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Time Machine

If I had a time machine I know just what I’d do;
I’d go back to the point in time right before I met you.

I’d fiddle with the dials, I’d get the setting right;
To erase you from my life, so I can sleep through the night.

Just a few small changes, to my history;
So the sight of you, I’d never have to see.

Erase the broken pieces, of my longing heart;
And never know the pain, of making our ways part.

Never have the realization, you’re not who I thought you were;
So that everything I let you do, would never have occurred.

Just a chance meeting can greatly alter your destiny;
Unleash a hidden desire so that your heart is never free.

Reaching for the light, from the dark depths of despair;
If I only had a time machine, you would have never been there.

I wouldn’t have this feeling like I am incomplete;
I wish it was as easy as simply pressing the delete.

I go from anger to sadness thinking about the past;
I’m mad at myself most of all for wishing it could last.

It would be so very easy, if I only had a time machine;
If I’d never met you, then you wouldn’t haunt my dreams.

All of the memories, like hearing your voice in my ear;
They would never tease me, if I could make you disappear.

Never remember the words, how you said you'd love to make love to me;
Or the longing that then ensued, of lying together in colorful fall leaves.

To never have a vision of what you look like in my mind;
Or to remember the things you did that seemed so unkind.

Sometimes my mind still wanders, thinking of how you turned me on;
Of how I wanted to take your ass and fuck you all night long.

A clear picture of your fine body and the addictive heat that drew me in;
I wanted to see the way you move and run my tongue all over your skin.

Taste your very essence and feel your breath on my neck;
I dreamed of being so tight with you, instead we were just a wreck.

Much more than an infatuation, you were an obsessive desire;
A tease never to be realized, with my heart in the line of fire.

A time machine would be so wonderful, it would do the trick;
Erase every memory I have of you, just a switch I’d have to flick.

Every single memory whether they be painful or sublime;
Would vanish completely from my tired, troubled mind.

No time machine exists so I can go back and change the past;
My restless mind won’t be at ease the memory of you is so vast.

So I will try to only remember the body I so wanted to use;
Forget the man that didn’t really want me and left me so confused.

Forget everything he told me that all turned out to be lies;
Release this unsatisfied desire and accept our final demise.

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