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Maiden Magdalena: Fore'er His Lady

My Lord, t'is I, spread legs for thee. Thy trap pink for thy pleasures be
The maiden's horse galloped through tall green grass withal speed and finesse en route to the Prince's castle. Aloof bareback, her dress flowed carelessly in the wind as her horse pressed the green blades withal his clod hooves.

Withal the sun's rays at her back, the maiden trod heavy on her way thither. Since that merry day when she watched him from her room window frolic withal seers of the village where she doth reside, the maiden was awestruck withal his dapperness. She had all intendments of making him take notice. The maiden wanted him for purposes of her own services.

She brought her horse to a halt and observed the grand beauty upon thither her eyes dost see. Thither in the distance, stood the graceful palace where the handsome Prince called home. She smiled and clicked her heels against her horse's hindquarters. At a lope, her horse carried her to the Prince's castle door.

The maiden climbed from her ride and balanced on her two legs in front of the castle's bi-folds. She stood, pondering the grand stature and then finally knocked.

Her knock echoed through the long hall and immediately, footsteps bounded to the doors. Patiently, she waited.

"Alas, who dost knockest at thy door!"

"T'is Magdalena, fair sir. Afar I cometh to see thy Prince."

"T'is business withal thy Prince be."

"I bring tithings from my home village."

"Fair Mistress, thy Prince is indisposed! Prithee withal yourself! Be not burdened with thou presence!"

"Wait! Am I not a member of his kingdom? Is he not my lord?"

"Aye, t'is he. Whereas he is mine!"

"Then methinks thy lord shouldst know of my presence!"

"I say fair madam, go hencewith! Thy lord dost not need thou kind here!"

"My kind! Who dost thy think I am?"

"Let the fair maiden in, squire! I am her lord! Lead her to my chambers! Forthwith!" sayeth the Prince passing behind his servant en route to his chambers.

The Prince, having caught a glimpse of her, kept moving thinking of that day when first his face dost upon look. The day hath finally arrived for which he doth dreamed.

"Thou may enter, my lady, as thy Prince hath ordered. This way, if thou willst."

Magdalena walked graciously in tow behind the Prince's servant. The long hall, 'twas immaculate and gold covered the walls on both sides. She looked up and the ceiling seemed to rise high up into the heavens.

"T'is your lord, fair mistress," the squire spoke and opened the door.

The Prince sat in the jeweled chair opposite her, a decanter in his finger ringed hand. A handsome young gent 'twas he as she curtsied in his presence.

"My lord, t'is an honor."

"Thy may rise, my lady. What is thy name?"

"Magadalena, thou majesty."

"Maiden Magdalena, what bringest thy here to my presence?"

"Tithings from my village, my lord. Thy toured it last month. I watched thy from my room window as thy rode thou horse through the streets."

"Aye, yes, I remember thee. Thy were dressed in white withal a blue satin shawl wrapped around thou shoulders. Thou tresses so light draped o'er thou shoulders in waves."

"My lord, thy sawest me?"

"'Twas a sight most beautiful my mind dost replay! But now, fair mistress Magdalena, thy occupy my chambers withal such glory."

"My lord, thy words fill my face withal heat."

"Aye, and thy fill my room withal grandness and blossoms of beauty!"

Magdalena smiled upon the words of her lord as he stood and she bowed at his feet.

"Nonsense fair maiden! Thy doth no bow before me! Thy is a guest in my chambers! Thy a servant be not! Up withal thou body!

Magdalena shot up instantly.

"And enough withal 'my lord,' thy knowest my name given. Sayeth one time for thee. I want to hear't fall from thou beautiful lips."

"Jameson," Magdalena spoke softly.

"Oh such sweetest syllables thou lips make!" Lord Jameson spoke withal closed eyes.

"Speak mine now, my..." Magdalena paused and caught herself as he cringed t'what she about burst forth withal. "Jameson," finally ended her sentence.

Lord Jameson arose, his frame so tall and muscular from battle, strode over to her and spoke, "Maiden Magdalena, fair mistress, thou art the most splendid of God's creations! Thy hath yet t'show tithings thy sayeth in thou possession from thou village!"

"I have thou majesty. Thy only look at half for now."

Prince Jameson stepped backward astunned. His mind around her words doth wrap.

"Half, my lady? Am I t'take thou word for what I know thy mean?"

"If thy will."

"Oh fair maiden, tempt me not!"

"Dost thou want me not? Thy sayeth thy sawest me in my window!"

"Magdalena, I hath dreamed thy wouldst come. Thou beauty hath haunted my sleep since."

"Thy dost want me! From that day I dost knewest!"

"Magdalena, my lady, thy dost knowest not what thy hath done t'me since I first sawest thee. Me thoughts hath not been pure."

"And hath thy not thought mine hath been the same? Thy loins leaketh withal thoughts of thou since! Like a sieve, my divided pureness pours posthumously!"

"My dear maiden, the mere thought of thou dampness maketh my trunk rise!"

Withal a smile, Magdalena maketh her way to thy Prince's bed. 'Twas soft as she sat upon't and let him watch her delicate hands play cautiously withal the ties that bound't her body.

"Oh fair maiden, thy toys and tempts seductively withal thou touches."

Magdalena spoke not a word. She teased him until her dress 'twas undone and her bodice showest.

"Mmm, sweet mistress, thou bodice hideth such tender temple of flesh!"

"T'is long for not, my Prince! Ne'er do I want t'hide anything from thee again. Fore'er doth shalt I be!"

Urged on by her temptations, Prince Jameson pounced forward, where his thine lips connected t'his. T'is hands explored her outer shell withal a gentle touch.

"Thou lips, Magdalena, a tasty treasure thine hath not before endured. Such droplets of sugar secreted shouldst be released more!"

"Thine not only pair of lips providing such succulent syrup, my Prince!"

"Aye, my lady, tempest my firm length withal sweet nectar!"

"My pureness is ready for thou t'rest inside!"

"Saved for me sweet Magdalena? Thy knowest how t'make a Prince sweat withal emotion!" exclaimeth Prince Jameson as his hand foundeth Magdalena's plump breast through the stiff mesh holding it up.

"I feeleth thou hand through my bodice. T'is warmth seeps through as thy cuppeth gently!"

"Wouldst feel better if thine hand found its bareness instead!" announced he.

"I cannot wait for thy hand t'feel what I hath t'give!"

Somehow, Jameson found her bare breast by shoving his hand under her bone-framed bodice. Magdalena moaned withal closed eyes whilst biting her bottom lip.

"Mmm, thou hand so hot on thine upper mound. Thy maketh its center pucker with life!"

"But this willst better be!" Jameson positioned and cuppeth her breast withal hand and placed his mouth over her pink nipple.

"Thou warm flickering tongue taunts my pacifier withal tingling desires!"

"And thou hot center peaks withal erect stimulation! My lady, I must take thee soon!"

Jameson stated and turned. He strolled over t'his chair whilst removing his royal garments.

At the same time, Magdalena shedeth her body sheath and fell t'his bed naked and hot. When her lord turned around, she opened her legs t'thee.

"My Lord, t'is I, spread legs for thee. Thy trap pink for thy pleasures be."

"Oh such beautiful light curls cover thou tender mound. Thou womanly pink lips art highlighted softly by them waiting t'gently part."

"And thy Prince's manhood t'is long and stiff surrounded by such darkness. My egal part may take thee not."

"Nonsense! Cannot thy feel wetness flowing? I see thee stimulate coating thy tender division."

"Doth still mean I cannot take thy sex," Magdalena concernedly sayeth.

Prince Jameson smiled boldly and withal his royal member ready forthwith, walked slowly t'Magdalena lying on his bed.

Thither was a look of nervousness he doth see upon thine face of the mistress Magdalena as he approached.

"Fair mistress, be not nervous to thee. I dost promise t'be gentle."

"T'is so big, ye is sure t'hurt. Slow be thou withal entrance."

"Aye my lady, t'is more pleasure that way!" sayeth the Prince and reached withal his arms t'Magdalena's creamy thighs.

"Oh what soft warmth thou body giveth off! Such lavish velvet smoothness thou provideth me hands to hold.”

Prince Jameson pulled her forthwith t’edge of bed. His long sexual extension doth touchest her wet pink orifice and made her shiver.

“Oh my, thou hard head of extended pleasure maketh me shiver for thee!”

“My lady, thou lush flaxen garden of moistness caters t’thee willingly. T’is ready for invasion from thee.”

“Aye, sweet lord of lust, me ready to devour thou love muscle gently.”

Magdalena bellowed deeply from thy Prince’s piercing her virginal slice. Hefting from pricking pressure, thy maiden felt a thumping wholeness inside her pudency which devoured her lord’s ridges as thou plunged deep. Agazed, Magdalena doth whelp as her pink wetness spread widely t’accompany Jameson’s royal thrust.

“Ah, my maiden, thou warmth envelopes me withal secreted goodness. Thou walls of pliable tightness slathers thy hardness evenly.”

“Ne’er hath I been so full, my lord. Thy taketh my breath away withal thickness!”

“Aye, my lady, and thy pleasure me withal thou being. God, thy is a goddess of creamy goodness!”

Magdalena’s inwardness enthralled Prince Jameson. Her intentive nature doth longly tread on him as he continued t’bury himself inside her lush merry garden of parted beauty. Magdalena’s velure vestibule loosened withal each insertion of his long appendage. The bountiful spring inside her ventage was about wane.

Springing forthwith, her bollen knob of pleasure brawled in dampening complexion t’is his movements. His body coyed withal her hard pink nub as thine bodies collided. Suddenly, enraptured withal bodily pressure, Magdalena clasped his bed sheets withal wrapped fingers withal notable tension. Breathing wildly, engulfed withal orgasmic desire, Magdalena explodeth. Prince Jameson capitulated withal germen at the same time. Generously, his load filleth her open cavity ‘til it runneth out in globules.

“Aye, my lord, thy flow of warm climax landeth deeply inside my pudenda. What feelings thy hath brought to my previously untouched divided lips!”

“’Twas fate that brought us together. All hail that fine day we first sawest each other!”

“And t’is be thine grace t’hold us together fore’er. Doth not ever let me go, my Prince. I will be thine fore’ermore!”

Prince Jameson speaketh no word. He doth crawled into his bed withal his lady Magdalena. Both doth fall asleep arm in arm until the morning doth arise. Their love would be fore'ermore and she wouldst be his lady e'ermore.

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