth; he wants his ass sore.

Sore from a pounding that I know how to give;
Yet he slips through my fingers like sand through a sieve.

Full of passion when he is in need;
Pretends all he wants is to please me.

Says he is full of regret because with me he blew it;
I shake my head, wonder why and here I sit.

Replaying every interaction in my mind;
When it comes to him my heart is blind.

What he doesn’t even understand at all;
Is that my anger is really so very small.

When I see his cute face and blue sparkling eyes;
It is my disappointment that makes me want to cry.

Because that cute face causes me to melt;
It’s a commotion of emotions not sure how I felt.

There is an undercurrent of anger when he acts like a jerk;
When any loyalty to me that he has he does shirk.

My body aches deeply for his strong touch;
But the companionship is what I miss so much.

Always checking in with me every day;
Just waiting for the time we can get to play.

Teasing each other and building up the heat;
I ate him up from his head to his feet.

Started with his lips and worked down to his chest;
Heading down south to what I love the best.

How I grabbed a hold of his great big balls;
Swallowed his cock, you know it wasn’t small.

Nice and thick and growing buy the minute;
I know he wants me, no matter how he spins it.

His body told the truth no matter what he was saying;
His excitement for me was all that he was displaying.

When I pulled on his balls, oh the way that he groaned;
Then I sucked his cock to a symphony of moans.

Feeling his body and breathing in his scent;
To get at his ass I’m completely hell bent.

Something snaps inside me and then I go wild;
My pussy is dripping and my hormones are riled.

I have to smother his face with my cunt;
I get no argument because it’s what he really wants.

My fingers in his hair pulling on those locks;
Cumming on his face I said “Baby don’t’ stop!”

When I’ve cum a few times then I want that dick;
Give it to me now stud muffin my pussy’s so slick.

He slides right in without any resistance at all;
His cock gripped so hard by my tight pussy walls.

He can feel the spasms as I cum on his cock;
I say “Baby I want your ass” isn’t that a shock?

I have him on his knees, going to do him doggy style;
He won’t get an inch of my cock, I’ll give him a mile.

But first I tease and lube up his tight hole;
The sounds that he makes to me are like gold.

Feeling it squeeze and pulse on my finger;
As the excitement builds, no hesitation lingers.

He gives me his body and releases his will;
I work him over good with all of my skills.

First a dildo with nubs made of glass;
Slow but determined I invade his ass.

When those glass nubs brush over his prostate;
A flood of desire has opened the gate.

I step into the harness of my two way strap on;
A cock fills my pussy as I lube up the front dong.

Running my cock head up the crack of his ass;
First I fucked him slow, then I fucked him fast.

I can feel his ass gripping and squeezing my cock;
It moves the one inside me when my hips rock.

I love that smacking sound as our flesh meets;
I pick up the speed and slam his ass balls deep.

I bury my cock deep, as far as it will go;
He says he feel tingles all the way to his toes.

I say “Baby you haven’t seen anything yet!”;
That is certainly a promise, not even a threat.

I put him on his back in my comfy bed;
Surveyed his body then his legs I spread.

Moving my finger in a come hither motion;
His ass draws it in knuckle deep with total devotion.

Searching and prodding for that special spot;
My finger has radar, at least that’s what he thought.

I found his prostate right away;
I feel like I’m the hunter and he is the prey.

I fingered his butt and worked over that swollen gland;
Had him doing sit ups in bed from the touch of my hand.

Sucking his cock and making him shiver;
While massaging his prostate and making him quiver.

Getting off on the sounds I can make him make;
I want him to cum as hard as an earth quake.

I had him stroke his cock as I worked over his ass;
I wanted to make him cum, watch that eruption blast.

A few fast strokes and he shot hard into the air;
His ass came on my finger, spunk flew everywhere.

It was really just a quickie;
Barely a taste that left him sticky.

But it was enough to make me want more;
More of his pretty ass to defile and adore.

I want to show him exactly what I can do;
Make his dreams of extreme pleasure come true.

I asked him “What’s in your mind when you think of our time together”;
He said “How hard you came fucking my ass, nothing is better”.

He seems to pull the right answer out of a hat once in a while;
Maybe it is a just a ploy to make me smile.

Half of me wishes he would stay away for good;
The other half wants him back, thinks he’s misunderstood.

Replaying every detail over again in my head;
Everything that transpired that led him to my bed.

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