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Every Cloud...

A dismal evening takes a sudden turn for the better.
The music is too loud to shout over, the dancefloor is filled with sweaty, scantily-clad twenty-somethings and I'm in the middle of a five-deep crowd at the poorly-manned bar. I don't belong here and I don't want to be here, but I can't leave because I'm sharing a taxi home with the friends that dragged me here against my will, so I'm going to get really drunk, if I ever get served.

"You never come clubbing with us. It'll be good for you. Maybe you'll pull, finally!" This is all I have heard for the past week from my nagging friends. It was the last of these arguments, though, that really struck a chord. It has been a very long time since a girl has so much as flashed me a bit of ankle and the idea of another weekend alone with high-speed broadband and a box of tissues was just enough to convince me to join them. Now I'm here, however, remembering that I have absolutely no idea how to speak to women, I'm rather regretting that I let myself be persuaded.

I much prefer to hang out in a pub for a couple of hours, catching up with friends and shooting some pool. At only twenty-one, I am often likened to an old man, so stuck in his ways and always complaining about how things aren't like they used to be. It isn't that I'm boring - I'll try anything once - it's just that I know what I like and don't like wasting my time doing things I don't enjoy. Unfortunately, I was caught at a moment of weakness and have ended up doing just that.

I spot a gap opening up at the bar so I make a move to nab it. Just as I reach my hand out, a short guy wearing a tank top and coated in fake tan muscles his way in front of me. My irritated sigh and tut is drowned out by the obnoxious bass line of the generic 'chart hit' being pumped into the overcrowded room. I'm not really one for confrontation so I give the back of his head a very disapproving stare. I look over my shoulder to see if my friends are anywhere to be seen but they are lost in the sea of dancers. I love to dance, but not to whatever this DJ is trying to pass off as music. I'll just have to hole up in the quietest corner and wait out the storm.

I don't know what had made me think I might 'score' tonight. Never before in my life have I kissed a stranger and rarely anyone I wasn't in a relationship with. I guess that's my old-fashioned side coming out. I like to court a girl, go on a couple of dates, make her feel special. Sadly, that's not really how things are done in my generation; it's all "fuck now, talk later". This is the reason my last relationship ended - she got bored waiting on me to make a sexual advance and slept with my flatmate instead. Charming, I know. After that episode, I took a break from the dating scene and avoided new relationships with women altogether. Eighteen months on, though, the sexual urges of a young man had brought him to a place he despised to attempt something he disapproved of in others.

Even if I were committed to finding a random 'hook-up' tonight, I have not seen a single girl that I have been even remotely attracted to. They walk past me with faces caked in make-up, sporting that 'messy scene' look that has become so popular these days. I roll my eyes when a girl totters past me in ridiculous heels and drapes herself over some guy wearing sunglasses. Within seconds, they're sucking face and his hand has slipped up her skirt, in full view of the entire club. Who says romance is dead?

Finally, another gap opens up at the bar and I slide in, placing my elbow right into a puddle of tequila. Swearing profusely, I pull a handkerchief from my sleeve and wipe my arm. The girl to my left chuckles and our eyes meet as I look up. I stare at her face just a moment too long.

"I see my misfortune amuses you," I say with a smirk, regaining my temporarily lost composure. Tucking my handkerchief away again, I take the chance to observe the pretty young woman in front of me in full. Her skin is dark - I guessed of Indian descent - and her long hair jet black. A stylish, dark green blouse hugs her full-figured body and black trousers flare out over closed-toe flats. I have always believed that how a woman dresses is a great reflection on her personality, so I take care to pay attention to it. This particular lady looks absolutely fantastic in what she is wearing which, in itself, is an oddity in this club.

"Sorry, but it's the first thing that's made me smile all evening." Even shouting over the racket, her voice is soft and pleasant. "I hate these places," she continues. I get a waft of her sweet-smelling perfume as she pushes her hair back, smiling at me.

"Did you get dragged here as well? I can think of a hundred places I'd rather be." Someone behind me trips and falls, pushing me closer to her and I briefly place a hand on her shoulder to steady myself. Straightening myself up, I go on, "My point exactly. Sorry about that." She's laughing again, although I can't actually hear her.

"Tell me about it," she replies. "My friends insisted that I come, saying that I would, and I quote, "end up an old spinster" if I didn't get out of the house more. To be honest, I'd rather that than have to hang around in STI-infested places like this all the time." I laugh hard and nod my head in agreement. I can't believe my luck at having found a sane person to (hopefully) have an intelligent conversation with and (again, hopefully) keep me sane for the duration of the evening.

Seeing the bartender walk towards us, I seize the opportunity. "I'm Craig. Can I buy you a drink... ?" I extend my hand and look at her expectantly.

She shakes my hand gently, winks and says, "Gauri. Beer, thanks." What a beautiful name, I think to myself. I order four beers from the airhead barman and she raises an eyebrow at me. It strikes me, all of a sudden, how sexy she is.

"Well, I'm not too keen on waiting in this queue again any time soon, so we might as well double up." She mirrors my grin and my attraction grows. "Would you do me the pleasure of joining me while we drink these?"

"But, of course, good sir," she said, jokingly mocking my mannerisms at which I laugh. After collecting my change from the dumb blonde behind the bar and trying to thank him before he dashes off, I grab the beers and offer my arm to the lovely Gauri. Chortling, she takes it and we squeeze our way out of the crowd, heading for a small table on the far side of the room.

We reach the table and Gauri sits close to me, almost touching. I can't wait to talk more to this charming young woman. I begin, as is polite, by asking about her interests and generally finding out about her. Every word she says heightens my intrigue. The conversation is comfortable and we don't have to constantly repeat ourselves in this slightly quieter part of the club. I find myself smiling and staring into her eyes as she tells me about her friends who had forced her here.

Gauri's face lights up when she starts to talk about her university course. Her passion and vibrance is so refreshing and I am engrossed in all that she is saying. Pausing, she looks straight at me and smiles from ear to ear. "Sorry," she says, "I've done nothing but talk about myself. Tell me something about you."

I laugh and assure her that I am more than happy to listen to her all night. We both take a swig and Gauri inches a little closer, adjusting her top. She urges me again to talk so I begin to talk about my job, being careful not to bore her too much with the details. Her questions encourage me to go on and within minutes we are having a very stimulating discussion, laughing heartily like old school friends. I feel a real connection building between us and all my regrets about coming to this club are suddenly disappearing, quickly being replaced by infatuation.

Absent-mindedly, Gauri's hand reaches up to my face to remove a stray eyelash. Her hand is soft on my cheek and it lingers a moment before caressing me. I feel a jolt of electricity between us and I can tell she feels it too by the way she looks at me. To be having these feelings towards a stranger is very unusual for me and I don't know what I should do, only that I don't want us to part ways at the end of this evening.

Breaking the lull in the conversation caused by this 'moment', I drain my bottle. "Another beer, or two?" I ask, standing up. She stands herself and maneuvers around the table.

"I believe it's my round, come on." She ignores my protests as we make our way to the bar once again. She just smiles at me then puts her hand in mine. I clasp it and return the smile. It feels very natural and an overwhelming happiness washes over me. For a moment, it's as if we're the only two people in the club; she's all I can see. I never want her to let go.

Another beer and a half in and we're discovering just how much we have in common. We both are interested and active in politics; we both adore cats; we both play badminton; we both have younger sisters that drive us crazy. Something is telling me that this is meant to be. I am as relaxed with her as I have ever been with anyone. Her hand rests on my thigh and mine is placed over hers. The beer is making her a little more giggly and occasionally she reaches over and touches my arm playfully and affectionately. I want to kiss her but I'm not sure that I should - I've just met her, after all.

She must sense my hesitance for she leans over and presses her lips against mine, making the decision for me. I'm slightly taken aback at first but soon relax. Moving my arm round her waist, we continue to kiss tenderly but passionately, without the usual vulgarity of the people who frequent this club. Again, it feels so natural, as though we should have been doing this the entire time. Gauri holds my hand and breaks the kiss, giving me an almost loving look, with just a hint of desire. The look is returned and I squeeze her hand, holding her body close to mine. We both want this to go further but neither of us wants to be the one to say it. I'm so conflicted. On the one hand, she is a practical stranger and I would be a hypocrite to invite her back to my flat. On the other hand, I've never bonded with someone so quickly as I have with Gauri, if ever, and something about this just feels right.

I look at my watch - half an hour until closing - and lean in to kiss her again. The feeling that comes over me confirms my intuition. Sitting back from her a little, I hold both her hands and take in her beauty. "Gauri, I know this is terribly forward of me, but would you like to come back to my place."

"Oh, God yes! " She throws her hands around my neck and kisses me deeper than ever. I can't help but laugh as she grabs my hand and eagerly drags me to the exit. I can't take my eyes off of her perfect body. I think I'm actually gawping when she turns to flash me a wide, toothy smile.

My mind is all over the place. I've never been so impulsive but Gauri has a hold over me like no woman ever has before. I've gotten self-righteous about nightclub 'hook-ups' and one-night stands many times in the past, yet here I am, about to go home with someone I just met. I get a strong feeling, though, that this isn't going to be a one-night stand. I feel something real between me and Gauri, something special. We're at the door when I remember something and tug her hand to stop.

"Hold on, what about our friends? Shouldn't we let them know we're leaving?" She rolls her eyes at my conscientiousness and yanks my arms to pull me next to her.

"Why? Because they've been so concerned about where we've been all evening? Give them a text in the taxi or something." She's right. They dragged me here and I haven't seen them all night. I kiss Gauri's cheek and thank her for helping me see sense. She may just be the sexiest woman I've ever laid eyes on.

The air is crisp when we step onto the street and Gauri visibly shivers. Immediately, I offer her my jacket and put my arm around her as we walk towards the taxi rank. She compliments my chivalry and gives me a light peck. That same feeling comes over me again and I am positive that I have made the right decision. In the taxi, I send the briefest of texts to one of my friends, just saying that I left early, and cuddle up to Gauri. I see the taxi driver watching us kiss in the rear-view mirror, probably making sure that we weren't getting up to anything else in his car. I wouldn't dream of it. Even this public display was abnormal for me, but so was this whole situation. I run my hands down her sides and over her hips and I know how much I want her.

The taxi pulls up on my street and I dig my wallet out of my back pocket, Gauri still kissing my face and neck. I round the fare up generously and exit the car, holding the door open for my lady. She steps out and puts her arms around me and I yell a final word of thanks before closing the door. I lead her to my building and open the stair door with my key. I have lived by myself since the incident with my flatmate and very much enjoy having my own space. My ground floor flat is always meticulously clean, something I pride myself on. Gauri is practically undressing me as I let us into my modest abode. Her hands runs up my shirt and over my torso and I lead her to my bedroom backwards.

Kissing intensely, we begin to unbutton each other's clothes, instinct taking over. My shirt is the first to come free and Gauri pushes it off my shoulders onto the floor, our lips never breaking. I let her blouse fall, too, as I caress her sensational body and reach around to unclasp her bra. She lets it fall from her chest and I feel her bare, firm breasts with both hands. Everything about this moment feels perfect, our bodies are in sync with each other. I feel as though we are able to anticipate each other's every movement, as old lovers are. My kisses travel down her neck to her chest and over her breasts. I place my lips lightly over one nipple, feeling it harden, and then repeat with the other.

We kiss once more, our tongues dancing with one another, and she unfastens her trousers before I lift her from her bottom so she wraps her legs around me. I carry her over to my double bed and place her on it gently. She looks up at me from the bed and I can tell she is feeling everything I am. Her chest heaves with every breath she takes and I am in awe looking at the sensual curves of her body. My arousal is growing and I know exactly what I want to do next. Firstly, I remove her shoes and socks, then I hook my fingers into her underwear and pull them off along with her trousers, leaving a stunning, naked woman on my bed.

I sit down on my haunches and draw her closer to me so that her legs are resting on my shoulders and my head is between her legs. Without a word, I begin to do what I'm best at. My tongue runs slowly around her outer lips and over her nub, causing her to let out a faint whimper. I place my entire mouth over her opening and taste her delicious juices, applying more and more pressure with my tongue. She moans when it begins to dart in and out of her slit, as deep as it will go. My nose nuzzles into her dark, thick pubic hair as I delve deeper, enjoying her scent, bringing her to the edge of orgasm. I put my lips over her now engorged clitoris and make small circles with my tongue whilst I bring my hand up and softly caress her lips with a sole finger. This is the final push she needs. Gauri's back arches slightly and she lets out a long, low moan as she climaxes, releasing her warm, gooey liquid over my hand with some force. My finger stops but my tongue doesn't let up, prolonging the orgasm. Her breaths are shallow as she rides it out and she calls out my name in pure ecstasy.

I lick my hand clean and stand up to look over her. She is smiling straight up at me, still catching her breath. It fills me with so much pleasure to see her happy, I can't fully explain it. Seeing her gorgeous, brown body lying there on my bed fills me with glee. She beckons me to her and I lean down to kiss her deeply. Her body against mine felt as though that's where it belonged and it had somehow been missing all my life.

Placing her hands on my shoulders, Gauri turns me over so that I am lying on my back and she is straddling me. The sight is unbelievable. She shimmies down my torso and removes my trousers. My boxer shorts do little to hide my erection and she duly slides them down as well, revealing my sexual organ in all its glory. It brushes along the area around her navel as she crawls seductively up the bed towards me, positioning herself over it. She takes it in one hand and rubs the tip along her opening a few times. Then, quite suddenly, she forces herself downwards and I plunge into her. We stay like that for a moment and it is as though our bodies are one. I hold her hands and, although I don't say anything, she knows how I feel about her. She feels it, too.

Our hips move in rhythm as we begin to make love. Gauri rises until I almost leave her and falls back down until I am completely inside her. With every thrust, I feel closer to her, more connected. We lose ourselves in the throes of passions, expressing our emotions with our bodies. Her pleasurable groaning is like music to my ears and the vision of her bouncing up and down on top of me is one I won't forget. The feeling of her inner walls wrapped around my hardness is incredible, better than anything I've felt before. Evidently, Gauri likes it, too.

As she quickens the pace, I feel my orgasm building and it sounds like she isn't far off either. She takes my hands once more and I know we are in perfect harmony with each other. I continue to slide in and out of her, the tension growing, her moans filling the flat. With two huge thrusts, I release and this amazing feeling flows through my entire being and into Gauri as her second orgasm hits. Her walls contract around me as I unload into her. Our bodies writhe in simultaneous pleasure that lasts for what feels like forever.

Eventually, the feeling subsides and Gauri collapses onto my chest, completely content. We lie there in each other's arms and I am the happiest I think I've ever been. This feels so utterly perfect to me, I could stay like this until the end of time. I lift her head up to kiss her and she holds me tight, as though if she lets go she might lose me. I'm not going anywhere, though; she'll never lose me. We fall into a deep sleep like this and into a loving romance that will last a lifetime.

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