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My Best Friend 8 - Sneaking Over Pt. 1

I got home and was welcomed to an empty home....figures
I walked into my home, “Mom…Dad. I’m home.”

My house was quiet. Which really didn’t surprise me. I looked at the time and saw that it read 8:27pm. I spoke to myself, “Strange they should be home by now.”

Normally my parents work strange hours and most of the time because of their work they usually travel a lot. When I was a kid I got used to babysitters or relatives taking care of me. Now that I’m old enough to take care of myself I got used to coming home to an empty house. But I couldn’t complain.

I walked into the kitchen where the house phone was and checked if there were any messages. I picked up the phone and heard in the dial tone that there were messages. I dialed our home number with our code so I could access the answering service.

First message played it’s normal automated voice before the actual message played:

“One new message at 1:37pm.”

“Hey son. Listen me and your mom have to go on travel again. I’ll be gone until late next week. You mom should be home just after the weekend. I hope you game goes well tomorrow night. I’ll try calling again Saturday night to see how everything went. Before I left I left some money that should keep you settled until your mom comes home. Take care. Talk to you Saturday.”

I hung up the phone. I sighed to myself.

“Fucking figures.”

I opened up the fridge to see if there was anything to eat. I was greeted by a semi full fridge with some mystery meat. I opened the freezer to see my favorite microwave dinner. I quickly slapped the tv dinner in the microwave and entered the instructed time.

After I ate my tv dinner, I walked into my room. I turned on my computer, turned on my instant message account, and pulled out my homework to quickly take care of it. Luckily I did nearly all my homework in my last class while the teacher was lecturing. So I only had to read one chapter for history.

Uh oh

I looked up at my computer to see that Amanda had sent me an instant message.

Amanda: Hey you. What are you doing?

I smiled as I read her text. I quickly typed my answer.

Jay: Nothing much just got done eating dinner and now I’m finishing off my homework before I take a nice hot bath to relax my muscles.

Amanda: Oh is somebody sore ;)

I laughed at the message.

Jay: Maybe a little bit. Want to come over and give me a massage.

I waited patiently to see what her answer would be.

Amanda: Maybe after you take your bath. No offense but you stunk after your practice.

I thought about my answer for a moment and then quickly typed my answer.

Jay: So when should I expect you?

I waited patiently to see what her answer was.

Amanda: Right like I’m going to sneak out of my parents house while they are asleep hoping I won’t wake up. Then sneak over to your house and hope that I don’t wake up your parents.

I laughed.

Jay: Don’t have to worry about my parents. They’re out of town again.

Amanda: AGAIN????

I sighed to myself.

Jay: It appears so.

Amanda: Lucky you. Well I guess that still leaves me sneaking out and not waking up my parents. Then I still have to worry about sneaking back in when I try to sneak back in.

I laughed.

Jay: Why I would do it for you

Amanda: LOL. You just want to come over to have sex with me.

I laughed and thought about a good come back.

Jay: LOL. You’re the only one I would do it for.

Amanda: You better mister.

Jay: But seriously when should I expect you over so you can give me a massage

Amanda: Like I said all you want from me is sex.

Jay: Like you didn’t think of it

Amanda: Maybe a little bit ;)

I quickly typed a quick reply.

Jay: Or I could sneak over to your house.

Amanda: Yeah right.

I smiled as I wrote

Jay: Come on you know it turns you on

I waited for Amanda to reply.

Amanda: Maybe ;)

I got excited knowing that if I did sneak over we could get caught. Just the idea of it instantly got me hard as a rock. I quickly typed my reply.

Jay: So what time should I swing by?

I wanted to see if Amanda wanted me to sneak over or not. My computer chimed at me.

Amanda: Maybe in a couple of hours.

I laughed.

Jay: Great see you in a couple of hours. How about you send me something to tide me over until then.

Amanda: Like what?

Jay: I don’t know be inventive.

After a few moments. My computer chimed again. This time my messenger told me I had mail.

Amanda: Well I better get off of here. My dad is telling me to turn off the computer. See you in a couple of hours.

Before I could reply my messenger told me she had already signed off.

I sighed to myself. I checked my email to see what email I had gotten.

Once I opened my email I noticed one new email from Amanda. I clicked on the email to see that nothing was there only an attachment. I kind of frowned that she didn’t write something maybe even an ‘I Love You’ or something. I clicked on the attachment hoping that it was better than an empty email.

The attachment was a picture of Amanda only in her panties. She was bent over slightly for the camera with her hands under her breasts slightly holding them up. It was as if she was saying ‘Would you like me to serve these to you?’.

I focused myself on the image and felt that familiar pulse in my lower region. I looked down to check and sure enough my dick was at full erection. I smiled to myself knowing that Amanda is probably the only girl whose picture could make my dick react this way.

Either way I shut down my computer and headed for the bathroom to take a bath so my muscles could relax. I know I was going to have to make my bath short because I didn’t have much time to relax before I needed to get ready so I could sneak over to Amanda’s place.

As I headed for the bathroom I knew one thing for sure. I now had great reference material to keep me entertained while I sat in the bath.

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