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Dearest Kitten

Specially Made For A Very Close Friend Of Mine.
Quick Note - Before you ask, Yes this story is based on Myself and my friend, Lovecraft. This was written for him and he liked it enough that he wanted me to publish it so I am.

Events in this story are Fiction.


They kissed, it was soft and sweet. A lot of love behind it as he leaned over her; she hesitated, being unsure of herself. His arm moved behind her back to pull her closer, his hand gently running through her silky hair. He found her beautiful in more ways than she knew; he wanted her to feel it. She moaned a bit, her own arms moving to wrap around his torso, feeling his hand caressing over the small of her back, making her arch a bit into him. Mostly out of surprise, her eyes fluttering open for a split second before falling closed. Her body felt hot in the clothes she wore, wondering if he felt the same.

Slowly he parted his mouth from hers, looking at her beautifully flushed cheeks. She was panting slightly; his eyes were admiring her, all over her. She was sweet at candy, her taste lingered on his lips. Oh how he craved her. He hadn’t realized how much he loved her until that moment when they finally kissed and both felt their desires ignite. Talking to her wasn’t enough at this point, he knew her, now he wanted her, and he had to feel her. She felt the same though her shy demure wouldn’t allow him to see it. Her black bangs slide over one of her eyes, his fingers gently pushing them back; his fingers curling into a loose fist behind her head. She groaned into his mouth as he kissed her again, the dominance he used over her made her excited.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling herself up slightly. He curled his other arm under her butt, holding her up. Her legs wrapped around his waist; her frame leaned into his, he carried her petite figure up the steps to his bedroom. They were ready, more than ready. He released her hair; turning the knob of his bedroom door. He could hear her hard breathing, knowing he’d have to take her slowly. He didn’t care, he just wanted her. He needed her.

“Ian…” Her voice trailed off as he sat her on the edge of his bed, he looked at her youthful beauty.

“Yes?” He struggled to keep calm; he’d been waiting so long for this moment. He drowned out the sound of his urges, giving her his attention.

“I’m scared.” She said it quietly, almost whisper.

“I know baby, I’ll be careful.” He leaned into her ear, his hand on her thigh; “Gentle, slow. You name it and I’ll do it.” Her flushed cheeks became darker, her need growing to be with him. Her desires burned for this man just as his did.

His fingers unsnapped the buttons of her jeans, gently pulling them down. Her hips moved off the bed to let him them slid off. She reached for his button up shirt, her fingers flying down the buttons. She pushed the shirt off his broad shoulders, she found him perfect.

He wasn’t sure how much more he could contain himself, he knew his erection was stiff and ready to blow. He could have an orgasm just from starring at her. Her body was hot, she was fidgeting, and she needed release.

He almost yanked the top off her beautiful body, leaving her in her panties and bra. She quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, they fell to his ankles. His dick was straining in his boxers, he wanted her. She desired him. He pushed her down onto her back, kissing her as passionately as he could, his hand slipping under her back to unhook her bra. She gasped a bit as she pulled her mouth from his, letting her bra slid off.

He had seen her naked before, her form was flawless, but now that they were taking this step her body never looked more luscious. He leaned down, his mouth falling over her right nipple. She groaned her head tilting back as his tongue flicked her sensitive nub. He moved over to her left nipple, her body shuddering. “Oh, Ian…” She moaned softly, her fingers gliding into his hair, holding him on her nipple. He sucked gently and gradually sucked harder. “Ian please… Please.” She wanted an orgasm, she needed one. She was right on the brink of it just from him sucking on her breasts.

Ian slid his hand into her panties, stoking her clit in small circular motions. Her hips were twirling in the same motion; she was moaning his name uncontrollably. Her hips started to buck as his teeth rolled her sensitive bud. “Oh, Ian!” She nearly screamed, her body quivering against his hand.

She exhaled a large amount of air, as if she was holding her breath. Her chest was heaving as her eyes met his, his mouth slowly releasing her breast. He kissed her lightly, kissing down to her chin and bust line. As he moved lower to the area between her breasts and naval; she groaned, wanting the last piece of her clothing off.

Finally, reaching the thin material, he bit lightly at the fabric. Using the tips of his fingers to pull her red panties down; she parted her legs for him, inviting him. He curled his arms under her thighs, moving down on her beautiful pussy. His tongue caressed her perfect petals, lightly biting at her clit. Her back arched and her body twisted. His hands held her in place; he slid his tongue into her pussy lips, parting them slightly. She gasped at the feel, wanting him more than before.

His tongue moved over her clit a few times, bringing her to a small orgasm. He could hear her quiet panting, she was ready for more. She needed more. And so did he. He pushed himself off the bed, pulling off his boxers. She’d seen his manhood before, so she was relaxed when the thick rod was exposed. Chewing on her lower lip she motioned him towards her, he climbed on top of her, their lips meeting in a hot kiss.

“Are you ready Hannah? My sweet little kitten…”

“Yes Ian, My Dearest One.”

To be continued.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © HisKitten13 2011 & Beyond @ Featherstone

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