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Love and Motorcycles

Contributing Authors: ChrisM 

I was sixteen when I lost my dad. It left me angry at the world and with a chip the size of Texas on my shoulder. He was my world, my best friend. He put me on my first bike when I was just knee-high to a grasshopper. He would take me around the yard as I sat on the gas tank doing wheelies until I would laugh and mom would yell. I couldn’t believe he was really gone.

I knew mom needed help, so I walked to Johnson’s Auto Salvage to apply for work. Mr. Johnson was an old friend of my dad’s and offered me the job on the spot. 

“I’m sorry to hear about your dad, Adam. He was a good man. He was much too young to have a heart attack. How is your mom holding up?”

“She is a strong woman and being brave for us kids. I hear her cry at night, but she never complains. I am here so I can help her a little, Sir.”

“Come in tomorrow morning at six o’clock, and we’ll get the paperwork done so you can get started working here.”

“Thank you, Sir. I’ll be here.” I shook his hand before I walked out. As I was about to leave, I spotted a girl riding a dirt bike on a track behind Mr. Johnson’s building.

Stepping out his back door I watched as she was ripping wheelies and jumps. I stood and observed her for a few minutes.

After that first day, I watched for her every chance I got. She was out on that bike often. One day she came off the jump, tried to land a wheelie and wiped out. I was on my break and quickly ran to see if she was okay.

“What are you looking at? Did you come over here to tell me I shouldn’t be out here riding? Maybe I should be at the mall getting my nails done or some other girlie shit? To tell me dirt bikes are for guys?” She glared at me, while she tried to pick up her bike. 

“Nope. I’ve watched you during my breaks. You’re not too bad. I wanted to make sure you were okay and not hurt.” I helped her pick up the bike as I smiled to myself recognizing her bitchiness as a defense mechanism. “My name is Adam.”

“I’m alright, but this damn bike, I just can’t tune the suspension right. It’s too soft. By the way, I’m Jocelyn.”

“Mind if I have a look?” I knelt down beside the bike and began to tinker.

That was the beginning of it all. Soon we were together all the time. I worked as many hours as I could. I gave mom half the money I made and saved the rest to fix up dad’s old bike. I brought it over to Mr. Johnson’s garage and went over it completely. I rebuilt the motor and carb as well as put in new bearings. There wasn’t a part of it I didn’t touch. 

The day I finished, Jocelyn and I went out back to the track, strapped on our helmets and took off. Her 125cc was no match for my 250cc. I dropped it into fourth gear and flew. I was free again with dad beside me. It felt so good… so very right. I felt better than I had in a long time.

I started going to scrambles and endure events. I raced as often as I could. Jocelyn would come with me, and Mr. Johnson would tow our bikes until I was old enough to get my license. If I wasn’t working, Jocelyn and I were always together. She would help me in the pit, and eventually, I convinced her to start racing.

That summer we became each other’s, first lovers. After I got my license, Mom gave me my dad’s truck. I loaded up a blanket and a six-pack. I picked her up, and we drove out to the lake to watch the fireworks. We laid out the covering in the bed of the truck, talked and drank beer under the stars. After I started kissing her, my hands roamed over her beautiful body. We had made out before, always stopping before we got too far. I expected her to tell me to stop as I reached back to remove her bikini top, but she didn’t.

I looked into her face nervously, I wanted our first time to be memorable, and I was afraid I’d fuck it up. I began kissing her along her neck, nibbling her ear as I felt her breast in my hand. I continued to kiss down her body, when I reached her perfect breasts, I took a nipple into my mouth and began sucking.

We made love under the stars as the fireworks flared in the air. We loved as only new lovers can. It was sweet, quick and fumbling. It was a night I will never forget. I didn’t need someone to explain the next year with Jocelyn would be fantastic. 

At eighteen, I got picked up by a sponsor. I struggled to convince Jocelyn to come with me, but she wanted to make it on her own. We attempted to make it work as I traveled to race after race and tried to get home as much as possible. At first, we would get together once a week, then once a month, until we hardly had any time at all for each other. 

The last time I saw her is now a bittersweet memory. It was a long weekend. Once again I tried to convince her to come with me. I told her we could talk to the representative and get her a tryout. She was doing wonders at the local district races where she was at the top of the woman’s class.

It began with her kissing me softly, turning my mind off as only she could. She stripped my clothes off and pushed me down on the bed. Kneeling between my legs, Jocelyn began stroking me until I was stone hard. She took me into her sweet mouth and started sucking just the head of my cock. I moaned, leaned back and allowed her to have her way. She licked me up one side and down the other. She went around the top as if it was a dripping ice-cream cone. She knew exactly what I liked, she fondled my balls with one hand and stroked me with the other. 

She stripped off her clothes and climbed up my body, positioning my hardness against her wet slit. With a knee on either side of my hips, she lowered her pussy around my cock. I was in my glory. She felt so good wrapped around me. When I was entirely inside her, she leaned forward with her tits pressed against my chest and kissed me hard. 

Jocelyn moved her hips in a slow rhythm, around and up and down. Soon she grabbed my hands, pushed up and rocked back and forth. She pressed down pushing me deeper into her slick folds, squeezing me with her internal muscles as our pelvic bones ground together. Jocelyn rode me hard and fast as her orgasm built. We were both sweaty and moaning until we came together. She continued to move her hips as the aftershocks took over her body milking me before she fell forward onto my chest. I held her in our post orgasmic bliss until we fell asleep and my softening cock slipped out. My last thought was this was the woman I loved.

I woke up parched in the dark hotel room. I reached out to touch Jocelyn only to find an empty bed. As I sat up, I listened to the eerie silence of the room. I switched on the lamp to confirm what I already knew. She was gone. The clock read five-thirty in the morning. I pulled my shorts on and looked around, sure enough, her bag was gone, and the room was empty. I packed my bag, checked out and tried to call her.

Her cell phone went to voicemail. I left message after message and texts for two weeks without a reply. The only place I didn’t think about her was when I was on my bike. I slipped my helmet on and rode from sunup to sundown. I placed top three in the next five races, and that’s when the girls started throwing themselves at me. Every time I went to a new town, there was a new girl. I made sure they were the opposite of Jocelyn. None of the blonde haired, blued eyed girls would ever be as beautiful as she was. Some of the girls that made it to my trailer, but I never wanted to see them again.



I pistoned my cock deep into her. She wanted it hard and fast. She was just another nameless, faceless rut slut in a long line of them. Every town had them. They came to every event big or small. Of course, she would have preferred if I was Dungey or Tomac, but at the end of the day, as long as she got my name added to her list of conquests, she was happy.  

I grabbed her hair, and slapped her ass, as I slammed into her sloppy pussy, she yelled, “Oh yes. Fuck me harder!”

I kept fucking her, pulling out and slamming back into her as her walls gripped my cock. I was going to blow my load soon. The crowd outside roared as the first riders passed the white flag. 

Last lap, time to finish this up with what’s her name… Sara, Sally, Sophie? Fuck if I remembered. 

“That’s it, baby, cum for me,” I moaned as I slapped her ass again, yanked her hips back, her pussy gripped my cock as my balls tightened. 

“Oh yes! Your dick is so big. Fuck, I am cumming.”

Her words pushed me over the edge, I came hard, thrusting until I emptied my sac. 

Unceremoniously, I pulled out while I turned, slipped off the condom and pulled up my pants. I turned back, kissed her cheek, “Thanks for the tension release, Sara. Now I need to get back to my crew to prepare my bike.”

“It’s Sasha, asshole, thanks for the autograph,” she smiled. 

I showed her out of my trailer as she was already preparing her story for the others. She was with Adam the Great. She’d felt his big cock in her sopping pussy. That’s all that mattered to any of them. None of them would ever be her. None would be my Jocelyn. She was the only one to ever know me. She was the one person to ever get into my head and heart.

I stepped out of my trailer to the smells of exhaust fumes, two-cycle oil, and gas. I looked around; this was my home. Dirt bikes are my life. Yamaha, KTM, Suzuki, I can fix them all and ride the hell out of anything. I looked up at the blazing sun as I reached into my bag for my shades I almost missed the pink and black Fox jersey and that blonde ponytail. Could it be her? I stopped and stared.


The blonde had disappeared behind a trailer. No, it couldn’t be Jocelyn, or could it? Feeling my gut clench I walked closer as I tried to see if it was her when a helmeted figure roared down the track. All I could see was her back. That black and pink Jersey could be anyone, but I knew it was her. The way she maneuvered the bike, I could tell. As I listened to the announcer call out the names for the next race, I stood frozen in place. 

I had my own race to get ready for. My crew was looking for me as I stood in the middle of all these people unable to move. Finally, I turned towards my own bike, looked it over quickly, glad I could trust my crew to make sure it was ready. I knew I needed to get my head in the game. After the race, I could think about this. 

I pulled my helmet on and headed for the staging area with the rest of the riders. But, I kept thinking about a blonde ponytail and pink jersey. “Was it her? What will I say? Why now?”

I cleared my head as I pulled up to the starting gate and waited for the flag to drop. This is what I knew. This was who I was. Green flag, I lowered my head and flew. Dad was with me tonight, I hadn’t felt him for a while. I kept my head on the next jump. Around the turn; another jump. Just get through this race. There it was the white flag signaling the final lap.

I could hear the roar of a bike on my left when I came to the last turn. The bastard was trying to pass me on my inside when I felt the driver clip my rear wheel. The next thing I knew I was lying on my back looking up at the sky. Every bone in my body hurt, and I was wondering where I was.

“Don’t try to move,” a voice said in my ear. As I slowly focused, a man was looking into my eyes while he wrapped a neck brace around my neck. I felt that all my limbs were tied and I couldn’t move.

“Okay, on the count of three,” the same voice said.

Suddenly I felt my body rise and the last thing I saw was a vaguely familiar blond girl with a teary face. 


I came to consciousness god knows how much later. My mouth tasted foul, and I had a splitting headache. I saw my left leg suspended above my waist and my body felt as if it was wrapped in bandages tighter than a mummy.

A blonde woman looked into the room and smiled as she said, “Ah! Sleeping Beauty is awake.”

My eyes flicked over to her, and I mumbled, “Thirsty.”

She brought over a paper cup and raised me slightly so I could drink. “Small sips,” she ordered. Then she placed a pill in my mouth. “Swallow!”

She stood over me with pity in her eyes, and I felt myself going under. My mind haunted by the vision of the teary-eyed blond I had seen.

I don’t know how long I spent going in and out of consciousness lying in that bed. I was vaguely aware of Mom coming to see me as well as Mr. Johnson and my teammates. 

One day I woke and realized that the bandages had been removed and that my leg was no longer in traction. Later that day the doctor came to see me.

“How are you feeling, Adam?” he asked kindly.

“How do you think I feel? Like shit warmed over. How would you feel under the same circumstances?” I snarled back.


“Lucky. You call this lucky?”

“Yes lucky,” he said. “If that young woman had not gotten that bike of you as fast as she did you would not be here today.”

“What young woman, what bike?”

“From what I understand the guy who clipped you tried to do a wheelie so as not to hit you and lost control. His bike fell across your body. This young lady jumped right in and lifted it off you just before it caught fire.”

“Who was she? Where is she?”

“We don’t know. The young woman seems to have disappeared right as you were hauled away in the ambulance.”

“Was she a blonde?”

“I have no idea. Now as to you young man, I think you will be fine. Sore for a while but fine. I am going to authorize your release in two days. You will need to undergo physio to strengthen that broken leg, but your ribs and other bones are fine. Your headaches will go away in time as you recover from your concussion.”

That afternoon the drip tubes feeding into my arms were removed, and I was able to hobble with help to the bathroom and to take a shower. I had my first real meal in I don’t know how long. I returned to my bed exhausted and fell right to sleep while trying to watch TV.


I woke up in a dark room. I felt my hand being held and slowly turned to see who was doing it.

An armchair had been placed next to my bed, and in the dark, I couldn’t see who it was. I tried to pull my hand away and whoever it was gripped it tighter. Suddenly I smelled a familiar perfume.

“Jocelyn?” I murmured.

“Hi, Adam.”

“What are you doing here?”

“What do you think I’m doing, you idiot.”

“Were you the one who pulled the bike off me after the accident?”

“Now why do you think I would want to do that?”

“Jocelyn, where have you been for the past two years? I searched for you, and you were nowhere to be found.”

“Adam, I was in Europe.”

“Why? Jocelyn, after our last night together you disappeared on me. No goodbyes, no nothing. Poof, you vanished. Tell me why? Did I mean nothing to you? Was I just another bad boy to notch up on your tally sheet?”

“No, Adam. I always told you I wanted to make my own mark in the world of motorbikes. If I had stayed, I would have not been able to do that. I would have just been Adam’s girl, and your brilliance would not have let me shine the way I wanted. It was tough to give you up, but I had to do it to prove myself.”

“So why are you back? Trying to break my heart again?”

“Adam, for the past two years I never stopped thinking of you. I missed you. I spent weeks crying myself to sleep about leaving you. I made my mark in Europe, but finally, I decided I wanted to see you again.”

“I want to make you a proposal,” Jocelyn said softly. “The sport as we see it now is going to disappear. The next step will be for it to be recognized as an Olympic event. I want us to both be in for that. Between you and me we can rule this sport. Are you interested?”

“Uh… I don’t know. How do I make a living till that happens?”

Scooting forward in the chair, Jocelyn told me, “I’ve already have lined up sponsors. Your old bike is in the scrap heap, and you are getting a new Honda 900CBR Fireblade. Honda will foot the bill, and we will race for them and train for the Olympics.”

“I don’t want to be around you if we are just pals,” I said.

“Well, you did well enough without me. I’ve been told you screwed every track slut from here to Florida.”

“Jocelyn, you weren’t here,” I whined.

“Adam, I’m not holding that against you. Can’t you get it through your thick head that I love you?”

“You do?”

“Yes, I do. Stop being an idiot.” 

With that, she leaned over and gave me a passionate kiss. She slid her hand down the front of my pajamas and grabbed my cock.

“Just checking.” she giggled. “I’ve missed him.”



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