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I'm Yours

I thought I'd try my hand at a lovemaking story :o)
Can you see it when you look at me, that look that I’ve been saving up for years, it says lots of things but most of all it says “I’m yours”. I don’t know if my heart and my eyes consulted on this before they told you, but it doesn’t matter now, the truth is there to see.
I try to look away from you, afraid that the message will bounce back in the reflection of your eyes and burn me, but I cannot, I need to check something. I need to see if “you’re mine”.

I always struggle to understand the differences between men and women but fundamentally we are the same when all is said and done. We just behave differently for a while before the finale.
When a man touches your hand when you’re out, when he makes a joke at your expense, what he’s really saying is “She’s with me” when a woman wants to say, “He’s with me” she just says it.

Anyway, back to being yours. I’m looking at you, and I have a half smile because you’re answering my question, maybe you don’t even realise you’re doing it but I think you do.
I pull you close to me and whisper into your ear,

“Make love to me”.

I’ve never said that to anyone before and the sound of those words leaving my lips makes me gasp a little.
You take me by the hand and we leave the bar we’ve been drinking in for a few hours, the few drinks we’ve had, have made us brave and brazen, but now I’m not sure I know the difference between fucking and making love.
We walk slowly back to my house and our hands are joined loosely, our fingers talk to each other and make plans without us. Our minds are full of the answers to questions we haven’t asked, and by the time we arrive, we are ready, more than ready.
We drop to our knees just inside my front door our fingers explore each others faces tenderly. I’m not sure how long I can do tenderly but I’m enjoying it at this moment, more than I could tell you with words.
Our mouths are tentative and they sample each other while our eyes feed our hearts with a mutual understanding. Kissing you like this is exciting, it’s doing things to me that you will discover shortly, things I can’t wait to show you. I lead you up the stairs and strangely I feel nervous for the first time in your company, when we reach my bedroom, I know that this moment will sit fondly in my memory forever more. We delicately ha, not a word I am used to, remove each others clothes, we don’t look at each others bodies at this stage, as our eyes are making promises to one another.
We’re standing naked before each other and actually I’m shaking with the anticipation that we both feel. You kiss me on the lips so gently that there is almost electricity, you move to my neck, and after that “I’m yours”.

You are on my breasts now and your mouth is concealing my nipple as you suck it into you, I’m watching you and you’re eyes they still watch me, they look for approval.
You suck harder and a noise escapes my open mouth, watching you is like watching a painter create his masterpiece, the passion is apparent and you won’t be rushed, your fingers tweak each nipple as you suck and bite gently causing fresh juices to arrive and sit behind my closed pussy lips.
Slowly you move down my body, your tongue leaves, a trail across my tummy.
You’re on your knees now in front of me and my legs are weakening, as you get closer to the part of me that would cry out if it knew how. You use your fingers to part my pussy lips and I gasp because it’s exactly as I would have dreamt it, you moan as you slide two fingers into me and discover how soaked I am, how aroused you’ve made me.
I support myself using your shoulders as your tongue joins the party and my legs almost give way. My pussy is sopping now with your saliva and my juices combined the way they wanted to be since I asked you to make love to me, it occurs to me briefly that I’ve never had an orgasm while standing up and I wonder as I get nearer whether there will be a flood of juices pouring down my legs.
Your fingers dig deeper your tongue licks faster and your mouth sucks my clit harder as my body tenses and I hold my heavy breath in anticipation of the imminent arrival. I feel like I’m going to wet myself as your fingers rub on a place inside me and juices gush from me soaking you.
Your hands pull me tight to you and you do a fantastic job of lapping up your prize, you’re pleased with the noises I make, because you created them, they are your masterpiece.
You smile up at me, and I smile down at you, then you press your face to my stomach and just hold me while breathing hot breaths onto my skin, it’s the sweetest moment of my life so far.

I want to please you as you have pleased me, we sidle over to the bed and I ask you to sit down. I kneel on the floor in front of your naked body and I yearn to touch you.
Your cock is glistening with pre-cum that leaked from you when I orgasmed into your mouth a few minutes ago, and I need to give my pleasure back to you we’ll do swaps forever more I hope.
The tenderness comes naturally, it seems it’s all I can be at this moment in time, and gently I take you into my mouth, my lips tentatively suck, my tongue tickles slightly as I lap up a sample of what I need.


I moan before taking all of your into my mouth, your head falls back and you gasp a little as the tip of your cock touches the back of my throat.
I’m enjoying you now your taste is driving me, the expression on your face encouraging me as I look up at you. Your fingers find my hair, and run through its softness as I increase my pace, read you correctly and you give me a generous helping of your delicious cum, after I have sucked you to a standstill I rest my face on your thigh and murmur gentle noises of satisfaction.

We climb into bed and we hold each other, no words are needed as our fingertips gently say all there is to say.
You stroke the soft skin on my back and I close my eyes and think of nothing but how much I want to feel you inside me.
It feels so good to be close to your naked body and slowly we use ourselves and each other to prepare ourselves for the main course, my smooth legs rub slowly on yours and my body of it’s own accord gently slides up and down you. I feel your hardness on me and I cannot wait a second longer.

“I need you”

the words are out and though I never chose them, they are accurate. You roll me onto my back and without guidance you slide your cock slowly into me, it makes me cry out as it continues its journey, which seems never ending.

I hold you close to me and look into your eyes as you slowly make love to me. My fingers they can’t help but clutch and draw you closer, my face is too close to yours now to see you properly but we feel our hot breaths on each other just before our mouths become frenzied and search each other for the truth that we know is here.
Your pace quickens and I moan loudly as I love the new way that you’re thrusting into me, it’s raw and though this can’t go on forever, at this moment I wish that it could.
I have tears hidden in my now closed eyes as we move closer to our simultaneous orgasm. I feel mine arriving and the hoarse sounds that erupt from my throat bring about a mutual explosion of our combined juices, the fact that we are both experiencing this pleasure, of which the differences we will never know, and each ecstasy filled thrust drawing this out as long as our bodies can sustain it.
The tears have fallen now and I don’t know there reason but you kiss them gently away before we sleep.

I wake to the sound of your voice, you’re on the phone and you’re telling your boss that you won’t be able to make it into work today, I know instinctively to keep quiet and I just smile a groggy smile at you as your conversation continues.
I slip under the duvet and find your already hard cock, and while you continue to talk on the phone, I suck and lick you gently, my hands kneading your balls, I can taste myself on you and it makes me feel wild for you.
Your conversation ends and I emerge from cover with a grin on my face, you pull me closer to you and kiss me one of those “This is for you” kisses.
I climb on top of you and reward you by sliding my wet pussy down onto the length of your cock.
I moan noisily as I take you deep inside me, and sit back to let you look at me, my breasts beg to be squeezed and I look wild with un-brushed hair as I ride you hard relentlessly and selfishly.
I grind myself I throw back my head and spread my pussy lips so you can see your cock disappearing into me time and time again as I rise up and down.
You can take no more and you fill me with everything you have, I let go of my own orgasm just in time to coincide with yours and then I collapse onto you laughing at the great start to the day.
I make us both coffee and bring it back to bed, I climb in beside you and snuggle up behind your back, You turn to face me and pull me close to you, you’re warm and it feels good to be naked next to you, It also feels good that I’m yours.

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