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My Best Friend 9 - Sneaking Over pt. 2

I sneak over to Amanda's room for some fun....
I walked my way towards Amanda’s place. I had already taken my bath and gotten my body semi relaxed. I didn’t want to take too long bathing, so I only laid in there for maybe twenty minutes. The image that Amanda had sent me made me shorten my bath and quickly gotten dressed. Now only maybe forty minutes had passed since I said I would be at Amanda’s. I didn’t want to arrive at her place with her sleeping that would be a total bummer. I wanted to sprint over to her place but I was afraid I wouldn’t have too much energy to actually have sex.

I laughed at the comment and immediately spoke to myself, “Yeah right.”

I walked in the dark thinking of all the things I wanted to do to Amanda.

The thought of sneaking over to her house and having sex with her while her parents were asleep really turned me on. The entire time I was walking towards Amanda’s the bulge in my pants wouldn’t go down.

I knew if I were to have sex with Amanda I knew I had to be quiet for fearful that I would wake up her parents. All the thoughts ran through my head. I wanted to spank her and leave hand prints on her ass but that would probably wake up Amanda’s parents so I couldn’t do that. But my options for leaving marks on Amanda’s body that told the world that she was mine wasn’t completely exhausted. I could try to squeeze her butt or hips and leave marks. That could work but might be too painful for Amanda.

I could leave hickeys on Amanda’s body. Those were always fun but I had to leave them where people could see them. Maybe on the back of her neck would work but that would require Amanda to put up her hair so people could see it. Then that could leave to too many people giving her hell for letting me do that to her.

I wondered if it were possible to leave a hickey on Amanda’s nipple.

I thought about it and shook my head. Probably not possible to leave a hickey on a girls nipple.

I realized that thinking about Amanda my hard on had become unbearable so I quickened my pace.

I arrived at Amanda’s place and saw that the living room light was still on. I snuck up to the window and saw that Amanda’s parents were sitting there watching TV. Well her dad was watching TV. Amanda’s mom was zonked out leaning against Amanda’s dad.

I jumped over Amanda’s brick fence and found where Amanda’s mom had recently put in a rose fence that was secured to the wall and lead all the way up to the 2nd story. I put my foot into the first hole and put a little bit of my weight down to see if it could handle it.

Yep it sure did.

I quickly climbed up the fencing hoping that it didn’t break or my fall would hurt. Luckily I was able to climb all the way up without any problems. I silently said my thank you to god that nothing went wrong. And prayed that luck continued for the rest of the night.

I snuck my way towards Amanda’s window to her bedroom being careful not to pound my feet and tried to be as quiet as possible so Amanda’s awake father doesn’t hear me. I peered inside Amanda’s window to see her laying on her bed. As I looked at her I wasn’t too sure if she was awake or asleep.

Either way I had to find out.

I tapped lightly on Amanda’s window. Luckily I found out if Amanda was awake or not. I watched as Amanda turned in her bed to see me tapping on her window.

I smiled at her seeing that she wasn’t asleep or anything. I watched as she got out of bed and walked lightly over to the window.

As she got to the window I slightly waved my hand at her. Then I quickly motioned my hands up telling her to open the window because it was colder than hell outside.

Normally I would be wearing a sweater and coat tightly wrapped around me to keep me warm. But tonight with lust blood pumping through me I could be wearing a normal shirt and I wouldn’t have noticed. So all I really needed was a sweater but at this moment that decision was probably a really bad idea. I didn’t notice that I was cold until this moment because until now I was moving. And now I was standing still.

I watched as she approached the window and saw as her face changed from a bewildered effect to a mix of compassion and happiness now greet her face. She waved at me as I kept motioning my hands up telling her to open up the window and let me in. She turned around and started waggling her ass just mere inches from the window.

Oh how I wished that window wasn’t there at that moment just so I could reach out and grab it. Or at least smack it. I smiled at her as she gauged my reaction. I quicken my hands pace in an upward moment trying to convey to her ‘Let me the fuck in. It is fucking cold.’

I watched her waggle her ass a little more but now she was slowly removing her panties until it was half off. In the moonlight I could see her nice love box seeing how she was bent over.

I knew my reaction at that moment was probably dumbfounded. I felt my arms had completely gone limp and where dangling at my sides. I felt my knees go weak. And most importantly the bulge in my pants was really really uncomfortable.

At least that little show got my blood pumping a little bit more. Now I wasn’t so cold anymore. I’m surprised the sudden blood constricting in my dick made the rest of my blood just stop as if it were keeping me warm.

Or it could be that at any moment we could get caught by her parents might be helping my blood work over time to keep me warm and my dick hard. Not too sure at this which it might be. Or a combination of both doing the trick to keep me warm.

Finally after Amanda had teased me long enough, and now that I felt warm to the touch, she opened her window to let me in.

She stuck her head out the window, “Hey I wasn’t expecting you for at least another hour.”

I kissed her and then broke away, “Yeah your photo told me to hurry up and get over here.”

Amanda laughed at the comment but still blocked my way into her room and away from the crisp cold air.

I looked at her as she smiled a wicked smile at me. I knew the look on my face had to have multiple expressions on it. Wisdom, sadness, anger, and contempt. These were not the expressions I knew for sure that were on my face. I felt happiness, lust, exploration, silence, and confusion were the expressions that were on my face. The only question was which ones was Amanda reading at this moment.

I smiled at her, “Are you going to let me in or are you going to make me go back home?”

She brought her face in close to mine.

I rose my eyebrow, “Well…..???”

I was focused on her eyes when I heard her say, “I thinking.” Her eyes told me so many things. They told me she was happy, mischievous, lust, curious, and wonderment. But right now I was focused on her lust and mischievous emotions that I really wanted to play with.

What felt like an eternity but probably a few moments Amanda finally stepped aside and brought her hand out telling me to come in.

As I stepped inside I heard her say, “Remember we have to be quiet or we’ll be caught.”

I stepped into her close enough that I felt for the brief minutes she had her window open that her nipples were poking me right through my sweater.

I breathed in her scent and found myself wanting more. She smelled so sweet and that of some type of flower I could not play at the moment.

She may have been wearing only a tight baby t and boy shorts. But with how tight those clothing might have been it would seem to me that she wasn’t wearing anything at all.

My hands immediately found her firm butt and grabbed a hold lifting her up so her face could be level with mine. The moment our faces were at an equal level I felt her wrap her legs around waist. She clamped her legs only slightly so that not all her weight rested in my hands.

I smiled at her feeling that she had become weightless in my arms.

She smiled only slightly before turning her head and softly kissed my lips.

As our lips locked it felt like her lips wear that of flower petals lightly gracing my lips.

I wanted to pull her more into me so that our lips weren’t lightly touching one another. But the more I leaned in the more she leaned away.

I groaned and wished that she would stop teasing me. But the more she did the more I yearned for her to continue.

Finally I found myself no longer able to stand her teasing me and I wrapped my arms around her. Forcing her unable to continue teasing me and grant me what I wanted…more of her.

As our kiss deepened I felt her hands reach down and find their way under my sweat and shirt. Once she was able to get a good hold of my upper torso wrapping, she pulled up. As if she were tearing open a present she could no longer tease herself from only lightly pulling at the wrapping testing to see how well wrapped it might have been.

I was surprised to find her movement of having my clothing keeping my upper torso warm so smooth and quick. In mere moments I no longer had any clothing hiding my chest and stomach from her embrace.

Our kiss continued for what felt like eternity and I was just happy to be there for that eternity. But I still felt that our current clothing options was a little unfair. I was topless but she wasn’t. Though I wasn’t complained as I felt her nipples poking against my bare chest. I breathed deeply see how far her nipples could pierce my hardened chest.

I tried to keep my composure with our everlasting kiss until I could take it no longer. I reached down with one hand and was skillfully surprised on how expertly I was able to remove her tight shirt. As if it was simple wax paper being removed from her silky smooth skin.

Our bodies went back to our embrace and our lips locking as if it were one. I was wrong about our previous embrace with our clothing still on. This felt much better.

I put one hand at the small of her back while my other hand forced her to bend backwards. The more she bent backwards the more my hand ran down her face. To her neck. Then to her chest. My hand stopped at her chest and started going from side to side. My hand focused its attention to how firm her breasts felt against my hand, and felt how her nipples welcomed my hand’s warmth.

After my hand was satisfied with feeling her chest it continued down until it reached the top of her panty line. Then my hand continued its path back up to her face telling her to rise her body back to mine and envelop in our embrace again.

I was surprised on how far Amanda was able to bend backwards as if she were bending forward. Her body had nearly bent to the point were she could touch the back of her head against just below my knee.

Had she always been able to be this flexible. Or did she acquire this level of flexibility after becoming a cheerleader.

Either way my dick had found another reason it hardened for her and just for her.

We kissed again. She ran her fingers through my hair while her hand was beginning to scratch into my back.

Her digging her nails into my back was new to me. At first I was taken off a bit. But now the more she did the more it turned me on.

I couldn't take it any longer. I walked over to her bed and gently laid her down on it. I refrained from throwing her on bed because I was afraid on making any noise and alerting her parents I was upstairs in her room without their knowledge.

As I laid her on the bed my hands found their way to her panties and pretty much ripped them off from her. I kneeled down and positioned myself in-between her legs. The moment she noticed what I was about to do she opened her legs more for me encouraging me to do what I was about to do.

First I took in a deep breath smelling how good she smelled below. Then I lightly gliding my right index finger along her pussy lips. I watched as Amanda lifted her hips telling my finger to go deeper but I didn't do like she wanted.

Then I leaned in and lightly kissed her pussy. Once again I felt her lift her hips telling me she wanted me to kiss deeper into her pussy. But I didn't do what her hips told me do to. I felt her reach down and try to grab the back of my head so she could force me to go deeper. My hands clasped around her wrists stopping her from succeeding. Now it was my turn to tease her.

My lips felt how wet she was and I got the first taste inside my mouth. The taste of her exploded in my mouth. Her taste urged to go deeper and taste even more of her but I needed to contain myself if I were to succeed in teasing her.

Somehow I was able to find my inner strength and continue lightly kissing her pussy. I broke my kiss and let my tongue fall out of my mouth.

My tongue began to lightly stroke her pussy lips. This time not only Amanda lift her hips urging my tongue to break the barrier of her pussy lips and have it touch what was past those lips but I heard her groan a very long and deep groan.

This time I broke from what I was doing and decided to be a smart ass by repeating her own words to her. I whispered, "Shhhhh! Remember we have to be quiet."

She looked down at me and before she could say anything to protest anything I flicked my tongue inside her velvety lips and lightly ran it up until my tongue slided out of her lips. I watched as she grabbed her pillow and slammed it over her face so she could muffle her moans and future screams.

I smiled to myself and stuck my tongue inside her lips again now with more pressure until I felt her clit hardened waiting for my tongue to find it.

Now that I had her intimate button had revealed itself to me I lightly kissed it. Slowly I let my kiss begin to deepen on her clit until my mouth had fully covered it. Once my mouth had fully covered it I started flicking my tongue along the now hardened surface of her clit. I actually felt her velvet lips vibrate against my face as the waves of her orgasm slammed against her body.

Finally after her orgasm subsided, she flopped down on the bed. Her pussy had let go of my finger. And I slowly let go of her clit that was in my mouth.

I watched her shutter as I slowly took my finger out of her and removed my face from her pussy.

I stood up and admired my handiwork on her.

There she laid on the bed in a heap of orgasmic flesh. She was breathing heavily into the pillow that was now laying on her face instead of being smashed into her face. Her arms were out laying on the bed. Her legs laid limply over the bed still in a spread eagle position. I watched her breasts rise and fall as she tried to catch her breath.

Finally after she had caught her breath and she could control her body once again she sat up. Even in the moonlight I could tell she had her fresh sex smile on her face. Her body was glistened over from sweat. I could smell just from her aroma that she now wanted more.

She grabbed me by the pants and pulled me towards her. The moment my crotch was in front of her face she quickly unzipped my pants and pulled my half erection out of my boxers through the hole in them.

I looked down as she quickly went to work on giving me a blow job.

I leaned my head back and allowed all the sensations what she was doing to flood my mind.

I felt her lightly lick the tip of my dick and tasting all the pre cum that had oozed out of it. Once she had gotten a taste she for went her normal route of kissing both sides of the shaft before putting my dick inside her mouth.

It was like the pre cum had given her the aphrodisiac she was looking for and she wanted more. Within two movements my dick was down her throat.

I was impressed as I looked down at what she was doing because now she was licking my balls with my dick down her throat. Normally she couldn’t do that. But I guess because my dick wasn’t at full erection yet so it wasn’t exactly difficult to do it.

But my dick didn’t stay at half erection for very long. In mere moments my dick was rock solid again.

Amanda pulled away from my dick now that it was erect and smiled up at me.

I smiled at her knowing full well what was next.

I went into my pocket to pull out a condom so I could have sex with her.

She reached up and stopped my hand from fishing in my pocket for my condom.

I looked down at her quizzically.

She smiled, “I don’t want my room smelling like condom. So I put in my diaphragm after our online chat.”

I smiled at her and thought to myself that that was smart thinking. I didn’t think of that. I had sex on my mind. Actually I had having sex with Amanda on my mind more specifically.

Amanda laid back down on her bed and grabbed my dick as she laid down. I was only happy to oblige and followed her down to her bed.

As soon as we were on her bed I felt her as she guided my rock hard member inside her wet pussy.

Our eyes locked as my swollen member entered inside her. I couldn’t keep my eyes away from her until my dick was all the way in. As my dick was all the way to the root I watched her eyes slowly fluttered.

I pulled my dick out fast. Before I could go for my first thrust I heard Amanda speak, “Remember we have to be quiet.”

My dick was telling me different. It wanted to be slammed in her for everything it was worth. It wanted to see how far it could go inside her. It was screaming in contradiction.

I smiled at her. I didn’t want to get caught either. Finally sense won over in my head over what my dick was screaming up to it.

I slowly entered my dick inside her once again.

Our eyes never faltered from one another. It was like our souls were blending into one.

The slow movements of my hips moving allowed my brain to feel every crevice and fold that allowed my dick to go inside her pussy. I felt as every one of those folds held on my dick as it tried to exit and then folded back as it went back in.

I felt as my dick slowly began to glide more and more easily inside her.

In. Wet slide.

Out. Pull.

In. Wet slide.

Out. Pull.

My dick was screaming at me to go faster. My mind agreed it wanted to hear that familiar slapping sound. It wanted the ecstacy. It wanted the orgasm.

I had an inner argument kept telling everything that I didn’t want to get caught. If we were to get caught we couldn’t continue doing this.

It was as if that argument allowed the rest of my body to agree and continue to do its action slowly.

Our eyes continued melting into one another. I noticed her mouth open trying to back all the moans and scream. It was as if the slow movement allowed her to keep the sounds back in her throat.

I could tell she was having the same internal turmoil going on. I saw that her mind was screaming at me to go faster. Her pussy wanted that familiar slapping sound as well. Her hips were rocking wanting more and faster. But it was as if the same argument that was winning in my head was winning as well in her head.

In. Wet slide.

Out. Pull.

In. Wet slide.

Out. Pull.

Amanda’s eyes fluttered and she slowly arched her back.

In. Wet slide.

Out. Pull.

In. Wet slide.

Out. Pull.

Now Amanda grabbed my butt and wrapped her legs around the back of my thighs. She pulled me into her and held me there as I watched her arch her back. I heard her moan into her throat trying to make the sound as silently as possible.

I kept my position right where she wanted me. I felt her body go through the slow motion orgasm that was riding inside her. My dick felt her pussy lightly massage it as the orgasm rode through her.

Just the motion of what her pussy was doing during the orgasm almost made me want to blow my load.

Our eyes never faltered during everything. Our souls blended more into one as that orgasm rolled along her body.

My mind wanted that orgasm to last forever as long as our eyes and souls stayed locked with one another.

Just then in the corner of our eyes. The hall light outside Amanda’s bedroom door flicked on.

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