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A Trip To The Colonies, Chapter 1

A romantic tale inspired by a fellow lush author, to whom I dedicate this work of passionate love.

It was the middle of summer when Mary left her home in Manchester England to go visit her long time friend and former class mate Nicole in the ‘New World”, the colonies as America is so often called by proper British folk.   Her visit had been timed well, South Carolina would be steaming hot for the Brit, and she could enjoy warming in the sun on a daily basis while visiting about old times and recent events with Nicole.


She arrived at the Atlanta airport and went through customs with no difficulties before transferring onto a smaller jet that would carry her southward to her destination.   She departed the plane in Charleston and was greeted by the sweltering heat, much hotter than anything she had ever encountered in Merry Old England, though not bad for South Carolina , must have only been about 97 degrees F.   She undoubtedly felt like she would melt to a puddle as she walked across the tarmac to the terminal gate, though it was only about 50 meters.   As she entered the terminal, she was greeted by a familiar face, radiant with the joy of seeing her oldest friend. Nicole grabbed her up and gave her a huge hug and a brief peck on the cheek for good measure, Mary being a bit more reserved merely smiled and returned the hug.   Nicole was a chatter box on the way to baggage claim, and Mary had no opportunity to even say a word, not even one.   She was depressed enough without hearing the gushing happiness from her friend, and briefly wished she had not come after all.   They arrived at the baggage claim and waited by the carousel patiently, Nicole even allowed Mary to tell her how the flight was before cutting her off and going on about her new husband Ace, or so he was called by the other U S Navy Aviators at the base, they had married about six months ago, but Mary had been unable to attend the ceremony, so had never met him, but figured he must be a real hunk for Nicole to have been interested.   The photos she had seen in emails showed he was at least really good looking.


As Nicole continued her chatter Mary’s mind drifted to her recent misfortune, her long time boyfriend had been killed in a battle somewhere in North Africa , or so the British Army had told her.   Since they had not married the military wouldn’t give her any details other than they hadn’t found the body yet and that she had no entitlements.   Bret being raised as an orphan, there wasn’t even anyone to ask.   There was nothing she could do but pine over the loss, but perhaps this visit would help distract her from the sadness, perhaps, if silly Nicole would just shut up for a second anyway, she chuckled inwardly.   The bags arrived, and miraculously they were all there.   They scooped them up and walked out into the sweltering heat to Nicole’s car in the parking garage.    Once seated in the SUV, Nicole behind the wheel turned and put her hand on Mary’s shoulder near the neck and asked “Are you OK? I am so sorry to hear about Bret.”   Mary felt the crushing memories fill her mind and turned to face Nicole and said “Yeah, I will be.   For now I just needed to get away and find some peace, something to distract me, you know…”   Nicole leaned over and drew Mary near as she kissed her on the lips with a tender understanding that only the closest of friends could know.   As their lips parted Mary reflected on the times that she and Nicole were at the University and had ‘experimented ‘ with girl-girl sex, her inward smile escaped and Nicole’s memories were jogged as well to that time, only three years earlier, in fact.   Nicole let her hand drop across Mary’s shoulder, brushing against her dearest friend’s breast as she turned to start the car and leave the airport.   Mary quivered at the touch, knowing she dared not say anything, she needed someone’s attention, she needed to be taken away from all of the day to day routine, away from the memories, and she needed to get laid.   It had been six months since she had sex, and felt that sex might distract her just enough, but not with just anyone, he had to be perfect.   A thought crossed her mind briefly, ‘wonder if Nicole would share Ace for the night?’ before dismissing the thought as impossible, even for a friend.


They soon arrived at the suburb near the base where Nicole and Ace had a small house, and pulled into the drive.   Nicole had chattered the entire trip, though Mary had not heard much of it, she was preoccupied with her own thoughts and tired out from the lengthy trip.   Nicole bounded out of the SUV and retrieved the luggage, tossing the heavy one to Mary and they walked to the house.   Nicole said “Ace won’t be home until late, he’s on a training mission today, has to fly over Florida or something like that.”   They carried the bags into the spare bedroom before Mary got the tour of the small home, and then sat in the living room for more chat.   This time Nicole actually let Mary talk, and she disclosed the story of her and Bret, how they had met, how he had been so perfect; and how great the sex was, but now was gone…forever, then she broke down and cried.   Nicole went to the sofa where Mary was sitting and sat by her pulling Mary’s head onto her shoulder to console her grief.    They sat quietly for minutes that turned too much more as Mary finally calmed and regained her composure.   She turned her head to look up into Nicole’s eyes and saw the friend that had always been there for her and smiled as she leaned upward and kissed her lips tenderly.


“Need a shower girl?” Nicole asked, “You’re probably tuckered from the trip, it might help you get your feet under you, I know they always help me” Mary nodded and said “yeah, that might just do it.”   They got up and Nicole led Mary to the bathroom and showed her where the towels were kept, and said “enjoy, I’ll fix us a drink.”   Mary went to the guest room and got some shorts and a t-shirt from her bag to put on after the shower and returned to the bath, leaving the door ajar so the steam wouldn’t fog up the room.   She undressed slowly and let her mind drift to the last time she and Bret had made love in the shower, her body quivered at the memory.   As she placed her undergarments on the counter she gazed at the mirror, her reflection furthered her thoughts of passions with Bret, her 5’5” figure still held the beauty of a teenager, though she was now 26.   She raised her hands to cradle the softness of her full firm B size breasts, the smoothly textured areolas barely pink against her light brown skin, the nipples set almost flush to them when not aroused were beginning to swell with the thoughts now running through her head.   Her fingers found the swelling nipple of her left breast and squeezed it gently, rubbing it between her thumb and first digit, prodding it to arousal.   She watched as she lowered her right hand across her firm abdomen to the trimmed curls of her pubic mound and reveled in the sensations as she brought her fingers to rest on the crown surrounding her clitoris.   She felt the tingle of pleasures as they followed from her breast to the tenderness in the folds in her loins.   She pushed the pad of her index finger across her clit and felt it as it swelled with the delight of contact, and rubbed harder as her excitement built within.   Her moans only served to drive her forward in the search for pleasure; she pushed her finger deeper into the folds beneath the sweet petals of her labia and found the moistness of her vaginal canal.   She continued for several minutes getting more and more lost in the sensations, now her fingers plunging in and out of her wet canal bringing her closer to a climax her body so desperately needed.  


The door opened beside her, she gasped at the startling intrusion as Nicole stood only inches from her naked trembling body, still panting from the pleasures that had been interrupted.   “I brought you your drink, hadn’t heard the shower start, so thought you may just be sitting around sulking and could use it” Nicole said in a matter of fact tone, a smile broadened across her face at the sight of Mary attempting to cover her flower and breasts in vain.   Nicole stepped the short distance separating the two and said “let me help you, I can get your mind off of him” and put her hand atop of Mary’s almost covering her genitals.   Mary looked at Nicole and smiled approvingly as Nicole squeezed both there hands to cup Mary’s pussy in them.   Nicole had been with Mary before and knew just the right spots to touch and caress, and quickly had Mary lost in the pleasures of desire once again as she kissed and suckled the hard swelled nipple of her breast and probed the depths of her labia with her talented fingers as she caressed the g-spot within her moist canal.   Nicole prompted Mary to sit on the counter and helped her to do so, before lowering herself to her knees between Mary’s thighs.   Nicole gently caressed her inner thighs as she leaned in closely and allowed her warm breath to tantalize the dark pink petals, now swollen with desire.   As Nicole slid her hands up to the edges of Mary’s willing and wanting pussy she used the tip of her tongue to taunt the crown surrounding her engorged clit and then sucked it into her mouth quickly, flicking it brutally with her textured tongue.   Mary gasped loudly as Nicole’s fingers entered the wet canal as she was brought to an immediate orgasm and flooded her friend with copious amounts of her sweet nectar.    Nicole was not quite ready for the quick response and was now covered from neck to waist with the gush of female fluids, but went to work at licking the remnants from Mary’s canal and lips.   Mary was still quivering in her post climax exhilaration as Nicole stood up and kissed her fully on the lips.   She stepped back and undressed; now they both needed a shower.


Mary watched as Nicole removed her clothing and then turned to start the stream of warm pulsating water before stepping in and drawing the curtain partially closed to avoid the mess should the water splash from the confines of the tub.   Mary slid from the counter, almost recovered from the draining of her climax and joined Nicole in the small enclosure.   Mary wrapped her arms around Nicole from behind and hugged her lovingly saying “thank you, that was just what I needed” and kissed her warmly on the side of Nicole’s slender neck.   They giggled and carried on like school girls as they took turns washing each other from head to toe, Mary paid special attention to Nicole’s smoothly shaved mound.   Not that she wanted to pleasure her friend to a point of orgasm, but she did take the time to slide her supple fingers into the wetness of   Nicole’s vaginal canal and murmured soft words of teasing as she pushed in and out slowly to taunt her.   Nicole stood quietly in the stream of water and enjoyed the tease, but was not needing or really wanting to be brought to fulfillment, she would wait for Ace to come home and fuck her later that evening, as he always did after a day of flight.


They dried off and each dressed.   Nicole went to the kitchen to start preparing dinner and Mary went to the guest room to lie down for a few minutes, which turned into a restless sleep as she dozed to recoup from her journey.   The next she knew as she stirred from her slumber was that the house was dark and she had slept for longer than she had wanted to.   She realized that what had awakened her were the sounds coming from Nicole’s room.   She could hear the bed springs squeaking out a rhythmic tune and moans of obviously delightful sex, Nicole’s familiar alto voice and a deep male voice making sounds of grunting and groaning as he apparently was nearing climax.   His tones got louder and then quieter, Nicole’s got more demanding.   Mary chuckled to herself of how her friend was probably fucking him senseless, so lay there in the dark and listened for the two full hours they went at it behind the paper thin wall.   She finally drifted back off to sleep, remembering five times at least hearing Nicole screaming out her climax and a couple from the man she supposed to be Ace.   Her sleep was a bit restless with the weight of the South Carolina heat, even with the air conditioner running, it was still more than what she was accustomed to, but she did sleep, the first time for a month that she didn’t have dreams of Bret and her loss.




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