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Justin and Twila: Fire and Ice

He prodded my small, pink clit with the tip of his tongue.
I opened the door of my house after a long day of helping a friend move. It was dark, aside from the lights in the house and the stars in the sky. Small, wet snowflakes melted on my cheeks. "Justin! I'm home!" I shouted as I walked into the house and kicked off my boots. No answer. Just a trail of rose petals that twisted and swerved all throughout our home. I tiptoed along side the crimson trail. It lead me to the couch. On the side table, there was a steaming hot chocolate. On the couch, there was a fluffy beige blanket. I snuggled up on the couch, and sipped the hot cocoa. Once I drained the mug, I set it in the kitchen sink, and went back to my mission of following the little red trail.

It led me to the bathroom. There was a new bottle of peach shower gel on the counter by the sink, with a little red bow on it. I went back to the trail. Finally, it lead me to the bedroom door. Justin was sitting on the bed in swim trunks, with a gorgeous red bikini on the bed next to him.

"Is that for me?" I gasped. Justin nodded.

"A fiery bikini for a fiery girl." He groaned as he pulled my body close, taking my jacket off and tossing it on the floor. I helped him out by pulling my shirt over my head and throwing it aside. His hands reached around me. He unhooked my bra and slid the straps off my arms. It dropped to the floor. He slid his hands down my back and around my hips to the zipper of my jeans. His nimble fingers quickly unzipped and unbuttoned them. He slid the waistband down over my ass. He kneeled and slid them down from my thighs to the floor. I stepped out of them.

Justin helped me remove my socks. he softly kissed a trail from the top of my foot to my panties. He bit the ribbon of my panties, which laced up on either side. He pulled with his teeth, undoing the dainty little bow and loosening my panties. He did the same to the other side, and my panties fell to the floor. He reached over to the bed and picked up the bikini bottom. I stepped my legs into the holes, and he pulled them up and over my ass. He then picked up the top, which was a halter.

“Hold it to your chest,” he said. I held the part intended to cover my breasts to, well, my breasts. He tied it behind my back and neck. He turned me towards him, and stepped back to see.

“You look absolutely beautiful.” Justin beamed. I felt a blush rising to my cheeks as I smiled. He took my hand, and began walking towards the door to the deck. I walked with him, unsure of why he was taking me outside in a bikini while it was snowing.

What I saw took my breath away. A glowing hot tub, brimming with bubbles. There were several candles set up as a walkway to the hot tub, and of course, in the distance was our usual view of mountains, a crescent moon and snowy hills.

Justin tucked the stray strands of hair behind my ear. Leaning in, he whispered, “Happy Birthday, Twila.”

I grinned widely and covered his handsome, albeit stubbly face. I grabbed his hand and began prancing to the hot tub. I stared into the steaming, bubbling water for a moment, entranced and mesmerized. The bitter cold nipped at my ass, and cold snowflakes fell over my body. Justin helped me into the hot tub before getting in himself. For some time, I stood, letting my legs feel the heat of the water while the cold slithered at my torso. It was an exhilarating contrast of sensations.

Justin’s body sank into the hot tub, a small amount of his bare chest above the water. He reached towards me, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me closer. I leaned down and gave him a kiss on the lips. As I began to break the kiss and pull away, he smoothed back my hair with water and gently held my face to his. I gave in to my lover’s heated passion. I straddled him, facing towards him, and continued exchanging wet, hot, flavorful kisses with my love.

After several minutes of this, he broke the exchange of kisses. “Twila, sexy lady of mine, will you allow me to love you, cherish you, and admire you more and more with each passing day forever?”

I looked at him, not sure of what to think. “I don’t know exactly what you mean, but I suppose so,” I inquired in a slightly questioning manner.

He held my left hand, kissed the back of it, and slid something onto the ring finger. I peered at it for a moment, that’s when I realized what Justin meant.

“So, how about some celebratory sex?” I asked, giving him a wink.

He smiled. “That’s my feisty girl.”

I straddled him and began grinding and gyrating over his slowly hardening cock. I could barely contain the excitement of the whole situation, and the passion that went along with it. He grabbed my hips, pulling me down onto him so he could stimulate me through our swimwear. I held onto the back of his neck and began kissing him hard and forcefully, my tongue sliding between his lips to feel the warmth of his.

I pulled my face away from his. “You know what you should do?” I asked.

Justin thought for a moment. “I have a few ideas.”

“You should lick me out,” I declared as I lifted myself onto the edge of the hot tub.

Justin was slightly shocked that I actually told him what to do, but at the same time not hesitant to fulfill them. He stood up, kissed me, and began making his way down; kissing down my chin, my neck, to my chest. Each soft kiss had the lightness of a feather, and it sent shivers down my spine. He pulled the crotch of my bikini shorts aside and began slowly licking from my clitoris to my asshole. Every few licks, he’d dip the tip of his tongue into my slick, smooth pussy. I grabbed him by the back of his head, my fingers gripping his short, dark hair.

“You’re such a tease!” I yelled, gritting my teeth out of heated sexual frustration.

He stopped, looked up and smiled. He knew what he was doing, and he loved it. He prodded my small, pink clit with the tip of his tongue. I arched my back, sharply drawing in my breath and biting my lip.

Justin stopped again, grabbing onto my hips standing up. I removed my hands from his head. He put his lips to mine. I slid my tongue between his lips. I could taste and smell myself on his lips, and it only made me kiss him more. He began sucking on my lower lip, allowing his teeth to slide off.

“What should I do now?” he inquired suggestively.

I kissed down his chin to his neck. I grasped a small area of skin between my teeth, licking it, sucking on it and gently biting. He let out a soft groan. I kissed up to his ear.

“I want you to fuck me, hard.” I whispered.

Justin slid his swim trunks down. He pulled the crotch of my bikini aside with his thumb, then grabbed onto my thighs, spreading my legs apart. He prodded my hot, wet opening with the tip of his cock as he began kissing me. I grasped his shoulders, and dragged my nails down his back to his ass. He slammed every inch of his hard, throbbing cock into me. I felt a carnally euphoric rush down my body. I gripped his ass and bit his lip, pulling him into me as much as I could. He drew out, and slammed himself back into me over and over. I let out a soft moan, enjoying my reward after his intense teasing. He pushed all the way in, grinding his lower stomach on my clit.

“Oh Justin, yes!” I moaned into his mouth.

He gyrated his lower body against mine, still inside me. He knew I loved that. I moved my hips in time to his gyrations. The anticipation of a climax built in both of us. He went back to fucking me fast, hard and deep and I kept moving my hips against him as to keep my sensitive areas stimulated.

“Twila, cum for me, baby,” Justin groaned. I felt my body become warm, my face blush, and my muscles contract. He began gyrating his hips into me again, sending me over the edge. I grabbed him hard, digging my nails into his flesh. I felt his hot cum squirting into me, as he kept fucking me until my climax subsided. He pulled out and pulled his trunks up.

“You’re so beautiful when you cum,” Justin said softly as he stroked my hair. I giggled. “Now let’s head inside. Our first night as an engaged couple is far from over.” He stepped out of the hot tub and picked me up, walking into our cozy house. He set me on the bed and put a towel over my shoulders.
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