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An Affair to Remember

Tags: love
Contributing Authors: SensuousCurves 
A Love and Lust story

We were the two most unlikeliest of people whom you never thought could fall for each other. Well, as you know on Lush, anything can happen.

Both of us were incorrigible flirts, crossing each other's paths in the pic rooms once in a while, but never having taken an active interest in each other nor even flirting with each other.

But one day , lightning struck on Lush and two people who barely acknowledged each other's presence, were suddenly drawn to each other as if they had been wanting it all along..

And so began an affair they didn't know where it would take them. They would meet to make frantic hard love. Whenever they met on Lush, it was for the pure lust and need for sexual pleasure.

Their lovemaking was filled with the raw passion and elegant sensuality that both of them possessed in abundance. They longed just to be with each other to satisfy their carnal desires, that they knew only the other could satisfy.

Their lovemaking had the youthful passion combined with the mature elegance.

The hot lustful affair continued with feelings for each other starting to grow each time they made love. They would have their own private room to themselves, with no intrusions

He would tie her to the bed, blindfold her, lick her down her back as she lay face down and then turning her around, his lips and tongue making their mysterious journey over the sensuous curves of her body, making her the idol of his worship, down to the treasure of honey that awaited his lips and tongue between her legs. Lips and tongue devouring every inch of her luscious body. She would be writhing, gasping, moaning his name as his tongue delved into the folds of her sweet smelling honey pot. Tongue probing deeper into her making her clasp her thighs around his face burying it between her thighs. She would scream out his name as she came gushing over his lips and tongue.

His aim was to please her, make her feel special, wanted, loved and to feel the sensations she had never felt before.

She would love to return the favor, licking his hard shaft up and down, grazing her teeth, licking the tip, sucking on his balls.. His eyes closed feeling her luscious lips and tongue on his now wet and hardened manhood. He would lift her up, kissing deeply before entering her with deep slow hard thrusts. Their desire growing with each thrust as their bodies rocked in unison with the passion, lust and craving they had for each other. They would fuck like two animals in heat, fucking in every position, till they both exploded into their orgasm finally collapsing into orgasmic bliss.

Their affair continued with stolen moments of love and passion away from the grim realities of everyday life.
They would crave for each other's touch, and the time spent together.

They didn't realize when their lust for each other developed into something special. It was lust, love, a connection, a friendship, so many emotions and feelings for each other.

Like every relationship in life, they had their ups and downs, moments of weakness, and jealousy all the emotions that you would expect in a real world relationship.

But their love for each other carried them through their hardships, like a shining light, a love they held onto, which was their moment of bliss in a real world which seemed to pull them away.

Then a damper had been put on their affair when his sensual muse heard those words that slowly spilled from his lips as he told her heart breaking news. Grasping her shoulders as he pulled her into his loving arms...holding her tightly, not whispering any words to her. She stood back and asked "Is there something wrong?" His eyes gazed into hers, taking her by the hand leading her to the mahogany brown leather sofa to sit with him. Cupping her chin he stammered as the words were caught in his throat.

"Darling, I've been asked to travel abroad, I knew last week when the company asked if I would be willing to spend a few days traveling to Europe, but honestly I never knew they were expecting me to travel to other countries as well."

She clutched her face, as tears welled in her eyes, spilling over her milky white cheeks, he enveloped her in his strong arms, pulling her over his lap. He took her by the cheeks, crushing his mouth over her pink glossy lips, both sharing tears of sadness of his new adventure. "Darling, please listen to me love, it's probably for only six weeks." I will call you everyday and we can share texts and messages whenever.

Sniffling, as she looks into his tear stained eyes, "Yes love, this will make our love stronger, but I hate to see you go. I'm thrilled for your accomplishments, my love, sincerely!"

He lifted her in his cradling arms, taking her to his king size, high poster bed. Kissing her with much passion and desire. She untied his tie...ripped open his crisp white shirt as he raised her hem on her dress, exposing her silky elegant thighs that he adored. Fumbling for the zipper on his gray thin slacks, her fingers hooked on his satin boxers, while she massaged his thick manly shaft that was bare to her hands. Grazing her well manicured hands over his thick length, as he moaned her name, her red shiny polished nails slid up and down his rigid shaft.

Slipping her little black dress over her shoulders, her round luscious peaks spilled over her matching laced bra, exposing a mountain of pleasure for him to mold and caress to be pleasured by his touch. Unhooking her bra he slipped the thin straps over her shoulders, he cupped one in his hand suckling her coral pink nipples as she moaned. He moved to her other, teasing and tugging. Gently nibbling as a wave of pleasure fulfilled her desires. Warm, wet juices trickling between her thighs.

Lowering her to his warm bed, his fingers swiftly slipped her matching black lace panties off her. Parting wide and feeling her so sexy to his touch, he moved his tongue down and wiggled it inside her. Her wanton pussy dripping over his tongue, while he flickered her tongue over her standing hood. Whimpering and moaning as she felt her orgasms heighten, clutching her hips as her body shivered. She arched her back, clutching his head as she convulsed over his face.

Moving her sensually toned body, he clutched his shaft resting it at her smooth creamy nest. Then with a push, he entered her with his thick golden crown.

"Ohhh... god!" She whimpered. His hips shifted as his thick head plunged deeper, entering her with his rigged shaft. His arms locked, hands flat on the bed, he started pounding her, fucking her like never before. His balls slapped against her smooth rounded asscheeks.

She bit her lower lip as she tightened her pussy around his pulsing member, milking him like a beast. Her eyes rolled upward as he grunted, thrust, and heaved two more times. His balls tightened, and he felt his load about to erupt in her warm wanton pussy. She clutches the bed sheets. His cock pulsed and he emptied his thick hot cum deep into her fertile hot pussy.

He continued plunging deep in her womb as her pussy quivered over his piercing one orgasm ended, another began. They devoured and fucked like two crazed teenagers in love.

They made mad, passionate love for the next few days, before he traveled abroad. Every day soared into greater heights of love, passion, experimenting welcoming pleasures like non-other they had shared before.

They decided that the time before he departed would be the most special time they had ever shared. They made love everyday, morning, noon and night. They would spend hours with each other. As the days for his departure drew closer, they realized how much they would miss being with each other. They were addicted to each other.

The parting was heart wrenching for both of them, as they did not want to be away from each other.

They could hardly wait for the time when he would come back and they would get back together.

In another life, another time, they could probably have been perfect for each other.. The affair continues...and they hope it does...forever.





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