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Dan's Lil Sis [Pt. 1]

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Sophie meets up with her long-lost brother Danny, and meets his best friend Kevin.
--= 1 =--

Sigh, depressing thoughts again. I can't help myself at this point. All I can think of are all the bad things, all the wrong people have done to me, and all the worthless feelings I have of myself. I'm twenty-effing-two and literally don't have a life. I have no job, no money. I'm not in school, and I live at home in Vermont with my parents. (Doing absolutely nothing.) Oh! You may call me Sobbing Sophie.

I haven't helped the cause much, I admit. I've completely closed myself out from the outside world. (Aside from the direct family situation. I can't exactly shun them from me.) My closest girlfriends from High School have grown closer to each other, and farther from me. Of course, I have moved away for my first year of school. But I tried to keep in contact. I guess we were never that close, where distance makes you stronger. Well, fuck them. (Cries)

'Stop it Sophie! Don't go down that road again,' I tell myself.

I have to change something. Or make some plans so that I have something worth looking forward to. I have no idea what though, I'm not that inventive. But if I was, man I wouldn't be in this situation. Nope nope nope.

As I browse my email, I notice I have another post on my Facebook wall. Why is it called a wall? Lost in the idea of people literally writing on walls, I clicked the link.

'Man, only God knows when I last logged in here.'

Five unread messages, and 10 or so lost comments on my wall. I call them lost because I never reply. I always read them in my e-mail, and delete.

I think it's time to reach out. Just this once. I decide to write to my long-lost brother, Danny. He's 27 now, and the last time we saw each other was when he was 9 or 10, and I was 4 or 5. So yeah, it's been a while. He found me on here just last year, and I have to say, I was shocked at how quickly I let him in. All throughout my life, he was taboo because he was associated with the "Bad Family."

Long story short, we share the same father, and that's pretty much it. Danny was always cool to talk to, though. He made talking easy.

So I wrote: "Hey. umm yeah... Its been a while I kno. Sorry I just up'd n left for 4 months. I dont really have an excuse, other than Im miserable atm and would like someone to talk to. I think you still have my # so if you could call that would be.. cool. Thanks - Sophie"

'That oughta do it.'

--= 2 =--

It didn't take long to get my reply from him. He's one of those nuts who has Facebook and Myspace as well as Twitter all on his phone. As if texting wasn't enough, you have to add in all the crazy internet crap. But, I wasn't complaining. I liked the quick response, maybe I would feel better sooner.

"Holy crap Soph! How's it goin'!" exclaimed Danny on the phone.

"It's been... goin'," I replied.

"Yeah! I haven't heard from ya in like, five months!"

"Four," I corrected

"Yeah yeah. So what's this you gotta talk about?"

I spent maybe four minutes in total talking about my sucky life. It's always hard to be depressed when you talk to him. He's like a kid on sugar. Never a dull moment with him, that's for sure. Always excited about something, and this time he was just excited to talk to me.

"So I just got the guys at work off my back about my injury when--"

"Injury!" I exclaimed, "What injury!"

"Well... Me and Jen were uhh..."

"Oh my God you broke your--"

"Fractured actually."

"Oh ew, I was kidding about that. Next topic!"

"I was getting to that. So I finally got the guys off my back about my injury..."

I giggled.

"When one of the boys was like, 'Yeah man, your sisters pretty cute!' Then an outbreak of, 'You have a sister! Woah, lemme see this!' I'm all like, 'What the fuck I'm not lettin' you see my sister.' I was just weirded out, y'know. Haha. Well anyway, I showed 'em your page and I have to say you have quite the collection of fans goin' on here."

I blushed. "You sure have a way of cheerin' me up."

"Oh I didn't tell ya that to cheer you up, haha. Actually I told you to forwarn you when you come up to visit!"

"Come again?"

"You have to come this summer!"

"Two problems: One, I have no cash. Two, my mother." Then I got to thinking about the problem with mom.

Danny piped up, "Oh don't worry about the flight, Ill buy the tickets for you. You just need to find a way to get to the air--"

"Shh-shh! I'm trying to think. Oh my God, I forgot! My mom's goin' to visit her sister for like a month this summer. Wait this is perfect! This is exactly what I needed! How long can I stay?"

"A week, two weeks, three weeks. However long you want!" I could hear him smiling on the other end. "And about dad, and grandma and pa. Don't feel pressured at all to see them. If you want, I won't even tell 'em you're here."

"No no," I paused. "I want to see them." And I did, despite how much it would crush my mom if she found out. Well, I guess that's why I'll never tell her.

This was beyond perfect. I would be spending about a month away from home, doing lots of... well, stuff! And with people my age, too. Eh, kind of. I know Danny, and I know he goes out a lot. A lot, a lot. Whether it's to a bar, or to the beach for a barbecue. I would never be bored. And to top it off, I would see family I haven't seen or even had the leisure to talk about for the last 15 plus years.

Oh, and it doesn't hurt that his buddies think I'm cute. Hearing that definitely lightened my spirits. Mm, well now I got my "something" to look forward to. Maybe my life doesn't have to be a suck-fest after all.

--= 3 =--

Since my talk with Danny, I've had a new outlook on life. I'm much more optimistic about the little things, like today, when I peeked into the mirror. Instead of seeing plain brown hair and brown eyes, I saw rich chocolate hair with sun-kissed strands, and honey eyes with a tint of green. I ran my hands over my breasts, holding them firm in my hands. They're full B-cup and they just love to be teased. Stepping back from the mirror I stretched my body to its full 5'11" potential, admiring it from afar.

I have to admit, I love my body. I spent all of last night frantically packing my luggage, making sure that what I had packed would make me look great. I have my tanks and tees, as well as shorts and skirts. I've got a couple of my favorite summer dresses, a couple of my cutest bathing suits, and to touch it off, a few hoodies for the cooler nights. I'm still bummed we can't take liquids on the plane. I don't want to have to buy crap like shaving cream when I get there. I like to keep myself "trimmed," especially if we'll be doing some swimming. What a drag.

The ride to the airport was short but sweet. My dad did his usual, "Be good kiddo. Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" I kissed him good-bye, and walked into the airport.

As I went through the whole security process, I thought to myself, 'Boy, do I hate flying.' Whenever I had to fly in the past, I had multiple planes to catch until I finally arrived at my destination. I lucked out this time, however, I managed a non-stop flight. Since it was still early, I was pretty tired. Not to mention I didn't sleep much through the night due to over-excitement, so I dozed off pretty quickly. The gentle nudge of the tires hitting the runway woke me up letting me know I've arrived.

I grabbed my small bag from the overhead compartment, and I waddled out along with the other passengers, following them down the twisty and narrow hallways. I got the last bit of my luggage, and made my way to the front enterance.

There I saw Danny and his girlfriend Jen with a huge sign saying, "Welcome Home Sophie!" along with balloons and a huge plush teddy bear.

"I know for a fact I didn't just come from a hospital. So... What's with the teddy bear?" I questioned.

"Oh that's just your brother trying to be the big brother he couldn't be all these years," replied Jen, giving me a hug.

"You do know I'm 22, and have grown out of teddy bears right?" I nudged Danny, taking the bear.

"I do now," Danny grinned. He gave me the biggest hug I've ever gotten in my life. I was literally feet off the ground, in the air. "It's so good to finally see you Soph!"

"You too Danny," I smiled. I had to hold back the tears that were ready to burst. I didn't want to look all mushy.
"We uhh, kinda have a party for you back at my place," said Danny, snapping me back into reality. "I know I know, you didn't want anything huge for your first day, or a party at all, haha, but people hear things, and made plans. Totally out of my hands."
I looked up at him with a glaring smile and said, "Yeah, sure. Actually... I don't mind. Great way to kick off my mini-vacation." And with that, we set off to Danny's place.

--= 4 =--

As I stepped out of the car, I got a big wiff of grilled steaks and burgers. Danny helped me with my bigger suitcase as I carried my bag and teddy and continued chatting with Jen. We walked in the front door and was overwhelmed with cheering and big warm welcomes. It wasn't even noon and already the excitement was brewing.

"Soph, meet everyone! Everyone, meet Soph!" shouted Danny. We zig-zagged our way to my room, introducing myself to each passerbyer, which wasn't even half the party. The other half was still outside enjoying the yummy food and chilled drinks.

I got my plate of grub and sat by Jen who was talking with a couple of her girlfriends. "Yeah, so did you hear about Kev and Mel? She totally trampled on his heart," one of the girls said.

"No, she's just a plain tramp," Jen said, " I can't believe she cheated on him. And with Eric. Of all people!" The girls all looked at me, aware of my unawareness to the situation.

"Right. So - Kevin good. Mel and Eric bad. Got it," I said laughing.

"Speak of the Devil. Look who had the balls to show up." Yep, there was Mel and Eric, hand in hand. I haven't been here for more than an hour and already was in on the gossip. And here I thought my life was fucked.

Danny stopped by to steal me away and introduce me to more of his friends. We finally stopped at a group of guys all chillin' with beers in hand, and more nearby for when that one's finished. They were pretty easy going guys. All of them called me "Dan's l'il sis" because "Sophie" was too hard to remember. I guess that happens when you've plowed a case all by yourself.

I sat with them for a while, because they were pretty funny. One couldn't speak right to save his life. Another was was shouting because he claimed we were too loud. And two just couldn't stop laughing at each other. The last one was a lot more tamed. I talked to him the most. He gave me his own low-down on what's what, but from the guy's end. There was definitely some sparks going on.

He was hard to look away from. He must have been 6'5", at least. Stunning grey eyes with handsom facial features that jutted out in the right places. Dark-dark brown hair; almost black but I knew the difference. He had muscly arms. Not too much, which I liked. You could tell he kept himself fit, but not so much that it consumed his well-being. He was wearing a button up plaid T-shirt, so I didn't get to gawp at the rest of his body, but I have an inkling it's pretty amazing. And, mmm... He had 5 o'clock shadow. Something about the late afternoon prickles turned me on.

"Yo Kev. Ow youz dealin' wiff that girl o'yawz... What's 'er name. Melody! Hey Melody! Lookie 'ere! It's tha man oo's art you trashed! Yeah-yeah-yeah!" shouted the really hammered guy.

I looked for where Kevin could be, so I knew who I was talking about from earlier, when my new kindergarten-crush replied, "Shh-shh. I don't need her coming over here. Please dude, just shut up."
I wanted to say, "Oooh... You're Kevin. Well this is just great. The only decent guy here is the center of all the drama," but instead I said, "Oh."

'Oh.' What the hell! I couldn't come up with something better? He looked at me curiously. I smiled, "Uhm, I gotta get some more pop. Excuse me."

I rushed over to the cooler, with my head in a frenzy. Why does the guy I fancy have to be in such a depressing situation. Ugh. Depressing thoughts again. Stop it!

I fumbled around for some Coke, then did a quick pivot and bumped into someone. I looked up before I could get heated about it, and saw Kevin smiling down at me. I burned up anyway, but this time from embarassment.

"I gather you heard about my situation," he said.

"Oh, well uhh... Girls love to gossip. Y'know. Girls trashing girls kind of thing. Nothing bad about you."

He did a low throaty chuckle, which I absolutely loved. "Well I'm glad to hear." He smiled at me again. His eyes had a look of uncertainty. "I uhm, really liked talking with you. You make my mind at ease, and I can forget about who's all here."

I prayed to God he thought I just wore an excessive amount of blush instead of actually flushing the way I did. I shook it off. "Well, technically this party is for me, I could easily give them the boot if ya want," I said jokingly.

"Nah. I love the feeling I get when I make her jealous. Just standing here and talking to you is killing her!"


"No no! Not that I'm talking to you to get her jealous. Don't get me wrong. It's the icing on the cake really."
"Well in that case, wanna go inside and talk some more?"

He looked down at me, biting his lower lip, but just half of it. The other half curved up into a devilish smile. God, that drove me nuts... "Yeah, definitely."

--= 5 =--

We sat on the couch talking about God knows what. There were still a lot of people around, coming and going through the back door, so I couldn't exactly pounce him the way I wanted to. The whole time he wouldn't take his eyes off mine. I have a very difficult time keeping eye contact, so I was darting around a lot. I could tell it amused him because he kept laughing whenever I twitched my eyes away.

Finally, he grabbed my chin and bore his eyes into me. I just stared back, like a deer in headlights: wide-eyed, frozen, and not knowing what to do next. For the first time he took his eyes off mine, and looked down at my lips, which I was nibbling in anticipation. He pulled me in closer, while leaning in himself, and pressed his lips onto mine. They felt cool to the touch, sending a chill down my spine.
I placed my hand on his, which was still clamped on my chin. He moved it up along my jawline, then down, wrapping his fingers around the back of my neck, while running his thumb up and down my throat. I smoothed my hand down his arm, until I reached the base of his forearm, pulling down, causing, his hand to trace over my collar bone, then walk its way down my chest, until his hand met my breast. He cupped it at first, feeling its weight. He must have liked, because I could feel his lips smiling through the kiss. Then he bit down on my lower lip, and took in a sharp breath.

He pressed his palm into my breast, which made me moan against his lips. I took my other hand and placed it behind his neck, running my fingers through his hair, pulling him in closer as I meshed my lips into his. I let a my tongue slip in, only for a peek, when I felt his slip through my lips to play along, too. I ran my tongue along his upper lip, then across his bottom, biting gently. His hand which was caressing my breast, softly pinched my erect nipple, sending a jolt of pleasure through my body. I responded by accidently biting down on his tongue which was venturing way into my mouth.

I giggled, looking down at his mouth, when he pushed out his "wounded" tongue. I trailed my tongue up along it. Then he sucked my tongue into his mouth, massaging it with his own. I moaned again, softly, as he continued to pinch my nipple, then rolling his palm in circles over my breast. I think it was when I ran my hand down his chest, and over his crotch, that I realized we had to continue this somewhere else. Luckily, no one was around through our make-out session. No one sober anyway.

I pulled away, and looked into his eyes, and for once he darted away, but only to look down at my perky nipples. I tilted my head slightly, and leaned into his ear and whispered, "I think the bathroom is finally free." He jumped up, grabbed my hand, and rushed us towards the bathroom. He pushed me in first, coming in behind me. After locking the door, he turned to me and pushed me into the wall, pressing his body into mine. I wrapped one leg around his, grinding my crotch onto his hard-on. From what I could tell, it was generously sized, trapped, and definitely needed some attention.

I pulled at Kevin's arms, which set my head free, and I slid down his body, making sure he could feel my breasts sliding down the whole length. I came face to face with a protrusion that was throbbing to get out. So I pressed my face into his crotch, pressing my lips against his cock, and breathed hot air through his jeans while I undid his buckle. I looked up at him and I could see him with his devilish half smile again. He had both hands against the wall behind me, to stable himself.

His jeans finally fell to the floor after I unbuttoned and unzipped him. A nice tent was pitched right in front of me as his stiff dick pushed through his boxers. I smoothed my hands over his belly, then with both index fingers, I traced along the elastic of his boxers, each sliding in opposite directions. When both hands met his hips, I tugged his undies down, and up slapped his glorious 6 and a half inch dick. I cocked my head to the side, deciding whether or not to torment poor Kevin, or dive in. I decided on both.

I grabbed the base of his dick, and blew cool air over the tip. I stretched out my tongue, as if to go in and lick off the pre-cum that was just glistening over the head. Instead, I nuzzled my face inbetween his thighs, and licked up each one, blowing cool air over them. He let out a heavenly sigh as I slid my tongue up to his scrotum, lapping at each ball gently, all the while twisting and squeezing the base of his cock with my hand. Eventually, I figured my lick-tease was giving him more pain than pleasure, so I ran my nose up the shaft, inhaling his musky scent, and kissed the tip, smudging his pre-cum all over my lips.

I wrapped my lips over the head, sucking the tip while massaging it with my tongue. I was pumping the rest of his dick with two hands, each twisting in opposite directions. I dropped one hand and let it trickle up and down his thighs while I bobbed my head up and down his heated dick. I let saliva gather in my mouth and dribble out onto my pumping hand. It slipped inbetween each finger, lubing up the rest of his shaft. Soon I was slurping and sloshing all over his dick, and juices from my mouth were running down his balls and onto his legs.

He kept pumping his dick into my mouth, getting close I could tell. So I let my second hand drop, and in one swift bob I took him whole. My nose was pressed into his pubic bone, and I could smell the sweat in his pubes. I held him in there a little longer, slipping my tongue around at his base while his head was getting squeezed by my throat. He let one hand go from the wall and grabbed the back of my head, grinding his cock into my throat ferociously. I pulled away for a quick breather, then I slammed my head back down onto his cock.

I kept twisting my head around his dick, and bobbing up and down while he was pumping into my mouth. He was moaning so loudly, I was sure someone could hear us. Actually, I was pretty certain there were people out by the door trying to guess which couple landed the bathroom gig. I didn't care though. Infact, it excited me. It only made me want to make Kevin moan even louder. So while he was pumping my face, I massaged his balls with lube from the dribbling saliva.

"Oh my God! I'm cumming. I'm cumming right now! Oohh fuck!..." I felt him let go of my head, as if to say, 'You can get off now if you want.' But I kept assaulting his prick. I bobbed up and down faster, making loud sucking noises, while splashing my spit everywhere. I had both hands on each side of his hips, pumping his cock deep into my throat. Kevin ran one hand down through my hair, grabbing a fist-full, and rammed his last thrust deep in my mouth. He let out a deep gurgle, mixed with a whining moan as his sweet cum slid down my throat. He filled my mouth so fast, that it dripped out onto my chin, landing on my shirt, (good thing it's white) and across his balls.

I slowly pulled out, lapping at his dick lovingly. I licked his balls clean, and finished with a sweet kiss on the head. He placed a hand on my cheek and nudged up, pulling my face towards his. He pressed his lips onto mine, forcing his tongue into my mouth, then pulling on my tongue with his teeth. I knew he could taste himself, but he kept on kissing me, fucking my mouth with his tongue. Can't say it compared to his glorious dick, but I wasn't complaining.

"Never thought I could meet such a great cock sucker," he whispered, "Now I have one. All to myself. Say you're mine," he pleaded as he nibbled down my neck.

"I'm all yours. No one can have me," I breathed.


After that episode, we had to make a quick escape from the bathroom, unnoticed. It wasn't that difficult. Kevin darted towards the kitchen, and I ran into my bedroom. We met up again outside, acting like nothing happened.

Later on in the night Danny said something about some crazy drunk couple fucking in his bathroom. He made it his mission to find out who, and to make them pay for any "damages." Well, he never did find out who, and there weren't any damages anyway, yet.

There's definitely going to be some more of that happening, I can tell you that now. Just by the way Kevin looks at me. His silver eyes get dark with lust. He'll look over at me, and take a deep breath, and his exhale will leave him with that cheeky smile I'm in love with. I can feel his piercing eyes scanning over my body. I can only imagine what he's thinking.

... To be continued.

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