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Chestnut Hill Romance

The Beginning, How It All Started
Scott and Cathy started work in Chestnut Hill Consulting on the same day. Scott was hired as an operations consultant. Cathy was hired as an account development consultant. 

Although in very different careers they noticed each other during Chestnut Hill Consulting introductions. Scott saw Cathy go up for coffee during the introduction break. He couldn’t resist and headed over for coffee as well. Cathy was thrilled when she saw Scott walking in her direction. He was 6’ 1”, with black business cut hair, dark brown eyes, and was wearing an expensive business suit. Obviously he was already doing well in his career.

Scott saw that Cathy watched him approach. She was 5’ 8”, with medium brown hair flowing in a sexy wave to her shoulders, deep blue eyes and she wore a white blouse and brown pants that showed a well defined ass. She was a sexy lady, Scott thought to himself.

He got his coffee (black) and turned to introduce himself. It was easy since everyone wore name tags and their area of speciality. The Chestnut Hill Consulting believed every employee should know about all the areas of expertise within the company. So, naturally, it looked like Scott and Cathy were just following company policy. When, in fact, there was an instant attraction to each other, beyond work interests, between the two of them.

After the Chestnut Hill Consulting introductions Scott found Cathy and asked her out for a drink after work. She accepted, hoping it would lead to more than just a drink. She had never been so turned on so soon before. She wanted to know if Scott was as interested in her as she was in him.

She told Scott she needed to go back to her hotel room to freshen up before going out. She was staying at the hotel until her apartment was ready to move in. She was new in the city and waiting for her things arrive at the apartment. Scott thought that was a good idea. He lived near by and could go home to change into more casual clothes.

Scott arrived early at the lounge to make sure he got a good table. Cathy arrived about fifteen minutes later. When he spotted her his jaw nearly hit the table. Oh, my God, she is sexy, thought Scott. She was wearing a loose fitting blouse with the top buttons open. Her skirt, though modest in length, was very form fitting. He knew he was going to have a difficult time keeping his cock under control. He stood up to wave to her.

She immediately saw him and got even more turned on. He was wearing tight fitting jeans with a loose pullover. When she arrived at the table Scott reached out and gave Cathy a welcome hug. Apparently Scott's cock was not fully under control and Cathy could feel the excitement in his jeans.

They were in a booth in the far corner. He wanted to be sure they had privacy to freely talk. They sat next to each other looking out toward the lounge. They both ordered Black Russians to drink. After some small talk and a few sips of their drinks Scott leaned over and gave Cathy a kiss on the cheek saying he was really happy they met.

Cathy turned and gave Scott a wet kiss in the lips whispering she was feeling very welcomed in her new city (Boston). Cathy was so turned on. She knew he was interested but she didn’t want to be too aggressive.

By now Scott knew he had lost any control of his cock. He was horny as hell. He kissed her back with his tongue parting her lips and dancing with her tongue. By now they were ready to just lose it right there in the lounge. Scott lived nearby so suggested they go to his place.

They couldn’t get out of there fast enough. It was only a short walk to his condo. They went inside to the elevator. While on their way to his condo he pushed her against the wall and started kissing her neck and down the open blouse.

She reached down to the outline of his now rock hard cock on his jeans. The elevator door opened and his condo was across from the elevator. He opened the door, let her in, and picked her up in his arms. He carried her to the bedroom as they continued to kiss. He laid her down on his bed, began unbuttoning her blouse as his lips followed his fingers down.

She couldn’t stand it any more. Cathy pushed him aside, pulling her blouse off while removing her bra. She reached over and pulled his pullover off before Scott even noticed. She had never felt such an animal sexual surge in her body. She had lost all self control and just took over. Pushing Scott onto his back she put her tits in his face. Telling him to suck on her nipples while reaching down unbuttoning his jeans, she told him to lift his ass. She pulled away from him and removed his jeans and boxers in one pull.

Scott, who was used to being the dominant one in sex, found himself unable to do anything but what Cathy wanted. He was so turned on and lost in lust he thought he was going to pass out. She had stripped him and was pulling off her skirt. He saw she was wearing just a thong under the skirt. She came back on top of him, slid up so she was sitting on his face.

Not needing instructions on what she wanted, he pulled the thong aside and began licking her pussy lips. She had her fingers wrapped around the top of the brass headboard trying to push his tongue deeper into her pussy. Scott would have none of that. He curled his hands under her to either side of her pussy preventing her thrusts. He continued teasing her outer pussy lips, slowly penetrating to her inner lips just barely touching her clit.

She screamed, “You fucking bastard, lick me, finger me, don’t just tease me!”

Now he felt back in control. He reached around with one hand to lube up a couple of fingers in her cunt. He then moved his fingers back and began inserting one finger in her ass while his tongue began making circles around her clit.

She let out a loud moan and stopped trying to force him to push his face into her pussy. She was so excited she didn’t know which way to move.

He could feel she was building to an orgasm but slowed down just a little. He knew she would orgasm but he wanted to save the best for later. She went crazy. She started to scream and moan and pushed her pussy into his face, cumming wet and hard.

His face was soaked and hands were all wet and slippery. He pushed her over on her back and slowly kissed his way up to her mouth. She was still coming down from her orgasm when he softly kissed her lips with the taste of her pussy still in his mouth.

She wrapped her arms around him and gave him the biggest hug and strongest kiss of his life. She said, “I’m not done with you yet!”

He hadn’t cum yet but he didn’t care. The sex was far beyond what he thought was possible. He was exhausted. She was just getting her second wind and was ready to take over. They were side by side facing each other. Soft kisses and caresses from her made him unaware of her movements. She was positioning herself to quickly pin him down on his back. She started to move herself around as if getting in the 69 position, something he loved. But just as her pussy was over his face she raised he hips up just enough to keep her pussy just barely out of reach.

She pulled her legs up to pin his shoulders down. He was struggling but then felt her tongue licking his cock. Scott couldn’t believe how turned on he was being pinned down with her in total control. She had him on the edge but not letting him cum yet. Her tongue went around the head of his cock, up and down the shaft, sucking each ball with just enough tong action and pressure to drive him crazy.

She was having a hard time keeping him pinned down. She decided it was time to get a taste of his cum. She put the head of his cock between her lips and slid it deep into her mouth. He didn’t last long. She felt him about to cum. She put all of his seven inches into her mouth and began swallowing just as he erupted with the strongest ejaculation he had ever felt. Cathy continued sucking on his cock until he was soft.

They turned around to give each other a deep kiss and hug. They just looked at each other and knew this would not be the only time.

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