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Not Awkward

Tina finds attraction in an unlikely person
I’ve known him practically all my life! He saw me grow up! Heck, I saw him grow up! He’s picked me up from school, he was there when I was off to prom, he was there when I graduated high school and university! He’s my cousin’s best friend, and I grew up thinking of him like my cousin… sort of. So why does it not feel weird to have his naked body pressed up behind mine? And why, when I feel his erection on the rise again, does it excite me, instead of grossing me out? I have no idea! All I know is that if he’s ready to go again, I am too…


I understand that the guys in my cousins’ group of friends are really good looking; it’s just fact. Part of me believes that my cousins went out and found all the good looking Asian males in the Greater Toronto Area, just so that they could make it awkward for me to crush on them! Well the guy, Justin, at least. Andrea, my female cousin who also hangs out with the guys, tends to try to set me up with them. All this goes through my mind while I get ready to go out with them tonight. I have been hanging out with them since I was about 16, but have known most of the guys for years before that. They all went to the same elementary school together and are three years older than me. Justin has been bringing them home to hang out since they were very young, starting with Danny when they were 4 years old.

As I put on my make-up, I begin to think back to all the times these guys and I have shared. I love going out with them, because I know they’ll keep me safe. They’re all over-protective, treating me like their own little cousin, and thus the one they all have to look after. Not to say that I can’t get into any mischief when I’m out with them! Andrea, a.k.a. Dre and the other women in the group (who are all completely as gorgeous as the guys) tend to distract the guys whenever it seems that any of us are about to hook up. The doorbell rings and I hear my mother answer the door with: “Danny! Hi! Come on in,” (yes, I’m 25 and still live at home… I’m getting my second degree, so this makes it cheaper), and Danny’s response: “Hi aunty! Is Teens ready?” I shout down that I’m just about done, and finish up, hearing Danny engage my mother in conversation. He is telling her about hockey practice and his new business.

As I make my way down the stairs, I hear my mother telling Danny about my studies… and how I don’t have a man! I can’t believe she’d say that!

“Mother! Please do not discuss my personal life!”

“Oh Tina, I was just seeing if Danny knew of any nice boys for you!”

“Don’t worry aunty; I think I may know someone…” I don’t particularly like the way Danny says that, but let it drop as I come to the bottom of the stairs.

“Tina, darling, is that what you’re wearing?” My mother asks, no doubt referring to my short skirt and plunging neckline.

“Yes mother, this is what I’m wearing,” I sigh.

“It’s alright aunty, we’ll keep an eye on her, and out of trouble,” Danny offers. I just roll my eyes.

“Oh Danny, I’m so glad you’re there to take care of her,” my mother practically coos. I know she thinks it is a good idea if I dated one of the guys in the group, but that would probably be just awkward.

“Yeah, thanks Danny,” is my sarcastic remark. Danny just smiles a cocky little smile, turns to my mother gives her a hug and says goodbye. I slip on my stilettos, give my mother a kiss goodnight, tell her that I would probably spend the night at my grandmother’s house, then walk through the door as Danny holds it open. As I step out, I notice Danny is driving his new silver Audi TT. As it is only a two-seater, I turn to him with an eyebrow raised. Because of the size of the group, we usually carpool.

“Nah, it’s just us tonight,” he answers my unspoken question. “Everyone else has a ride.” I nod and head to the passenger side. Danny surprises me by opening my door for me, and I give him another eyebrow raise. He just shrugs and waits, so I slide in, revelling in the feel of the smooth leather seat on my bare thighs. I love his car! Danny slides into the driver’s seat and guns the engine. I feel the purr of the engine vibrate through me, and I can’t help the slight tingle it brings to my nether region or the hardening of my nipples. I grin widely and look over to Danny, who has an amused expression on his face. I simply roll my eyes again, shrug and turn to face the front. I feel him shift gears and we’re off.

I know it will take about half an hour to get to the club, so I settle into the seat and contemplate the man driving me. He’s 28 years old, owns a series of businesses and is rather good looking. He plays hockey in a recreational league during the winter, soccer during the summer and basketball throughout the year. He’s about 5’10” and extremely fit. I know that women believe that he’s a bad boy, what with his cocky smile, easy confidence and the general sense of danger that surrounds him. Of course, it could also have to do with his ‘affiliation’ with certain Asian groups that are less than… above-board, or the fact that he and the rest of the group used to get into fights with other groups/crews. However, when I look at Danny, all I can see is the guy who likes odd riddles (how do you get out of a room with no doors or windows), who plays hours upon hours of World of Warcraft online with my cousin and who takes my grandmother out grocery shopping and to dim sum. Basically, I don’t see the bad boy.

The conversation is comfortable and teasing, as it always is, and before I know it, we arrive downtown. We are lucky and find a parking spot in a lot near to the club, which is a shock for 11p.m. on a Saturday in Toronto. As we walk towards the club, I hear Dre yell out to us. She and most of the ladies are standing in front of the doors, and we join them, bypassing the line. Justin is there too, and he waves hello to me, and pounds fists with Danny. I feel Danny’s warm hand on my lower back as he ushers me ahead of him into the club. We have a table, of course, and head to it. There are two bottles of Grey Goose Vodka and pitchers of juice and pop waiting for us. Everyone is here, the music is loud and good, and Dre and I are pouring drinks. Soon we’re all pleasantly inebriated and the girls and I take to the dance floor.

I have been told that I don’t dance like an Asian. I assume people are referring to the fact that I know what a downbeat is and I can move my hips accordingly. Actually, the way I dance has gotten me into some rather awkward situations… or rather fun situations, depending on whether you’re my cousin, or me! I enjoy dancing with guys, grinding and basically having a good time on the dance floor. One of my friends has referred to my dancing as more mating than dancing, and I can’t exactly disagree. Soon I find myself grinding against some random guy to an old school hip hop anthem. I spare a glance to the guys, who are all sitting at our table, as usual. I take them all in, once again confirming that they are all really quite hot (except my cousin, because that’s just gross). They all have that bad boy air about them, most of them supporting a look that says: “guys beware; ladies come hither.” As my gaze sweeps across them, I stop short. Danny is looking at me with a rather intense expression. Something I can only interpret as a mix between desire and jealousy. I don’t understand it at all!

As I’m trying to come to terms with the look he’s giving me, I feel the hips of the guy I’m with press into my back, as well as his… excitement. I resume my grinding, and it hits me: Danny must be looking at someone behind me! I turn slightly and sure enough, there’s Vicky, Danny’s ex, dancing with some random guy. She smiles at me and waves, and I return the gestures. The world makes sense again and I continue grinding my ass into the random’s now rather prevalent erection. Before anything can happen, though, I feel a hand around my arm, pulling me away. I know it is Justin, and allow him to lead me to the table, much to my random guy’s protestations. As I sit at our table, I feel a drink being pressed into my hand. I look up and there’s Dre, with a rather amused look on her face. She probably knew where I was headed with the guy. I just drink up, and spend the rest of the night with our group, drinking and dancing, under the watchful eye of my cousin.

The night is ending and I’m feeling rather good. Not quite drunk, but not completely sober; just how I like to be at the end of the night. I naturally assume that I’m going home with either cousin, but Dre informs me that she’s spending the night at her fiancé’s place and Justin’s car is full. As we try to figure out who is going to go with whom, Danny comes up behind me and places his hand on the small of my back. I lean into him, looking for some way to keep the pressure off of my now aching feet. He informs Justin that he’ll take me home. Justin refuses, saying that Danny can take someone else home. A look is exchanged between the best friends and Danny leans down to me, his breath moving my hair, as he whispers into my ear that he’ll be right back. He and Justin move off to the side, leaving me behind with my heart hammering and really confused. I don’t know why Danny’s breath in my ear should excite me, but it does. Justin and Danny come back, and Danny again places his hand on my back, steering me away. I look back and Dre waves and Justin looks slightly pissed, but resigned. I look up to Danny, who is staring straight ahead. I figure he’s taking me home and just follow his lead.

We reach his car and he walks me to the passenger side. By now my heart is going a mile a minute and I just chalk it up to the walk from the club combined with the alcohol, but somehow I know that’s not it. I wait for Danny to unlock the door, but instead he turns me around so my back is against the car. Then he steps in close, pressing his body against mine, and places his hands on the roof to either side of me. There is a look in his eye that my brain insists is lust. My breath catches as Danny dips his head lower and I get a full whiff of his scent; it’s a mix of his cologne (old school Swiss Army), leather (from his car and jacket) and something else that I can’t define, but have known all my life. All thoughts fly out of my head as I think he’s about to kiss me. However, instead of kissing me, he moves his lips to my ear and whispers “You are so sexy.” Then he nuzzles my neck, making me moan and press my body against his.

“I was watching you tonight,” he breathes into my ear, causing me to shiver. “You shouldn’t dance like that with guys like that.”

“Excuse me?” I ask, incredulous. “And just who are you to tell me with whom I’m allowed to cavort?” (Yes I like big words, I’m a liberal arts major, give me a break!)

Danny leans back a little and looks me in the eye, almost melting me. “Guys like that only want one thing, and you’re not giving it to them,” he says with a finality that almost has me laughing.

“Again, who are you to be telling me this? Besides why should it matter to you?”

Danny moves one hand to cup my jaw, his thumb rubbing my cheek. His lips hover right above mine, and I can feel his breath mingling with my own. “Watching you with that guy tonight… well I didn’t like it. Actually, I don’t like it when you dance with any of those other guys.”

I’m incredibly confused at this point, because it has never occurred to me that Danny would feel like that! Then it really hits me: he was watching me! My heart flutters at the thought, and I feel my juices start to flow, of course that could have been because Danny has moved his other hand to the curve of my hip. I swallow, and barely get out my next question.

“And why… um… why don’t you like it when I dance with them?”

Danny smiles seductively, and I feel my nipples harden in arousal. “Because, Teens, it makes me jealous.” He draws me closer to him, and presses his hips firmly into mine. I inhale sharply as I feel his erection pressing into my belly. He nuzzles my hair again, inhaling deeply and whispers “I’ve wanted you for so long…” His confession rocks me to the core. I had no idea!

I jerk back, looking him in the eye and ask “What? Wait, what? Why? How? When? I… uh… what?” Yup, I’m that articulate.

Danny just chuckles, pulls me back to him and says “Hmm, I think since you started hanging out with us.” He moves his hand into my hair and his other slips around my waist. I suddenly realize my hands have found their way to his sides, where I now grip his shirt. He continues, “Do you remember that time when we went out karaoke-ing years ago, and you got drunk and fought some random chick?”

Of course I remember that night! I still had a light scar on my arm from where the bitch scraped me with her fake nails. “Yeah… well she started it!” is my response, my years of university education clearly shining through.

“And you kicked her ass, and then tried to act like she didn’t hurt you at all, even though you were bleeding all over the place,” Danny says with a smile, as his hand moves to stroke my scar. “Well that was the night I realized you were all grown up. It was downhill from then.”

“But… I mean you dated Vicky for like four years between then and now!”

Danny sighs. “Yeah, but there was always something… not quite right about our relationship,” he shrugs. “I just didn’t feel right with her, and I knew I still had a thing for you.” I don’t know what to do with all of this, so I just stare at him. Danny smiles that goddamn sexy cocky smile and says “And now I have you.”

I start to protest but he cuts me off by pressing his lips against mine. The kiss is innocent, hesitant at first, like Danny is testing the waters, seeing if this is something that I want too. After the initial shock of kissing Danny wears off, I kiss him back insistently. I feel him smile slightly, and he deepens the kiss, pressing more firmly against my lips. I melt into him and move my hands up his firm chest and around his neck. His mouth moves over mine with a delicious slowness, as if he wants to drag out the kiss. I run my fingers into his hair as his hands make their way to the small of my back, his fingers brushing the top of my ass. I feel his tongue against my lips and part them to let him in. He enters my mouth and I lose my breath. His kiss is hot and hungry, his swirling tongue making me light-headed. His hands move down to cup my ass, and because of the length (or lack thereof) of my skirt, I can feel his fingertips at the top of my thighs. I’m so turned on that I know my panties are soaked. Danny slides my feet a little further apart and steps in closer to me, never breaking the kiss. He pulls me up by my derriere so that I’m on my tiptoes and bends his knees a little and I feel his hard length pressing against my wet slit. I pull him in closer, wanting him deep inside me, but he pulls back.

Without a word Danny opens the door and I slide in. Now it’s not just the feel of the leather seats that has me turned on. I spare a moment to worry that I may leave a damp spot on Danny’s seat, but then forget about it as Danny slides his hand up my thigh and squeezes. His finger lightly brushes my mound and I let out a moan. He starts the car and whips out of the lot. We turn down the street, in the opposite direction of my place. I look at him and give him my patented eyebrow raise.

“You honestly don’t think I’m going to leave you tonight, do you?” he asks.

“Well, no,” I admit.

“And I sure as hell am not going to your place!”

“Yeah, with my parents there, that would be a little awkward!”

“Exactly,” he says, looking over at me, a huge grin on his face. “So we’re going to my place. It’s close, and better than that, I live alone!” I simply smile, several scenarios starting to play out in my mind. Of course I’ve been to his place before, and I’ve always loved it! It’s right on Front Street with a great view of the CN Tower and Skydome (uh… the Roger’s Centre, sorry). It’s kind of small, but well appointed, and he has a king sized bed that is incredibly comfortable. As thoughts of what we could do on that bed, and in his shower, and on his couch, and on his kitchen counter, and up against the wall, and on the small balcony over looking the city, I can’t help the wide grin that splits my face. Danny must have been thinking the same thing, because I feel his hand back on my inner thigh, rubbing, caressing, squeezing. I squirm a little and his hand moves up so that his finger brushes damp cloth. I can’t suppress the moan that escapes my lips, and I hear Danny snicker. I decide a little payback is in order and reach over to rub his thigh, moving my hand up in slow circles. He stops laughing and I see him trying very hard to concentrate on the road. As I finally reach up to squeeze his hard cock through his pants, the car swerves dangerously. I look over to Danny and he spares a glance to me.

“Yeah, um, ok, no touching the driver,” he says, rather shakily. I nod, completely agreeing. I seriously want to arrive alive! After a few more minutes of tense silence, we arrive at his building. He parks and rushes out of the car to open my door for me. I slip out, but rather than letting me pass, Danny pushes me up against the car again. He leans down and claims my mouth in a possessive kiss filled with the kind of fire I have been looking for my entire life! I still have a hard time reconciling my feelings with the fact that Danny is the one stirring them. And I’m having a hard time catching my breath! He pulls back and takes my hand in his. He leads me to the elevator and we step in. I have a brief moment to think about where we are going before Danny has me cornered, his hard body surrounding me. Then his lips are on mine again and my leg somehow finds its way to his hips and I pull him in close. He groans and I feel his cock twitch between my thighs. In no time at all, the bell rings and the elevator stops on his floor. Danny and I disengage and it’s then that I notice Mrs. Hannigan, Danny’s elderly neighbour, in the elevator with us. Danny notices too, and we both flush in embarrassment. I hear Danny mumble some lame apology and we both rush out.

We arrive at his apartment and stumble through the door in fits of laughter. Poor Mrs. Hannigan! The door closes, and I suddenly find myself up against the door, with my skirt hiked up and my leg around Danny’s hip again. I feel Danny’s hand on my thigh and his other in my hair. He presses closer to me and steals my breath and thoughts with a kiss. There is a need growing inside me that I’ve never felt before, and not just because it’s Danny. The hunger burning in me is not the same kind of sexual desire that I have had for any of my other sexual partners. I realize that this feeling is deeper, more intense. But then I can’t think of anything else as Danny lifts my other leg off the ground and carries me bodily to his bed. His display of strength turns me on even more and I know he’s going to be damned good! We reach the huge bed and he throws me down. I sit up and look at him. Danny’s eyes are fiery, filled with lust, desire, and something more. And they hold a promise of incredible sex.

“I hope you’re ready for this,” he warns me, his voice rough and low. “Because I’m gonna fuck you so hard and well you’re gonna lose your voice screaming my name.” I shiver hard and nod. I love it when the guy takes control, and I love it rough. Danny growls and I just about come on the spot. His hand slips behind my head and he pulls me up to kneel on the bed. His kiss is rough as his hands slide down my sides and pulls my top off. He makes quick work of my bra and my chest is bared to him for the first time. Danny hisses in a breath as he cups one of my breasts with his hand and rubs a calloused thumb over my puckered nipple. His gaze travels up to meet mine and I notice his gorgeous brown eyes have darkened and his pupils are dilated. His delicious lips curve in a smile before he lunges forward. I gasp as Danny sucks my hard nub into his hot mouth and flicks his tongue over it. He bites down gently and I have a hard time not collapsing on the bed. I run my fingers into his short hair and pull him closer, encouraging him. He kisses and licks his way over to my other nipple and gives it the same treatment. I think I’m about to come and moan in pure pleasure. Danny kisses his way up along the curve of my breast to my neck, where he licks and nips at my skin. I’m shaking by the time his lips reach my jaw and he continues up to my ear.

Danny lightly pulls the skin behind my ear with his teeth before he whispers “I want to eat you out until you come in my mouth. I want to taste you fully, so don’t hold back.” I moan loudly as he kisses his way down my body. He pulls my legs out from under me and I land on my back with a delighted squeal. He smiles widely, and then begins to kiss a burning trail from my ankle to my thigh. I’m moaning and writhing by the time he reaches my soaked panties. I grin thinking he’s going to take me out of my misery and suck me into his mouth, but instead he moves his lips to my other thigh and mirrors the path he kissed on my other leg. I groan in frustration and I hear him laugh. I’m about to kick him for making me wait when he grasps my skirt and panties and yanks them both down and off. The air feels cool against my wet lips and I shiver. Danny sinks to his knees beside the bed and pulls me closer to the edge. He dips his head between my thighs and I hear him inhale.

“Damn you smell good,” he says with a devil of a grin. “I bet you taste just as good.” And with that he dives in. I feel his rough tongue lick me from the bottom of my slit all the way to my clit, which he flicks. My hips buck and Danny grabs my upper thighs to still me. He raises his gaze just enough to look me in the eye and shake his head. He doesn’t want me to move. Then he grins again and goes back down. I’m having a hard time controlling my hips as he sucks in my pussy lips and runs his tongue over them. Then I feel that sinful organ slide roughly into my cunt, and I can’t help the cry of pleasure that utters from my lips. His tongue slides in and out in a slow rhythm, driving me out of my mind. I’m so close to orgasm that my fists are clenched in his crisp sheets. I want that release so badly, but am enjoying the build up just as much. He slides his hand from my thigh to my belly, and his thumb makes small circles in my curls. I think Danny is going to make me go insane, holding me on the brink of orgasm forever, when his thumb finds its mark. He rubs his calloused digit over my sensitive clit and my orgasm comes on hard and fast. I scream and buck uncontrollably as wave after wave of pleasure rocks my body. Danny continues to rub the bundle of nerves and suck and lick my pussy and I can’t take any more. I pull on his hair, forcing him to stop. He kisses his way back up my body as I’m trying to catch my breath. He reaches my lips and I can taste myself on his.

Danny leans back and looks into my eyes, a slow grin spreading on his face. “Shit you taste good! I could eat you all day!” he exclaims. I can’t help the giggle that bubbles to the surface. Danny chuckles a bit and moves to stand. I follow him up, surprised that my body can handle that little action after that amazing orgasm. I run my hands up his shirt, pulling it off in the process. I have always loved his body, all muscles and smooth skin. No hair to be found (because most Asians have a difficult time growing body hair). My mouth follows my hands and I revel in the taste of his skin. It’s slightly salty from the light sheen of sweat coating him, and there is an underlying taste that is all Danny. I lick my way down his hard body, falling to my knees before him. I reach for the fly of his pants and in a quick movement remove both his jeans and his boxer briefs. His rigid length is finally released and he breathes a sigh of relief.

I spread my lips and suck him into my mouth. I move down his shaft, swallowing all of him. He’s big, but I manage not to gag as I suck my way back up. I’m about to slide my mouth back down when Danny grabs my hair and pulls me from him. He shakes his head, pulls me up and tosses me on the bed, again. I start to protest, but he crawls between my legs and pins me to the bed. He kisses me roughly and again I find myself gasping for breath. His mouth moves down to my jaw and licks his way up to my ear. He bites my earlobe before whispering “Uh-uh, definitely another time, but right now, I really need to be in you.” I can’t suppress a giggle at his exclamation, finding it both ridiculous and a turn on. Danny looks a little insulted, pauses as if thinking about why I’m laughing, and then smiles widely.

“Ok, yeah that was kind of lame,” he admits. “But it’s true.” He lunges forward and captures my mouth. His tongue pushes its way into my mouth and I moan, relinquishing all control and sane thought. I writhe under him, brushing my nipples against his chest and we both moan. Most of his weight is supported on his arms and off of me, but he’s low enough that I can feel his whole body against mine, and I find it incredibly erotic! I feel his rock hard cock teasing my folds and I lift my hips, wanting him deep in me. He brushes my hair from my face and looks deep into my eyes. I can’t look away. His eyes hold the question “Are you ready?” I nod and he pushes his whole long shaft into me in one rough thrust. I cry out at the delicious feel of it. He fills me completely, perfectly and I can’t remember ever feeling this good. There are no slow, gentle strokes. Danny thrusts in and out of me forcefully as if laying claim on me, and I love it.

His mouth travels the length of my neck and further to my nipple. He sucks in one hard peak and then the other as he thrusts in and out of me. I’ve reached such a peak of sublime pleasure that tears leak from my eyes. Never in my life had I thought I could feel like this. His pace and rhythm are perfect and the pressure of his sucking combined with his tongue laving my sensitive nipples have me screaming his name. I feel my orgasm closing in on me and I wonder if I can hold off until Danny’s ready for his release. I don’t have to wait long as I feel his rhythm become erratic. I let go and begin my decent into pure erotic bliss. Danny gives me a hard kiss and I feel his thumb on my clit. I can’t hold back any longer and I cry out as I come; I scream “Danny!” over and over and over again, as my orgasm rips through my body. Danny keeps pumping and rubbing my clit, prolonging my release. I go light-headed from the ecstasy. Soon Danny let’s out a purely male cry of triumph and satisfaction, and I feel him come deep inside me.

Danny collapses on top of me then rolls onto his side, bringing me with him. He turns me around so my back is against him and cuddles up close to me. His arms encircle me and I snuggle deep into his warmth. And it suddenly hits me: I just had sex with Danny! Ok, hot, incredible, absolutely fulfilling sex, but with Danny! Uh-oh…

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