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Hands on Healing

What's in your aura?
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Rachel had invited me over for her house on the Friday night that I was in DC. I had a rare weekend layover and she was home alone that weekend.

Duffle bag slung over my shoulder I rang the doorbell. She answered with a big grin on her face. She was wearing what looked to be a silky type of shirt but with no buttons. A v-neck pullover over with some kind of graphic design. I could not be certain, but it did not look like she was wearing a bra. I was surprised to see that she was wearing a long, flowing skirt as well. She had always told me she was a "jeans person".

"Well, can I come in?" I asked.

Without speaking, she threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug, whispering, "how are you?" in my ear. With that she entered the house and I closed the door behind me.

"So", she said.

"So", I replied.

"Did you have a nice flight?" she asked.

The small talk went on for a few minutes. I dropped my bag and sat on the couch next to her.

"I have a fun idea", she said, never breaking eye contact.

"I bet you do"

"Not that" she laughed. "I want to read your aura".

I knew she had gotten into this woo woo stuff and thought it might be kind of fun, so I agreed.

She led me upstairs to the bedroom. There were a lot of candles, all lit. That was the only light. There was also a smell of spices, a nice smell.

"Ok, I need you to take your clothes off and lay on the bed on your back", she said, biting her lip.

Now, I know that she said it was possible to read auras long distance or from a photo. but I was willing to play along.

I flipped my shoes off, one by one, then my socks. I unbuttoned my black shirt, studying her face. I noticed two wine glasses near the bed. One half empty. I recalled how she gets when she is drinking. I looked down to start to unbuckle my belt and looked up just in time to watch her quickly divert her eyes and at the same time trying to quickly talk about aura readings..

Jeans unbuttoned and unzipped I slipped them off. Just in my boxer shorts she said, "That's good. Now lay down".

I gave her a little smile and walked over to the bed where she sat. I lay down.


“Now, this is your root chakra,” I explained, placing my hand about 3 inches above his groin area.

“And what happens there?” he replied, with a grin and a raised eyebrow.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” I teased back.

“Yeah, I would, actually”

“Well, it’s the foundation chakra … it speaks to the ability to be grounded. To be in the here and now”.

“And am I in the, what did you say? Here and now?”

I looked at him, lying on my bed in his boxer shorts and thought “Oh God yes, honey. You are so here and now it ain’t funny!” but replied “Hmm, I don’t know. I will have to do an overall scan of each chakra to get a reading.”

“Fair enough. Keep going”

I moved my hand up just a bit so that it was about three inches above his bellybutton and could almost feel his energy push my hand back. I laughed and he said “why are you laughing? You’re going to give me a complex! Reminds me of that day I sent you those pictures and all you could do was giggle”.

“Oh, sorry,” I apologized. “It’s just that the energy coming out of your second chakra just about pushed me backward.”

“Uh, is that good or bad? Is it, like, evil energy?” he asked

“Well, the 2nd chakra is the one that is the body's communication about what you want and need and what you find pleasurable with regard to sex and emotions and stuff like that.”

“So, my energy was poking at you, hey?”

“You goof. Yes. I was poked by your energy. What a stud you are.” I joked with him.

As I said that, I noticed the empty wine glass on the nightstand and realized I hadn’t even offered him any. “Would your 2nd chakra like some wine?” I asked.

“Indeed, High Priestess, it would”


So here I am laying on her bed, in my boxer shorts with her hovering over me to read my chakras. Maybe I should learn a little more about this whole chakra thing if it meant getting someone on my bed in their bra and panties. Although I was pretty sure this was a unique case.

I laid there with my eyes closed as she read my foundation and second charkas. I wondered how many of these charkas I had and if any of the readings involved her hands on me instead of over me.

I joked about my second chakra poking her, although I have to admit, right or wrong, I was getting sort of turned on. Not sure if my chakra was poking her, but if she kept this up I know something else that would be.

The smell of the candles, cinnamon I thought and only the light of the candles made me very relaxed. I am sure it meant to set the “woo woo” mood, but it was also a very sexual mood, at least to me. And knowing Rachel, that was no accident.

She offered me some wine. I sat up just for a second to hold the glass as she poured. As she did, she did not say anything, just smiled at me and licked her lips unconsciously.

“To woo woo”, I toasted. We clinked glasses and took a sip. I noticed Rachel took a rather long sip. When she set her glass down, she put her hand on my chest, pushed me back down and said, “back to the reading.”


I wonder if he even noticed that I had yet to kiss him. Why was that? I was going by my instincts (as I always do) and it told me to wait just a bit. So, I listened (as I always do).

Moving my hand over his mid-section, I said, “now, this is your 3rd Chakra – it’s the center of your personal power - the ease with which you are able to be yourself. Good energy there, though definitely not the same as your 2nd chakra. I’m not being poked by your center of power.” (Ha! I laughed to myself. If I were very lucky, I would definitely feel some of that powerful energy later).

“Um, I’d be happy to poke you with my 2nd chakra again. That is, if you think it would be helpful, ma’am” he volunteered.

“Well, now. That’s very kind of you, sir” I replied in my best southern drawl, “but I have other chakras to read and I can’t go getting so damn distracted this early on, can I?”

He sighed and said “Go ahead on your little woo-woo journey then …” and closed his eyes.

Once more I moved my hand up the center of his body, touching him very lightly, and said “here’s your heart chakra. It’s from this chakra that compassion and love manifests itself. Hmmmm… I don’t feel anything there.”

I made a THUMP THUMP sound over his chest. “I don’t think you have a heart in there, Tin Man” I teased. He opened one eye and looked at me, raised his eyebrow and said “it’s there, Toto. You just gotta wait and see” to which I raised one eyebrow back at him and said “uh huh. You just keep dangling that carrot, don’t you?” but inside I was smiling. The energy pouring out of his heart chakra, though not quite as strong as the 2nd one, was definitely palpable to me. It was nice too. Feeling it made me somehow feel closer to him. I took advantage of that sweet moment to lean in and kiss him very lightly on the lips – a teasing yet warm kiss. He kissed me back with exactly the same feeling. As always, we were on the same wavelength. But … 3 more chakras to go and lots to feel and say and do. Lots.


Her kiss was very soft and warm, as I would have expected, fairly innocent by all accounts. But, even that short kiss was almost enough to really get my, uh, chakra poking.

She made some jokes here and there about the woo-woo things, but I could tell that she was really into this and I had to admit to myself that it was sort of interesting. She had mentioned in the past how sex with ones mind/spirit as well as body would be mind-blowing. Hmm… well with that as inspiration, I let her do her thing.

As I lay there I wondered to myself how many more chakras there were and if any involved her mouth on my cock. I chuckled to myself.

“What’s so funny?”, she asked.

“Oh nothing, I think my humor chakra is misfiring or something”, I replied.

“Very funny, dolt”. With those words she started to move on.


I started to move up to his throat chakra and he suddenly chuckled. “What’s so funny?” I asked but, as usual, he gave me a goofy answer – something about his humor chakra misfiring. I just shook my head and smiled. Always the mysterious one, he is. I put my hand over his throat to get a read on the energy there and it seemed to be rather constricted. As if he had things to say that wouldn’t quite come out. I expected that. Getting him to speak about his feelings was like pulling teeth on a pissed off bull. “There seems to be some constriction in your throat area. But most people have that. It takes a lot of work to be able to speak your feelings on things, I think.” “Really” he said, more as a statement of fact than a question. As he said that, I felt his hand slide around my waist and down my ass and stay there. Well, no question about his feelings on that subject, I guess. I leaned in close to his ear and said “really”. I sensed that he was somehow more adept at speaking without words and letting his energy come through that way. That was fine with me. Intuitively, I knew that we could speak to each other with our energy rather than our words. That’s what the mind/body/spirit connection was all about and why making love with all three parts connected could be amazing. (Although I only knew this from reading about it. I’ve not had that connection with anyone to really test it out. Yet.)

I kept my hand over his throat chakra just a second longer and then moved on to his brow chakra, the third eye. This is the place where our true motivations are found. (Although I don’t have to be into energy stuff to know his TRUE motivation since his hand on my ass got just a bit firmer.) I smiled to myself and closed my eyes to feel his energy here.


So she continued her reading of my various chakras, but I sort of wanted to lighten the mood a bit. Here I was laying in my boxer with her hovering over me. So I reached out and touched her side, then moved my hand over to her ass. She didn’t flinch. In fact, at one point she leaned down and whispered a throaty “really” in my ear.

She moved onto my eyebrow chakra or something like that and was right over my face. I gave her ass a little squeeze to see her reaction. All I got from her face was a slight smile, but as my hand moved over to the top of her thigh, I felt her move her legs apart, just a little. She might not have even known he had done that, but I noticed.

Not sure if the eye brow chakra reading required it, but our eyes were locked together as she was “reading” me. I was not sure how many chakras remained, but I was ready to give her another sort of energy.


As our eyes locked, I could feel the intensity heighten and I leaned in and kissed him again, but more passionately this time. Definitely caught up in the feeling of bliss, I closed my eyes and just felt his lips on mine when I heard an annoying buzzing sound. What is that? I opened my eyes and realized I was in bed, alone, and the alarm clock was going off. 6am? What? No! It was just evening and I was kissing Mark and reading his chakras and Oh Damn! It was a dream. Disbelieving my eyes, I looked around the room, half expecting him to come walking out of the bathroom, but no one else was there. How did that seem so real to me?

I tossed back the covers and swung my legs over the side of the bed. Damn. Damn. Damn. It was such a vivid dream – I can remember it as if it really happened. His scent, his hands, his lips (oh, his lips!) – could it be that my imagination really just ran away with me this time? Had to be, Rachel. No other explanation.

I turned on the coffeemaker and made my way to the computer. Checking in on my email, I see the usual crapola. Gee, if I wanted a great mortgage rate or penis enlarging pills, I knew just where to go, didn’t I? I was about to write Cathy and tell her about this dream – how real it was and how much it sucked that I woke up alone when I got an email from Mark. Succinct as always, it said “have fun last night?” What? Last night? What did I do last night? I know he doesn’t mean “the dream” – I mean, how could he?

I write back:“to what might you be referring?” and his reply came back quickly “I think you know.”

No way could he know about that dream, could he?


Rachel had been on this “woo –woo” chakra thing for quite a while lately. She had written me about how she was into reading chakras and energies and had even written me as email asking if she could do a reading sometime. Apparently this could be done long distance since it was all about the energy vibrations. She had even asked me to try and think of something at a specific time to see if she could “pick up the vibe”. I have a vibe for her.

It was Friday night and I had been out to dinner and a couple pubs with some friends. I had a nice buzz going and was having a good time. The conversation at one point turned to Eddie Izzard, this comic that Rachel really liked. That made me think of her. I also thought of her as I sat in this pub surrounded by people, remembering that one time I told her that I was going to show up at a bar she was going to and how that threw her into a slight panic.

It was getting late and after we had all said our good nights I was ready to go home. Unlocking the door I hung my jacket up and made my way upstairs. As I was getting changed, I chuckled to myself thinking about telling Rachel I would show up unannounced at that bar. Hmm..i think I will show up unannounced tonight and see how good she really is at reading chakras.

I got ready for bed. Wearing just my boxers I got under the covers. I thought about laying in this same spot when Rachel and I had “played” on the phone. That was extremely intense. It was some time ago, but it helped to get me into the mood. It must have been 3 am where she was now, so she was most likely asleep.

I closed my eyes and started to envision her. I am at her house. It’s Dark. There are lots of candles. She is hovering over me……..
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