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Deshawn and Desiree
AltaBrwnSgr & Kal-El85

Deshawn and Desiree

Contributing Authors: Kal-El85 
Desiree’s tone startled me, but it was still arousing as hell.
Deshawn – The Case Meeting

All the attorneys filed into the conference room on this frigid Tuesday morning for our regular meeting to run down our current cases and to distribute any new ones. I really didn't need the get-together since my assignment was a murder case. It wasn’t a high profile case like OJ, but it was a murder case nonetheless. I sat in the back, in the cut, watching everyone converse, but half my attention was on some poetry I was writing.

We were all waiting on the boss-lady herself, Maya Wilkes to arrive. Like normal, Maya was late. I excused it this time since there was a storm on Monday, but with her track record, she would have been late even if there hadn't been one. It was just another normal day at the Law Offices of Maya J. Wilkes.

My brown eyes scanned the room as everyone was laughing and joking about our three-day weekend. I first found Jason, the office's resident class clown. He was a good attorney. He was always quick to joke and comment lightly upon any situation in the case meetings. We needed that sometimes when discussing serious cases. I laughed softly before my eyes left him and found something beautiful.

Actually, I found two beautiful things, Keisha and Desiree. Jason was also crazy about them, frequently letting innuendos slip and making flirtatious remarks. Well, actually his comments were toward any attractive woman in his vicinity, regardless of how they took it. Keisha was a stunning woman, but my eyes—my affections were directed towards Desiree.

"Damn, she’s too fine," I murmured while staring intensely, but fine didn’t begin to describe her.

Desiree was damn near angelic. This woman was knockout. She was a gorgeous chocolate-skinned girl like Tika Sumpter. Desiree was about 5'10" and looked to be 165lbs. She looked at the world with piercing gray eyes. …And that body of hers—goddamn! Desiree was curvaceous and stacked. I worked at a few clothing stores in college and can read a woman's measurements.

I knew Desiree's were 34DD-26-38 and filled out her work clothes perfectly. Her breasts were plump and juicy like two ripe melons. Her hips and ass could have rivaled Erica Mena, but Desiree was all real, well somewhat. She wore long weave in her black hair that I was sure would go halfway down her back though she kept it tied in a cute knot at the office.

She was smart, and since I’m a confirmed sapiosexual I found her intelligence turned me on something crazy. I wanted to ask her out, but my shy nature always held me back. There were countless times when I'd see her standing alone and tried to speak, chickening out at the last minute.

Screw that shit. Not today, Deshawn. You’re going to ask her out. If she says yeah then cool, and if she says no that’s cool too. You’ll never know unless you step up.

I stared at Desiree a little more until Maya Wilkes walked into the room. Everyone immediately settled down.

“Good morning, all.” Maya cooed, shutting the door behind her.

"Good morning," we all replied.

"I take it; we all reviewed our cases over the three day weekend?"

"I know I didn't. I just chilled." Jason spoke up, making all us laugh.

Maya smirked, "Well, chilling doesn't get you to court or your pay check."

"We've all got cases, but there's a drunk and disorderly up for grabs. Who wants it?"

I shook my head as everyones’ voices rose up with excuses.

"I have a meeting with a client."

"I've got a meeting too."

"This case is really important. I really got to focus."

Maya rolled her eyes. "We have no volunteers for the case?"

She frowned and scanned the room before my hand hit the air, making Maya smile.

“Okay,” she cooed, walked toward my seat, and placed the file in front of me. "Deshawn, it's all yours."

I smirked and nodded. "Somebody's got to do it."

"Mm hmm. Everyone else, let's check the boards for the new cases and get to court."

At her words, everyone stood and headed out the door. Desiree was close to me, but I didn't want to ask her out until most of the others had left. I stayed close to her, but kept some distance between us as my shyness tried to overtake me.

No! You’re not doing this! The pessimistic side of my nature screamed.

When there were only a few people in the room, I tapped Desiree on the shoulder.

Desiree – The Case Meeting

Now of all mornings, why is Maya Wilkes late today? I thought as I sipped my caramel macchiato. I shook my head and resolved, well, this will give me a little time to review and rehearse my thoughts for court this morning. I adjusted my bottom in the chair, and I buried my face in my iPad. I felt a gentle nudge on my arm.

"Hey pretty lady." It was Keisha, my colleague, my coworker, my sorority sister, my road dog, and my best friend in the entire world. "Is Wilkes late again?" she asked, shaking her head and giving me the side eye.

Keisha was a gorgeous café au lait sweetheart. When we were in law school, she would give the men (and some women, including myself) hell with her (how do the kids say it now?) cake. She had the boom-pow: the breasts and the ass. Keisha planted her rear in the chair to the left of me and jostled some folders on top of her laptop.

I leaned in toward her and whispered, "You know Maya is never on time. She really needs to receive a formal reprimand, a suspension, or something. Too bad the firm is hers."

I felt eyes burning the back of my head. So, I glanced behind me and off to the right, and turned back to Keisha and said, "Okay, don't look right this second, but I think sexy-ass Deshawn is giving you the business, girl."

I could feel Deshawn gazing like a mad man from across the room. Well, maybe not mad, but the glare was a few seconds short of crazed. Who is he staring at right now? Is he staring at me? No, it's got to be Keisha's big behind!

Deshawn was a very good-looking brother. His 6'4" mocha frame carried about 215 pounds of solid milk chocolate muscles. His professional attire was perfectly tailored to his broad shoulders, slender waist, and round gluteus maximus. Deshawn's bowlegs added an extra bend at the break of his pant legs. The shine on his shoes was always impeccable. Yea, Deshawn was a fine, intelligent specimen of a man. But he was alone most of the time, and when he keeps company his selections were just silly. His friend Jason was just silly.

Experience has taught me that a person is a product of the company he or she keeps. Deshawn could be a potential mate, but he's not at the top of my list of eligible bachelors. Plus, all the ladies at the firm love Deshawn's bald head. Therefore, I do not intend to get caught-up in the office drama of fighting over him. He's cute, but not for me.

"Desiree? Dez, are you here? Hello?" Keisha waved a hand in front of my eyes to stop my drifting.

"Hey, yea. I'm fine. Just thinking about court and that damn Samuel’s case of mine. That's all," I quickly lied.

"Are we still on for lunch Dez?"

"Definitely. Let's meet at one-thirty at Shelby's. Okay?" I expected a 'yes' or an 'mm hmm,’ but I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to find Mr. Deshawn. Keisha had vanished.

Deshawn – Post Case Meeting

"Uh, excuse me. Can I have a word with you a second, Desiree?" I asked. Desiree turned around and her beauty took my voice from me.

“Yes, what's up, Deshawn?"

I took a deep breath, "Uh, well, I . . . I was wondering if you were doing anything on Friday?"

"Besides keeping alleged criminals from behind bars, I've got nothing."

"Okay, because I was hoping to I c . . . could take you out to eat or something."

Fuck! I cursed myself for stuttering.

Desiree was about to answer, but Keisha suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"What are you doing, girl?" Keisha questioned. "Did you forget we've got court in ten minutes?"

"No, I was just talking to Deshawn a sec," Desiree explained. "Uh, Deshawn, can I get back to you on your question?"

I nodded, "Yeah, sure. My number's in the directory. Call me with your answer."

Desiree flashed that sweet smile of hers. "I will."

"I'll be waiting on your call," I said, watching them turn to leave.

 That went better than expected. I was cock-blocked by my job though, shit! I picked up my briefcase. Well, I'll just have to wait on her call. I hope she calls soon.

Desiree – Lunch at Shelby's Grill
"Girl, Deshawn did what?" Keisha asked a second time as she stuffed the spinach salad in her mouth.

"Deshawn asked me out on a date for Friday! You heard what I said the first time, queen. He stopped me right after the case meeting this morning," I answered and took a swig of my lemon water.

"And you said what?" Keisha inquired as she methodically sliced her grilled chicken breast.

"Nosy! I told him that I'd think about it," I answered knowing that this was not the end of Keisha's inquiry. But her next reaction actually surprised me.

"Dez," Keisha began a laugh that traveled from her mid-section to the top of her head. "Desiree, you've heard about bow-legged men, haven't you?" Keisha lightly tapped her pumps on the linoleum as if she were about to pop.

"Oh, Lord. What? No. Tell me what the hell you're talking about Kesh," I insisted. What the hell was about to come out of this queen's mouth?

"Okay, you know in undergrad Deshawn dated a friend of mine, Tory, for a minute. Tory was a damn kiss-hug-lay-fuck, and tell kind of gal," Keisha explained. Keisha made an excellent attorney. She could exaggerate the shit out of any story, and make you believe it.

"Get on with it, queen." I was preparing myself for a deep analysis of what was about to leave her lips because I could see right through her bullshit.

Keisha shook with laughter, wiped her mouth, and continued with her tale. "Okay, well, according to Tory, Deshawn fulfills the myth about bow-legged men." Keisha promptly ran a chicken slice and a bit of spinach on her fork and jammed it in her mouth to avoid finishing her embellishment.

"Keisha, chew your food, swallow, and tell me what the hell you're talking about!" Laughing, I picked up my spoon and dipped it in my minestrone soup.

"You don't know about the myth of the bow-legged man?" She laughed.

"Keisha, stop it. Tell me," I insisted and smiled. "You are so silly."

"Well, legend has it that bow-legged men are well-hung. And Miss Tory confirmed that Deshawn has a damn anaconda in between his legs." Keisha jammed another forkful of food down her mouth and shook like a bobble head.

"Really?" My eyes opened wide, and I looked at Keisha in disbelief.

"So, Ms. Desiree, I will need all the details after your ‘date’ on Friday," Keisha demanded as she motioned quotations with both hands when she said the word ‘date.’

"Listen, queen, I haven't said yes," I insisted.

"Oh, but you will now. Won't you?" Keisha looked as if she were about to have a seizure from laughing.

"Maybe. I'll let you know," I answered.

Desiree – Processing the Answer

Shit! I had to get my mind right! Keisha is a mess. Why did she have to inform me about Deshawn’s equipment? She had no idea of the firestorm she created in my loins and my mind. And I let my mind wander and reminisce on the walk to my car.

My sexual maturity was a long time coming. I was eighteen when I lost my virginity to Bryan. He was my high school sweetheart, and we waited until my senior prom to do it. We were two inexperienced people stumbling through the motions of soiling our purities. Five minutes of fumbling led to three minutes of pain for me and three minutes of pleasure for Bryan. Climaxing and pleasure came a year later for me and not at the hands of Bryan.

My roommate taught me. She gave me instructions on pleasuring myself. Actually, she gave me a one-on-one coaching. Jordan’s demonstrations showed me just how ill informed I was about sex, pleasure, and my body. I knew nothing about masturbation. But I was about to learn.

It happened late one night with Jordan, my roomy, during the beginning of my sophomore year in college. She’d come in late from an Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity party. Dazed, I heard her stagger in, remove her clothes, and climb in the bed. An incessant buzzing and humming noise woke me out of my REM sleep. Guttural groans gave way to her passionate squeals. I wondered if the grain alcohol laced punch that I’m certain she consumed at the frat party helped her get to her happy place. Anyway, her moans made my pussy tingle and water. I wanted to squeal and moan along with her. I wanted to know what she was doing.

“Are you okay Jordan?”

“Oh, Desiree I am so sorry I woke you. The party was slamming, girl. You should have come out with me. I spent the past few hours kissing and grinding on a fine-ass frat boy I met at the party. His dick was so hard and thick, but I did not intend to give up the booty tonight. You know I can’t go out like that! So, I was so damn horny Dez that I had to take care of myself. Go back to sleep.”

“What were you doing over there? What was that buzzing noise?”

“It was my vibrator.”

“Your what?”

“My toy…it’s my safe sex buddy. It’s my I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant, catching a STD, or being hurt by a man fuck-toy. Desiree, don’t you have a toy?”

“No, I don’t.”

“What do you do to fulfill your needs?”

“What needs?”

“Dez, don’t you get a hankering for some dick, girl?”


“Ouch... Okay, let me ask you something. Have you ever climaxed before?”


“An orgasm…have you ever had an orgasm before?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. So, no I don’t think so.”

“Dez, you’re a virgin?”


“Okay. Well, did you enjoy your past romps in the bed?”

“They were okay. I mean we were both virgins so…”

“Oh, so you are a virgin, so-to-speak. Let me show you something. Okay? I think you’ve missed out on a few important things.”



Frozen breezes filled my nostrils on the walk back to my car. I was glad Keisha met me at Shelby’s; I was left with a little me-time. I opened my car door, hopped in, and pressed the start button. The leather seats were ice cold. Condensation puffs appeared in front of my face as I tried to get warm enough to handle my urgent business. I had about an hour before going back to court, and I was parked on a quiet side street. My gloved fingers made a way to three buttons: the seat warmer, the steering wheel warmer, and my sex warmer.

I reached in my purse and grabbed my black Lelo Lily . She was my sex warmer, my fuck-I-need-to-cum-right-now toy. After peeling off one glove finger-by-finger with my teeth, I unbuttoned my coat and maneuvered the waistband of my skirt away from my body to make room for my hand and my toy. I pulled the crotch of my thong to the side, flipped the toy switch on, and pushed her down in my valley.

The welcomed warmth from the seats and vents surrounded me. Breath clouds of condensation vanished as I closed my eyes, and I thought about two things: Jordan guiding me to my climax and Deshawn exposing me to his beast.

I remembered when…

Jordan slid out of her bed; she slithered into my bed. The aroma of musky sweaty pussy followed her black shadow. I felt her taut nipple piercing me in my breast as she tongue kissed and licked me on my neck. She nibbled at my shoulder and rolled me over onto my back.

“Mm hmm,” I moaned with approval of her moves.

Her kisses were warm and wet. Jordan reached under my nightshirt and flicked my nipples back and forth. She kneaded and squeezed my breasts until my fuck juice came all the way down. Then she planted her mouth on mine. Her tongue tasted of stale beer and that good ganja, but it was soft and wet. Jordan made me feel good, and her vulgar breath did not make me want to stop her from doing it to me. She reached underneath the elastic of my panties and massaged my vulva. Jordan squeezed my labia folds together and pinched. She squeezed them and pinched. Her strokes were hard and soft sequences that drove me into a temporary state of mania. Jordan’s movements provided a clear explanation answering my curiosity about her groans, moans, and squeals.

“Does it feel good?”

“Yes. Don’t stop. I’m not sure what’s happening, but don’t stop,” I moaned in sheer ecstasy.

“Give me your hand.” Jordan placed my hand on my pussy. She laid her hand on top of my hand and continued the deep massage.

Our hands merged into a ten-fingered massage-mechanism stroking, pushing, and pressing into my vulva and labia folds. My hips rose from the bed to intensify the push and press from our hands. My syrup covered the tips of our fingers. Jordan slid one finger into my slit as I continued to press into my pussy and gyrate my hips. She slid one finger in my box and then two.


I opened my eyes and looked around to see if anyone was watching me in the midst of my naughty deeds. My leather seat was now a hot receptacle for my snatch syrup. I was a mess. But, my shenanigans had gone undetected so far. I glanced at the clock on my dashboard; I still had plenty of time to pleasure myself. With my eyelids shut tight again, I eased one finger in my box and then two mimicking my memories of Jordan’s movements…

Actually, I felt Jordan’s fingers fucking me hard. She kissed my neck and finger-fucked my snatch so good. My button was rigid with excitement, as Jordan rubbed it back and forth. I was on the edge of something. At the time I wasn’t sure what I was feeling. It was an intense high, a euphoric state. I remember a chill replacing the warmth of Jordan’s body. It was momentary.

“I’m going to fuck you with a dildo now. Is that all right?”


“Open your legs wide.”

Obediently, I parted my limbs and Jordan put the head of some massive something on my opening. Met with much resistance, she drove the tip into my v. Kisses covered my mouth, my neck, and my face as she pressed this mammoth thing in a little further. Pressing in further, inching in more, and pushing in deeper, Jordan made me feel sensations I’d never experienced…

My fingers were moving in and out of my pussy faster and faster. The car was smoking hot. My scent filled the interior. Fog covered the windows as if two teenagers were fucking in my back seat. I closed my eyes again…

I remember Jordan taking the dildo out of my pussy and putting it in my mouth. She called it an anaconda.

“Lick it Dez. Lick my anaconda.”

I licked it and sucked on the head of this beast. Jordan moved her hands over my breasts, kissed me on the neck, and finger-fucked me hard. My mouth was stuffed. Unable to mumble a word, I just moaned.

“That’s good, Desiree. Soon, you’re going to feel your first climax.”

Jordan placed the anaconda back in my pussy and pumped it in and out. She rammed it in and jerked it out. Jordan rammed and jerked… until spasms and waves of some new foreign pleasure ruled my body as I experienced my first orgasm…

“Oh fuck!”

…In that moment, I knew I had to have Deshawn. Yes, I wanted him inside me.

Deshawn – The Answer

"Ahh," I breathed stepping out of a warm shower with a smile on my face. I'd been smiling ever since I’d gotten out of court. The drunk and disorderly I had was simple enough, but I brought my very best when I got my 'James' case. Or should I call it, the Sweet and Soft' case?

Sweet and soft was the only way I could describe Candace James, my client, in the murder case I was working on. My client was a sweet, innocent woman jailed and charged with killing her husband. As a defense attorney, it was my job to prove that she was innocent, but just looking at her, you knew Candace James couldn't have hurt a fly. Candace's husband was abusive. One day she stood up to him, she defended herself, and her husband ended up dead. With my coaching, she wasn't a sad and broken woman in court, but a strong woman fending for her life, tired of the abuse. It had been a long day, and all I wanted to do was chill.

It was eight-thirty at night and while Jason had invited me out for drinks, I decided that a nice evening at home would be better for me. I made myself some Chicken Alfredo with some garlic bread and a glass of cherry Kool-Aid . Sitting in the living room of my apartment, I enjoyed my food, watching Alexander for the trillionth time. While watching the movie, though, I kept glancing at the phone, thinking that Desiree would call tonight.

"C'mon chill, Deshawn. All she said was that she'd think about it," I told myself. "Don't get your hopes all up then sink back into your shell if she says no."

I went back to my movie and by eleven 'o clock I was in bed. I was truly tired as court can really take it out of you. I stretched, letting out a deep yawn before my head hit the pillow. I closed my eyes, and just as I was about to slip into the dream world, my cell phone blared.

"Fuck! Who the fuck's calling me?!" I yelled in annoyance, as all I wanted to do was sleep.

I climbed out of bed and waddled toward the phone.


"Hi, Deshawn?" Desiree's sweet voice spoke through the phone.

"Yeah," I replied tentatively, trying to downplay the excitement I was feeling.

"Hey, it's Desiree and I know it's late, but I've been thinking about what you asked me earlier."

"Oh, okay, so what's up with the date? Is it yea or nay?"

"After much thought . . ." she began, but her voice trailed off.

I let out a sigh. I'd experienced this call before. When a woman doesn't want to go out with you, they trail off and stall trying to find a way a let you down easy.

"I'd love too," came through the phone much to my surprise.



I smiled brightly. "Great!"

"So where are we going?" Desiree asked.

"Hmm, have you ever been to Morton's Steak House?"

"Mmm yes. Their food is so good."

"Yup. How about we go there?"

"Sounds good,"

I thought a minute about how I wanted this to play out. I couldn't have her meet me at the restaurant. "Hey, I think it would be proper if I picked you up and all, so, uh I'm going to need your address," I told her.

Desiree started giving me her information, and I wrote it all down. Using the map on my phone, I found out that she was only twenty minutes away from my place.

"Did you get all that?" she asked.

I laughed. "Yeah, I got it all. How about I make reservation at Morton's for 8:15pm on Friday and you be ready by 7:30pm?"

"I can do that," Desiree cooed.

"Great. Um thanks for accepting this date, Desiree."

"You're welcome, Deshawn. Good night,"


I hung up the phone and felt myself reaching cloud nine. She said yes. I couldn't believe it. Now, all I had to do was keep it cool until then, and I could pull that off. Lying back down, the one thought in my head was, I can't wait until Friday.

Desiree – Dinner at Morton's

"Hey Deshawn! I missed you at the office today. Did you clock some time in-house, or were you in court today?" I asked, giving Deshawn the once over as I led him into the foyer.

He wore a steel grey suit, a light grey dress shirt, and the most exquisite deep purple tie. Damn, did he look nice. Court cases and long hours prevented me from seeing him much this week, so I took a glimpse. Okay, it may have been a few seconds longer than a glimpse, but I needed a good look at the bow of his legs and had to peek at the package in between his thighs.

That damn Keisha! I laughed to myself. Oh, but Deshawn smelled so good.

"Well, hello there. I was in court all day today." Deshawn engaged in an adoring toe to head browse that was a bit lengthy. He then embraced me, handed me a dozen red roses, a box of Godiva chocolates, and whispered, "You look gorgeous Miss Desiree. You are stunning! I adore a beautiful woman wearing a little black dress and stilettos. Are you ready for dinner?"

Do we have to go now?

“Yes, I'm ready. Let me get my coat and bag."

Deshawn helped me with my coat. I grabbed my clutch, adjusted the ankle-strap on my pumps, took Deshawn's hand, and followed him to his car.

He was a gentleman. Deshawn opened the car door for me (the gesture is so rare these days). When I sat in the car seat, my eyes caught and never left the v of his pants. They were on a quest to get a decent preview of the rumored anaconda. My efforts to see were a failure, but they'd persist and press on without ceasing.

Morton's was so dimly lit I could barely see my hand in front of my face let alone see the imprint of the snake. Deshawn really went all out on this first date; the lack of a menu and pricing hinted that this would be an expensive evening for him. This date was more serious than I initially anticipated. We chose red meat: surf and turf, in fact. The lobster was tender, sweet, buttery goodness. This was a special occasion indeed.

"How's your dinner, Desiree?" Deshawn inquired.

"It's excellent."

Deshawn – Dinner at Morton's

I sat back, barely touching my food as I watched Desiree enjoy hers. She savored every bite, which told me she was a gourmand who was enjoying herself thoroughly.

"Thanks again for coming out with me tonight," I said, starting to cut my steak.

"You're welcome, Deshawn."

"It sure is cold though, huh?"

Desiree grimaced. "Ugh, I can't wait for summer to get here. I can't stand cold days."

I smirked. "I kind of like them actually."


"'Cause I first saw you on one of those days," I told her, catching her gaze. Our eyes locked on each other, and I knew I had Desiree's full attention.

"I just saw you smiling—right there in the middle of the Arctic blast. I nearly stopped dead in my tracks. Your eyes were wide and intense. You were talking to Keisha, and you let out this sweet laugh that was just—that was just natural. It was glowing."

Desiree blushed, bit her lip, and allowed me to continue.

"I wanted to smile at you, but my face wouldn't budge then you walked right past me. And I just had to let you pass me. Crazy thing is: when I turned around you were just a black coat and red hat walking away from me. Since then I've been nervous from head to toe—but Tuesday I took a chance and couldn't just let you go again."

"Um, wow," Desiree exhaled. "That was nice. I didn't know you were a poet, Deshawn."

I smiled. "There's a lot about me no one knows. I'm a very private guy."

"Can I get the name of that poem though?"

"It's called Cold Day. I wrote it during the case meeting Tuesday. I had all the time in world with Maya always being late. How do you become an owner of a firm, and you're always late?"

Desiree chuckled, "I don't know, but the firm belongs to Maya though."

"I'm sorry you didn't see me all day. I was meeting with a prosecutor on my case, and I had a coaching session with my client," I explained.

"Busy day, huh?" Desiree quizzed.

"Yeah, but it's going to be worth it when I win. The woman was abused, finally fought back, and something bad happened. Sometimes things happen that way. You swing at someone one too many times, and eventually they'll throw a punch back. I grew up in the Hood, so I saw a lot of that stuff growing up."

I silenced myself because I didn't mean to get this personal with her, but Desiree was so easy-going that I couldn't help it. Her gaze never left me since I recited Cold Day. I had her undivided attention, except when she looked down to eat some more. I liked how much my words mattered to her, and, weirdly enough, it turned me on.

I took a sip of water. "Sorry, I know you didn't accept this date to hear my life story."

"No, please keep going. You're an enigma at the office, Deshawn. Growing up in a rough neighborhood made you want to become a lawyer?"

"Well, I didn't have the stomach to do surgeries or the mental acumen to shoot at people, so prosecuting people was the next logical step, and, according to Maya, I'm really good at it."

"That you are," Desiree smiled. "You're very passionate about the job, too. I admire that."

"Growing up I wanted to be Superman, but since I don't have the superpowers for all that, this'll do. I may not wear a cape, but I think I can still be hero."

"Next thing you're going to tell me is that you've still got all your old comic books."

I laughed. "I wasn't, but they’re in my keepsake box. Without them and my mother, I probably would have been on the streets slingin'."

"Well, I'm glad you're sitting across from me rather than standing on a street corner."


We continued to eat dinner, conversing about work, our favorite music artists, television shows, and movies. It was a good time for both of us, and by the time we finished eating the smiles on our faces wouldn't go away. For dessert, we shared the double chocolate mousse and talked a little more before I signaled for the check.

It was cold, but beautiful night when we left the restaurant. We both gazed up at the full moon surrounded by about a million stars.

"That's just a sweet sight isn't it?" I asked, pulling Desiree into an embrace.

She instantly relaxed in my arms. "It's gorgeous."

"Well, I know you don't like the cold, so let's get you somewhere warm."

Desiree giggled, "That was corny. You know that, right?"

I broke our embrace, "Hey, it got you laughing."

Desiree shoved me playfully. "Just get me home, man."

"Okay, let's get out of here."

Desiree – The Trip to Desiree's Bedroom

Deshawn's conversation had my mind mesmerized and my body tingling with excitement. I enjoyed listening to him. I’m not sure if it was the atmosphere, the superb dinner, or the cadence of the conversation, but I was comfortable with Deshawn. Euphoria filled the physical space between us, so much so that during dinner it was as if no one else existed, and the car-ride home was no different. Miles traveled were a blur, as my eyes remained fixated on Deshawn's every move until he delivered me safely to my door.

We bantered and chuckled back and forth over a kiss goodnight. First-time nerves wanted to take over the special moment; I could not allow it. I asked him to kiss me, but my lips failed to wait for his response. My impatience ignited a fervent storm. When our lips touched, Deshawn grabbed my waist and our reluctance ceased to exist. The firm grip of Deshawn's hand on my bottom fanned the flames even further. Like the car-ride home, the memory of the journey from his car to my bedroom was a haze.

The sounds of Sade filled the room as I pulled Deshawn onto the bed. His heated kisses and roaming hands gave way to his intentional fondling of my v. The content of the pond between my legs was not all freshly fallen. My loins began throbbing from the moment Deshawn walked through my door to take me to dinner.

Deshawn pulled down the top of my dress and unfastened my bra. The burning and throbbing intensified when Deshawn massaged, licked, and sucked my swollen breasts and hardened nipples with a level of expertise I'd never experienced. Although I was the center of his attention, my thoughts focused on the mysterious package concealed by the cloth of his trousers. Unbeknownst to me, my curiosity would have to wait.

Deshawn inched the bottom of my dress up and slid my panties down. He turned my strong thighs and calves into putty while he treated my v and my bottom hole to the most glorious licking. I'm not sure how Deshawn was breathing beneath my ass cheeks, but he worked it out somehow. He tongue-fucked me with a fury that sent me falling over the edge of sanity. Deshawn pushed me back on the bed. He landed between my thighs, and his tongue maneuvered in some sort of magical pattern that made me want to just scream out.

…And that is exactly what I did.

 Deshawn – Trip to Desiree's Bedroom

The twenty-minute ride back to Desiree's felt like nothing as we continued our talks. The car was filled with smiles, laughter, and (for me anyway) horniness. Whether Desiree knew it or not, she had a brother leaking pre-cum. It was strange for me because I'd never been turned on like this before. All she was doing was listening to me talk, but it was more so the fact that I had her attention and, she actually cared about what I had to say. I got out of the car, walked to Desiree's side and, opened the passenger door for her.

"Thank you," she said, stepping out. "I had a great time tonight."

I smiled. "It was my pleasure."

"Well, I should be heading in."

Desiree turned away from me about to start walking, but I gently grabbed her hand.

"No, I should walk you up. Make sure you get in safe and all."

She laughed. "Are you sure Clark Kent's not in there at all?"

I laughed too. "Last time I checked."

Within about three minutes, we were standing in her foyer just staring into each other's eyes.

Desiree flashed that sweet smile of hers again. "Well, I think this is the part where you lean in for a good-night kiss, Deshawn."

"Um, well, I wasn't going to if you didn't say anything. . ."

I semi-finished my sentence as Desiree's lips suddenly found mine. She bit and pulled down on my bottom lip as my hands found their way around her waist. Unable to deny my lust for her, I kissed her. At first the kiss was gentle but then grew more passionate, my hands palming Desiree's backside as our tongues danced together.

"Um, that was—wow!" I moaned as the kiss ended.

Desiree smiled again, "For the night we just had, I think you deserved that."

"Um, yeah, that was nice. Thanks."

We shared a lingering embrace, then I turned to go. As I grabbed the doorknob, it was Desiree's turn to stop me from leaving.

She grabbed my arm, "I don't think we should end the night like this."

"Huh?" I quizzed with a weird look, realizing that I wasn’t the only horny person in the room.

Desiree put her hand in mine and whispered seductively, "C'mon."

I gasped softly as she led me to her bedroom. She left me at the bedroom door, moving to the stereo and put on Sweetest Taboo by Sade to set the mood. I swallowed hard as she sashayed back over to me. Pulling me over to bed, we laid down kissing each other furiously. I reached my hand underneath my date's dress to play with her pussy, feeling its warm wetness, which made Desiree moan softly in my ear.

I pulled the top of Desiree's dress down and, after unhooking her bra, went straight to work on her breasts. We continued to kiss while I massaged her breasts with my right hand, running the fingers of my left through her hair. Desiree's nipples were dark brown and looked so good like two Hershey kisses. I pushed them together, manipulating her nipples with my tongue. Desiree tried to stifle her moans, but couldn't as my tongue made her nipples stiffen.

"Stand up and turn around, Desiree," I whispered.

She gave me a curious look while following my order. I lifted the bottom of her dress up, sliding down her black lace panties. As I caressed her smooth chocolate derrière Desiree’s ass jutted out toward my face. It was spectacular glorious round mound of ‘lawd have mercy’. I was completely entranced by her body, which seemed to turn her on as well.

"You really like my ass, don't you?" she said with a giggle.

"You're gorgeous, girl, but I'd be lying if I said your ass hadn't been calling me for the longest," I told her.

I got down on my knees and pulled her ass against my face until I was completely engulfed by it. If I died from asphyxiation, it would have been a happy death for me. Splitting apart her voluminous cheeks, I licked her from her coochie to her asshole. Desiree was surprised for a second, but immediately relaxed.

"Oooooh, that feels so good! Yes baby. Keep doing that," she moaned, gyrating her hips in a circular motion. "Damn, you're getting nasty with that ass, huh?"

I ravenously feasted on her holes while continuously massaging her booty. I enjoyed listening to Desiree's moans, shoving my tongue inside of her asshole and pussy, wanting to make sure they were saturated fully.

"Oh Deshawn! I want to cum so bad! Keep going, baby! Lick me!"

I flipped her on her back, ogling at her beautiful pussy, which was beckoning my dick. My tongue wanted to taste the honey pot some more though I began feasting on her clit. Desiree pressed her legs against my ears while inhaling deeply. Her legs felt like heaven wrapped around my head as I sucked on her love core. I was loving the taste of her juices as my tongue invaded her sex pot again. She was massaging her breasts and stroking my head.

"Oh! Oh my—fuck!" she moaned while bucking her hips against my face.

This is it. I thought.

I started spelling my name in cursive with my tongue on her clit, taking her over the edge.

"Ohhhhhh! Aghhh! Yes! Like that—just like that!"

My tongue was enduring a serious workout routine, but it was completely worth it. I increased the pace of my licking, which made her breaths become more rapid.

"Oh fuck baby! Fuck, keep going! Keep going! Oh my—oh fuck! I'm coming!" Desiree moaned, her eyes curling backward in her head. Her entire body shuddered as sexual euphoria staked its claim. After several seconds, Desiree collapsed on the bed breathing hard and laughing.

"You all right there?" I asked in a slightly tongue-tied way.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Deshawn. You—damn, that was good."

Desiree – The Unveiling of the Anaconda

Dr. Cunnilingus became his new nickname after that oral session. Whew! However, my mind remained on the alleged beast… and it was time for the unveiling of the anaconda. I had to smile when Deshawn removed his shirt, revealed his well-developed abs, and flexed his buff chest. But then Deshawn dropped his trousers, and my mouth fell ajar. No, my mouth hit the floor! I quickly covered it with my hands, and I know my head was shaking a 'no' in disbelief.

…And so, the myth of the bow-legged man is true.

Deshawn was working with some serious pipe. It looked a foot long and potentially painful. My thoughts went from elation, to fear, and returned to elation in a snap second.

Deshawn knew exactly what he was doing.

Deshawn – The Anaconda Attacks

I removed her stunning dress from the rest of her body, stared at her beautiful breasts, flat stomach, and smooth legs.

"Your body's absolute perfection, Desiree," I told her while starting to take off my clothes.

Desiree smiled at the sight of my chest and abs, but when my pants and underwear came away she covered her mouth in shock. This made me smile since this was the first time I had seen her reaction. My ten and a half inch sex snake was pointed dead at her, hard and ready to get down.

"Don't be scared. He won't bite you," I said, stroking myself. "Not unless you want him to."

"Oh, I want him to," Desiree replied full of lust. "Come with it, Deshawn. My kitty's purring for you."

Now on top of her, I gazed into her gray eyes as I entered her gently. Staring into mine, Desiree bit her bottom lip while I pumped her slow and hard. Still stroking her, I kissed, sucked, and nibbled on her nipples.

"Are you okay? Do you want it deeper?" I moaned.


I grabbed her legs, holding them in the air on my shoulders and drilled her faster.

"Ooooh, shit! Yeah, like that, Deshawn! Damn!"

I spread her legs and slowed my stroke some. Using my thumb, I played with her clit. The combination of my thumb and dick drove Desiree crazy.

"Yes! Oh, yes! Yes . . . ahh, Deshawn! Oooh!" she squealed as I gave my all to her.

"Damn, let me hit it from the back, 'lil mama. I want to see that beautiful ass of yours!"

I pulled out as she got on her hands and knees and looked back at me in a teasing manner.

"How does this look?" she teased, bouncing her ass up and down as I stared hungrily at it.

"So good, girl," I said while moving my dick toward the entrance to her tight wet pussy.

I pushed my head slowly into her entrance, enjoying the feeling of her walls yielding to the will of its conqueror. I slowly pushed deeper, getting to about the halfway point, which made Desiree elicit a loud moan.

Desiree – Enjoying the Pipeline

The caring gaze from Deshawn's eyes let me know that this would be no ordinary animalistic fuck. I braced myself and held my breath as the anaconda entered my v. My waiting and wondering was not in vain. Deshawn was considerate of his size: the length and the girth. He asked me if I was okay before each initial plunge down deeper into my pussy.

Deshawn raised my legs and began thrusting his hips back and forth. My vaginal walls expanded to accommodate this new circumference. It didn't hurt at all; actually, the snake felt really good. Deshawn's instincts were excellent. The cadence of his pushes and pulls drove me closer to the edge of another summit. But Deshawn wasn't allowing my climax at that point. He led me to my hands and knees. I steadied my stance, and I jiggled my ass for him. Looking back, I should have considered the tease before I acted, because the flavor of the fuck changed.

Deshawn began to ride my ass like a jockey riding a racehorse. Stroke after stroke sent me closer to another explosion of ecstasy. Our bodies were slick and wet with sex sweat, and the musky scent, mixed with our store bought fragrances, was driving me insane.

Without warning, Deshawn picked my legs up and turned me into a human plow; he fucked me mercilessly, and I loved it. To distract my feeling of helplessness, I rubbed my button around in circular and tiny triangular strokes. I felt an earthquake in my body that radiated from the bottom of my v to the tip of my clit. I climaxed, and my liquid dripped creamy ropes of excitement. This was great; it was phenomenal.

Nevertheless, I wanted to ride, too.

Deshawn – Enjoying the Good-good

"Shit, your dick's so good, Deshawn! Fuck!" she groaned, massaging her clit.

I'd adjusted to my 6'4" jockey, picking her legs up and turning her into a human plow. Desiree's pussy was so warm and wet, that it felt like another mouth sucking me deep into its abyss. I slowly began pushing and pulling out of her pussy, grabbing ahold of her voluminous ass.

"C'mon, give it to me harder." She looked back at me with an animalistic look that motivated me to vigorously fuck her. I was determined to stretch her pussy more than it ever had been.

"Fuck me, Deshawn! Get this pussy!"

I pulled her hips against mine, driving my dick deep into the pussy until our bodies collided with loud slapping sounds. I looked down at her booty globes as they rippled with each plow. I saw my dick and her sticky white cream lubricating it, loving the visual.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me, motherfucker,” I heard Desiree say.

Whether she cried it out or whispered it hoarsely I can’t say. I was too caught up in loving her to notice.

"Oh God! I'm coming! I'm coming!"

Desiree's body shuddered again as a wave of pure bliss took control. I continued to pound her mercilessly, my balls smacking against her clit.

"Yes! Ooooh fuck!" she screamed, pulling away from me.

Before I could complain, she moaned, "Get on your back. It's my turn!"

Desiree’s tone startled me, but it was still arousing as hell. She pushed me down on my back and maneuvered herself onto my dick. She placed her hands on my chest, riding my dick at a brisk pace. I looked up at her in pure amazement at her skills. Desiree could really move her hips. She was a lady in the streets and a fuck-freak in between the sheets for sure. I watched, as her juicy tits bounced freely, the sight of them made my nut begin to rise towards the surface.

"Oh shit! Damn," I groaned, closing my eyes and trying to will my body not to release its contents yet.

"I'm going to make you cum so hard! You want to cum for me, Deshawn?" she said with a smile.

"Not yet," I groaned. "I ain't giving it away that quick."

I grabbed hold of her hips, bouncing her down on me like a madman, making her cry out again. She bent down and kissed me fiercely, driving her tongue into my mouth. Desiree moaned through bated breaths as she wrapped arms around my body and met my thrusts with her own.

"I'm about to cum again, Deshawn! Do you feel my hot pussy? Damn, you feel so good inside of me!"

I felt her body practically seize up again during her orgasm. I enjoyed the feeling of her body against mine and how soft it felt.

"You feel good too!" I replied.

My nut began to make its way upwards, making my dick swell to its fullest.

"Cum for me, baby! Give me all you got!" she whispered in my ear.

"Fuck!" I groaned loudly as my dick erupted deep inside of her as thick jets after jets coated her insides. "Damn, Desiree!"


A half hour later, Desiree lay naked in her bed as I got dressed and got ready to leave.

"That was so good, Deshawn."

"Yeah, but is this it, Desiree?" I needed to know.

She smirked and let out a sigh, "After that . . . we could have another go."

"I'll see you at work on Monday, but I could come over afterwards. What do you think?"

"I think I'll be waiting for you after work, babe."

"Waiting for me or this dick, girl?" I joked laughing, now fully dressed.


I leaned over the bed and gave Desiree a final kiss, "Great, I've got to go, but I'll definitely be counting down ‘till after work on Monday."

Desiree – The Aftermath


Naughty was all over my sheets. I lay in puddles of sweaty lust, and I must confess that I didn’t want Deshawn or my new pet snake to find the exit to my place. Naked and exhausted, I watched this delicious mocha man ease his three legs into his pants. My imagination took me in a different direction.

We’d sip a little blond coffee and munch on wheat toast smeared with apple butter. We’d rub, grind, kiss, nap, wake, and watch the warm shards of light melt the icicles just outside my bedroom window. Mmm…but it wasn’t happening. Deshawn leaned over and gave my a kiss goodnight.

“Good night, Deshawn.”

~Thank you Jerrell. It was an honor and a pleasure collaborating with you, brother! 
Peace and Love ~Tamar

~A late, but heartfelt 'thank you' to Bethalia for editing first copies. Don, thank you for your time, effort, and input on this story. We appreciate you!
~Tamar & Jerrell

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