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A Gulf Coast Welcome II

Ray and Caren get closer and even more intimate.
To recap: A lonely man with a erectile problem meets a younger vacationing divorcee on Longboat Key. Their first day together ended in extraordinarily satisfying sex. The story continues...

Driving over the Skyline Bridge to St. Pete seemed dangerous to me as my mind kept veering off the road and into memories of the night before. A chance meeting on the beach led to a night of amazing sex with a cock that worked the way it was supoosed to and although that seemed miracle enough, I kept flashing back to the incredible amount of fun Caren and I had. A couple of times I found myself weaving on the empty span and had to pull myself together before I launched myself into Tampa Bay. Fortunately, "Born To Run" was on the radio and while I felt the Corvette could sprout wings and fly, I merely sang along. It was exhilerating.

And speaking of the rental car, through some kind of hooky-dookie, I was able to score the Corvette for the price of a standard car. I was supposed to get a Prius but they were all gone when I went to pick it up at the airport. So instead, I now found myself top down in the warm Florida sun singing with the Boss. Life ain't too bad.

A few times, my head went back to my other head. I knew that the problems I'd been having keeping an erection were not medical; I knew that it was psychologically based. You see, I'd never had a problem jerking off. I could always make myself come. Also, over the years since my divorce, I'd enjoyed a pretty expansive sex life. However, with the exception of some old friends who tended to my penis with great care, the past year had been hit or miss and most of the time, it was the latter. But the whole scene was different with Caren, there was a different vibe and a comfort level that fit me well. When I introduced myself on the beach, I'd never expected or even believed that we'd be skinny-dipping later, let alone having sex. Maybe it was pheremonic. That had to be it, it had to be her. Maybe, in a simple basic way, the women prior to Caren just didn't do it for me, they didn't smell right. It was Caren's scent as well as a subtle combination of naivite and guile that gave her an artless compatability with me. Last night was great; it was amazing. I didn't have to curl up in mortification that my cock wimped out. It didn't. It responded like a teenager's cock meeting its first set of lips. I didn't have to think about it. I just let things flow. I just let my instincts out again and it felt awesome. It's no wonder I was feeling good.

Visiting my mother turned any vestige of my euphoria into cosmic debris. I sat and helped her eat but she was lost, her eyes blank and only partially open and her hands shaking uncontrollably. She hadn't a clue as to who I was. I kept trying to help her but she had a far-away and ghostly look. I was watching my mother disappear. The visit was very difficult for me and when I left, I sat in the parking lot thinking of what I should do. I'd already made my choice when I got her into the hospital. There was nothing I could do for my mother as she was in a place where they took good care of her and knew what they were doing. I really couldn't ask for better care, really. I would just have to come to terms with this and start considering her funeral sometime in the near future. I started the car and headed toward the coast of St. Petersberg, where I could distract myself.

Compared to the residential streets and the serenity of the neighborhood where the hospital was, St. Pete was just what I needed. It was alive and throbbing in the humid heat. I parked my car and walked Gulf Boulevard. I stopped in a small beachside restaurant and had a beer and a burger. Then I drove to a small artsy area where I parked and strolled again. I liked this inner feeling of confidence brought on by good sex. Later, I walked down a small street with art galleries and bought a small and beautiful statue of lovers entwined but in a very modernist style, something I knew my Alvin would appreciate as a housegift. Along my travels, I bought a couple of bottles of wine and some flowers for Caren, who never once left my mind. On my way back to the Skyway Bridge, I passed the Troc and drove down to view the Dali Museum which was terrific. While I never was a big fan of dripping clocks, this museum was fabulous and I gained a new appreciation for his work. I really liked "The Basket of Bread." Finally, I was back on the road, flying down the beautiful bridge that bisects Tampa Bay heading toward Paradise. I paid more attention to the road this time but still, my brain flashed back to the image of moist pussy vibrating around my back-to-normal cock.

It was late afternoon by the time I returned to Longboat Key and I was a bit tired and mentally exhausted from my day. I noticed that Caren's house was dark so I placed the flowers on the table, placed the statue on a living room table, stripped down to my walking shorts and sat on the deck with a filled bowl and the New York Time's Crossword Puzzle. I must have been deep in dreamland when I felt a light kiss on my forehead and opened my drowsy eyes.

"Hi, Sleepy. How was your day?"

I roused myself and sat up. "I guess I was pretty tired. Hello Sweet-Caren-from-Next-Door. Ummm. Wait a second. Don't move. I'll be write back."

I ran into the house, peed and then ran into the kitchen where I poured two glasses and picked up the flowers. She was sitting when I returned to the deck and handed her a glass.

"Here's to your good looks," I toasted. "And these are for you." I handed her the flowers.

"Oh, Ray. You didn't have to..."

"I know but see that big smile on your face? I bought them for that. Thank you."

"Thank you, you big sweetie."

"So tell me, how was your day?"

"My day was fun. I met up with my old college friend, Candace, who is married and lives in Sarasota. Her husband is loaded and she has the big house and a maid and..."

"I really don't care about Candace. Tell me what you did?"

"Sorry, I tend to babble, have you noticed? She took me shopping and I spent a lot of money and I bought some beautiful stuff and then we went to dinner in some fancy restaurant and it was just okay. Something I ate hasn't set well with me. I just took some Tums but please excuse me if I rip one."

"We'll see how bad it is. Meanwhile, drink some wine, it will help settle you."

"Good idea. Got some of that bowl over there?" She sipped as I lit the bowl and passed it to her. "I told Candace, I call her Candi, all about you. Were your ears burning?"

I chuckled. "What did you tell her?"

"I told her about how charming you were and how nice you are to be with, and how you rocked my world last night..."


"I did. I told her how you were the best lover I ever had, not that my list is so long, and that you made me cum like never before. I told her that and I told her how your tongue can do tricks. I told her how we came together. I told her everything."

"And she said..."

"And she said probably too much. She told me how terrible sex is with her husband, Perry, and how he won't have children and he won't go down on her and when he does fuck her, he comes right away and then goes to sleep. It all sounded very familiar. She was very envious of me and I could tell just how frustrated she was. I know. I've been there. She said that all she does is masturbate with her expanding collection of toys. The way she tells it, I swear I think she must invest in Duracell."

"I think that's sad. Why isn't she divorced?"

"I dunno, it's's all about money, I think...and very boring. Anyway, tomorrow, after her morning fitness classes, she's coming up here to..."

"Let me fuck her until she screams for mercy?"

"Not likely! You're my cock, thank you very much! But maybe..." Suddenly, Caren was grimacing and holding her stomach. It looked like it hurt. "Listen, my lover..."

"Just refer to me as your handyman. I'll leave the house open for you tomorrow..."

" wiseass neighbor, I'm not feeling very well. I'm going back over to my place, I'll see you later." She chugged the rest of her glass, scooped up the flowers and made a mad dash to the bathroom in her house. That was very considerate, considering she was farting mightily on the way out.

I sat down with my iPad to surf the web and several hours later, I noticed the time. Caren hadn't returned and I wondered how she was feeling. I wandered next door and walked in through the unlocked rear sliding doors. "Caren?" I called out and heard no response. I walked further into the house and again I called out to her. Again, there was no response. I walked into the bedroom and there she was, sprawled out on her stomach, sleeping while the television droned. I kissed her forehead and she stretched and rolled to the side.

"I'm sorry, Ray, I think I passed out."

"How do you feel now?"

"Oh, my stomach is much better now but my body is exhausted and achey. I'm just going to go back to sleep, okay? You're not mad, are you?"

"Mad? Of course, not. I was worried about you. I have an idea. Why don't you roll back onto your stomach and we'll pretend that you're in a spa. I'll give you a massage and you can fall back to sleep. No sex today, my dear. Only strong hands on your body, smoothing out the aches. How's that sound?"

"That sounds divine. I'll just lay here and let you do me. I'm all ready." She looked up at me as if I was dawdling. "What are you waiting for? I paid for my massage. Let's get to it!"

"Geez, you're tough, lady. Okay, let me get ready. Just close your eyes and relax." I went to the bathroom and found a small bottle of baby oil and a couple of towels. I stripped down and moved around the bed to her feet. I oiled up my hands and began rubbing her left foot, working her soles and plying my fingers between her toes. I heard her audibly gasp and then quietly groan as she settled into my massage. My hands worked each foot. I spent a long time working my fingers between her toes, rolling my fist up her soles and loosening the joints up to her knees. Between my ministrations, she would let lout small audible groans.

I worked one foot and then the other before proceeding up her fine legs. I grasped and molded her thighs just up to the crotch of her red panties. Then I moved to the next leg and repeated the moves. Each leg was a study of care. As I felt the muscles release under my hands, I lengthened the strokes up her legs to each butt cheek.

As I reached closer to her crotch, she spread her legs for me but I chose to ignore her and changed my location instead. I moved up to the headboard and sitting behind her head, began to work her shoulders and arms. Each time I got down to a hand and worked the finger, she would gently grasp my hand. I caressed each finger until she was limp again and then I moved her hand to the side. I was really into it, exploring her body and feeling her respond. I knew that she was not sleeping but she was in a state of deep relaxation.

I oiled her back and slid my hands down from her shoulders. When I reached the small of her back and applied some pressure, she gently gasped and slowly released a deep exhalation. Then I went to work on her spine. When I was pleased with the release I felt along her spine, I slowly slipped her panties down and removed them.

I took the bottle of oil and dripped it down her back, down along the crack of her ass (where I watched it drip down around her anus and into her gap. Starting at her neck, I pressed two hands, one over the other, to slide down her back and over each butt cheek, down her leg to her foot, one side and then the other. I did this a few times, oiling my hands before each long stroke. Moving to her legs, I followed the same procedure in reverse, only this time, moving my hands into her crotch and up her ass crack before continuing north. I must have done this for about fifteen minutes until I was satisfied that she was asleep. I covered her in a sheet and turned toward the bathroom.

"Ahem," she softly murmured.

"Did I miss something? I thought I put you to sleep."

"No, I'm not asleep. I'm just in heaven...but I don't think you properly finished me, if you get my drift."

"Oh, I see. You want a happy ending. Well, that will cost a little more."

"Just add it to my tab."

"With pleasure."

I removed the sheet and reoiled her skin. I applied long strokes from her feet to her neck again. This time, as my hands passed over her buttocks, my fingers dragged up her crotch. Each time I did this, she arched her ass up to receive my hand in her pussy. I noticed that during the entire massage, my dick had not become hard and I didn't care. My focus was exclusively on her. As my hands worked her, I felt my care for her flowing through me. I felt an intimacy I had not known in years.

On my last long stroke, I stopped at her pussy and slowly, with a very gentle touch, placed my palm under her mound. I began to give her a yoni massage. I placed two finger from the other hand into her canal and I caressed her clit from without and within. She was turned on and juiced up, but her body was putty. I'd only stroked her for a couple of minutes before she gasped a few times and filled my hand with her warm fragrant fluids. She exhaled with a soft moan and a mumbled "Thanks" before she was out like a light and breathing deeply.

I gently wiped her down with a towel, recovered her with the sheet and quietly slipped out back to my house. I turned on the TV and soon I was asleep, too.

Stay tuned for Part Three.
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