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Meeting first time

After arriving at his house following the long drive back from the airport, he made the suggestion that she may feel better if she took a good long hot shower. This sounded like a good idea to her so he gave her a nice big towel and sent her to the shower while he went to the basement. As she takes her time in the shower enjoying the warmth and steam from the showerhead, she begins to soap up, rubbing the soap all over her soft skin. She rubs it on her arms, shoulders, belly and face. Her hands and fingers then slide down to her large Breasts where they circle around once or twice and then find the nipples. As one nipple is being gently rubbed the other is being very lightly rolled back and forth between her other fingers. Her right hand then moves down to spread more soap around on her belly and as she does so, her hand moves closer down to her pubic hair and to what awaits below it as she thinks about him with her eyes closed…imagining..."Hmmmmmmmm. ..ohhhhhhh."

The two of them had waited so long to finally be together. ”Finally the flight is over,” she thinks to herself. “Gosh, I hope I get to make love to him tonight!”

As she steps out of the shower, she dries off and throws the towel he gave her around herself and knots it so she can wear it for the moment. She opens the door to see where he is and steps out into the hallway, sneaking into the bedroom. She doesn't see him anywhere, but thinks she can hear him. It sounds to her like he is probably in the basement. "Hopefully he's starting a fire in the wood stove,” she thinks to herself. Deciding she will just wait for him, she lays back on the bed, towel still wrapped around, knees high and feet flat on the bed.

He finally comes upstairs after being in the basement for a long while. As he walks into the bedroom he's excited to see her lying on the bed with just the towel wrapped around her. She tells him she'd been thinking about him in the shower and asks, "Hey Baby, would you like to fool around?"

Naturally, with a growing stiffness in his jeans he readily agrees saying, "OH, YEAH!" He climbs on the bed, leans over and gently kisses her on the lips, her hands wrapping around the back of his neck and head as they start to explore each other’s lips, the excitement building.

She slowly stops the kiss pushing him up and away momentarily so she can give him the gift of her wonderful body by undoing the towel and throwing the two ends to the bed, exposing her to his eyes. He is SO turned on by this first glance of her beautiful body, and takes in hungrily what is before his eyes. He finds himself so horny now looking at her breasts, nice and large, her nipples just calling to him. He loves looking at her breasts. His eyes then travel down to her nicely trimmed bush where they then take in the folds of her womanhood between her semi-spread legs. At this point he can feel his cock twitch and swell with every beat of his heart. This is the moment they have both long anticipated and waited for...and it is finally here!

As he goes back to kissing her beautiful lips she unbuttons his shirt, removing it from his back and arms. His lips and tongue trace from her lips down to her neck where he starts to suck and nibble knowing it will drive her wild. She coos as he nibbles on her neck, his right hand all the while exploring her breast. Having found the nipple, he gently rolls it between his middle finger and thumb.

As his hand is enjoying one of her breasts, her right hand slides down from his chest to his belly, and from there to his hard erection feeling it through his jeans. She traces her fingertip along the swell of it where it presses against his jeans so tight...up...and down...

His tongue caresses a path from her neck to one of her nipples as she opens her legs further to let his hand and fingers find her delightfully sticky juice, which is now starting to trickle. His gentle sucking and light nibbling with his teeth cause her juices to flow even more as his middle finger traces down from her her little hood...past her clitoris...through the folds of her pussy lips...and into...her inner warm from her body heat. Her oozing wetness now covers his fingers, spreading over the folds of her lips...With that animal lust, he thinks, "I've GOT to have a taste of her wetness...GOD she's driving me wild!" He removes his fingers raising them to his mouth licking her juices, enjoying this delicacy that no chef could out do...the female lubrication..."God's finest creation" he thinks to himself as he licks every sweet drop of juice from them. His fingers then reach back down between her legs scooping up another finger full of her cream, bringing it up to her mouth this time so she can have a taste. Without hesitation she licks his finger clean. This really turns him on fiercely to see her taste her own sweetness! Already hard, his cock now starts to twitch repeatedly with every heartbeat. Watching her, he thinks she might be enjoying her own flavor quite nearly as much as he is.

She just can't wait any longer to free his cock as she unbuttons his jeans...unzips the zipper...opening the front of his jeans, revealing what she has only seen in her fantasies when she would daydream about him and masturbated. "NO UNDERWEAR!" she says in surprise. With her eyes locked on it, his cock jumps out toward her, stiff and huge, with a nearly purple head, the veins on the sides standing out slightly. She slowly caresses it up and down...up...and down...up...down...she wraps her hand around it feeling the heat radiating from it, warming the palm of her hand.

His tongue slowly...ever so slowly...finds its way down to her belly where she's felt that familiar tingle before, where she feels that throbbing sensation now. His tongue traces back up to her belly button, rolling around it, dipping in the center to tease her several times before moving down again toward the source of his excitement.

He smells her delicious nectar between the folds of her pussy, the aroma setting off the reactions in him that drive him wild, locking his attention on the overwhelming need to devour it.

He can't hold himself back any longer as he slowly...but his way down to her nicely trimmed pubic patch...working his way on down toward her cleanly shaved pussy, and those pussy lips..."Oh my GOD...It's Beautiful!", he says out loud for her ears to enjoy. His tongue snakes on down to the folds and lips of her pussy...dipping the tip of it into her incredible nectar for the first time..."Ummmmm...its Soooo DELICIOUS!!!" Placing his hands under her legs, he lifts and spreads them...higher...and himself as much access to bury his tongue in her vagina, French kissing her pussy lips with his, rubbing her clit with his nose.

As he moves back up to find her clit, she laces her fingers through his hair, wrapping her hands around the back of his head, pulling his face in deeper...harder...his sucking on her button driving her wild, bucking her hips to his face with every pass of his tongue. Sucking...licking...lapping... sucking...kissing...sucking... he takes her hands and laces his fingers with hers down to the sides of her body on the bed, his palms held flat against hers, gripping tightly as she starts to approach her orgasm, the sucking, the licking, his tongue flicking wildly...her orgasm getting closer...Closer...CLoser... CLOser...CLOSer...CLOSEr... CLOSER! ...OHHHHHH!!!

With several mind blowing moments of ecstasy building, she SCREAMS OUT LOUD that she's CUMMING! She explodes wildly shoving her hips into his face, after which, he moves his mouth and tongue down to her vagina to catch the flood of her juices so he can drink them all down, like savoring a fine wine...her legs straighten...stiffening...toes flexing...nipples hardening...her body flushing...her face flushing, eyes closing tight...hands gripping tightly to his...Ooooo...

The excitement of it all is too much for him as he blasts off a thick stream of semen on the bed without ever having touched his own cock, sending the stickiness onto the sheets and towel...and onto his own belly.

Having enjoyed it so much, she pulls him up to give him a full loving kiss. Tasting herself, she cleans her juices from his lips and tongue. Now satisfied, she turns away from him on the bed, offering her backside to him for an intimate snuggle. He pulls his jeans the rest of the way off and slides up close and tight to her backside and butt...pressing his shaft, sticky and still somewhat stiff, against her cheeks. They snuggle, rest, and recuperate for least till the next round, their thoughts turning into fantasies as they both press tight against each other.

“I love you," she hears him say as she takes his hand in hers holding it to her chest.

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