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Long Commute

She welcomes her man home from his traffic delays
The car radio cut out and I tore my eyes from the brake lights in front of me to glance at the in-dash screen as the Bluetooth displayed the incoming call. Maryann's name appeared on the screen. I thumbed the talk button on the steering wheel.
"Hey, baby," I called laconically.

"Hi, honey," she called from the car speakers. "I figured you'd be home by now. Are you far?"

"No, I stopped at my girlfriends house and got some on the way home." It was an old joke between us. "She called, begging, you know how she is, that whiney bitch," I laughed.


I chuckled as I moved another few feet, glancing in the side mirror to see if I could change lanes, as though that might affect anything other than my illusion of forward progress..

"Yeah, a little bit." My usual one-hour commute was closing in on two, with no end in sight. "It looked good until after the bridge, but then it turned on me like a rabid dog." Ahead, around the curve and just past the overpass I thought I saw flashing lights and hoped things would loosen up after that.

"Oh, you poor thing. I'll hold dinner. You must be exhausted." Maryann knew I didn't handle traffic well. "How long, do you think?"

I explained that I thought the lights ahead might be the end of it. "About forty-five after that, if it clears up." I hoped it wasn't just a cruel deception, just a fender bender caused by the real traffic and that the actual cause of the snarl might still be far ahead.

"Oh, my poor man," she commiserated. "You'll be all tense and grumpy by the time you get home." She sounded sad for me, and that cheered me a little. She never took me for granted. I grunted noncommittally. "I know just what you need," she continued. "Forty-five minutes?"

"At the minimum," I answered.

"That'll be perfect. I'll see you when you get home, dear, and don't you worry about a thing. Drive safe, and let me take care of you." We blew kisses into the phone and the call ended. The radio came back on. The brake lights in front of me switched off and slid ten feet forward only to light up again.

I sighed.


Just over an hour later, I pulled up in front of the house, parked and heaved a sigh of accomplishment. I glanced at the clock, noting the two hours and fifteen minutes I'd spent getting home. Grunting with resignation, I opened the door and slowly unfolded myself from the driver’s seat, stretching my back and legs. I heard my old bones and joints groan, pop and click and I exhaled my relief. As if my body knew we were home I suddenly had to piss. I reached in, grabbed my briefcase and half trotted to the door.

"Is that you, Greg?"

Really? I grimaced, snarling to myself. Was she expecting someone else? With a grunt I hurried to the bathroom, bag in tow, jacket still on. My bladder, convinced it was close, barely held on until I got unzipped. Heaving a huge sigh of relief I relaxed and emptied, a sensation of warmth and comfort sweeping through me.

Washing up, I checked myself in the mirror. My hair was a mess from running my hand through it in frustration, and I thought there were obvious stress lines around my eyes, making me appear aged instead of older. I grimaced at my reflection and washed up, then grabbed the bottle of mouthwash and took a swig, swished and rinsed.

I made my way to the kitchen, feeling half refreshed but still tired and expecting a cold, dried out dinner that I would eat alone, but got a worse surprise. There was nothing. No food at all. I wanted to complain and feel sorry for myself. I mean, seriously, she got home from work way before me. She must have eaten already. I caught myself from the edge of self pity and considered that she might have put it in the fridge, when I heard her voice call me from upstairs.

And then I remembered her promise to take my stress away. My mood brightened a bit.

"Coming up!" I called out and headed for the hallway.

The lights were mostly off and I turned off the kitchen light as I exited. There were just the two of us, so no need to leave all the lights burning. When I turned the corner, I saw the glow of the upstairs landing lights illuminating my way. Turning to head up the stairs I saw Maryann at the top waiting for me, a backlit vision in a white terry cloth robe with a towel wrapped around her hair. I could just make out the slight part in the robe exposing a slender slash of shadowed flesh, from neck to crotch. She stood with her legs slightly parted and her hands on the railing at either side, leaning slightly forward. I smiled a little and my traffic memory began to fade.

"Come up here, you," she called softly. "Your bath is prepared." She released the rail with her left hand and extended it down to me. I stood there a second, drinking in the vision of her, but I didn't wait very long. I smiled again, broader this time, and began climbing. When I reached the top step, I paused but she didn't step back. Instead she leaned forward, took my face in her hands and bent down to kiss me. She's only a few inches shorter than me so the step gave her a height advantage and I craned my neck to meet her kiss, returning it softly, one hand reaching to her hip and holding her gently. She made a yummy sound as her tongue tickled my lips.

She stepped back and smiled lightly. "Right this way, sir," she cooed with dramatic flair, "your bath awaits." She reached down for my hand and led me to our bedroom. I noticed the candles flickering softly as we passed through to the en suite. The door was closed, and she smiled back at me before she opened it.

Steam billowed out from the dimly illuminated bathroom. I followed her in and she shut the door behind us. Grinning and feeling the warmth of the room, I turned and gave her another appreciative smile, inhaling the warm air, scented by candles and bath salts.

She leaned in and kissed me briefly. I wanted nothing more than to just hold her but she stepped away. "Get yourself undressed and in, I'll be right back." And just like that she turned and left.

I stripped my clothes off and stacked them in a pile on the vanity next to the sink. Naked, I tried to see myself in the mirror but it was steamed up. With a shrug I turned to the tub, an oversized monster we'd argued about when we'd had the bathroom redone, and dipped my toe in. It was hot! I slowly eased my foot in and allowed the rest of me to follow until I could rest on my back, my head against the cushion. The heat suffused me, penetrating my tense muscles and stripping my tensions away. I closed my eyes and soaked.

I might have dozed, but I think I just zoned out. I was pulled back to reality by the sound of the door. It was behind me and I was too far in the moment to sit up, so I angled my head until Maryann came into view. She was carrying a tray as she closed the door with her foot. She turned her back to me and placed the tray on the sink, then turned and offered me a glass of wine. When she bent to place it in my raised hand her robe fell open and flashed a luscious breast at me.

"That's nice," I smiled, "thank you."

"I figured you might like a glass," she offered, sitting on the edge of the tub.

"Oh, yes, that's nice, too," I grinned. Her robe hung open and her full right breast hung in sultry profile, the dark nipple visible and erect. She followed my eyes and smiled back.

"More of that later," she said, but didn't close the robe. She reached over me for the bar of soap. She had removed the towel from her hair and it hung in damp tendrils around her face and shoulders. I watched as she lifted a washcloth from the edge of the tub, dipped it into the hot water and soaped it up to a lather.

"Are you going to join me?" I asked with a sly grin.

"I've already taken my bath, silly," she smirked, working the soap into the cloth. "Someone special gave me plenty of time to prepare," she intoned in a lilting sing-song. "So I took care of me, and now I can take care of my man." She reached into the water and lifted my arm out and began lather me. I was content to feel her fingers holding my arm and her hand sliding the soapy cloth over and under my arm as I watched her studious expression. She made small talk and I answered, but honestly it was just easy married questions about my day and her own. She didn't push me for details or interrupt, except to kiss me to distract me when my narrative started to gain agitation.

And all the while, she washed and rinsed and stroked my arms and legs and back and front. She wet my hair and shampooed it, massaging my scalp before rinsing. She washed my saucy bits, too, taking care to clean them and despite her efforts to keep it clinical and caring, I still became aroused. So sue me.

She looked in my face with a knowing grin as she held my filling shaft in her hand. "Hmm," she murmured, "I'm trying to reduce your stress, but it feels like there is some tension growing here."

I grinned back at her. "It's not a bad tension," I observed wryly.

"No, it isn't," she replied. "But we should take care of it anyway, shouldn't we?"

I reached out and flung a wet arm to her shoulder and pulled her in for a kiss. She kissed me back tenderly, whispering between pecks. "You're getting my robe all wet," she sighed breathily, "I don't want to get cold."

"Come in with me, I'll warm you up," I whispered back.

"No, silly," she giggled, squeezing my almost engorged shaft. "I'm taking care of you, remember?" She pulled from the kiss, sitting back on her feet next to the tub, then rising and standing slowly to face me, untying the sash of the robe and letting it slip slowly from her shoulders. I watched in rapt attention as she slowly lowered it, exposing her breasts, dark nipples greeting me with beckoning attention, the curve of her rounded globes enticing and pink in the subdued light. The robe slipped further, exposing her slightly rounded and soft belly, then parted and slipped fully away and she stood there, holding it behind her.

I gasped. Her hair-shrouded pussy was completely shaved but for a small strip of fur delicately trimmed above her hooded clit.

"Oh, fuck, Maryann!"

"You like?"

"Baby, it's incredible... when?"

"I told you," her voice teased with a smile that I looked up to return. "Someone special gave me lots of time to prepare."

My cock throbbed with excitement as I reached a hand out to her, but the stood just out of my reach.

"Come closer, let me touch."

"Not yet," she cooed seductively, "plenty of time for that later." Her denial made me want to stroke it all the more. "First, we've got to address your 'tension' situation." She reached for a big fluffy towel and regarded me thoughtfully, then dropped it. I was already half out of the tub when she returned it to the hook. "On second thought," she mused, and stepping to the tub, added, "maybe you should just kneel up."

I scrambled to my knees at one end of the still-warm water as she stepped in at the other end. I watched as she fitted her lovely naked form into the hot water, lowering herself in and crouching down over her knees.

Anticipation gripped me. I was kneeling, facing her, my balls hanging in the bath water and my stiff cock jutting out at her upturned face. My skin cooled as the water dried but it didn't chill me in the warm, steamed air. I inhaled unsteadily as I witnessed the most erotic sight a man can experience, one I had seen many times before but never tired of, and it never lost its magical effect on me.

The woman I loved looked up into my face, her eyes glittering darkly. She parted her lips in a half smile as her face closed the distance. One wet hand reached for the base of my cock as her tongue slipped out. And there, in that moment before contact, she was the most beautiful erotic vision ever placed on the face of this planet, the very image of desire and devotion, love and pleasure.

I released my breath as her tongue swiped up the seam of my cockhead and her lips pursed to kiss the fat clear drop of pre-cum that bulged there, waiting for her. I stared down at her as her eyes lowered and her glossed lips parted and wrapped themselves around the swollen plum. I trembled as her tongue stroked and swirled the head inside her mouth. I heard her growl a yummy sound and then felt suction as her mouth took me deeper, her face approaching my belly. I took another shuddering breath as she reached her limit, tightened her lips, and with a slow, steady suck, drew back the entire length of my cock.

"Oh, fuck, Maryann," I gasped. I took her head in both hands and turned her face up to look at me. Her eyelids fluttered open and she smiled, rubbing my leaking slit across her lips.

"Hush," she said.

"I love you."

"I know," she said. "Now relax and be quiet while I take care of this."

She smirked at me and dropped her gaze, closed her eyes and went back to work. My hands slid from her head to her shoulders, tracing casual lines over her bare skin with my eyes closed and my head back and mouth open, relishing the attention she was lavishing on me. She took her time at first, increasing my arousal, tormenting and tantalizing me. I leaned back against the tile wall, feeling the cool on my skin in sharp contrast to her warm mouth and resisting the urge to thrust my hips. Waves of pleasure billowed out through my body, enhanced by my occasional glances to watch her as she enjoyed her work and her own delight.

One of her hands slipped between my legs to cup my balls, fondling and lightly juggling the globes in their thin sack. I felt her middle finger slide up behind them to tickle my anus and I groaned. She teased and tickled and sucked and swirled until my arousal built and I felt my climax approach. My hands tightened on her shoulders and my breathing quickened and her hand pressed my balls up tight to my crotch. I looked down as she looked up and her lips smiled around my shaft. I could see in her eyes that she knew I was close.

Still looking at me, she pushed her mouth down to her limit and wrapped her hand tightly around my shaft, her finger and thumb pressed to her lips. And then, to my exquisite thrill, she held her lips around my shaft and began thrusting her mouth onto me, bouncing her head up and down, fucking my cock with her face and pulling me to the finish line. My head went back, eyes wide and breath short as I embraced the swirling build of sensation. My tightening balls, the clenching in my crotch, the anticipation in my stomach, all answering the call of her mouth and lips and tongue as she stroked my shaft, coaxing, urging... pulling my climax to the fore.

I swelled. My head jerked forward and I looked down at my wife, looking up at me and squeezing the base of my shaft as she pulled her mouth back for her lips to encapsulate the head of my cock. Her eyes lit up as she felt the pulse under her fingers, and the corners of her mouth curled in delight as the first jet raced up my shaft in glorious release to coat her tongue. Her hand stroked, her lips tightened and my cock exploded. My body jerked and I howled in ecstasy as I filled her mouth with hot spurting semen. As the first, stronger blasts finished, she stroked the underside of my shaft, extracting the full measure of my cum, smiling up at me as her mouth held my steaming ejaculate.

I let out a huge exhale and she pulled her mouth back, squeezed up my shaft and kissed off the last drop, and smiled. Her lips parted and cum dripped from the corners of her mouth as she swallowed what she'd earned. I stared at her in abject wonder and appreciation,trying to form words.

"Oh, fuck, Mare," I managed. It was all I could struggle out.

"Mmm, that was a big one," she said and licked her smiling lips. "Yummy!" She giggled, I laughed and she laughed with me, kneeling up to kiss me, her chin and lips coated with my essence. We shared a soft, comfortable, cummy kiss, puckered lips smiling and making small warm sounds into each other's mouths.

After a few moments, she pulled away and in unspoken agreement we extracted ourselves from the bath. She wrapped me in a towel and kissed me again, the smell and taste of cum still on her lips. She put her robe back on, took my hand and led me to our bed, placing me on my back and opening my towel. With a devious grin she climbed on and stood above me.

"So, now that you're all relaxed, and we've relieved your tension," she teased, looking down at me, "would you like a closer look?" Still grinning, she dropped the robe and stood naked above me, straddling my chest, her legs parted, giving me a glorious view of her full swollen lips, bereft of hair, glistening and beckoning. I watched as she slowly smoothed her hands down her sides, down her legs and back up, sliding them to the inside of her thighs as they rose seductively to her bare pussy.

"Oh, Maryann, it's gorgeous, so sexy," I hissed.

"Mmm, it feels so smooth and soft," she cooed, trailing her fingers up the side of her labia. I felt an unexpected stirring between my own legs as I watched her fingers glide up and down her bare mons, parting her lips, plying the fleshy peach. Her slit opened, giving a glimpse of pink wetness within and I groaned. I watched her slip a slim digit into the crease, saw the fingertip emerge wet and shining, stared as she stroked under her clit, slowly circling, exposing her pearl for me, then watched the manicured painted nail slide down, slowly, sliding easily between bare labia to disappear from sight inside her.

"My turn," she sighed, slipping the finger back out.

And she lowered herself then, squatting first before dropping to her knees, then adjusting her position as she approached, moving her beautiful wet cunt up to my waiting mouth.

I stared as it neared, opening for me as she knelt over my face, spreading her legs. Beautiful swollen lips parted, revealing the wet, glossy, pink glittering between them. Time slowed as her scent reached me, drilling my senses. My hands reached for her thighs and slid up behind her to cup her ass cheeks as I craned my neck to meet her treasure with my mouth open. My lips met hers and my tongue pushed into her opening as her juices spilled out for me, a champagne fountain of sexual delight in a one-sided tongue kiss. I felt my hips lift involuntarily, my cock once again hard. I rested my head, pulling her down with me, my lips sealed to her juicy cunt as I licked up her slit, drinking her nectar and finding her pearl, hard and proud and eager at the juncture of her labia.

She squealed and gasped as I licked her button, then pursed my lips and sucked it, flicking it with my tongue. Fuck, she was delicious and her juices flowed like a running tap, filling my mouth. I sucked and swallowed and sucked some more. I lapped at her slit, sucked her lips and circled her clit. My fingers squeezed her cheeks and the the tip of one explored her valley, finding her crinkle and teasing there. She squirmed on my face, pressing her clit on my nose, as I pushed my tongue deep inside. As I tongue fucked her sweet pussy, my busy finger pushed inside her tight ring. She began crying out, squeaking and panting as her climax built, and grew, and swelled inside her.

Then her hand was tangled in my hair and she bellowed, shrieking as her pussy clenched my tongue and her anus gripped my finger. Juices spilled from her in a spasm of fluid, filling my mouth, coating my tongue, my lips, my chin, my cheeks. I slid my tongue up to her clit and teased her through the peak, stroking lightly around her sensitive bud as she shook and trembled on my face.

Releasing a sigh she collapsed to my side, panting and shaking with one leg still draped over me. I rolled to face her, pulled her leg up and aimed and slid my hard cock into her in one stroke. I began pumping for all I was worth. In a few short strokes, her climax returned with a vengeance and her fingers dug into my shoulder and chest as she came again. I lifted her leg and changed my angle for better penetration, with us both on our sides, shifting into a modified scissor and driving my cock deep. She twitched and writhed like a landed fish, gaffed by my throbbing shaft. I was ferocious as her climaxes crested and receded over and over, the next one just inches from explosion, her uncontrolled ecstasy escalating mine.

Despite having cum already I felt the build and didn't delay. I pumped for me, wanting my cum, wanting to fill her, angling my head to watch my cock spear in and out of her shaved cunt. Fuck, it was like she was eating me, cock first; her red, open hole swallowing me and pulling me inside. Once again I felt the swell, felt the telltale rumble and surrendered to the jerking of my hips as I yanked her leg, pushed myself deep and exploded. I barked and groaned as I painted her insides with my hot lava, and then collapsed alongside her, cock still fitted in her juicy, sodden tunnel.

It took a few minutes before either of us stirred, and we barely managed to crawl to each other, wrapping ourselves in each other's arms, weak and spent and trembling and happy. Her eyes opened and found mine and they crinkled at the corners.

"Holy fuck, Greg," she croaked, "that was incredible!"

I shifted my hips, sliding my softening shaft inside her, grinning.

"No, stop, I can't take anymore."

"You know I'm incredibly jealous,” I offered, “of the multiple orgasm thing." She laughed lightly at my comment and extricated herself. "God," I added, "if I could do that I'd never get out of bed."

"That's why men can't," she quipped. "The species would die out!" She leaned to the bedside table and pulled two small towels and handed me one. "I came prepared," she quipped.

I started cleaning up, still grinning.

"Are you hungry?" she asked, climbing from the bed, "after your long drive?"

"Famished!" I chuckled. "Don't tell me there's dinner, too!"

"Of course there is! I just have to heat it up!" she replied, leaning down to kiss me. I pulled her into a long, warm embrace and she cuddled against me, fitting her body to mine like a missing puzzle piece. "I take care of my man when he has a tough drive!"

"You sure do!" I confirmed, and we held each other a long time, silent and content, before we headed to the kitchen to share a late dinner.


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