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Love in the Chilly Night Air

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Our temperatures had risen to sexual degrees that would burst most thermometers.
It was a chilly night. So chilly, one could see their own breath as they exhaled. The pale blue smoke of my cigarette mixed with the condensation of my breath as I blew it out slowly. The bench of the deck under the light of the full moon lit my body with a blue hue as I sat there taking in the night.

Clarasey was upstairs in our room asleep, all cozy and warm under the comforter. I should have been there with her. I could not make myself join her though. I knew I had made a mistake and I had tested our relationship. It was a very stupid move on my part. She said she had forgiven me, but, I knew in my heart I had hurt Clarasey more than she was telling me. I could look at her and tell. If I had listened to my conscience and not listened to my inner desires instead, I would not be in this situation.

I did not even hear the sliding glass door open. I was looking up at the moon taking the last drag of my menthol when I heard, "Monroe, what are you doing out here in the cold?"

I turned my head and looked at Clarasey. She was wrapped in her black plush robe and had the collar folded up around her neck.

"Thinking," I said as I looked at her standing there all wrapped up.

Clarasey walked over and sat beside me and intertwined her arm into mine and put her head on my shoulder and said, "About what?"

I softly touched her hand wrapped around my arm and said, "Us and what I did to ruin it. I know you are not telling me everything Clarasey. You are just being civil, I know it."

"This is still about her isn't it, Monroe."

"You should not trust me anymore Clarasey. Really, you shouldn't. I messed up our twenty-five year marriage because of a one-time fling with a twenty year old. I was thinking with the wrong head"

"Who says that you messed up our marriage? I let you come home, didn't I?"

"But Clarasey, you shouldn't have. You sure are a better woman than I'll ever be a better man. A better man would have said no. I didn't. I broke the vow that we took so many years ago. I don't see how you can even trust me now."

"Monroe, you want to know how I can trust you? It's because you love me. If you did not love me, you would not be out here in the cold air beating up yourself. You wouldn't think of yourself as less of a man right now either. A man that thinks they are better and truthfully didn't love me would be gone. But honey, you are still here."

I looked at my wife of so many years and thought I had come to know her in and out. I realized that I did not know Clarasey as well as I thought. There was a side to her I never knew she had. There was a place in here heart for sinners like me.

"Clarasey, how can you love me after what I did?"

"The way you still love me. I admit, Monroe, I was more than hurt. I was hurt more than you will ever know. But I saw in you grief and loneliness. You thought I had given up on us. When I saw that, I knew you knew that you had made the biggest mistake of your life. If I had told you to leave, I would have made the biggest mistake of mine. I couldn't do that. I needed you. And still do."

"God Clarasey," I said as I turned to her and looked into her deep blue eyes, "I need you so much. I need you like I need myself. I don't ever want to fuck up what we have now and what we will have in the future. I love you so fucking much Clarasey. I'd do whatever I had to keep you."

"Then show me Monroe. Show me just how much you love me."

The night air did not seem to be so chilly after Clarasey said that. I rubbed the side of her cheek tenderly with my thumb. Clarasey's skin was nice and soft as it always was. We looked at each other and the feelings I had always felt for her were still just as strong as they were twenty-five years ago. As I began to slowly find her lips with mine, we cocked our heads to their respective sides so that we could taste each other. I pressed my lips to Clarasey's. Tender and warm, her lips tasted of sweet buttercream. Her lips were the ones I always wanted.

She moaned as my tongue found hers. In twirls, our tongues overlapped, twisting together in a moment of sweet desire. The leftover sweetness of the white wine I tasted on her tender lips almost made me drunk with delight.

Clarasey's hands tenderly swathed over the muscles of my back as our tongues rolled together. Somehow, my hand found the strap of her robe and pulled it loose. I began to explore her body hidden under it. The delicate curves of her body I had so often felt were warm. I felt every contour of her delicate being and Clarasey moaned as I explored her tender wholeness.

I found her breast and began to massage her plump upper feature. Her substantial nipple began to harden and the heat from it permeated through the sheer fabric of the outerwear covering it. Just as I was so accustomed to, my hand form-fitted to Clarasey's firm, but supple breast with ease.

"Mmm, you've always caressed my body like no other Monroe. The way your hands walk over my delicate curves. The gentleness you take as you feel me for the taking. God Monroe, you know how to make me feel like a woman."

"And you Clarasey, know how to make me feel like a man," I answered as I lied her down on the bench.

Clarasey's body lit beautifully with the blue hue as her black plush robe fell open. The teal colored sheer nightie blended naturally with the blue hue of the full moon. Steam rose from both of our hot bodies and mixed with the chilly night air, but we did not notice the cold. Our temperatures had risen to sexual degrees that would burst most thermometers.

Starting with Clarasey's neck, I slowly began exploring her exposed skin with my lips. With gentle touches of erotic passion, I tasted what she had to give. The sweetness of her pores tingled my taste buds and urged me to keep going.

I worked my hands delicately over each of her major curves as I dropped soft warm kisses in places I knew drove her to erogenous euphoria. Clarasey whimpered slightly as my mouth fell over those places. I even heard her try to catch her breath a couple of times. She was enjoying every second of this moment. I was reeling in it; glad that she still wanted me after what I did. That twenty year old did not have anything to Clarasey. Clarasey was all woman and I had almost blew it. Until now.

The aroma of her sex was strong as I placed a tender pucker to her inner thigh. Through the sheer teal fabric, I could see the inch wide landing strip she always kept neat and tidy that led to her perfect pleat of fleshy ruffles I had been inside so many times. And it would not be long until I was inside again.

A dark spot appeared through the teal lining of the one piece nightie running between her legs. The scent of Clarasey's sexually juice stained undergarment wafted through the air and circled around me in soft waves. The glorious odor of her body's naturalness let me know she still loved and wanted me. And God, I wanted her.

The moist spot grew a little bigger as I ran my hand over Clarasey's inner thigh. Her skin was hot and clammy, but soft to the touch. The heat from her moist mound came through the manufactured fibers covering it in pulsing waves. I could see the vibrations of her hot crevice constrict through its covering like it was taking deep breaths. It was a most beautiful sight.

Clarasey's clear core began to drip through the cracks in the cloth that covered her tender slit. It was enough for a taste so I slid my tongue slowly over her hot hidden center of desire. I hardly noticed the roughness of the lining on my taste buds since her luscious sexual syrup coated them.

"Oh sweet Jesus..." Clarasey sighed as my mouth organ sucked in her hot evasion.

The slow burn of her personal liquor slid down the back of my throat as my hands slowly traveled up her hot body. I felt Clarasey tighten her curvy muscles while my hands massaged over them en route to the straps of her nightie over her shoulders. Her body was ready to make love and I had all intentions of showing her how much I was sorry and how much I still loved her.

I stopped at her formidable mounds and massaged. Even through sheer fabric, Clarasey's breasts were firm and supple. Her nipples peaked against my palms through the lacy teal garment. Before moving up, I pinched and pulled them in a hard manner. Clarasey sighed deeply as the feeling enveloped her.

Finally, my fingers wrapped around the straps of her negligée at her shoulders and pulled them down. Clarasey had no problem surrendering her body to letting me take her undergarment off. Little by little, I peeled the teal negligée off, revealing her body as if I had never seen it before. As soon as Clarasey's breasts were exposed, her nipples hardened even more in the chilly night air. The site of them sticking out was so highly erotic, I took one in my mouth and sucked.

Clarasey arched her body into the bench as she let out a long satisfying moan from my mouth on her long hard nipple. The heat of it on my tongue made me want to be inside her even more. She was showing me just how much she still cared for me and wanted me. This was definitely a given Clarasey had forgiven me.

I removed my mouth from her frontal protrusion and continued pulling the nightie from her body, exposing her bare skin inch by inch. The piece of lingerie rolled sensually across the curve of her hips, her landing strip was revealed, followed by the curled ruffles of her tender flesh between her legs. As the lining of the fabric peeled away from her sexual entrance, Clarasey's clear stimulation poured out from her pink opening and pooled onto the bench underneath her. I was so glad that I could still make her wet through all the tribulations I had put her through.

I continued pulling the nightie down her legs until I had it off of her feet and thrown down to the deck. I kneeled up, hovering over her now naked body. Clarasey glowed in the blue hue of the full moon. Her pussy glistened as the moons light bounced off of it. It was slick as glass as her wetness coated each sensual lip sticking out profusely from being engorged with desire.

Clarasey groaned as I watched her rub her breasts with one hand while the other found her hot dripping pinkness. As she ran a finger through her tender division, her legs fell to the sides of the bench, allowing her drenched notch to open slightly. Clarasey glanced up at me and said in a whisper, "Make love to me Monroe, right here, right now. Prove to me I am still yours like I know you are in my heart. I want to feel your love pour into me. Let us become one again."

My cock was pounding hard inside my boxers after her words. Clarasey watched as I lowered my boxers and revealed my hard length to her yet again. A smile whisked across her face and her pussy actually convulsed knowing my erect state would soon penetrate its warm dampness.

I crawled between her legs as slowly as possible to position myself for a smooth entrance into her already aroused body. We stared into each other with a silent eye lock in a lover's gaze which spoke volumes. Clarasey looked just as beautiful as the day I married her over twenty-five years ago. I stroked the side of her face with my thumb. Her cheek was still soft and warm. Her lips were full and plump. It was clear to me Clarasey was all I ever wanted.

She closed her eyes as I leaned down to kiss her tender lips. In a long hot embrace of our mouths, I felt the love we shared for each other envelope me. Clarasey moaned sensually as our lips massaged each other.

As the moment came to an end and we unlocked lips, I looked at her and said, "Damn Clarasey, I love you so fucking much. No words can ever say how I feel."

"Precisely why you are getting ready to show me how much, Monroe. Let our passions for each other speak for themselves," Clarasey said through heavy breaths of erotic desire.

The passion that entered each of us after that moment sent our bodies into motion and in a slow easy stride, I entered my wife. She gasped hard as my long hard length filled her wet empty space. She was warm and slick, wet and pliable, and her sensual walls of love consumed my love as I let her get used to me being inside her yet again. Clarasey gave me her body just as she had done so many times, but this time felt different. We were sharing more than being just one entity.

With a slow methodical rhythm, I began to slide in and out of my wife. Clarasey rocked with my slow strokes letting her body feel my every move. Mine pressed down upon hers making her body slide gently on the deck bench. The chilly air surrounded our hot bodies, but we were immune to it. We were in our own little climate.

Through grunts and groans, Clarasey and I gave into each other. Our bodies were more than one connected. We were sharing the love we found so many years ago; the love I almost threw away. However, I felt Clarasey's undying emotions for me still as her pliable walls encased my long thick hardness. She was letting me know I was still the one with her firm, yet supple grip.

With our bodies connecting at a lover's pace, we were pleasing each other in our own way. Clarasey's body, matching my strokes into her equally, showed me just how much she still loved me. It was as if her body was melting into mine as I landed on top of her over and over. She wrapped her smooth legs around my waist, allowing me to slowly go deeper into her love canal. Her arms wrapped around my back and slowly massaged my muscles that arched with each slow thrust I made into her. Like osmosis, Clarasey drifted into me until the moment felt like heaven.

Our love for each other overpowered that magical moment and I had not even felt myself let go inside of Clarasey. It was not until I felt the collapse of her body limply on the deck bench and mine subtly lying on top of hers in the same manner that I had realized the inevitable happened between us. It was the first time I had ever experienced a true love climax. I wanted to feel that over and over with Clarasey.

I opened my eyes and stared into Clarasey's equally open ones. She smiled and said, "You felt what I felt didn't you?"

"Oh God yes. A pure love shared that I almost lost."

"You'll never lose me Monroe. Never. You are my one and only. My only true love. I won't ever walk away from that. Never."

"You are my love Clarasey. There will never be another. Never. I mean that. That one weak moment led to this and I know you are mine forever. I love you with all my fucking heart!"

"I know Monroe. I felt it tonight," Clarasey said as she stood.

Taking her black soft robe, she wrapped it around her, leaving the front open, and walked over to me. Clarasey embraced me and wrapped her robe around me bringing our bodies together yet again. In the warmth of her robe, I felt her loving body surround mine. Clarasey felt mine surround hers. Without saying a word, we walked into the house having shared a bond we had together for more than twenty-five years.

Upon entering, we paused long enough to look at each other. We were one again and we both knew that was the way it was going to remain.

I knew nothing was ever going to change that as Clarasey led us upstairs to our bed. We rolled into it together and face to face, we covered ourselves with the soft satin covering. At the same time, we closed our eyes.

All that mattered to me was being forgiven. Clarasey showed me that she did in two ways. First, by making love to me in the chilly night air. Secondly, by taking me back into our bed for good.

I was not fucking going anywhere now. I was going to stay beside Clarasey and honor the vows we made together long ago.

For I truly loved her.

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