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Surfer Dude

Tags: surf, love, lust, oral
The sandy coast's a vacant span,
But on the sea my eyes are glued
On urchin soul, half boy, half man
With lithe young body toned and tan:
A nineteen year old surfer dude.

His long hair sparkles in the sun
As he rides his surfboard on the waves.
His goal is not to be outdone,
His form's not matched by anyone,
The rushing water is his slave.

He rides the ocean into shore
And shakes the water from his hair;
Then looks back to the foamy roar
To go again, but not before
He turns to see me standing there

I step into his private zone
And wrap my arm around his side.
He knows I'm his and his alone--
Two loves that are together thrown--
Just us, the beach, the crashing tide.

I pull him closer, draw him near
Stand together cheek to cheek.
Hoping no one interferes
I whisper "Love you" in his ear,
"You are the one for whom I seek."

He gazes back, a silent tease;
Morality is left behind.
Despite the island's cooling breeze
The heat shoots up fifty degrees
For sinful lust is on his mind.

His sordid stare, immodest grin
Gives me pause to stand and watch
To see what secrets lurk within
The Speedo swimsuit stretching thin
Upon the swelling of his crotch.

A common tale often retold
With arrogance he turns to scoff.
He breaks free from my loving hold
And with an action quick and bold
He pulls his Speedos down and off.

The Surfer Dude is truly hung
I kneel before his massive rod.
The taste of one with flesh so young
Burns itself into my tongue
As I kiss and lick this gift from God.

His naked body's lean and tight,
The statue "David" could not match.
His mushroom cap's a true delight.
The untanned groin is snowy white
Framed by a dark brown pubic patch.

His heavy balls are full of seed,
I cup them gently in my hand.
His muscles twitch; he is in need
To have his loving juices freed
To spray like sea-foam on the sand.

His cock is long and hard and wide;
I lick his stomach heading south.
I know he won't be satisfied
Til the shaft that's standing up with pride
Is slamming deep inside my mouth.

I reach behind to feel his butt
And run my thumb along the crack.
I've become his nasty slut.
As my chin is tickled by his nuts
There is no hope of turning back.

The head is in and past my lips,
I can feel the wanton bloat
As he thrusts his slender hips,
His salty pre-cum starts to drip,
Sliding down my hungry throat.

He shoves his cock into my face
My nose is buried in his hair.
In other time, or other place
Would an angel's fall from grace
Become a devil quite so fair?

He pummels hard with fever pitch.
The time has come -- his balls explode.
The cream he shoots is thick and rich.
He yells out, "Take it! Take it, bitch!
Choke down that nasty, rusty load!"

My tongue's on fire, my lips are bruised,
So what comes next is hard to say.
My soul cries out to be abused,
But the love I offer is refused;
The Surfer Dude just walks away.

One thing that only time can teach
Your life will never be the same.
When Love walks out beyond your reach
And you're left standing on the beach
And you do not even know his name.

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