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The Sailor and the Siren

A sailor makes his choice.
This poem only available on Lush Stories

The darkening seas of jaded greens
Peaked and troughed under gloaming skies;
The whispers of the unknown dead
Laced the waters with their sighs.
He stood upon the deck, astern,
And watched the sinking gold,
Another age of life and death
To add to dooms untold.

The sailor stood, and gazed into
The beckoning, vengeful seas
As celestial maps o’erhead sprang out
To watch men on their knees.
For pray, they must, on stormy waves,
Or doldrums, oily still,
Against the maw of razor rocks,
Against sea beasts that kill.

But greater danger waits for them,
And basks on isles of flowers;
A tiny garden piece o’ Heaven
On which rests evil powers.
And as the briny mist rolled in
And cloaked them fore and aft,
He grabbed the bulwark desperately –
He swore, the mist! It laughed!

All was silent on the decks
As midnight crept in tight,
And all around, the pulsing mist
Hid dreams of starry light.
He gazed into the black abyss
Beneath his trembling feet;
A thousand ghosts of lost souls screamed
And begged release so sweet.

But sweeter than that freedom day
Crawled softly through the air,
Like slender, trailing fingers
Gently sliding through his hair.
Hauntingly, a voice so piercing
Called him, sweetly gentle.
‘T was wrapped in shadows, heady beauty,
Bathed so elemental.

The sigh of winds; the kiss of rain;
The heat of fiery lust;
The earthy bed of fertile love.
“Consume me, Voice, you must!”
His voice rang out to greet the air,
His blinded eyes searched out
Her voice still creeping ever near,
Her whispers met his shout.

“Oh, come to me, mine sweetheart love,
And I shall make thee smile.
Come sit by me and kiss my lips.
Oh, sailor, stay awhile.”
For so began the siren’s tune,
Her humming, throbbing song.
And the sailor stood, his thoughts of home
And family all long gone.

His little wife who waited hence,
Two children, four and three,
Could not be tethered to his heart;
They joined lost souls at sea.
Their names, they sank below the waves
As he felt her caress.
Her honey words poured heat in him,
Her voice held no redress.

Her melody wove fantasises
And held him to her breast.
His hands reached out to hold her form;
His heart could find no rest.
Over the gunwale, fast he flew!
And crashed into the brine.
“Fair maiden, let me look on thee,
For thou art surely mine!”

He swam towards the sound of her
In suffocating mist
And as the boat did turn about,
It creaked with leeward list.
But no fare warning from first mate
Or order from on high
Released the frenzy of his blood;
His certain death was nigh.

With all his life now firm forgotten,
Dear loves and futures gone,
Just one hope held his desperate heart:
He heard it in her song.
“Oh, swim to me, my sailor dear,
For I shalt kiss thee soft,
And thou shalt ease my lonely life
And hold thine dreams aloft.
For here, my isle is full of joys
That men know not. In time,
I shalt bring thine fantasies
Alive when thou art mine.”

And through the throbbing words of hers,
The sailor, desperate, swam,
Until he reached the sharp-edged isle
His urge, anew, began.
He scrambled up the rocky ledges,
Full need to see her shape,
And softly lit by lantern light,
He stood with mouth agape.

For there betwixt anemones
His lusty eyes beheld
Her naked, curving, lovely form
Wherein his dreams now dwelled.
Her breasts were sculpted, round and large,
And creamy like the shells
That bedecked her flowing locks
In a crown of ocean spells.

Her slender waist, so tempting small,
Was set upon her hips
So wide and firm; he drank her in,
And gazed upon her lips.
Those of her mouth were shapely red,
With pearly teeth a-gleaming;
And those between her buxom legs
Did set his loins a-screaming.

“Oh, maiden of these turquoise seas,
Grant me thine soft embrace,
And let me now make love to you.”
The tears ran down his face.
She smiled so softly, held her hand
Out to his trembling form,
And beckoned him, that foolish man,
His soul was now forsworn.

He strode unto her strong embrace,
Surprised by all her strength,
Undressing fast and nakedly,
He showed her all his length.
She spread herself for him to enter,
He plunged both flesh and heart
Into the siren as she laughed,
And felt his soul depart.

He could not stop the thrusting deep,
Nor did his mind wish free,
But still his heart, it clamoured shrill,
And lost reality.
Her ringing laughter crawled through him,
And wrapped around his hips.
She silenced all his lusty groans
With kisses from her lips.

He gave her all he had and more,
That cold and heartless being;
He lost his soul, his heart, his life,
For all he felt like fleeing.
And still she smiled and pulled him closer,
White and clammy fingers
Pressing him still deeper in,
Foreboding never lingers.

For once a sailor gives his heart,
And offers up his life
Unto the lusty, naked siren,
He forgets his wife.
No family or friends compare
To sating fiery urges
Upon that goddess of the seas
With all her lustful surges.

And lying in her laughing arms,
The sailor, spent, did sleep.
And when he woke to gloomy day,
He had fair cause to weep.
For lover she was not, in truth,
When light showed her reality.
A mouldering frame of stinking flesh
Accustomed to venality.

Her breath smelled of a thousand men,
So putrid, stinking thick,
Her flesh, it drooped from bony limbs
Cadaverously sick.
Gone were the honey words she smiled,
Gone were the welcoming arms,
All that was left was bitter spite
And twisted, vengeful harms.

But there he was, that sailor, caught,
A sea shell bed now home,
And he could not remove the stench
That soaked his blood and bone.
He’d lost his will and heart and soul
And gave them to the sea witch.
And there he languished always, ever,
She, his life, his sea bitch.

The ending of this tale of peril
Is very clear to all:
All should do their best to hide
When sirens sing their call.
For when forsaking those we love
Forgetting them for fucking,
True nature of our sins will show,
For all our happy sucking.

For that lost sailor gave his life
And lived an age of sorrow;
His siren and himself in hell,
With no fresh dawn tomorrow.
Choose your bed and lie in it,
And don’t foreswear your life,
Or when day breaks and shows you truth,
‘T will show you naught but strife.

This poem only available on Lush Stories
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